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Friday, August 23, 2013

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

Leasing Brokers: When May You Collect a Commission?
 By Tom McCurnin
  Classified Ads---Sales
ELFA Reports July $7.2B
 Compared to Record Breaking June $8.6B
  Depping and Team hit $1 Billion Credit Applications
   Two Year Remarkable Growth Announced
TimePayment On-Line Credit Decisions Can
Now Be Rendered in Less Than Five Seconds!
  New Hires—Promotions
   Classified Ads---Help Wanted
    Channel Partners Averages of 22 Deals
      Ten Largest Employers in America
       By Alexander E.M. Hess,
  Failed Banks: Class of 2013
   By Aarti Kanjani and Harish Mali and Robert Clark
 Leasing Conferences---Updates
  Classified ads—Corporate/Personal Tax Information
    Lee Daniels’ The Butler/Prince Avalanche
     The Great Gatsby/Post Tenebras Lux/Charulata
      Fernando Croce Film/DVD Reviews for Leasing News
       Australian Cattle Dog Mix
        West Los Angeles, California Adopt-a-Dog
News Briefs---
Mortgage rates spike to 2-year high
 Construction industry sees major increase in contract renegotiation
  Hewlett-Packard under fire after earnings report
   Cosco International profit drop, dithers on leasing plans
    BofA Continues to Be Leader in Small Business Digital Banking
     FASB proposes VIE alternative for private companies
      A new bargain on lease accounting, a Foreign Viewpoint
       Amazon Is Said to Have Tested a Wireless Network
        Jack Daniel's plans $100M expansion to meet demand

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Leasing Brokers: When May You Collect a Commission?
  By Tom McCurnin

  Leasing News Legal Editor

When a deal falls through, when is it
legal for a leasing broker to collect a commission?

10 California Administrative Code § 1451

I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries this month about alleged "bad brokers” who sign up a potential lessee, collect a deposit, and then fail to deliver financing on a timely basis.  In the typical example, the broker spins the wheels, perhaps as long as several months, asking for new documents, new explanations, and ultimately fails to provide the agreed upon financing.  The broker then attempts to retain the deposit. 

So the question arises if there is not an agreement to be paid for time spent or costs incurred, what opportunity is available for a leasing consultant to retain the deposit on a deal which was never funded? 

Under California law, a licensed financial lender (broker) may not charge for brokerage services unless that service is actually rendered

(0 California Administrative Code § 1451.)  What that means to me is that the funding has to be provided and agreed to before a lease broker may collect that fee, and retain the deposit.

Many brokers have complicated contracts which may be interpreted as allowing the broker to retain the deposit for any reason.  Some of the flimsy provisions I’ve seen include “material adverse change” in the lessee’s financial condition, or the failure to provide a requested document within 10 days. 

None of these contractual provisions are enforceable, at least in California, unless and until a funding actually occurs, e.g., a brokerage service is actually rendered.  Brokerage contracts should be reviewed by brokers to eliminate these loopholes, at least in California. And hire an attorney who has experience in leasing and finance.  Just because the person has passed the bar, doesn't mean he knows the industry. You don't go to an orthodontist to get a root canal--- you go to an endodontist.  Just because they are both dentists, doesn't mean they specialize in what you are seeking.

There are association commitment letters, and I have seen some in
Leasing News, too, but don't be left high and dry because you couldn't
put a deal together.  Obviously, if the contract so provides, hard costs for underwriting could may be recovered.  This might include a UCC Search, credit pulls from the three major credit reporting services, costs for mail or Federal Express, or equipment inspections. 

But the fact remains that brokers get paid for brokering a lease, shouldn't they get paid when they can't perform?  I'm not talking about those who know they can't put the deal together, but know they can keep the deposit, especially when the lessee is out of state and would have to come to their state to try and collect (especially if it is under $5,000 or even $10,000). 

Brokerage contracts for possible lease funding of commercial equipment leases are largely unregulated outside of California.  While New York has a much maligned statute governing security deposits for equipment leases, the statute is inapplicable to brokerage contracts.  Thus, it is up to the States and trade organization to self-police unscrupulous brokers.

A typical broker contract should have the following terms in it in a clear and concise manner:

Who are the parties? Exact corporate names of the broker and the proposed lessee should be identified.

Lease Terms. If the deposit is based on possible equipment funding, and tied to a proposed lease, then the equipment and lease terms should be specified, so the broker and the lessee know exactly what the broker is going to achieve.

How much is the deposit and what is the exact breakdown? What I usually see is the deposit comprising the first and last lease payment based on the proposed equipment cost and lease terms. Other charges for nonsense like “securitization fees” or “administrative fees” which cannot be understood, should not be part of the deposit agreement.

Time Frame for Brokerage Contract. I would think that once the equipment is identified (which should occur prior to the brokerage contract being executed), the only underwriting issue is pulling the lessee’s credit and shopping the deal. 90 days plus or minus a month is probably enough time. The contract should expire in 90 days if there is no funding.

Provisions For Return of Deposit. The brokerage contract should spell out what the lessee has to do to obtain a return of its deposit. Ideally, after expiration of the term of the agreement (about 90 days), the broker has not obtained the financing listed in the terms of the proposed financing, then the deposit should be automatically returned, less minor underwriting costs such as credit pulls.

The bottom line is that brokers make their fees when a deal goes through, not when they take the deposit.  If the broker structures the brokerage contract so the lessee takes all the risk if the funding is not approved, that simply isn’t fair, and at least in California, it is not legal.

