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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

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   Hawaii/Lease Blind Discounts/Paul Menzel/Balboa/ELFA
Pacific Mercantile Bank
  Added to Funder List
July, 2018 - The List
  "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
CLFP Foundation Adds 40 New CLFPs.
   Total Membership Now 615
QuickBridge Sponsors Third Three-Day Internship Program
   for CSU Fullerton Guardian Scholars
Cattle Dog
Pearce, Arizona  Adopt-a-Dog
15 Stellar Breakout Sessions  57th ELFA Annual Convention
  October 14 -16th, JW Marriott, Phoenix, Arizona
News Briefs---
US consumer confidence rises to 18-year high
  index rose to 133.4 in August, up from a reading 127.9 in July
Where is the US housing market headed?
   4 things you need to know
Tariffs are slamming newspapers with higher costs.
    Publishers want a reprieve

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Letters?  We get email!
Hawaii/Lease Blind Discounts/Paul Menzel/Balboa/ELFA

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Koloa, Hawaii

From Don Myerson, BSB Leasing

"Good news is that Hurricane Lane passed by Kauai without causing any significant damage.

"The Grand Hyatt is still standing!"



Lease Blind Discounts
By Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor

Questions for Tom regarding blind discount and gross profit deferral:

   "The vehicle finance business from the manufacturers is still quoting zero interest.  How does he reconcile his comments regarding illegality to this ongoing practice?
    Banks are advertising interest rates below 1%.  Even at these very low COF, there must be some quid pro quo rom the dealer.  Am I mistaken?
    Accepting that I am far removed from active involvement in the industry, but having direct experience with captives, and accepting his conclusion that they are illegal, what is his view regarding the continuing viability of captives in a state like California in this context?"

Ralph Mango

(1.  As long as it is a dealer incentive and disclosed it is not illegal
(2.  I bought a car at 2%. Cost of funds for the equipment financer must be below that
(3.  As long as any discount is disclosed to the borrower it is not illegal
(The whole point of the article is that the blind discount is not illegal if disclosed giving sight to the borrower.)

Tom McCurnin
Sent from my iPad


(4) August 20, 2008
Paul Menzel, CLP, says “Goodbye”

(Remarking on story being the 4th most read that week)

"Ha. With that headline you tricked them into thinking it was a retirement announcement."

Paul Menzel, CLFP

"THIS IS A FLAWED ILLUSTRATION … there needs to be at least one ‘$ sign’ included."

Name With Held


Jury Disbelieves Testimony of Balboa’s Employees
Slams Lessor on Million Dollar Action
By Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor

"Great article today in LN

"Appreciate the insight and laying out the story in a manner that a high school senior can understand :)

"Keep up the great work for our industry.

"Thank you."

Darren Gardner, CLFP


"First thing I did after getting my cup of Joe, I read Tom McCurnin’s article. Unbelievable stuff. Bad for an industry not many trust.

"All the best,"

Herschel Salan


"It’s been a long time coming that creative sales and business people feel the authority of the Courts applied to business practices.  Of course, they have the right to appeal, but only on matters of law, the facts are established at trial and the purpose of an appeal is to state that the lower court incorrectly applied the law. But based upon the trial results as reported, clearly the facts are well established and the jury also took into consideration the credibility of all the witnesses involved and found the Balboa witnesses to have zero credibility, as evidenced by the 7-0 verdict.  I’ve tried to say for a long time that salespeople and business people in general do not operate in a vacuum and cannot think that they will never be held accountable for their misrepresentations, fraud, deceit, actions and inactions.  I applaud the verdict, but as stated, it’s not final until all appeal periods have expired."

Joseph G. Bonanno, Esq.

(My reply—
(“Findings of fact by the jury, especially credibility of witnesses, are rarely overturned on appeal.”)


ELFA Reports Positive Growth for June
Looks for Business to Keep Improving

ELFA Reports 7% Y/Y Decline in June NBV, Notes 4% YTD Increase
According to the ELFA, overall new business volume for June was $9.1 billion, down 7% year-over-year from new business volume in June 2017. Volume was up 18% month-to-month from $7.7 billion in May. Year to date, cumulative new business volume was up 4% compared to 2017.  Reuters from ELFA Press Release.

"These two headlines reminded me of the power of the media and how headlines can dictate perception."

Hugh Swandel

(ELFA does year-to-year, I do month-to-month, the old retailers’ method of beat yesterday sales...Retailers would compare months. I also do quarter reports as they are more accurate than comparing one month to another.

(But you are right, quite a difference in the reporting of the actual numbers. Editor).





Added to Funder List

In Business Since 
Leasing Association
Products Offered
Pacific Mercantile Bank
Costa Mesa, California
Robert Selway
VP-Senior Relationship Mgr.
(click for more info
San Diego to Santa Barbara
$250,000 to $25 Million

A -Accepts Broker Business | B -Requires Broker be Licensed
| C -Sub-Broker Program | D -"Private label Program" | E - Also "in house" salesmen

Full Funder List:   




July, 2018 - The List
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"


Amur Finance Company, Grand Island, Nebraska (07/18) Changes at Amur Financial Group, Co-President/Chief Commercial Officer Gone

DataMerch, LLC, Tampa, Florida (07/18) Merchant Advance, Factor, Leasing, Loans Merchant Database, Protecting Funders Since 2015

2018 Six Month Leasing/Finance Association Membership (07/18)

Element Fleet Management Corp., Toronto, Ontario (07/18) Dan Jauernig to Retire from Element Fleet Management, "Says it is the right time"

Menzel on Bob Fisher July 18, 2000 Capital Stream (07/18)

First American Equipment Finance, Fairport, New York (07/108) Fortune Magazine #9 Best to Work in New York

Ascentium Capital, Kingwood, Texas (07/18) Achieves Highest Origination Quarter in Its History With $326.5 Million in Funded Volume

ZRG Partners, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (07/18) Expands Financial Services/Technology Abilities with the Formation of Blockchain Practice

Ascentium Capital, Balboa Capital, Univest (07/18) Final Approval of Multi-Million Dollar Class Action Settlement

Bank of the West Leasing, Dublin, California (07/18) Moving to Tempe, Arizona.



