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October 2
Pandemic Woes to Linger
for U.S. Trade Show Industry
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Ads
---Help Wanted
Developing Strong Leaders for the Commercial
  Equipment Finance and Leasing Industry
By Scott Wheeler, CLFP
In an Unusual Trend, U.S. Trade
Deficit Widens in 2020 Recession
Top 10 World Auto Markets for New Passenger Cars
Light Vehicle Registrations in 2019
5 Tips for Creating Your Next Social Media Campaign
FinTech #102 by Alex Vasilakos
McAfee Files for IPO
By Eduard Kovacs, Security Week
Chesswood Closes Second Marketed Securitization for
its Subsidiary Pawnee Leasing of  US $183 Million
Great French actor Michael Lonsdale (1931-2020
  Bride Wore black/Day of the Jackal, Phantom of Liberty
Moonraker/Of Gods and Men-Reviews by Fernando Croce
Mixed Breed
Red Bank, New Jersey Adopt-a-Dog
News Briefs---
Despite Billions in Fees,
     Banks Predict Meager Profits on PPP Loans
Calif. Judge Halts Trump's Work Visa Ban
    For Biz Groups
NetSol Reports Lower Revenue, Earnings
    vehicle and equipment leasing markets software developer
Motor coach industry ‘on the brink of not making it’
     more than 3,000 small family owned & operated companies
Boeing Deals A $15 Billion Blow
  Lower Costs in North Charleston
American, United to furlough 32,000 employees
     as clock runs out on deal for federal aid
Housing crisis looms if Congress can't
     pass another relief bill
Citing security, Texas governor limits counties to one spot
    each for in-person ballot drop-offs
You May have Missed---
Mapped: The Uneven Recovery of U.S. Small Businesses
  How Cities Around the Country Are Doing
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

October 5
Positive Thinking---
Top Ten Leasing News
September 28 - October 2
Financial Data of the Week Chart
Compliments of Alberto Calva, B. Eng, M.Econ
Leasing Industry Ads
---Help Wanted
Should I use Facebook to find a new position?
Career Crossroads---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII
Now is the Time for Originators
Sales Makes it Happen by Christopher Menkin
Equipment Leasing Associations
Related Finance Associations
Mapped: The Uneven Recovery of U.S. Small Business
  % Change in Number of Small Businesses Open
By Nick Routley,
North Mill Hits New 2020 Record, 20% Higher than Last Year
Originations just under $50 Million. FICO Average 720
Labrador Retriever Mix
Enterprise, Alabama  Adopt-a-Dog
NEFA Virtual Funding Symposium
    Today's Legal Issues Discusses
Wednesday, October 7, 2020 | 1:00
News Briefs---
Banks Wary of Fed’s Main Street Loan Program
    Borrowers financial condition plus overly restrictive loan terms
Who says marijuana has to be smoked?
  A new line of cannabis-infused beverages
     will roll out in Illinois next summer
California’s Filipino American nurses are dying
     from COVID-19 at alarming rates
Trump has the worst job losses on record
     heading into the election
163 veteran Metro bus drivers are retiring,
     taking 4,400 combined years of memories
Here Are the Top 10 U.S. Cities
     With the Highest Salaries, 2020
You May have Missed---
What if you could lower health care costs
     and boost productivity in the ‘new normal?
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
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          Traffic Live----