Tom McCurnin is a partner at Barton, Klugman & Oetting in Los Angeles, California.

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Visit our web site at

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Montgomery, AL
Individual with 10 years advertising sales exp. & 7 years insurance sales exp. Wants independent contractor situation in Alabama.
Work with leasing company or broker. 334-590-5133

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ELFA Reports July $7.2B
Compared to Record Breaking June $8.6B


While the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation reported the most recent confidence index rose to 61.0 from 49.4 in July, the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association told Reuters that new business fell 19% in July from June. (It should be noted the June numbers were extraordinary. Editor).

William G. Sutton, CAE
ELFA President and CEO

"While cooling off somewhat from a torrid June, this month's increase in financing activity matches a strengthening economy evidenced by a rebounding housing market, GDP growth and declining unemployment picture," Reuters reported ELFA Chief Executive William Sutton said in a statement.

Leasing News will have full charts and story in Monday's edition.


Depping and Team hit $1 Billion Credit Applications
Two Year Remarkable Growth Announced

Thomas Depping sold his interest in Main Street Bank, Kingwood, Texas, primarily stating to get out of banking regulations and back into business financing, loans, and leasing, announcing on August 10, 2011 the launching of Ascentium Capital:" ...a lender focused on the important but underserved market for small-balance commercial loans and leases in the United States. Ascentium Capital is backed by Vulcan Capital, the private investment group of Paul G. Allen, and a group of investors led by LKCM Capital Group, LLC (“LKCM”), the alternative investment vehicle for Luther King Capital Management."

CEO Thomas Depping

“I applaud each Ascentium Capital employee. It is amazing to see what can be accomplished when dedicated people work together to fulfill a market need,” Chief Executive Officer of Ascentium Capital, Tom Depping said. “Looking beyond our second year, the company will continue to aggressively develop and deliver finance solutions that bring true value to the diverse business needs of our customers.”

At the original announcement of the formation of the company, Geoff McKay, a managing director of Vulcan Capital, said, “We see a tremendous opportunity to meet the lending needs of small businesses. We believe Tom and his team are well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity given their outstanding long-term track record, their proven commitment to high standards of integrity and customer service, and the expertise to succeed."

Bryan King, managing partner of LKCM Capital Group, stated at the origination of the company, ""In an environment of ongoing economic and regulatory uncertainty, it is important that lenders continue finding ways to meet the strong demand for small-balance commercial loans and leases," said Bryan King, managing partner of LKCM Capital Group. "Ascentium Capital will allow us to partner with a wide range of small businesses, providing them with necessary growth capital unavailable through other resources."

CEO Depping pointed to "Important milestones over the last two years including the acquisition of strategic companies focused in specialized segments, the development of technology tools that benefit the sales process as well as the client experience and the substantial expansion of a specialized sales force. Ascentium Capital has opened sales offices nationally and is planning on doubling its sales force over the next year. With over 130 dedicated employees, the company continues to take the lead in developing custom finance programs that benefit manufacturers, distributors as well as direct financing for business owners nationwide.

"In addition to serving the financial needs of small businesses, the company also focuses on improving local communities. This has led to active involvement in fundraising that benefit veterans, families in transition as well as education-based initiatives including a four-year scholarship for public school students."



TimePayment Online Credit Decisions Can
Now Be Rendered in Less Than Five Seconds!

MicroFinancial (Nasdaq: MFI), Burlington, Massachusetts, specialists in micro leasing, with a minimum of $500, with offices on the East and West Coast, announces that its whole owned subsidiary TimePayment Corp. has developed a technology program that significantly accelerates the speed at which lease applicants and their representatives can receive notification of credit decisions.

TimePayment states it is now providing credit decisions for applicants requesting lease amounts of $10,000 or under "... in less than five seconds, often with speeds that are sub-second."

Richard F. Latour

"This is a tremendous tool for our vendors and brokers to use in discussions with their customers, providing them the ability to process transactions faster," said Richard F. Latour, President and CEO of MicroFinancial Inc.

"We continue to work hard to accelerate the flow of information to better enable the sales process, and this breakthrough is a key part of that discussion."

The program works for both brokers and vendors. Their announcement states "For more information about TimePayment's financial services offerings for vendors and brokers, contact TimePayment at 877-868-3800, or eMail:".



New Hires—Promotions

Craig Cleary named executive sales officer, Signature Financial, New York, New York; based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He joined the company in May, 2013. Previously was business development manager, De Lage Landen (January, 2011-May, 2013), vice president, General Electric Capital (August, 2008-July, 2009), vice president, district sales manager, Citigroup, Citicapital Commercial Corporation (February 2003 – July 2008), assistant treasurer, finance, L.B. Smith, Inc., (1987-2003)Harrisburg Area Community College Associates, Business administration (1987 – 1989).

Joseph Farinella named executive sales officer, Signature Financial, New York, New York; based in Melville, New York. He joined the company in November, 2012. Previously he was vice-president, Wells Fargo Equipment Finance (July, 2007-November, 2012), district manager, CIT (September, 1994-July, 2007), finance, credit manager (Malvese and Edward Ehrbar (1980-1994), v.p. sales, USI Capital & Leasing (1976-1980), State University of New York at Delhi (1964 – 1966).