##### Press Release ############################

The Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP) Foundation is pleased to announce that 40 individuals who sat through the 8-hour online CLFP exam during the months of July and August, have successfully passed.  They are:


April Beamenderfer, CLFP

Leasing Specialist Manger
BB&T Commercial Equipment Capital Corp.

Chad Boivin, CLFP Associate
Senior Lease Accountant
Beacon Funding Corporation

Tearinea Briscoe, CLFP
Supervisor, Managed Print
Canon Financial Services, Inc.

Chang Cho, CLFP
Senior Vice President
Regional Credit Officer
The Huntington National Bank

Judith Cummings, CLFP
Sales Coordinator-Staff Officer
The Huntington National Bank

Kris Dragoo, CLFP
Senior Credit Officer
Partners Capital Group, Inc.

Joseph Franco, CLFP
Account Executive,
Cloud Lending Solutions, Inc.

John Freeman, CLFP
Vice President, Senior Commercial Credit Officer III
BB&T Commercial Equipment Capital Corp.

Melissa Hanson, CLFP
Associate Manager
Financing Services, Stryker

Christopher Hepler, CLFP
Region Vice President, Truck & Equipment Group
Element Financial Corporation

Sara Hobbs, CLFP
Manager of Broker Development
JB&B Capital, LLC

Steven Holben, CLFP
Finance Manager
ENGS Commercial Finance Co.

James Jankowski, CLFP
Risk Manager
UniFi Equipment Finance, Inc.

Jerry P. Jarnagan, CLFP
Leasing Strategy Program Manager
Xerox Corporation

Kirsten Kleven, CLFP
Associate Financial Analyst
BMO Harris Equipment Finance Company

Christy Kusilek, CLFP
Solution Architect
Tamarack Consulting, Inc.

Samantha Lardi, CLFP Associate
Business Analyst
Client Services, Odessa

Shawn Lowe, CLFP
Vice President
BancorpSouth Equipment Finance

Rene Macfarlane, CLFP
Equipment Leasing Analyst
BMO Harris Equipment Finance Company

Aaron Massie, CLFP Associate
General Counsel
Beacon Funding Corporation

Michael Matar, CLFP
Relationship Manager
BMO Harris Equipment Finance Company

Catherine McDonald, CLFP
Documentation Manager
IEMFS, Ltd. dba GSG Financial

Kathy McGrath, CLFP
Compliance Filing Manager
Great American Insurance

Michael McKeever, CLFP
Vice President
First American Equipment Finance

Lisa Mediare, CLFP
Asset Manager
The Huntington National Bank

Heather Miller, CLFP
Assistance Vice President
Portfolio Manager
The Huntington National Bank

Mark Molenkamp, CLFP
Senior Manager
Financial Operations, Stryker

Jeffrey Ostholthoff, CLFP
Assistant Vice President
Commercial Portfolio Manager
The Huntington National Bank

Danielle Patti, CLFP
Director of Operations
UniFi Equipment Finance, Inc.

Mark Rader, CLFP
Sr. Applications Engineer
Canon Financial Services, Inc.

Kyle Rafferty, CLFP
Portfolio Manager
The Huntington National Bank

Michael Renfro, CLFP
Senior Account Manager
Great American Insurance

Delroy Stauffer, CLFP Associate
Business Development Associate

Ian Steidel, CLFP
Senior Underwrite
Great American Insurance

Jeffrey Teucke, CLFP
Senior Vice President
UniFi Equipment Finance, Inc.

Blake Tollefsen, CLFP
Product Specialist
Great American Insurance

Christine Williams, CLFP
Partner – BFS Transformation Services
Global Asset Finance Consulting Leader, Genpact, LLC

Wilbert (Tony) Williams Jr., CLFP
Risk Manager
The Huntington National Bank

Clint Williamson, CLFP
Senior Account Manager
Summit Funding Group, Inc.

Laura Witow, CLFP
Executive Assistant
Madison Capital, LLC

Christopher Hepler, CLFP, Region Vice President, Truck & Equipment Group, Element Financial Corporation, attended the Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals in Philadelphia, PA which was hosted by Odessa. He reports:

 “The Certified Lease & Finance Professional’s Manual was recommended to me as a means to continue learning and further expand knowledge.  I studied the CLFP Manual, (highly recommend it no matter of your experience) and decided to attend the Academy for Lease & Finance Professional’s. 

“Sitting for the CLFP exam to test and certify my knowledge made sense to me.  All this to maximize my expertise and knowledge to better serve my Clients and the Industry. 

“Along the way, met some terrific Leasing and Finance Colleagues!”

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the equipment finance industry.  For more information, call Executive Director Reid Raykovich, CLFP at (206) 535-6281 or visit

### Press Release ############################


### Press Release ############################

QuickBridge Sponsors Third Three-Day Internship Program
for CSU Fullerton Guardian Scholars

IRVINE, Calif.---QuickBridge, a privately-held, leading financial services firm offering working capital to small businesses nationwide, partnered with California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) and non-profit OC United to sponsor its third three-day internship program for CSUF Guardian Scholars. Three CSUF students were selected for 24 hours of onsite job experience at QuickBridge’s office headquarters. Upon completion, each student was awarded a $1,000 scholarship and an ongoing mentorship opportunity with a QuickBridge team member.

