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September 3, 2002---Georgia Alert----Southeastern Casket/Carpet
  "It's NOT All About Networking!"---eLNA Conference  “Zep”
       The Week's Economic Events
         "Top Gun" Ignacio Sanchez CLP
Sales Tax Project Meeting September 26-27, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
     Friday's News Reaction
        News Briefs-----
The List to be up-dated this week

September 4, 2002---Demand for Money Remains Very Soft
     Two guilty in PinnFund/PinnLeasing fraud case to be sentenced
       An Open Letter From John Semon --eLNA
          41st Annual ELA Oct 13-15 Registration Deadline
           Books---"Marketing the Equipment Lease"
             See Jim Merrilees Play UAEL Regional Golf Portland, Oregon  9/12
                Clinton Says No to Talk Show, May Go into Equipment Leasing
                             News Briefs--- 
                   On the hot seat in Section 43
                     Sampras Storms on in U.S. Open Thriller
Leasing News: The List to be up-dated Tomorrow

September 5, 2002---GE Buys ABB Unit for $2.3 Billion
     No Back-to-School Blues for HP/HP Financial
Taylor to Charge $24-$35 Year for "unlimited access"
         September 11 may ultimately cost city $95 billion
             August Vehicle Sales Up 18% as Interest Rates are Down
              News Briefs----
               20 in a Row---What a Game!!!
                  The List  Up-dated

September 6, 2002---Larry Grant Found!!!---Former ACC/Amembal at New Digs
            Now  heads Transportation Alliance Bank  Equipment Leasing Division
                "Top Gun"  Richard Baccaro
Oliphant Financial 10th Year in Business!!!
    Demand for Money drops to 40 year Low
     Mortgage Rates Hit Record Lowest Level
  Unemployment Rate Fell to a Five-Month Low in August
    G.E. Expenses for Ex-Chief Cited in Divorce Papers
     Siemens Financial: James Anaya/Ted Edgar Reg.Mgr. Equip.Finance
          News Briefs----

September 9, 2002---The Weeks Economic Events
        Citigroup Shifts Management-Major Shake-Up
            "Top Gun"  Tony Sherwin
              Commercial Money Center---Up-date
                UAEL Tomorrow in Texas--Meeting
           Up-Roar at MSM Capital Bankruptcy Hearing
             Take money and run? What about ethics?
                G.E. Perks Raise Issues About Taxes
                The Mike Graneri Lease Closer Newsletter--
                   News Briefs----
        Texans 2nd new franchise to win opener--Houston Chronicle
  Martz's ego trip hurts Rams in loss to inferior foe-St.Louis Post-Dispatch

September 10, 2002---Borrowing by Americans reaches eight- month high in July
           Rates rise in Treasury bill auction
                 Resource America, Inc. Announces $50M LEAF Fund
                   Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors Conf. Sept. 23                           
                       Equipment Leasing Association Conference Oct 13
                         United Association of Equipment Leasing Conference Oct  3rd-5th
      National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers Reg. Conf. Nov. 8-9
          Tuesday---Odds and Ends
           Wells Fargo Launches New Website for Auto Leasing
             Leasing Auction Watch---Mark Bowen
               Nigeria Scam
                LENDX Changes Company Name to DETERMINE
                    News Briefs----
                  Patriots 30, Steelers 14---Boston Globe

September 11, 2002---Nov.9th NAELB Marina del Rey Details-Cost $95 any assoc. member   Congratulations to Rob Crivello, Newest CLP
     Where is Ken Goodman?---at Midwest Leasing Group
       Two New Features---On Line: Alerts   Bad Boys
        Fitch: Work Stoppage May Impact US West Coast Seaport Rtgs
         Foreclosure Rate Is Rising
          Bank of West hoping its shtick will stick in new market
           Forecast of PC sales/leasing tumbles
             " Monday Night Football" wisely lets Madden carry show