Mark Forti appointed to the role of managing director GE Capital, Corporate Retail Finance, "...(providing) asset-based, cash flow and structured loans and leases to mid-size and large U.S. businesses." He joined GE Commercial Finance, September, 2006. Previously he was managing director, Bank of America (1995-august, 2005), senior assistant examiner, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (August, 1994-September, 1995).Bentley University Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance (1989 – 1992), Bryant University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance (1983 – 1987)

Brian Karfonta appointed direct sales officer for the Mid-Atlantic region for Cole Taylor Equipment Finance. " He will be responsible for building client relationships and developing new lease and loan originations in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia." Previously he was vice-president, Fifth Third Bank (June, 2005-July, 2013). "...where he was a vice president and region director responsible for all aspects of new finance and tax leases within the Mid-Atlantic territory. Prior to that, he held management positions with Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company, MBC Leasing Corporation, NationsBank and Norwest Mortgage."

Bill Musgrave appointed executive sales officer for Signature Financial, New York, New York; based in Denver, Colorado. He "...spent more than 30 years in the equipment finance arena, specializing in construction, bus finance and waste management. Before joining Signature Financial, he was a Vice President at Capital One Equipment Leasing & Finance for seven years. Musgrave previously worked in various finance positions at Zion’s Credit Corp., HSBC Business Credit and ITT Capital Financial."

Rob McKenna named executive sales officer, Signature Financial, New York, New York; based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He joined the company in May, 2013. Previously he was executive sales officer, PACCAR (September, 2010-May, 2013), v.p. sales, GE Capital (August,2008-July, 2009), v.p. sales, Citibank (2002-2008),AVP sales, Orix Financial Services (1999-2002), district sales manager, Newcourt Finance (1996-1999), senior credit analyst, CIT (1991-1996)

Harry Newman was named Executive Sales Officer for Signature Bank, New York, New York; based in Knoxville, Tennessee. He previously "...was Vice President at Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, where he handled sourcing and negotiating a wide range of construction equipment transactions.' Prior sales, CitiCapital Commercial Corporation (2004-2008), sales, CitiCapital (2003-2008), national sales and marketing manager, Astec Financial Services (June, 1996-December, 2002)

Mark Riley named executive sales officer, Signature Financial, New York, New York; based in Richmond, Virginia. He joined the company in February, 2013. Previously he was regional vice president, People's United Equipment Finance Corp. (2010-Feburary, 2013), senior vice president, Sr. Sales Manager, GE Commercial Finance (August, 2008-June, 2009),senior vice president, south central region manager, Citi (October, 2006-August, 2008), vice president, sales manager, Citi (January, 2003-October, 2006), district sales manager, Virginia, Citi (April, 2002-January, 2003), v.p.-sales-Mid Atlantic States (January, 2001-april, 2002), v.p. sales, debis Financial Service (September, 1995-November, 2000), sales, Ford Motor Credit Company (1990-1996).University of Southern Maine, BS, Business (1985 – 1990)

Rick Scheffel named executive sales officer, Signature Financial, New York, New York; based in Melville, New York. He joined the company in June, 2013. Previously he was regional manager, TD Equipment Finance (November, 2007--June, 2013), district manager, Key Equipment Finance (June, 2008-November, 2007), senior account executive/business development, GE Capital (June, 1998-June, 2008). SUNY Stony Brook, St. Anthony's High School (South Huntington, NY)

Jeff Walsh joins Sasser Family Holdings, Chicago, Illinois as Chief Operating Officer, North America. Previously he was group executive, structure finance, GATX (September, 2008-August, 2013), vice president sales, GE Rail (1996-1998), executive director, Genstar Instant Space, GE Capital/Genstar (1994-1996).University of California, Berkeley, BA, Mass Communications (1981 – 1985)Activities and Societies: Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Varsity Football '81-'84, Letterman Member of Big C. Camden High School



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Maxim Commercial Capital is a commercial finance company committed to fostering the growth of small and middle market companies by providing creative and flexible asset-backed financing solutions


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Ten Largest Employers in America
By Alexander E.M. Hess,



General Electric
Total employees: 305,000
Industry: Conglomerate
1-yr. stock price change: +13.0%

General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) is one of the few U.S.-based public companies that employed more than 300,000 full and part-time workers. Of these employees, the company noted, roughly 134,000 worked in the United States. The company is pushing heavily into software and plans to hire thousands of engineers to improve the software capabilities of its machinery.

Total employees: 331,800
Industry: Technology
1-yr. stock price change: +32.4%

These numbers are as of October, 2012. It should be noted the company is in the midst of massive job cuts.

Home Depot
Total employees: 340,000
Industry: Home improvement
1-yr. stock price change: +31.0%

Of these, however, just 21,000 were salaried, with the vast majority working either hourly or only on a temporary basis. The company is active throughout North America, but it is mostly located in the United States. The home improvement retailer had just under 2,000 stores in the U.S., 180 in Canada and 100 in Mexico.

Total employees: 343,000
Industry: Grocery stores
1-yr. stock price change: +71.5%

Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) employed roughly 343,000 full-time and part-time workers as of February. The majority of Kroger employees “are covered by collective bargaining agreements negotiated with local unions affiliated with one of several different international unions,” according to the company.

Total employees: 361,000
Industry: Retail
1-yr. stock price change: +5.9%

These are full-time, part-time and seasonal, workers as of February 2013. Like many retailers, however, Target’s hiring swells during the holiday season. Between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, Target had approximately 409,000 workers.