The Guardian Scholar interns gained real-world business experience through:

  • Job-shadowing marketing, human resources, and accounting mentors
  • Learning what experience and education is needed for jobs in human resources, marketing, credit, accounting, IT, sales, and operations
  • Taking skills tests, attending hands-on resume workshops, and engaging in mock job interview sessions
  • Enjoying offsite networking opportunities with QuickBridge team members and managers

Selection requirements for the intern positions included being a CSUF Guardian Scholar in good standing and submitting an essay on why they wanted to participate in an internship with QuickBridge.

The goal of the program is to help the chosen interns hone their educational, business, and interpersonal skills. According to one of the interns, “the program served as an investment in my college experience. I was in foster care and am a first-generation college student. This opportunity was a blessing and helps pave the way for my academic journey.” Another participant remarked, “the internship expanded what I’ve already learned, and has guided me in the right direction.” An intern who has entrepreneurial aspirations said, “Overall this was a great opportunity to develop the professional skills I will need for my future business.”

Marysol Mendoza, Foster Youth and Guardian Scholar Specialist at CSUF, said, “Collaborating with businesses like QuickBridge who offer these mentorship opportunities is paramount to the success of our Guardian Scholars program.

 “We’re committed to supporting current and former foster youth exiting the foster care system. The QuickBridge internship program contributes to the quality and depth of the student’s university experience.”

President Ben Gold said the company’s third internship program continued to reinforce QuickBridge’s corporate commitment to the OC United / CSUF Guardian Scholars program.

“Once again, our team was thoroughly inspired by the students’ commitment and engagement in our program,” Gold said. “Each time we can meet and work with these amazing young individuals, we walk away feeling like we’ve learned more from them than they have from us. Their commitment to education and achievement – despite the adversity they have faced – ensures they will find future success. We are thrilled to have been a small part of their journey.”

For more information on QuickBridge, visit

About QuickBridge

Founded in 2011, Quick Bridge Funding LLC (stylized as QuickBridge) is a privately-held financial services firm headquartered in Irvine, California with a satellite office in New York City. QuickBridge provides small business loans and short-term working capital loans for small to mid-sized businesses nationwide. QuickBridge ranked two consecutive years on the Inc. 500 list and is a previous Business Intelligence Group and Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) award winner. Visit

Products offered by Quick Bridge Funding, LLC and affiliates are business loans only. The products are provided by third parties and subject to lender approval. Loans to customers in California are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law License. License number: 603 J292.

#### Press Release #############################


Cattle Dog
Pearce, Arizona  Adopt-a-Dog

5 Years Old
Vaccinations up to date
Good in a Home with
other dogs, children, other animals, horses,
cows, chickens
Adoption Fee: $200

"All dogs are located in foster homes in Southern Arizona. Please contact Carrie to arrange meet and greets. Carrie will arrange a time convenient for both of you, or we can meet you in Tucson on Saturdays. Carrie can be reached at , or 602-316-8919 No texts please.

"Elaine is a very sweet 5 year old girl that was picked up as a stray by Pima Animal Control She then went to another rescue which suffered extreme storm damage and we were asked to help Elaine.

"Elaine is a cattle dog, she is an unusual color. Elaine is a bit independent, she loves her people, but she is not overly needy. Elaine could easily be an apartment dog. She is wonderful in the home and has nice manners..

"Elaine gets along with other dogs. She does not really interact with them and if there is a commotion, she heads the other direction."

Fedwell Farm Rescue, Inc.
Pearce, Arizona
(602) 316-8919


Adopt a Pet



15 Stellar Breakout Sessions  57th ELFA Annual Convention
October 14 -16th, JW Marriott, Phoenix, Arizona

The 57th ELFA Annual Convention, Oct. 14-16 at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge in Phoenix, Arizona, is closer than you think. Don’t miss your peer selected breakout sessions on Monday, Oct. 15 and Tuesday, Oct. 16.

 To view this year’s breakout sessions and to register now, go to

As the largest annual gathering of equipment leasing and finance professionals, it’s your best opportunity to see longtime colleagues, meet new ones, gather important information for your business and just have fun!


News Briefs----

US consumer confidence rises to 18-year high
index rose to 133.4 in August, up from a reading 127.9 in July 

Where is the US housing market headed?
   4 things you need to know

Tariffs are slamming newspapers with higher costs.
    Publishers want a reprieve 



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Trump’s economic adviser: ‘We’re taking a look’
  at whether Google searches should be regulated



Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Watching baseball, sitting in the sun, eating popcorn,
reading Ezra Pound,
and wishing that Juan Marichal would hit a hole right through the
Anglo-Saxon tradition in the first Canto
and demolish the barbarian invaders.
When the San Francisco Giants take the field
and everybody stands up for the National Anthem,
with some Irish tenor's voice piped over the loudspeakers,
with all the players struck dead in their places
and the white umpires like Irish cops in their black suits and little
black caps pressed over their hearts,
Standing straight and still like at some funeral of a blarney bartender,
and all facing east,
as if expecting some Great White Hope or the Founding Fathers to
appear on the horizon like 1066 or 1776.

But Willie Mays appears instead,
in the bottom of the first, and a roar goes up as he clouts the first one into the sun and takes off, like a foot runner from Thebes.
The ball is lost in the sun and maidens wail after him
as he keeps running through the Anglo-Saxon epic.
And Tito Fuentes comes up looking like a bullfighter
in his tight pants and small pointy shoes.
And the right field bleachers go mad with Chicanos and blacks and Brooklyn beer-drinkers,
"Tito! Sock it to him, sweet Tito!"
And sweet Tito puts his foot in the bucket
and smacks one that don't come back at all,
and flees around the bases like he's escaping from the United Fruit Company.
As the gringo dollar beats out the pound.
And sweet Tito beats it out like he's beating out sury,
not to mention fascism and anti-Semitism.
And Juan Marichal comes up, and the Chicano bleachers go loco again, as Juan belts the first ball out of sight, and rounds first and keeps going
and rounds second and rounds third,
and keeps going and hits pay dirt
to the roars of the grungy populace.
As some nut presses the backstage panic button
for the tape-recorded National Anthem again,
to save the situation.