October 7
Congratulations to AACFB

for the Successful Virtual Conference
Majority of Americans are Scared of Contracting COVID-19
% of U.S. Adults "very" or "somewhat" scared
Leasing Industry Ads
---Help Wanted
Are You an Employee or CEO (in Training)?
Sales Makes it Happen by Scott Wheeler, CLFP
Alternate Finance Association Membership
United States
Insurance Certificates are Often Virtually Worthless
  By Michael J. Witt
Retired Well-Known Bank/Finance/Leasing Attorney
Where Elementary School Teachers Get Paid the Most
In Selected Countries in 2019 (U.S. Dollars)
Internet Browser Market Share
September, 2020
Dext Capital Closes $75 Million
Bi-lateral Credit Facility with Regions Bank
Federal Reserve begins 2020 Census
of Finance Companies and Other Lenders
Deerfield, Illinois  Adopt-a-dog
Your Dog Advisor
How to Remove a Tick from a Dog
Ten Attorneys Against Evergreen Abuse
Also Help in Leasing News’ Bulletin Board Complaint Issues
News Briefs---
No extra $300 jobless benefits, no $1,200 stimulus checks
     — at least any time soon
Fed chair warns of economic tragedy
     if America can't control the coronavirus
GE warned it faces SEC action tied
     to accounting investigation
Moderna vaccine trial contractors fail
      to enroll enough minorities, prompting slowdown
Junk haulers across St. Louis have hands Full
      with pandemic cleanouts
You May have Missed---
OPINION: Jed York Just Wrote a $1.1 Million Check to
  Take Over the City Council and Turn Santa Clara into Yorkville
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
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October 9
Technology is Amazing

  Two Photos
Evergreen Clause and Today
  "The Times They Are A-Changin'  "
      By Christopher Menkin, Editor
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Ads
    ---Help Wanted
Financial Data of the Week Chart
    Compliments of Alberto Calva, B. Eng, M.Econ
Which U.S. States Have the Highest Rates of COVID-19?
    Rate of cases per 100,000 residents as of October 5, 2020
If You Are the Smartest Person in the Room
AACFB Announces Scholarship Program
    Open to High School Students/Trade or Technical School
Michelob 'Infinitely Recyclable' Beer Can
    Plans to Fill the First Million Cans
Beau Travail/Brute Force/Marriage Story
  The Complete Films of Agnes Varda/Toni
    Classics Releases and Recent Gems/Fernando Croce
FMD/Lab Mix
    San Francisco Bay Area, California
Secured Finance Network 76th Conference Nov. 17-19
    Over 1,200 of Your Peers Will be There Online
News Briefs---
Pelosi: No action on airline aid
     without broader stimulus
Jobless claims were worse than expected
     amid slowdown in hiring
You May have Missed---
68% of shoppers buy groceries online
     for home delivery during the pandemic
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

October 13, 2020
Partners Capital Group Will Join
  Companies who utilize Evergreen Clauses
    for Extra Lease Payments
Top Ten Leasing News
    October 5 - October 9
Story Credit Lessors and Lenders List for COVID-19
     "C" & "D" Lessees, Business Loans, Working Capital
Leasing Industry Ads
    ---Help Wanted
“Non-compete, but I want to leave!”
    Career Crossroads by Emily Fitzpatrick
The World's Biggest Gold Mines
    Top gold mines by tonnes of gold produced annually
Database Management
    Sales Makes it Happen by Scott Wheeler, CLFP
CLFP Foundation 3rd Quarter Report
    New CLFPs and Associates with Photos
Australian Commercial & Asset Finance Broker Association
   to Institute Australian CLFP Designation along with U.S.
    By Madison Utley, Australian Broker
COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Per Million
Per Country  October 3, 2020
The Alta Group Appoints Paul Menzel, CLFP
    and Rick Remiker as Vice Chairmen
Siberian Husky
    Santa Ana, California  Adopt-a-Dog
News Briefs---
Anthony Fauci calls Rose Garden
     Amy Coney Barrett event a ‘super spreader’
Dr. Anthony Fauci hopes worrisome numbers jolt Americans
     to take steps to stem spread of Covid-19
Minnesota 2,350-pounder wins Half Moon Bay pumpkin honors
    Grower drives 35 hours to enter his heavyweight contender
You May have Missed---
49ers owner pouring money into Santa Clara City Council
     races for preferred candidates
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
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          Traffic Live----