United Parcel Service
Total employees: 399,000
Industry: Delivery and freight
1-yr. stock price change: +12.9%

Much of the company’s workforce, however, is still employed only part time. At the end of last year, 46% of the company’s 328,000 hourly employees, as well as 36% of management personnel, were employed part time.

Total employees: 434,246
Industry: Technology
1-yr. stock price change: -8.3%

Total employees: 440,000
Industry: Fast food
1-yr. stock price change: +9.3%

Yum! Brands
Total employees: 523,000
Industry: Fast food
1-yr. stock price change: +9.9%
(Owner of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut)

Although the company does not break out its employee counts by country, many of its employees are based abroad. At the end of last year, less than half of the Yum! Brand stores, franchised or company-owned, were located in the United States. Additionally, 4,547 of the 7,578 company-owned locations were in China, where KFC is the largest fast-food chain. The company’s success in the U.S. is still a major driver of job growth. Taco Bell has added 15,000 jobs due to the success of its Doritos Locos taco.

Total employees: 2.2 million
Industry: Retail
1-yr. stock price change: +1.7%

Of these, more than 1.3 million worked in the United States, meaning the retail giant’s U.S. workforce is larger than the global workforce of any other American business. Wal-Mart de México y Centroamérica, which is the largest private employer in Mexico, had nearly a quarter of a million employees in Central America as of April.

Full Story:


Failed Banks: Class of 2013
By Aarti Kanjani and Harish Mali and Robert Clark

Special Report by SNL Financial

The regulators did not close any banks Aug. 16, keeping the year's total number of failures at 18. In 2012, regulators had closed 40 banks through Aug. 16.

As of Aug. 16, only two of the 18 bank failures thus far in 2013 have been involved in a loss-share agreement. In 2012, the FDIC entered loss-share agreements with the buyers of 20 of the 51 closed banks. In 2011, the FDIC entered loss-share agreements with the buyers of 58 of the 92 closed banks.

The median cost to the deposit insurance fund at the time of announcement as a percentage of the failed banks' assets was 27% in 2013, 21% in 2012 and 23% in 2011.

Wausau, Wis.-based Bank of Wausau ($43.6 million)

Fort Myers, Fla.-based First Community Bank of Southwest Florida ($247.3 million)

Sevierville, Tenn.-based Mountain National Bank ($437.3 million)
North Las Vegas, Nev.-based 1st Commerce Bank ($20.2 million)

Kenosha, Wis.-based Bank of Wisconsin ($134.0 million)

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Central Arizona Bank ($31.6 million)

Valdosta, Ga.-based Sunrise Bank ($60.8 million)
Asheville, N.C.-based Pisgah Community Bank ($21.9 million)

Douglasville, Ga.-based Douglas County Bank ($317.3 million)
Lenoir, N.C.-based Parkway Bank ($109.6 million)

Marianna, Fla.-based Chipola Community Bank ($37.5 million)
Orange Park, Fla.-based Heritage Bank of North Florida ($104.0 million)

Lexington, Ky.-based First Federal Bank ($93.0 million)

Gold Canyon, Ariz.-based Gold Canyon Bank ($42.1 million)

LaGrange, Ga.-based Frontier Bank ($258.8 million)

Chicago-based Covenant Bank ($58.4 million)

Andover, Minn.-based 1st Regents Bank ($49.6 million)

University Place, Wash.-based Westside Community Bank ($91.9 million)



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Fernando's View
By Fernando F. Croc

A time-spanning drama (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler”) and a poignant comedy (“Prince Avalanche”) come to theaters, while new DVDs offer audacious adaptations (“The Great Gatsby”), one-of-a-kind provocations (“Post Tenebras Lux”) and underrated classics (“Charulata”).

In Theaters:

Lee Daniels’ The Butler (The Weinstein Company): What if you could have been present at the homes of some of America's most notable leaders? That's the intriguing premise at the center of this decades-spanning drama, directed by Oscar nominee Lee Daniels ("Precious"). Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker) is a dedicated butler whose professional life could fill an entire encyclopedia of history. Finding a place at the White House, he aids no fewer than eight presidents, from Eisenhower (Robin Williams) and Johnson (Liev Schreiber) to Nixon (John Cusack) and Reagan (Alan Rickman). As Cecil witnesses the civil rights movement and the effects of the Vietnam War, we see the nation's cultural shifts reflected on his life and family. An emotional social portrait, Daniels' movie is one sure to be remembered come Academy Awards time.

Prince Avalanche (Magnolia Pictures): Director David Gordon Green has in the past alternated between lyrical dramas and oddball comedies. Here, he brings the best of the two camps for one of his best movies. Taking place in 1988, the story follows the often wild misadventures of Alvin (Paul Rudd) and Lance (Emile Hirsch), a pair of young road workers who find themselves working in an isolated patch of Texas. Away from their families, they scramble to break up the boredom and end up face to face with unexpected philosophical questions. With a poetic eye for expressive landscapes and the marvelously matched comic duo of Rudd and Hirsch, the movie melds unpredictable laughs with eloquent contemplation for a sweet, touching meditation on friendship.

Netflix Tip: Since his feature debut in 2000, David Gordon Green has been a restless presence in independent American cinema. So check out his brief but already diverse career, which ranges from the poetic “George Washington” (2000) to the harrowing “Undertow” (2004) to the zany “Pineapple Express” (2008).