But it don't stop nobody this time,
in their revolution round the loaded white bases,
in this last of the great Anglo-Saxon epics,
in the territorial libre of Baseball.



Sports Briefs---

NFL's worst position groups by team:
  Cowboys look woeful at wide receiver, tight end

Forget about the coach or star quarterback.
   Does your NFL team's owner make the grade?


California Nuts Briefs---

Jerry Brown signs bill eliminating money bail in California



“Gimme that Wine”

Napa Valley’s Stony Hill Vineyard sells to Long Meadow Ranch

Top 10 U.S. Wine Distributors

Champagne makers celebrating their best harvest in a decade

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


This Day in History

    1708 - Haverhill, Mass., was destroyed by French and Indians.
    1758 - New Jersey Legislature formed the first Indian reservation at, oddly enough, Indian Mills, NJ…that’s right, New Jersey!!
    1776 - General George Washington retreated during the night from Long Island to New York City, withdrawing from Manhattan to Westchester.
    1786 - Shays’ Rebellion: Daniel Shays, veteran of the battles of Lexington, Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga and Saratoga, was one of the leaders of more than 1,000 rebels who sought redress of grievances during the depres­sion days of 1786—87. He began organizing his followers with speeches this day. They prevented general court sessions and on Sept 26, they prevented Supreme Court sessions at Spring­field, MA. On Jan 25, 1787, with 1100 men, they attacked the federal arsenal at Springfield; Feb 2, Shays’ troops were routed and fled. Shays was sentenced to death but pardoned June 13, 1788.  The uprising had been caused by the harsh economic conditions faced by Massachusetts farmers, who sought reforms and the issuance of paper money.  Shays later received a small pension for services in the American Revolution.
    1809 - Birthday of Oliver Wendell Holmes (d. 1894), physician and author, father of Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, at Cambridge, MA.   “A moment’s insight,” he wrote, “is sometimes worth a life’s experience.”
    1811 – Birthday of Henry Bergh (d. 1888), founder of the ASPCA, in NYC.  He was President Lincoln’s ambassador to Russia when the severe climate forced him home.  On returning to the United States, Bergh resolved to work on behalf of animal welfare. Alone, in the face of indifference, opposition, and ridicule, he began working as a speaker and lecturer, but most of all in the street and the courtroom, and before the legislature. The legislature passed the laws prepared by him, and on 10 April 1866, the ASPCA was legally organized, with Bergh as president. 
    1815 - Anna Ella Carroll’s (d. 1894) birthday, near Pokomoke City, MD.  Writer and publicist for Union causes during the Civil War. She is best known for her pamphlet which outlined the proposition that the Southern states would resume their original places in the United States once the rebellion of the Civil War was over, precisely the course adopted by Abraham Lincoln in superseding Congress in the conduct of the war. She is credited with the plan to invade the South along the Tennessee River. Her tombstone reads "Maryland's Most Distinguished Lady." However, she died financially poor and anonymous in 1894.