October 15
NVLA Long-Time Attorney Cary Childs Boyden
    February 20, 1945 - September 11, 2020
Stop Telling Girls Being Nice...
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Ads
    ---Help Wanted
"Hard Asset-Secured Lender" Maxim Capital Reports
    "stabilized funding and low delinquencies"
Renters Moving to More-affordable Areas
    Working at Home One of the Reasons
Apple or Android Nation?
    Mobile Operating Systems in Selected Countries
The Price of the iPhone 12 Around the World
   Initial Price of iPhone 12/12 Pro in Selected Countries
Enova Completes Acquisition of OnDeck
    $1.89 per share, or approximately $122 million
Balboa Survey: Small Business Confidence Rebounds,
    but Remains below Pre-Pandemic Levels
Movies to Get Ready for Halloween
    Chosen by Leasing News' Fernando Croce
Labrador Retriever/Mix
    Los Angeles, California
Registration Surpasses 660 for ELFA 2020 Business LIVE!
    Last Day to Register is Oct. 21
News Briefs---
Bill Gates slams U.S. on COVID-19: Most governments
      listen to their scientists, not attack them
Coronavirus threat level upgraded to red
     in Dallas County as cases climb
Trump again attacks Fauci's guidance
     as coronavirus infections tick upward
You May have Missed---
Europe Can Impose Tariffs on U.S.
    . in Long-Running Aircraft Battle
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

October 19
2020 NVLA Annual Conference Goes Virtual
    By Edward P. Kaye, Esq.
Evergreen, Wintergreen, Partners Capital Group
    Now Formulating Existing Protocol
Top Ten Leasing News
    October 13 - October 15
Leasing Industry Ads
    ---Help Wanted
Channel Partners Sept. 2020: 20 Recent Transactions
    FICO/TIB/Annual Payments/Approved Amount/Use of Funds
Cameron Peak Fire Hits Fort Collins, Colorado
    with Heavy Smoke
First City Bank of Florida, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
    FDIC is the Receiver for Failed Bank
Decrease of 7.1 in September's Money Anxiety Index
    Created Increase in Retail Sales by 1.9 percent
Compensation in the Equipment Finance Industry
    Showed Modest Growth in 2019, According to ELFA Survey
2020 National Equipment Finance Association Virtual Annual
    Meeting and Chris Walker Memorial Member of the Year Award
ELFA Announces Jeffry D. Elliott To Receive
    2020 Distinguished Service Award
    Fort Collins, Colorado  Adopt-a-Dog
Ask a Leader
    ELFA Emerging Talent Advisory Council
News Briefs---
First Citizens Bank to Buy CIT Group
    in an all-stock deal valued at roughly $2.2 billion
U.S. reports highest number of new coronavirus cases
     since late July as total climbs above 8 million
US posts record $3,100,000,000,000
     budget deficit for 2020
Study: 8 million Americans have fallen
      into poverty since May
Portland has ‘sold out’ of homes: Number for sale drops to
     new low, prices rise 5.7% in bidding wars
Seven months in, coronavirus spreading unchecked
    in Missouri. ‘It destroys you,’ said one patient
49ers pour another $950K
    into Santa Clara City Council race
What makes Whataburger’s Fancy Ketchup so unique?
    Curious Texas grabs the fries
You May have Missed---
  Available to California Voters
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

October 23
Colorado Fires, Smoke and Ash
    Report from Gary Souverein, President, Pawnee Leasing
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Ads
    ---Help Wanted
US Adults Will Spend Over Three and a Half Hours
    Per Day on Mobile Apps in 2020
Has Trust in Science Become a Partisan Issue? 
    Pew Research Center
Beige Book, October 21, 2020 Report
    Federal Reserve System
This Graph Shows How Car Paint Colors
    Have Gotten More Boring Over the Years
First Western Equipment Finance
    Joins Funder List “A”
Advance Acceptance/All-Lines Leasing
    to become First Western Equipment Finance
Amur Equipment Finance closes securitization
    with expertise from Key
Halloween Movies, Part Two by Fernando Croce
   Murders in the Rue Morgue/Hour of the Wolf
     The Witches/Pulse/The Corpse Bridge
Terrier Mix
    Roseville, California  Adopt-a-Dog
News Briefs---
"U.S. equipment business equipment falls 13% in September"
     Equipment Leasing and Finance Association Reports
Southwest posts largest loss ever/ COVID-19 hammers airlines
     blamed its $1.2 billion net loss for the July-to-September quarter
5 things to know about Illinois' COVID-19 vaccine plan
     a preview of what the vaccine rollout in Illinois will look like
Not just California: Colorado and other Western states
     suffering worst fires in modern history
Coke Dropping Half its Drink Brands
     200 Brands Account for only 1% of Profits
iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 Pro:
    Which Should You Buy?
You May have Missed-
Coronavirus: Bill Gates describes
    what we did wrong and how to do better
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