The Great Gatsby (Warner Bros.): One of the all-time classics of American literature, F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" has long eluded the screen. While earlier movie adaptations tended to be ponderous and stuffy, outrageous Australian director Baz Luhrmann ("Moulin Rouge!") heads in the opposite direction and serves up a visually splashy, frenetically romantic interpretation. Set in the party-hardy Roaring Twenties, the story follows the whirlwind romance between the fabulously wealthy Gatsby (Leonard DiCaprio) and his ideal love Daisy (Carey Mulligan), as seen through the eyes of a young World War I veteran (Tobey Maguire). Combining Fitzgerald's legendary period dialogue with cutting-edge 3D technology and songs from Jay-Z, Luhrmann succeeds in putting his own personal stamp on the difficult material, making it a must for fans of his extravagantly passionate style.

Post Tenebras Lux (Strand): A filmmaker known for his various provocations (“Battle in Heaven,” “Silent Light”), Mexican director Carlos Reygadas offers what may be his most stylistically challenging as well as most emotionally affecting picture yet. The plot centers on Juan (Adolfo Jimenez Castro) and Natalia (Nathalia Acevedo), a wealthy married couple enjoying a vacation on the Mexican countryside. Using a non-linear structure, however, Reygadas uses these characters as just one of several eccentric visions, which range from glimpses of a British rugby team to a visit from an oddly familial demon. Often compared to “The Tree of Life” in its creatively lyrical approach, the movie can be maddening just as often as it is dazzling. Serious lovers of adventurous cinema will not want to miss it. With subtitles.

Charulata (Criterion): An important presence at the height of art-house cinema during the 1960s, Indian director Satyajit Ray has unfairly had few of his great works available on DVD. Criterion is working to remedy that wrong by releasing a restored edition of Ray’s 1964 drama, which works beautifully as an introduction to this graceful master of cinema. Set in the 19th-century, the story chronicles the triangle that emerges when neglected wife Charulata (Madhabi Mukherjee) meets Amal (Soumitra Chatterjee), the indolent brother of her dutiful husband Bhupati (Shailen Mukherjee). As the months go by, the feelings between Charulata and Amal threaten to go beyond friendship and tear the household asunder. Showcasing a sure touch that can go from humor to tragedy with devastating ease, Ray’s film is a classic in need of rediscovery. With subtitles.




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Mortgage rates spike to 2-year high

Construction industry sees major increase in contract renegotiation

Hewlett-Packard under fire after earnings report

Cosco International profit drop, dithers on leasing plans

BofA Continues to Be Leader in Small Business Digital Banking

FASB proposes VIE alternative for private companies

A new bargain on lease accounting, a Foreign Viewpoint

Amazon Is Said to Have Tested a Wireless Network

Jack Daniel's plans $100M expansion to meet demand,0,4946402.story



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(Some of) the Prettiest towns in America 2013



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14 Ways to Add Variety to Your Walks
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Baseball Poem


Budweiser! he calls
between innings, between pitches,
between breaths


From Tim Peeler, from his book
“Touching All the Bases.” He has given us permission
to reproduce them.

From a soft cover 128 pages
with index published by
( they take two weeks to send, but you are helping
this company stay alive, or you can buy from
Amazon, for the same price, but perhaps faster
delivery. While they are all mostly baseball,
some are not. He is a unique American poet.
He lives in Hickory, North Carolina.




Sports Briefs----

Governor declares emergency for Yosemite-area fire

Concours d'Elegance (Editor was there; it was great! A lot of very rich people.)

San Diego Mayor Filner could be out by Friday


California Nuts Briefs---

Governor declares emergency for Yosemite-area fire

Concours d'Elegance (Editor was there; it was great! A lot of very rich people.)

San Diego Mayor Filner could be out by Friday



“Gimme that Wine”