    1817 - The first “abolition” newspaper was “The Philanthropist,” published and edited by Charles Osborn, which appeared in Mount Pleasant, OH. It published “An Appeal to Philanthropists” by Benjamin Lundy, which is said by some to be the most powerful abolition appeal ever made.
    1831 – Michael Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction.  Although Faraday received little formal education, he was one of the most influential scientists in history. It was by his research on the magnetic field around a conductor carrying a direct current that Faraday established the basis for the concept of the electromagnetic field in physics. Faraday also established that magnetism could affect rays of light and that there was an underlying relationship between the two phenomena.  It was largely due to his efforts that electricity became practical for use in technology.  As a chemist, Faraday discovered benzene, investigated chlorine, invented an early form of the Bunsen burner and the system of oxidation numbers, and popularized terminology such as anode, cathode, electrode, and ion.
    1839 - In January, 53 Africans were seized near modern-day Sierra Leone, taken to Cuba and sold as slaves. While being transferred to another part of the island on the ship Amistad, led by the African, Cinque, they seized control of the ship, telling the crew to take them back to Africa. However, the crew secretly changed course and the ship landed at Long Island, NY, where it and its ‘cargo’ were seized as salvage this day. The Amistad was towed to New Haven, CT where the Africans were imprisoned and a lengthy legal battle began to determine if they were property to be returned to Cuba or free men. John Quincy Adams took their case all the way to the Supreme Court, where on Mar 9, 1841, it was determined that they were free and could return to Africa.
    1852 - The Latter Day Saints first published their doctrine of "celestial marriage," popularly known as polygamy. The Mormon Church maintained this teaching until the Manifest of 1890 (and later Congressional legislation) outlawed the practice.
    1861 - The first Confederate forts to surrender in the Civil War were Fort Clark and Fort Hatteras on Hatteras Island, NC, guarding Pamlico Sound. They surrendered to Flag Officer Silas H. Stringham and General Benjamin Franklin Butler, who had captured the garrison with 715 men, 31 heavy guns, and 1,000 stands of arms.
    1862 - (29th-30th) At the second Battle of Bull Run, the maneuvers of General Stonewall Jackson and his teamwork with General Robert E. Lee were too much for the 45,000 Union troops under General John Pope, who broke and retreated to Washington, DC. Union losses were 1724 killed, 8372 wounded, 5958 missing. Confederate losses stood at 1481 killed, 7627 wounded, 89 missing.
    1869 – The Mount Washington Cog Railway opens in New Hampshire, making it the world's first rack railway.  The railway is still in operation, climbing Mt. Washington.
    1896 - History records chop suey was concocted in New York City by the chef of Chinese Ambassador Li Hung-Chang, who devised the dish to appeal to both American and Asian tastes. Chop suey was unknown in China at the time.
    1898 – The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was founded.
    1904 - Third modern Olympic Games open in St Louis.  These Games were originally scheduled for Chicago. However, President Theodore Roosevelt intervened on behalf of St. Louis so that the Games would be in conjunction with the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition. Again the Games were upstaged, this time by the St. Louis World’s Fair, and critics believed this would kill the fourth Olympics from taking place. The marathon included the first two Africans to compete in the Olympics – two Zulu tribesman named Lentauw (real name: Len Taunyane) and Yamasani (real name: Jan Mashiani). They wore bibs 35 and 36, respectively. 
The only problem was that these two tribesmen were not in town to compete in the Olympics – they were actually the sideshow! Yes, they were imported by the exposition as part of the Boer War exhibit (both were really students at Orange Free State in South Africa, but no one wanted to believe that these tribesmen could actually be educated – it would have ruined the whole image).  Lentauw finished ninth and Yamasani came in twelfth. This was a disappointment, as many observers were sure Lentauw could have done better – that is if he had not been chased nearly a mile off course by a large, aggressive canine! 
The marathon was over, but there is still one more little story to go along with this:  It seems that two of the patrolling officials driving in a brand-new automobile were forced to swerve to avoid hitting one of the runners – they ended up going down an embankment and were severely injured. 
In the end, the St. Louis Olympics (along with the previous Paris games) proved to be such a disaster that the Olympic Committee was forced to hold interim Olympic Games in 1906 at Athens, in an attempt to revive the flagging Olympic movement. These games were not numbered, but were attended by twenty countries and put the Olympics back on a steady course to success.   An interesting useless side note: Iced tea made its debut at the 1904 Exposition. It seems that it was so hot during the Expo that the staff at the Far East Tea House couldn’t even give away their product. 
    1911 – Ishi, considered the last Native American to make contact with European Americans, emerges from the wilderness of northeastern California…and he had no statement on the name of Washington’s NFL team!!
    1915 – The US Navy raises F-4, the first U.S. submarine sunk in an accident.
    1915 – Birthday of actress Ingrid Bergman (d. 1982) at Stockholm, Sweden.  She won three Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes, and the Tony Award for Best Actress. She is ranked as the fourth greatest female star of American cinema of all time by the American Film Institute. She is best remembered for her roles as Ilsa Lund in “Casablanca” (1942), co-starring Humphrey Bogart, and as Alicia Huberman in “Notorious” (1946), an Alfred Hitchcock thriller co-starring Cary Grant. 
    1916 – US passes the Philippine Autonomy Act.
    1917 – Weezie’s birthday:  Actress Isabel Sanford (d. 2009) was born in Harlem, NYC.  Lead role in “The Jeffersons,” in 1981, she became the first African-American actress to win a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. 