September 12, 2002---Dolsen Leasing---Good News!!!
  Leaf Financial---Wrong Telephone Number
    American Medical Capital Files Bankruptcy???
       "Top Gun"  Jim Raeder--Urban Legend
       Economy Growing Unevenly, Fed Says
             Bubble talk grows with debt
              Many factors to blame for looming deficits
               QB-turned-receiver decides to end his career
                   September 11th---

September 13, 2002---Richard Shapiro Controversy  
“Top Gun" Salesmanager Mark McQuitty
               Business Leasing News Now On Line
                 Rates on 30-year and 15-year mortgages move up
                    U.S. Reviewing Banking Conflicts
          Equipment Leasing Association Newsletter Highlights
            Former Tyco Executives Plead Not Guilty---New Charges Filed
               Cards' Bryant was 12th overall choice in draft
          Monday---Sept 11, 2001 and 2002 Economy
                 Most Likely--Reaction to Richard Shapiro Controversy

September 17, 2002---Commercial Money Center (Easy Money: Update)
   Tyco CEO Arranged Forgiving Of Loans    
     Neutron Jack Goes Down as What Comes Around Comes Around----
       PayWorld Reports Pension for GE Directors/Not Employees
         Deutsche Bank Sells St. Louis Leasing Unit
           Tuesday-Odds and Ends
              Who is linked to your website?
                 Shapiro Controversy Resolved---
                   Bank of the West Expands to 300 More Locations
                   CalFirst Bancorp Announces First Quarter Dividend

September 18, 2002---  Top Reasons To Lease --ELA Study
        CIT Announces $1.9M  Quarter Loss
       Jeff Taylor: " I Regret Sitting for the CLP Exam Next Month"
          CSI Acquires German IT Lessor
            Lucent Names Key Equipment in Europe as Partner            
"Frontier Leasing Preps Third Equipment ABS Via WestLB"  White Page Listing Subscription $50 a Year
      Fleet Cap. Leasing's Vendor Finance Div. Selects
             CapitalStream's FinanceCenter
      Willis Lease Finance Closes New, Increased Warehouse Credit Facility
           Announces Partners for Planned Securitization
              Tyco Details Extravagance of Ex-CEO--LA Times
               No longer 'the perfect partner’s
                 Neutron Jack 'has met his match'--LA Times
                    JPMorgan Outlook Grim Amid Bad Loans, Revenue Drop

September 19, 2002---Alert--Hiram Communications-- Alert
    Top Reasons to Lease Study
      CIT Group Financials
         "Top Gun" Eric Sidebotham
           News Stories we are working on---
 eLNA Drops The "e"- The Lessors Networking Association
  Explosion in Refinancing Leaves Lenders Swamped
   Banks call neighbors to locate debtors--Wells Fargo
     Reaction to "I Regret Sitting for the CLP Exam Next Month"
       CVB Financial Announces 52nd Consecutive Cash Dividend
         Kozlowski Can't Make Bail???? Sell One of Your Van Gogh's
          Amtrak Chief Proposes More Cuts---Truckers Happy!
             News Briefs---

September 20, 2002---     Alert-Neytronix, Los Angeles, CA--Alert
      American Equipment Finance Continues Expansion
       Credit Suisse chief ousted
        August Housing Starts Fall/ Third Month in a Row
          2002 State of the Industry Report to Debut at ELA Convention
            John E. Harvey-----New Certified Leasing Professional
              CLP "Instructors" Reaction to Jeff Taylor:
         " I Regret Sitting for the CLP Exam Next Month"
  Free CapitalStream Advantage Training October 5th, San Diego CA
    Rent-To-Own Bill Faces Uncertainty
      Mortgage Rates fall to Lowest on Record This Period
        De Lage Landen Names Guida VP-New Biz/Knotts appointed Director
          Ex-Wife Tries to Post Bail for Kozlowski
           Judge asks for better accounting of GE chief's lifestyle
              News Briefs---
         Mariucci Vs. Superior  (and it may well be more than a pun)