Germany’s Rieslings on the Tip of the Tongue

Oregon Wine Continues to Draw Investment

Chardonnay popular, easy to drink in Northwest

Fine Wine being Pawned for Cash in New York

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Winery Atlas\

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This Day in History

    1500 --  Christopher Columbus, accused of mistreating the natives of Haiti, is arrested and sent back to Spain in chains. Plunder continued to take precedence over conversion, but the Catholics continued to be embarrassed. Their ideology was not altogether suited to their practice. The Catholics made much of their conquests of Aztecs and Incas, whom they described as empires with institutions similar to those of the Hapsburg Empire and the religious practices as demonic as those of the official enemy, the heathen empire of the Ottoman Turks. But the Catholics did not make much of the wars of extermination against communities that had neither emperors nor standing armies. Such feats, although perpetrated regularly, conflicted with the ideology and were less than heroic. The act of slavery was condoned, as natives were considered “property” for this purpose, but there were reports of sexual abuse and torture in the name of church that got back to authorities, and contrary to popular belief, the Catholic church did not condone this. The queen of Spain appealed to the Pope, plus paid a “fine” for his release.
— Freddy Perlman, The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism
    1572- In France, late this night, Catholic conspirators began massacring thousands of Huguenots (French Protestants), under orders of Catherine de Medici, advisor to her son, Charles IX, King of France.  Huguenots, who could escape, went to other countries, many of them immigrating to the New World.
    1784- the state of Franklin, formed this day, when it seceded from North Carolina. It consisted of three counties between the Bald Mountains and the Holston River, an area that is now in eastern Tennessee.  It citizens established a senate and a house of commons at Jonesboro and elected John Sevier as governor for a four year term.  Sevier was arrested in 1788 on charges of high treason.  The state was not admitted to the Union. Upon his release from jail, Sevier was elected to the House of Representatives.  He served as the first governor of Tennessee after it was admitted to the Union as the 16th state in 1796.
    1834- Britain abolishes slavery in colonies; 700,000 slaves freed. The anti-slavery abolition movement gained much strength from this, as demonstrated with the formal organization of the American Anti-Slavery Society, formed in Philadelphia, December 4.
    1843-Birthday of Lillie Hitchcock, eccentric, cigar-smoking, pants-wearing San Francisco volunteer fire-fighter ("patron saint of all pioneer firemen of the city") and the benefactor for the construction of Coit Tower, a local monument in the shape of a fire hose. Coit Tower is built on the site of the first west coast telegraph, a semaphore completed in 1849. She commissioned another neighborhood landmark, a statue of three firefighters on the south-west corner of Washington Square Park.
    1849-Mail service established to the Interior of California. Stops included Benicia, Sacramento City and San José.
    1859-The first elevator installed was in the six-story Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York City, which opened this day. The elevator operated on the principle of an Archimedean screw. It was viewed and inspected by Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, on October 11,1960.  The first elevator in an office building was installed in 1868 in the original Equitable Life Assurance Society building located on lower Broadway, New York City.  The first electric elevator successfully operated was installed in 1889 by Otis Brothers and Company in the Demarest Building, Fifth Avenue and 33rd Street, New York City and the age of the skyscrapers began in major cities throughout the United States.
    1863 – A ruthless band of guerillas attacks the town of Lawrence, Kansas, killing every man and boy in sight. Led by William Quantrill and William “Bloody Bill” Anderson, the guerillas were said to have carried out the brutal attack on behalf of the Confederacy. Included in their group was Jesse James’ brother Frank and Cole Younger, who would also play a large role in the James gang later on. Bloody Bill Anderson got his name for his love of shooting unarmed and defenseless people. Reportedly, he carried as many as eight handguns, in addition to a saber and a hatchet. His horse was also outfitted with several rifles and backup pistols. Although he claimed to have political motives for his terrorism, Anderson more likely used the Civil War as an opportunity to kill without repercussion. Jesse James, only 17 at the time, teamed up with Bloody Bill after he split from Quantrill’s band of killers. On September 24, 1864, their small splinter group terrorized and destroyed most of the town of Centralia, Missouri. They also ambushed a small troop of Union soldiers whose train happened to stop at Centralia. Twenty-five Northern soldiers were stripped and lined up while Anderson and Arch Clement proceeded to shoot each of them down in cold blood, sparing only the sergeant. A month later, Anderson paid for his crimes: He was caught by a full contingent of Union army troops in Missouri and killed in the ensuing battle. Jesse James was never brought to justice by the North for his war crimes and went on to become the 19th century’s most infamous criminal
    1864- The Union navy captured Fort Morgan, Alabama, breaking the Confederate dominance of the ports of the Gulf of Mexico. As the Union fleet of four ironclad and fourteen wooden ships sailed into the channel on August 5, one of the lead ships, the Tecumseh, hit a mine, at the time known as a "torpedo." In reply to the warning, "Torpedoes ahead!" given by the forward ships, commander Admiral David Farragut called out, "Damn the torpedoes!" and, taking the lead with his flagship the Hartford, sailed over the double row of mines and into Mobile Bay.
    1869-The first carload of freight (boots and shoes) arrives in San Francisco from Boston.
    1869 –Birthday of  Edgar Lee Masters,  Garnett, Kansas. Author of Spoon River Anthology, epitaphs spoken by about 250 persons buried in the graveyard of a village in the Middle West.
    1889-The first ship-to-shore wireless message received in US (San Francisco).
    1900-National Negro Business League was founded in Boston, MA by Booker T. Washington.  Four hundred delegates from34 states attended the founding conference, which promoted the growth of African-American-owned businesses. Washington was elected the fist president of the organization.
    1900 -- Folk singer Malvina Reynolds (Milder) born, San Francisco, California. She was refused her diploma by Lowell High School because her parents were opposed to US participation in World War I. Died 1978.