    1920 - Birthday of Charlie Parker (d. 1955), Kansas City, MO.  Clint Eastwood made a movie about his life. Known as “The Bird,” he and Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet player extraordinaire and great showman, are credited with “inventing” the style “Be-Bop.” Definitely way ahead of his time, and quite melodic (his record albums with strings from 1947 to 1952 produced by Norman Granz are jazz classics). There is controversy on how he got his name. Some say it was from sitting in the backyard of “speakeasies” in Kansas City, Kansas, where he was raised, fingering his alto sax. Others say it was his love of chicken. He was addicted to Heroin, as many of the “Be-Bop” players were. The movie “The Man with the Golden Arm” was a take-off of his life, not Chet Baker, according to the writer of the movie.  He was taken to Camarillo for the Insane, where he kicked the habit, for a short time. The club Birdland in Manhattan was named after him. It is told one of his ideas to make the club more profitable was to have a Country and Western band come and play during the breaks. Parker was a profound influence upon Miles Davis, who started playing with his band at the age of 17.
    1921 – Birthday of Wendell Scott (d. 1990), at Danville, VA.  Auto racer and the first black stock-car driver.  He is the only black driver to win a race in what is now the Sprint Cup Series. NASCAR champion 12-1-63: won race but because of racial tensions did not receive honor until Jan. 1964 when NASCAR officials admitted the flagman’s intentional error.  The film “Greased Lightning,” starring Richard Pryor as Scott, was loosely based on Scott's biography. 
    1922 - New Orleans Rhythm Kings cut first records for Gennett.
    1922 –The first radio advertisement is aired on WEAF-AM in NYC
    1924 – Birthday of singer Dinah Washington (d. 1963), born Ruth Lee Jones, Detroit, Michigan.  Her hits include:  “What A Diff’rence a Day Makes,” “It Could Happen to You,” “Our Love is Here to Stay,” “For All We Know,” “Baby [You’ve Got What It Takes],” “A Rockin’ Good Way [To Mess Around and Fall in Love],” “Baby Get Lost,” “This Bitter Earth;” w/Lionel Hampton band [1943-46].
    1936 – Incumbent Arizona Senator John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, where his father was stationed.  At the time, the Canal was under US control.  McCain graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1958 and began his naval career at Pensacola where he began his aviation training.  On a mission during the Vietnam War, he was captured on October 26, 1967 when his plane was shot down by a missile over Hanoi.   McCain fractured both arms and a leg ejecting from the aircraft, and nearly drowned when he parachuted into a lake.   Some North Vietnamese pulled him ashore, then others crushed his shoulder with a rifle butt and bayoneted him. Although McCain was badly wounded, his captors refused to treat his injuries, beating and interrogating him to get information; he was given medical care only when the North Vietnamese discovered that his father was a top admiral.  He was released on March 14, 1973.  After retiring in 1981, he began his political career by running and winning a seat in Congress from Arizona’s First District.  Upon being skewered in the press for being a carpetbagger, McCain responded, “…Listen, pal. I spent 22 years in the Navy. My father was in the Navy. My grandfather was in the Navy. We in the military service tend to move a lot. We have to live in all parts of the country, all parts of the world. I wish I could have had the luxury, like you, of growing up and living and spending my entire life in a nice place like the First District of Arizona, but I was doing other things. As a matter of fact, when I think about it now, the place I lived longest in my life was Hanoi.”  His Senate career began in 1987 where he has been a leader and he has run for President twice.
    1938 – Elliott Gould’s birthday in Brooklyn, NY.  Aside from becoming Barbra Streisand’s first husband, Gould has had a decent career in movies.  Among them:  “M*A*S*H,” “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice,” “Oceans 12,” “Oceans 13.”
    1939 - A typical day at the Graham dairy farm in Georgetown, North Carolina.
    1940 – Former Reagan Press Secretary James Brady (d. 2014) was born in Centralia, IL.  Brady was wounded severely in the 1981 assassination attempt on President Reagan in Washington, DC, suffering permanent brain damage.  The resulting gun legislation bears his name as the Brady Bill.
    1943 – Blood, Sweat, and Tears pianist Dick Halligan born, Troy, NY.
    1944 - For the sake of diplomacy, Paris was liberated on August 25, when the German commander General Dietrich von Choltiz surrendered to French General Jacques-Phillipe Leclerc. 15,000 American troops taking part in the liberation marched down Champs Elysees.
    1944 - McVElGH, JOHN J., Medal of Honor.
Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company H, 23d Infantry, 2d Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Brest, France, 29 August 1944. Entered service at: Philadelphia, Pa. Birth: Philadelphia, Pa. G.O. No.: 24, 6 April 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty near Brest, France, on 29 August 1944. Shortly after dusk an enemy counterattack of platoon strength was launched against 1 platoon of Company G, 23d Infantry. Since the Company G platoon was not dug in and had just begun to assume defensive positions along a hedge, part of the line sagged momentarily under heavy fire from small arms and 2 flak guns, leaving a section of heavy machineguns holding a wide frontage without rifle protection. The enemy drive moved so swiftly that German riflemen were soon almost on top of 1 machinegun position. Sgt. McVeigh, heedless of a tremendous amount of small arms and flak fire directed toward him, stood up in full view of the enemy and directed the fire of his squad on the attacking Germans until his position was almost overrun. He then drew his trench knife. and single-handed charged several of the enemy. In a savage hand-to-hand struggle, Sgt. McVeigh killed 1 German with the knife, his only weapon, and was advancing on 3 more of the enemy when he was shot down and killed with small arms fire at pointblank range. Sgt. McVeigh's heroic act allowed the 2 remaining men in his squad to concentrate their machinegun fire on the attacking enemy and then turn their weapons on the 3 Germans in the road, killing all 3. Fire from this machinegun and the other gun of the section was almost entirely responsible for stopping this enemy assault, and allowed the rifle platoon to which it was attached time to reorganize, assume positions on and hold the high ground gained during the day.
    1945 - Wyomia Tyus’ birthday, Griffin, GA.  U.S. sprinter who was the first person to win Olympic gold medals in back-to-back competitions: the 100m dash in 1964 and in 1968, setting a new world's record the second time.
    1946 – One of the battleships damaged at Pearl Harbor, USS Nevada, was decommissioned by the US Navy.
    1948 - In St. Louis, Jackie Robinson hits for the cycle, drives in two runs, scores three times and steals a base helping the Dodgers to beat the Cardinals, 12-7.
    1953 - Birthday of American composer William Copper, Lyndhurst, Virginia.
    1954 - Birthday of Flora “Flo” Hyman (d. 1985), volleyball player, born at Inglewood, CA. Hyman stood 6’5” and was regarded as the best player in the US, starring on the 1984 Olympic team that won the silver medal. She suffered from Morfan’s syndrome, a hidden congenital aorta disorder.
