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November 1, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past-1994-The Inquisition
 First Paid Classified Help Wanted Ad---Chase Industries, Grand Rapid, MI
  IDS and Summit---Kenneth E. Duffy, Sr.
   Direct Capital Corp. Executive Recommended to UAEL Board
    PDS Gaming loss from continuing operations of $486,000
     The Fed Approves Major Changes to Bank Lending
    "Consumer Spending Hits Brick Wall in September"
   3rd Q Foreclosures Up-But Repo Houses Sell Quickly
  Marina Del Rey Leasing Conference-Nov 8-9
 Finance: Time to take tax savings before year's end
Neutron Jack details lavish life in divorce proceedings

Special--Equipment Leasing Association Newsletter Highlights---
---including "The New ELA"—Now Accepts Individual Members

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November 4, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past- 1991-Russ Runnals-Charlie Meaker,CLPs
 Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted (individuals looking for jobs)
  The Week's Economic Events/Conferences/Meetings
   Midsize businesses may be next to sink—Cash flow Cycle
    Feds Expected to Cut Rates This Week
     MAEL Conference--November 7th
      NAELB Conference-November 8-9
     AGL&F Conference-November 21-22
    ACC Capital-Promotions for Kimball-Slagle/Hodges-Hodges Appointed
   Will He or Won't He- Lower the Prime? Ron Caruso, Dean of Leasing
  Look-Out for ECard---Dennis Brown, ELA
 Chase Industries--First Paid Classified Help Wanted Ad
Note from the publisher---

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November 5, 2002 --- Whatever happend to Hal T. Horowitz
Kit Menkin is on vacation. We bring you the first "Whatever Happened to" story (August 28, 2000)

November 6, 2002 --- "Meet the Leasing News Maker"
Kit Menkin is on vacation. We bring one of the most popular "Meet the Leasing News Maker"

November 7, 2002 --- "Meet the News Makers"
Kit Menkin is on vacation. One of the most controversial figures to appear on "Meet the News Makers".

November 8, 2002 --- November 2001 "Salesman Survey"
   Kit Menkin is on Vacation. If you would like to help us up-date the Salesman Survey, please    send an e-mail to If you do not want us to quote you by name and    company, let us know.

November 11, 2002 --- Kit is on Vacation. Here is a September 26, 2000
Whatever Happened to......
Cindy Spurdle? Lease Executive. Executive Director. A very popular lady.

November 12, 2002 --- Here is a November 20, 2000: Whatever happend to ... ? Jon Bedernick

November 13, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past-1995-Warren Capital Corporation
 Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted-Cleaned up by Maria-
  American Express Business Finance Layoffs
   Have you heard anything about Citicapital, NJ?
    ELA Releases: State of the Industry Report
     Rates fall in Treasury bill auction-lowest level since 1958
      Fed: Americans borrowing even more, need cash
       Bush is considering many options to stimulate the economy
United Association of Equipment Leasing To Cut Overhead
     by Christopher Menkin
Old News, but now Official: Bank of the West Acquires Trinity Capital
 Menkin was on Vacation-----Letters and Brief New York/Boston Response
  Mike Graneri---Please Call Home
   Wednesday---Odds and Ends
    Monitor Launches New Publication - ABF Journal
     Holiday jobs may be hard to find this year
      Fewer ships idled at ports along coast-Gripes Cont'd
       Can You Believe This???
"The judge modified Kozlowski's bail restrictions so he could visit Colorado for four weeks - from Dec. 20 to Jan. 15. Kozlowski owns three properties near Vail in Eagle County, including a 17-room mansion, a ski resort condominium, and an undeveloped lot."
 CSI Acquires German IT Lessor
  Diversity Capital LLC adds John Dale as new Director
   Infolease/American Lease Insurance/Northern Consulting
    MB Financial to Acquire South Holland Bancorp
      HPSC Conference Call Today/Reports 27% Increase in Net Income
       CIT Changes Fiscal Year-End To December 31
        Congress approves programs to improve cyber security

November 14, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past-1994- The Barash Family
 Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
  American Express Business Finance Layoffs
   Bankers Leasing & Softech Financial Close Their Doors
    Citigroup Chief Called to Account for Conflicts in His Empire
     Greenspan---Money There to Support War and Tax Cut
      Business starts off 25% last year
       Gloomy prognosis for S.F. Bay Area economy
        NAELB Regional Meeting, Marina del Rey, California
        ---Gerry Egan, President
       Preferred Broker Solutions First Release of CapitalStream Advantage
      Alexa Ranks Leasing News/Association Web Sites
     Our First "Display Ad" at
    Synovus and United Financial Merger Update
   Banks make lots of money off 'free checking' accounts
  CIT SBL Signs Exclusive Lending Agreement with Pearle Vision
 Willis Lease Finance improves to 85.6% in September

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November 15, 2002 -- Pictures from the Past---1994-Three Ladies
 Classified---Help Wanted---Chase Industries
  Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement Features "Equipment Leasing"
   American Express Business Finance-----Exposed
    Bankers Leasing -The Skinny on Citibank
     ELA Dues Innovation--" $600 Transition Member"
      HP Unveils 90-day Holiday Lease Payment Deferral Program
     Fair, Isaac Declares Quarterly Dividend
    30-year mortgage rates drop to new low
   Wholesale Prices Have Largest Gain in 2 Years
  If Higher Rates Loom, Will the Fed Twist?---Floyd Norris
 More Borrowers Defaulting on
News Brief----
    Will the West Coast Finally Get the Trophy?
    ( USC's Palmer has numbers and momentum, but is anyone west of Vegas paying attention?)