    1902 - Fannie Merrit Farmer opened her cooking school, Miss Farmer's School of Cookery, in Boston, MA. Ms. Farmer was the leading cooking authority of her day. Known as the ‘mother of measurements', she revolutionized food preparation throughout the world with her introduction of precise measurements -- the level teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, etc. And, in 1919, candy maker Frank O'Connor paid Fannie the ultimate compliment by naming his now famous company, Fanny Farmer Candy Shops.
    1906 - Thunderstorms deluged Kansas City, MO, with six inches of rain during the early morning, including nearly three inches in thirty minutes.
    1911 -- Ishi — last member of his stone-age tribe — discovered in California. The region is known as the Land of Ishi because this is where the last survivor of the Yahi Yana tribe, a man named Ishi, escaped from settlers who exterminated the rest of the Yahis. They had lived here for at least 3,000 years before being killed off, along with the elk they had hunted, another dreadful moment in the settling of the West.  There is controversy that Ishi was not a “pure bred” and therefore was not the last of his tribe, as taught in California schools to this day.
    1913-Birthday of band leader Bob Crosby.
    1917- -- Race Riot occurs in Houston, Texas, when the 24th Infantry seeks revenge on the city's white police after the brutal beating of two of the regiment's soldiers. After two hours of violence, 15 whites, including four policemen, are killed and 12 more injured. Four soldiers die. 118 soldiers are charged in connection with the riots and 19 executed, most in almost total secrecy, in one of the most infamous court-martials ever involving African-Americans
    1921 - Denver, CO, was drenched with 2.20 inches of rain in one hour, a record for that location.
    1927- Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were electrocuted at the Charleston, MA, prison.  Convicted of a shoe factory payroll robbery during which a guard had been killed, Sacco and Vanzetti maintained their innocence to the end. Six years of appeals marked this American cause celebre during which substantial evidence was presented to show that both men were elsewhere at the time of the crime.  however, on the 50th anniversary of their executive, Massachusetts governor Michael S. Dukakis proclaimed August 23, 1977, a memorial day, noting that the  1921 trial had been “permeated by prejudice.”   Dukais was to run for president with Lloyd Bentsen for vice-president in 1988, but to be defeated by George Bush and Sen. Dan Qualye in November, carrying only ten states. Some say it was his freeing of these gentlemen, among others, while pundits blame it on the “dirty trick” Texas campaign of the ridiculous picture of Dukais in an oversized helmet supposedly steering a tank. (others say he was a poor choice, and history shows he basically “disappeared” from the political scene after his loss.)
    1929-Birthday of drummer Danny Barcelona, Honolulu, HI.
    1936-Birthday of Rudy Lewis, one of the lead singers with the Drifters, Philadelphia, PA.
    1939- Glenn Miller completes 14 weeks at Glen Island Casino.  Air checks make it a phenomenal summer success and makes “the Miller sound” the hit of the country.
    1943 - "LIFE" magazine spotlighted a dance craze that was sweeping the U.S.A. -- the Lindy Hop. The Lindy was named after American aviation hero Charles A. Lindbergh; and began its entry into the American lifestyle in 1927. The Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York was really jumping when George ‘Shorty' Snowden, one of the Savoy's famous dancers, started doing twists, turns, jumps and twirls to the music of greats like Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald. Snowden told everyone he was doing the Lindy Hop. The jitterbug, swing or Lindy as it was called by white dancers became an integral part of Hollywood's golden era and was picked up by the youth of America during WWII, as exhibited on the "LIFE" cover.
    1943-Along the beaches at Cape Fear outside Camp Davis, A-24 planes flown by members of the Women Air Service Pilots are dragging training targets behind them. The targets are being shot at with live ammunition by men training to be part of anti-aircraft gun crews. Instructors are next to each man to pull a recruit's finger away who is too excited and shoots at the plane instead of the target. It happens often.    WASP Byrd Granger in On Final Approach, the History of the Women Air Service Pilots wrote:
   "Instructor Lt. Bruce Arnold, son of General Hap Arnold is... too late (as) he reaches to snatch a gunner's hand from the trigger. Dismayed he sees a 50mm round speed with deplorable accuracy toward the A-24, not the target. It will be a direct hit."
   WASP Mabel Rawlinson is piloting while in the rear cockpit is male instructor Lt. Roubillard who is checking her on night flying. Pilot Rowlinson immediately radios they have been hit. Granger writes: "The engine is rough, faltering. The landing pattern takes the plane, sputtering over the barracks where women pilots hear it. They run out of the barracks as the crippled plane coughs one last time, then plunges into the swampy wood at the north end of the runway. On impact it breaks in two and the front section blazes. Mabel struggles to release the hatch. She cannot open it.
   "Lt. Roubillard, emerging (almost unhurt) from the separated rear section, hears her screams as she burns to death. So do the women WASP pilots running towards the crash. It is 9:20 p.m. It is almost totally dark. And the crash will remain one of the closest guarded secrets of World War II. Roubillard says Rawlinson's flying ability saved his life.
   "... She might have survived if the A-24 cockpit latch had operated. But (the latch which she had written up to be fixed) was (considered too) minor a problem to have repair priority."
   To this day Rawlinson's death as a result of friendly fire is hardly acknowledged and there are many who claim no women were ever killed. Thirty-seven women died in the WASP program.
    1946 -- Humphrey Bogart movie "The Big Sleep" opens. Based on the novel by Raymond Chandler.
    1947 - Margaret Truman, daughter of U.S. President Harry S Truman, presented her first public concert. Margaret sang before 15,000 people at the Hollywood Bowl. The concert did not get great reviews. In fact, the critics didn't like Margaret's singing at all. And Margaret's dad didn't like the critics, and said so, from the White House.
    1950---Top Hits
Mona Lisa - Nat King Cole
I Wanna Be Loved - The Andrews Sisters
Play a Simple Melody - Bing Crosby
I'm Moving On - Hank Snow
    1953-Birthday of  saxophone player Bobby Watson, Lawrence, KS.
    1958---Top Hits
Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) - Domenico Modugno
Little Star - The Elegants
My True Love - Jack Scott
Alone with You - Faron Young