    1954 - San Francisco International Airport (SFO) opens. It has been continually “under construction” since this date. San Francisco has had at least three airports within the city limits during the twentieth century. Crissy Field at the Presidio dates from World War I, the Marina Flying Field from 1915, and the late 1930s saw development of the Seaplane Harbor at Treasure Island. Ingleside racetrack was also used for aviation purposes in the early part of the twentieth century. Commercial and general aviation ultimately moved to Mills Field in San Mateo County in the 1930s, which originally was temporary as the originally international airport was to be built on Treasure Island.  Crissy Field at the Presidio was the last airport within the city, and ended limited operations in the 1980s.
    1956 - Top Hits
“My Prayer” - The Platters
“Hound Dog/Don’t Be Cruel” - Elvis Presley
“Allegheny Moon” - Patti Page
“I Walk the Line” - Johnny Cash
    1958 - Air Force Academy moved from Denver to its present site in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
    1958 – Birthday of singer/dancer Michael (Joe) Jackson (d. 2009), the ‘King of Pop’, Gary, Indiana.  Joined the family act, The Jackson Five, in 1964 and started his solo career in 1971.  “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save,” “ I’ll Be There,” solo: Ben; Grammy Award: Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough [1979]; 5 Grammy Awards in 1983: “Thriller,” ”Billie Jean,” “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial;” 2 in 1984: ”Beat It”; another in 1985 [w/Lionel Richie]: “We are the World”); 1989 Best Music Video/Short Form Grammy: “Leave Me Alone”; “The Legend,” Award Grammy; “The Girl is Mine”, “Stay, Stay, Stay” [w/Paul McCartney], “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” [w/Siedah Garrett], Rock with You, Bad, Smooth Criminal, Ease on Down the Road [w/Diana Ross - from Broadway’s The Wiz]; Captain Eo in Epcot Center’s multimedia show; married and divorced Lisa Marie Presley; inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Mar 19, 2001.  Died from an overdose after cardiac arrest in June 25, 2009.
    1958 - Alan Freed's "Big Beat Show" opens at the Fox Theatre in Brooklyn. The usual venue, The Paramount, is vacated because management didn't like the fact there was a riot after Freed's Boston concert. The opener in Brooklyn brought in $200,000 and those performing included Frankie Avalon, Jimmy Clanton, Bobby Freeman, the Elegants, Bill Haley & the Comets and Chuck Berry.
    1958 - John Lennon and Paul McCartney of a Liverpool band called the Quarrymen, welcome George Harrison to the group.
    1959 - Horace Silver Quintet records “Blowin’ the Blues Away.”
    1960 - Birthday of American composer William Susman, Chicago, IL.
    1962 - Malvin Russell “Mel” Goode of Pittsburgh, PA, became the first African-American to be a television news commentator when he was assigned by WABC-TV to the United Nations staff, New York City.
    1962 - Elvis' tenth movie, “Kid Galahad,” opens in US theaters, featuring the King as an amateur boxer. Charles Bronson also stars.
    1962 - Hackberry, LA, was deluged with twenty-two inches of rain in 24 hours, establishing a state record.
    1964 - Top Hits
“Where Did Our Love Go” - The Supremes
“The House of the Rising Sun” - The Animals
“C’mon and Swim” - Bobby Freeman
“I Guess I’m Crazy” - Jim Reeves
    1964 - Walt Disney's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious "Mary Poppins" released.
    1964 - Roy Orbison’s "Oh, Pretty Woman" was released. It hit number one (for 3 weeks) on September 26th and became the biggest of his career. "Oh, Pretty Woman" was Orbison’s second #1 hit. The other was "Running Scared" (6/05/61).
    1964 - In a clear case of rock and roll being saved by the British Invasion, Billboard magazine notes that guitar sales are the highest they've been since the advent of Elvis Presley.
    1965 – San Francisco Giant Willie Mays breaks former Pirate Ralph Kiner’s record for home runs in the month of August when the 'Say Hey Kid' connects for his 17th round tripper in an 8-3 victory over the Mets.
    1965 - Cool wave brought 2.5 inches of snow to Mt. Washington for an August record. It reached 25 in Vermont, the earliest freeze on record in many locations.
    1965 - The Gemini V spacecraft returns to Earth.
    1966 - The Beatles performed at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA. It was the group’s last live appearance before they disbanded in 1970. Also appearing were The Ronettes and the Remains. Ticket purchases by mail were available from KYA, No. 1 Nob Hill Circle, San Francisco
    1966 - The last episode of ABC-TV's musical variety show “Hullabaloo” airs, featuring guest stars Lesley Gore, Paul Anka, Peter and Gordon, and The Cyrkle.
    1967 - Final TV episode of "The Fugitive." The series originally started on September, 1963. Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) was wrongly convicted and sentenced to death for his wife’s murder, but escaped from his captors in a train wreck. This popular program aired for four years detailing Kimble’s search for the one-armed man (Bill Raisch) who had killed his wife, Helen (Diane Brewster).  In the meantime, Kimble himself, was being pursued by Lieutenant Phillip Gerard (Barry Morse). The final episode aired this day in 1967 featured Kimble extracting a confession from the one-armed man as they struggled from the heights of a water tower in a deserted amusement park. That single episode was the highest-rated show ever broadcast until 1975. The TV series generated a hit movie in 1993 with Harrison Ford as Kimble and Oscar-winner Tommy Lee Jones as Gerard.      
    1967 – At a time when they scheduled doubleheaders in Major League Baseball, the Yankees and the Red Sox played the longest in Yankees’ history.  Red Sox take the 1st game 2-1 in 9, Yankees win 2nd game in 20 innings, 4-3, taking a total of 8 hours and 19 minutes.
    1968 - Democratic Party National Convention: Antiwar protesters clashed with police and national guardsmen in the streets outside, and hundreds of people, including innocent bystanders and members of the press, were brutally beaten by Chicago’s finest.
    1968 - Cream and Electric Flag opened at Fillmore West, San Francisco.
    1969 - To compete with Johnny Carson (NBC) and Joey Bishop (ABC), CBS-TV presented Merv Griffin on late-night TV. Johnny ruled -- staying on top for almost 23 years to come.
    1970 – Chicano Moratorium against the Vietnam War was staged in East Los Angeles. Police riot kills three people, including journalist Ruben Salazar.
    1971 - Hank Aaron became the first baseball player in the National League to drive in 100 or more runs in each of 11 seasons.
    1971 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit:  “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,'' Paul & Linda McCartney. McCartney had a real Uncle Albert, who he said would quote the Bible when he got drunk.