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November 19, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past---1987 "Superbowl of Leasing"
 Help Wanted--- Capital Innovations & Chase Industries
  Bankers Leasing, Illinois-250 employees let go
   Tuesday-Odds and Ends
    BSB Leasing New Venture
     Interchange Financial Services/ Bridge View Bancorp Merge
      National Penn Leasing Enters Arena
     Thalman Financial/Xantrex Launches Customer Financing Program
    Letters to the Editor
   Correcting Typo's in Statistics/Day in American History
  Bank of America Cuts 1,132 IT jobs
 Number of Women Executives Increasing
De Lage Landen Financial Services names Laura Blessing Director

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November 20, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past---2000---Bob and Marina Rodi
 Classified---Jobs Wanted--( Hire a "Pro" )
  Equipment Leasing Association Task Force Findings
   Tankersley Gets Award along with Land Line Magazine
    Experian launches retail reference data tool
     McCain casts doubt on Amtrak support
      Swift CFO: Bad economy will harm smaller trucking firms
       Granieri Associates: Top Gun Leasing Seminar Schedule
      TotalFunding: 7-Eleven Launches Financial Services Kiosk
     Fed Chief Says Changes Buoyed Economy Builder Confidence Rises Two Notches in November
    Canopy Group Launches Canopy Capital
   Financial Results of Bombardier 3rd Q
  Nearly 1 Million IT Jobs Moving Offshore
 Circulation of the nation's 20 biggest newspapers
Niners won't bring in free agent to replace Cortez

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November 21, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past---1988---Millerbis and Possehl
 Classified---Jobs Wanted-Credit to Finance
  U.S. Housing Starts Fall 11.4% - October 2002
   Streamlined Sales Tax Update--Dennis Brown, ELA
    Great Christmas Gift---or Reward to a Colleague for business or recommendation
   ITAA ---The New Customer for Equipment/Software Leasing
  Out of 1,500 B2B, only 200 to Survive--Beth Cox,
 Irwin Financial Fourth Quarter Dividend
HP Reports Strong Profit 4th Quarter/Financial Services up 5%
 Siemens Fin. Services Names Lowry Fenton & Steven Taylor VP's

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New Section Tomorrow---Recommendations

November 22, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past-1993-Giffin-Byrne
  Classified Jobs---Finance to Sales plus HELP WANTED
   Rates edge up in latest week
    Salvation Army Kettle Drive/Unemployment Still High by Kit Menkin
     As Long as It isn't You or Your Wife, It's Okay
      GE Cuts 2002 Profit Forecast
       Fed Officials Say They Have a "Bad of Tricks"
        Foundation State of the Industry Report Very Popular
       Jim Fleming's Top Ten Reasons for Staying in Equipment Leasing
      New Section at RECOMMENDATIONS
     Preferred Broker Solutions--First Release of CapitalStream Advantage
    Dungeness Crab Glut Hits Calif. Coast--Wine Recommended
   McNabb to be examined again in two weeks

(Look for me on TV. I'll be wearing my 49er leather jacket. Kit )

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November 25, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past-2000-Mayhal, Thorne, Lynse
 Clarification: Bankers Leasing, Iowa
  Leasing News List is Up-dated
   The Week's Economic Events
    Classified Ads---Job Wanted/Help Wanted
     How Bad is It? ----Russ Wilder,ATEL
      West Coast dockworkers, shipping companies reach tentative agreement
     Letters---eMail to Leasing News
    Expanding California's Technology Sector---J.Murti
   Jackson and Merrill Assume New Positions at Fifth Third
  Mort: Rams Might Consider Trading Warner
 NFL Football Wrap-up:
 Some Trip, but Others Hit Stride in Stretch

November 26, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past -1988-Gordon Roberts
  Fitch Releases Third-Quarter Equipment Lease ABS Newsletter
   U.S. Bankruptcies Break Record--Consumers this Time
    The Grasshopper and the Ant--by Phil Cerasoli/Kit Menkin
     ---States to Look at Equipment Leasing More than ever---
       Peter Nevitt -- equipment lessor
     PFSC announces LeaseServ DataMart
   Rave Financial Services Portfolio/Infrastructure for Sale
  Wellington Equipment Files Bankruptcy
De Lage Landen Financial Services names Robert Timm as Director

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  reprint from Financial Institution Consulting

November 27, 2002 --- Pictures from the Past---1987----Parker, Woodley
 Prosecutors: Ohio banker took $8 million more than first thought
  Officers of failed bank face fines
   ELA Industry Q Report 7.8 Percent Growth Since 3Q 2001
    CIT to Present at Lehman Brothers Financial Services Conference
     ELA Amy Miller Holmes Reports from the Field
     (What Lessors Are Saying About. . .Growth & more)
CapitalSource Forms New Finance Division; Jeffrey Kilrea To Lead
 Growth Hit 4% Rate in 3rd Quarter
 /Other Economic Reports Paint a Mixed Picture
  Consumer confidence rose in November
   Housing Reports: Shades of Roseanne Roseannadanna
    West Coast vs. East Coast-Median Price for Houses Up
     Compromise clinched longshore union deal---wrap-up
     IDS Hubert to Take Leave of Absence to find money
      Is American Express Business Financial for Sale?
       GE Capital Selling Colonial Pacific Portfolio?
        Peter Nevitt---Remembered
Fifth Third Stock Takes Hit Following Accounting Probe
  TBF Financial Purchases Charges Offs----
   Wines of the Week for Thanksgiving
     The Moon is Open for Business--GE Capital Lease
      (“We bring good things to life”)

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