September 23, 2002---GSC Capital---Bulletin Board Complaint
   The Shame of MSM Capital
     ---$1.3 Million in "Advance Rentals" Not Returned?
      Middle Eastern descent Collection Calls----
          Streamline Sales Tax Project Meeting Sept 26-27 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
            GATX Ventures Completes Management Transition
             2002 Bankruptcy Yearbook to be issued
     Mid-America Association of Equipment Lessors 20th Annual Meeting
       Dot-com Era Start-Ups Still Feeling Woes
       Aircraft Leasing-Fitch Ratings Affirms ILFC


September 24, 2002--- Eastern Association of Equipment Lessor Conference Report
       by Steve Geller,CLP
Steelcase $2.2M + last Q/ $133.2M loss Q 2001
     Sting of Last Year's Recession Not as Mild as Many Thought
       California housing prices rise and show no signs of slowing down
         Berkeley Law firm out $2.1 million in Nigerian eMail
             Top Gun Sales Manager Brad Kissler--Balboa Capital
                 Top Gun Wrap-Up
                  UAEL Annual Fall Conference & Exposition 2002
                    Equipment Leasing Association Conference Up-Date
                     Mid-America Association of Equipment Lessors Meeting
 Nov. 9th NAELB Meeting Marina del Rey Details-Cost $95 any assoc. member
   Middle Eastern descent Collection Calls----
    MicroFinancial Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend
       ORIX Financial Services Uses Int. Decision Systems
        ----More Nigerian e-Mail----

September 25, 2002---Fed holds interest rates steady over objections of two members who                                         wanted cut
     Wednesday---Odds and Ends
      Netbank Goes After Subprime "Home Solutions"
       Equipment Leasing News Weekly News Summary
          Sysix Financial $10 Million in Leases 1st Year
            Cronos Group/ Major European Bank Container Program
              Bill Cuts Leave Amtrak Short $500 Million
               Tyco Took Profit on Bad Deal, Then Paid Bonuses to Executives
        Microfinancial/Leasecomm Stock Continues Dive/Insiders Sell Their Shares

September 26, 2002---Lease Study Up-Dates at this Link
   Diverse/innovative financial system helped U.S.economy-Greenspan
   Existing-home sales fall 1.7% August, but still remain at brisk level
     California economic slump seen lasting into early '03
      WorldCom Memo to Employees ( reportedly )
         Tyco Rewarded an Executive $44.8M During a Grand
           Neutron Jack Making a Settlement with Spouse
            News Briefs----
              Patriots must warm to the next task

September 27, 2002---DVI Appears to be in Deep Trouble
        Mortgage Rates Fall Below 6% for 1st Time Since '60s
           GE Reaffirms Earnings Forecast
            Leasing Top Guns to be In San Diego, says "Maverick" Kruse
              Never Go Down to the End of Town Unless You Take Me              
 Highlights of Equipment Leasing Association Thursday Newsletter
  Electro Rent Reports$2.6M Profit Fiscal 2003 First Quarter
   Resource America Postpones  Senior Notes Offering
    Variant Leasing Names Two Regional Sales Managers
      Theresa Kabot Took Steps To Get Leasing News by eMail
       Amtrak Subsidy--No Light at the End of the Tunnel
        West Coast port talks deteriorate; labor unrest appears imminent

September 30, 2002---West Cast ports to remain shut until tentative bargain reached
   Equipment Leasing Association S.F. Conference Over 1,000 registered
     CapitalStream Makes the List #29-419% Growth
      Gary Millhollon has left First Capital Group
        Nigerian Letter looking to lease 1000 Laptops for the Ministry
          DVI Reports  $7.3 Million Fourth Quarter loss
            Tyco official built 2d house with $5m in loans from firm
            Ex-Tyco Officials Avoid Jail After Bail Hearing
               Raymond Leasing chooses CapitalStream's FinanceCenter
                 Financial Leaders Promise Action
                   Streamlined Sales Tax Project Report
                       by Dennis Brown, Equipment Leasing Association
            Bombardier Announces Measures to Face Current Environment
             Plunging revenues dangle states over a deficit ditch
                 Top Ten TV Shows September 16-22

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