    1964 -- Beatles do Hollywood Bowl concert.
    1965 - The U.S. premiere of the motion picture "Help!", starring The Beatles, was held for thousands of moviegoers wanting to see the group's first color motion picture. Their first film, "A Hard Day's Night", had been produced in black and white.
    1966---Top Hits
Summer in the City - The Lovin' Spoonful
Sunny - Bobby Hebb
See You in September - The Happenings
Almost Persuaded - David Houston
    1968- Aretha Franklin's "Lady Soul" earns a gold LP while the Rascals' "People Got to Be Free" is awarded a gold 45.
    1969 - Mrs. Audrey McElmory of La Jolla, CA won the world cycling championship in Czechoslovakia.
    1969-"Honky Tonk Women" by The Rolling Stones hits #1 on the pop chart.
    1969- The Who's "I'm Free" peaks at #37 on the chart.
    1969- Crosby, Stills and Nash's "Marrakesh Express" peaks at #28 on the chart, while Chicago's "Questions 67 & 68" peaks at #71
    1969 - Johnny Cash's LP Johnny Cash At San Quentin hits #1
    1970 - U.S. swimmer Gary Hall broke three world records at the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) outdoor swimming meet, held in Los Angeles, CA.
    1972- Republican convention (Miami Beach, FL) re-nominates VP Agnew but not unanimous-1 vote went to NBC newsman David Brinkley).
    1974---Top Hits
The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace
(You're) Having My Baby - Paul Anka
Tell Me Something Good - Rufus
As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone - Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn
    1975- War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?" peaks at #6 on the pop chart.
    1975- Fleetwood Mac's self titled LP enters the charts. It's the band's first album with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.
    1975 - Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds' "Fallin' In Love" hits #1
    1980- AC/DC's "Black In Black" LP enters the charts. It's the band's first album with new lead singer Brian Johnson and also their most popular, selling over 10 million.
    1982---Top Hits
Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
Hurts So Good - John Cougar
Abracadabra - The Steve Miller Band
Nobody - Sylvia
    1984 - South Fork Ranch, the home of the fictitious Ewing clan of the CBS-TV show "Dallas", was sold. The ranch, a 200-acre spread near Dallas, was to be transformed from a tourist site into a hotel, according to the new owners.
    1986- Billy Joel's LP "The Bridge" enters the album charts. The album featured two top-10 hits, "Modern Woman" and "A Matter Of Trust."
    1987 - A cold front brought autumn-like weather to the Northern and Central Plains Region. Afternoon highs were in the 50s and 60s across parts of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska that just two days earlier were in the 90s or above 100 degrees. Thunderstorms produced locally heavy rain in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.
    1989 - Thunderstorms produced heavy rain with flash flooding in West Virginia. Pickens, WV, reported 4.80 inches of rain in 24 hours. Evening thunderstorms in Mississippi deluged Alta Woods with 4.25 inches of rain in less than an hour. Thunderstorms also produced heavy rain in southeastern Kentucky, and flooding was reported along Big Creek and along Stinking Creek. The Stinking Creek volunteer fire department reported water levels 12 to 14 feet above bankfull. Fort Worth TX hit the 100 degree mark for the first time all year. Strong winds ushering cool air into northwest Utah gusted to 70 mph, raising clouds of dust in the salt flats.
    1990---Top Hits
Vision of Love - Mariah Carey
Come Back to Me - Janet Jackson
If Wishes Came True - Sweet Sensation
Next to You, Next to Me - Shenandoah
    1990- Singer Billy Idol begins a tour in Montreal -- this just six months after almost losing his leg in a motorcycle accident
    1992-James A. Baker III, resigned as secretary of state and was appointed chief of  staff to President George Bush I.  In his new post Baker was to take over command of Bush's reelection campaign, which was seen as floundering.
    1994--Medal of Honor CAREY, ALVIN P.
Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, 38th Infantry, 2-t Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Plougastel, Brittany, France, 23 August 1944. Entered service at: Laughlinstown, Pa. Born: 16 August 1916, Lycippus, Pa. G.O. No.: 37, 11 May 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life, above and beyond the call of duty, on 23 August 1944. S/Sgt. Carey, leader of a machinegun section, was advancing with his company in the attack on the strongly held enemy hill 154, near Plougastel, Brittany, France. The advance was held up when the attacking units were pinned down by intense enemy machinegun fire from a pillbox 200 yards up the hill. From his position covering the right flank, S/Sgt. Carey displaced his guns to an advanced position and then, upon his own initiative, armed himself with as many hand grenades as he could carry and without regard for his personal safety started alone up the hill toward the pillbox. Crawling forward under its withering fire, he proceeded 150 yards when he met a German rifleman whom he killed with his carbine. Continuing his steady forward movement until he reached grenade-throwing distance, he hurled his grenades at the pillbox opening in the face of intense enemy fire which wounded him mortally. Undaunted, he gathered his strength and continued his grenade attack until one entered and exploded within the pillbox, killing the occupants and putting their guns out of action. Inspired by S/Sgt. Carey’s heroic act, the riflemen quickly occupied the position and overpowered the remaining enemy resistance in the vicinity.
    1996-Restrictions intended to discourage smoking by young people were announced by President Clinton.  The new rules banned vending machines in many locations; prohibited brand-name sponsorship of sporting events; and out-lawed advertising billboards located within 1000 ft of schools.
    1998 -Barry Bonds becomes the first player in major league history to hit 400 home runs and steal at least 400 bases (438). The Giant slugger reached the unmatched plateau with his 26th homer of the year against Marlin southpaw Kirt Ojala in a 10-5 San Francisco victory.
    1998- With his 50th and 51st dingers, Cubs' slugger Sammy Sosa joins Mark McGwire (53) of the Cardinals in hitting 50 home runs making it only the second time two National League hitters have reach the plateau in the same season. Pirates outfielder Ralph Kiner and Giants first baseman Johnny Mize each hit a league-leading 51 round trippers in 1947.
   1999 --Joining Babe Ruth and Mark McGwire, Mariner outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. becomes the third player in major league history to hit 200 homers in a four-season span. Junior's 39th helps Seattle beat the Indians, 4-1.




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