    1972 - Top Hits
“Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” - Looking Glass
“Alone Again (Naturally)” - Gilbert O’Sullivan
“Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)” - The Hollies
“If You Leave Me Tonight I’ll Cry” - Jerry Wallace
    1972 - President Richard Nixon announced that a White House investigation of the Watergate break-in, conducted by White House counsel John Dean, revealed that administration officials were not involved in the burglary.
    1974 - 600 Catholic nuns adopt a resolution calling for the ordination of women priests in the Roman Catholic Church.
    1974 - Moses Malone became the first basketball player to jump from high school to professional basketball, skipping college to sign a contract with the Utah Stars of the ABA.
    1977 - Lou Brock stole the 893rd base of his career, surpassing Ty Cobb’s modern record for career stolen bases. Ricky Henderson in 1982 breaks Brock’s for stealing the most bases in one season with 122.
    1979 - Sheridan Broadcasting Corp purchases Mutual Black Network, making it the first completely Black-owned radio network in the world.
    1980 - Top Hits
“Magic” - Olivia Newton-John
“Sailing” - Christopher Cross
“Take Your Time (Do It Right)” - The S.O.S. Band
“Drivin’ My Life Away” - Eddie Rabbitt
    1981 - The Pretenders "II" LP enters the chart.
    1981 - The soundtrack to the film, "Heavy Metal" enters the album charts. The LP features tracks by Stevie Nicks, Cheap Trick, Devo and Sammy Hagar.
    1982 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit:  “Abracadabra,'' Steve Miller Band.
    1984 - Edwin Moses won the 400-meter hurdles in track competition in Europe. It was the track star’s 108th consecutive victory.
    1984 - High temperature at Topeka, KS reaches 110 degrees for the first time since the dust bowl of the 30's.
    1986 - The former "American Bandstand" studio, at the original home of WFIL-TV in Philadelphia, PA, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The studio is located at 4548 Market Street.
    1987 - Los Lobos' remake of Ritchie Valens' 1959 classic, "La Bamba" hits #1 on the pop singles chart and stays there for three weeks.
    1987 – Nolan Ryan passes the 200 strikeout mark in a season for a record eleventh time.
    1987 - Some of the most powerful thunderstorms in several years developed over the piedmont of North Carolina, and marched across central sections of the state during the late afternoon and evening hours. Baseball size hail was reported around Albemarle, while thunderstorm winds downed giant trees around High Falls.
   1988 - Cool air invaded the north central U.S. Ten cities reported record low temperatures for the date, including Bismarck, ND with a reading of 33 degrees. Deerfield, a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota, reported a low of 23 degrees. The remnants of Tropical Storm Chris drenched eastern Pennsylvania with up to five and a half inches of rain, and produced high winds which gusted to 90 mph, severely damaging a hundred boats in Anne Arundel County, MD.
    1988 - Top Hits
“Monkey” - George Michael
“I Don’t Wanna to Go on with You like That” - Elton John
“I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love” - Chicago
“The Wanderer” - Eddie Rabbitt
    1989 - In a special election, Ileana Rose Lehtinen (R-FL) becomes the first Cuban-American elected to the U.S. Congress.
    1990 - Saddam Hussein declares America can't beat Iraq. By the end of 1990, 580,000 Iraqi troops were believed to be in Kuwait or southern Iraq. Facing them were 485,000 troops of 17 allied countries. Earlier, on August 10 at a meeting in Cairo, only 12 of the 21 member nations of the Arab League voted to support American troops.
    1991 - The Soviet Communist Party suspended parliament, thus ending a 75-year control of the USSR. Democratic change was sought and the struggle continues today, perhaps ending the hunt in the United States to “halt” communism. Capitalism won out but we must wait to see what President Putin has in mind for the second coming of the USSR.
    1992 – Guns 'n' Roses’ "November Rain" peaks at #3 on the pop singles chart.
    1994 - Viacom Inc. announced the purchase of Blockbuster Entertainment Corp., the video rental store giant, for $8 billion.
    1998 - Top Hits
“I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”- Aerosmith
“The First Night”- Monica
“Crush”- Jennifer Paige
“My Way”- Usher
    2002 - To show their displeasure about tomorrow's impending strike, fans at Devil Rays-Angels game begin throwing foul balls back onto the field at Edison Field and over 100 people are ejected for throwing trash. New words are added to the traditional seventh-inning rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" as many of the fans in attendance begin to chant, "Don't strike! Don't strike! Don't strike!"
    2005 - Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Plaquemines Parish in southeastern Louisiana early on the 29th with maximum sustained winds near 125 mph, a strong category-three, and the third most-intense land-falling hurricane in U.S. history. The center of the hurricane passed just east of New Orleans, where winds gusted over 100 mph. Widespread devastation and unprecedented flooding occurred, submerging at least 80 percent of the city as levees failed. Farther east, powerful winds and a devastating storm surge of 20-30 feet raked the Mississippi coastline, including Gulfport and Biloxi, where Gulf of Mexico floodwaters spread several miles inland. Rainfall amounts of 8-10 inches were common along and to the east of the storm's path. Katrina weakened to a tropical storm as it tracked northward through Mississippi and gradually lost its identity as it moved into the Tennessee Valley on the 30th.
    2005 – Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Fats Domino, 77, is rescued from his Ninth Ward home in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
    2007 - Six US cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads are flown without proper authorization from Minot AFB, North Dakota, to Barksdale AFB, Bossier City, LA.
    2009 - A 1970 interview with John Lennon, in which he revealed some of the reasons that The Beatles split, appeared in Rolling Stone magazine. John said that his band mates disrespected and "insulted" his wife, Yoko Ono, adding, "They despised her... It seemed I had to be happily married to them or Yoko, and I chose Yoko." He also took a shot at his former songwriting partner, saying "We got fed up with being sidemen for Paul."
    2013 - The first federal health study reporting on the use of sleeping pills reveals that 8.6 million Americans take prescription sleeping pills.
    2015 – NASA isolated a six-person team for a year within a small dome in Hawaii to simulate theoretical conditions of a mission to Mars.  The team had no fresh air or fresh food and a spacesuit must be worn when exiting the dome.



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