October 26
Who Do You Want to Be?

Independents 3rd Q Reports to Leasing News Confirm
   ELFA MLFI-25 Reporting September up 24%
Over August New Business
Top Ten Leasing News
October 19 - October 23
One of the Banks Caught in a $2B Check Kiting Scheme.
  Almena State Bank of Almena, Kansas is Closed; Equity Bank
of Andover, Kansas Assumes All of the Deposits
Leasing and Finance Industry
Help Wanted
Medium, Heavy-Duty Truck Orders Positive
4th Month in a Row
ACT Research: Trailer Orders Jump Again
in September
US Airlines Still in Big Problems
Chart from Alberto Calva/Acus Consulting
Academy for Certified Lease & Finance Professionals
Four Sessions, All Virtual Online
‘With Retail Bankruptcies on the Rise, Opportunities
  for Distressed Mergers & Acquisitions Increase
(Opportunities for Leasing and Loans)
Top Gov. Cuomo Advisor Says New York Will
Legalize Cannabis by April 2021
St. Louis, Missouri  Adopt-a-Dog
News Briefs---
Trump denies Covid-19 surge even as virus spreads
     among Pence's inner circle
White House Chief Mark Meadows says
    "We're not going to control COVID-19 pandemic"
Fauci says it might be time to mandate masks
     as Covid-19 surges across US
You May have Missed---
49ers owner Jed York pours millions into Santa Clara
      City Council race after years of battling city hall
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

October 28
Fourth & Reportedly Last Call for Comments on SB 1235

   California Commercial Financing Disclosures
    Today, October 28, 2020
Computing Interest Rates Programs
    For Possible SB 1235 Use in California and Elsewhere
Current Regulations in United States
    Not Official, Compiled from Many Sources, Needs Updating
Getting Back in the Game
    Sales Makes it Happen by Scott Wheeler, CLFP
71% of PPP Borrowers are Waiting
    for More Guidance on PPP Forgiveness
Leasing Industry Ads
    ---Help Wanted
CLFP Foundation Adds 22 New CLFPs
    Count is now 955 Professionals
Online Equipment Auction List
    Thriving in the "New Normal"
Ascentium Capital LLC Reports Third Quarter Growth
    and Reaches a New Funding Milestone
Mixed Breed
    Fairport, New York  Adopt a Dog
News Briefs---
Element Reports Solid 3rd Q Results, Surpasses $180
Million Transformation End-Goal, Increases Dividend by 44%
More than 100,000 flee Southern California wildfires
      under evacuation orders
Texas overtakes California
    in total cases amid nationwide surge
AMD to buy Xilinx for $35 billion
     in massive chip deal
167-unit Rubio’s Coastal Grill Files for Bankruptcy
   Mexican fast casual based in San Diego. closed 26 May/June
Small Businesses Embracing Subchapter V Bankruptcies
   BK Experts Encouraging Small Business to take Option than Closing
You May have Missed---
California/Colorado/West Coast
   Fire Reports
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

October 30
Vote Now….

    Sign on Highway Bridge Overcrossing
Marlin Reports Third Quarter Net Income $2.7 Million
    Origination Volume $68.5 Million, Down 66% from Last Year
How Fast is 5G in Selected Countries
 Compared to U.S. the Slowest
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Ads
    ---Help Wanted
US Internet Users Are Spending More Time on
    Smartphones than PCs and Tablets
Open for Take Out and Delivery Only
    Ghost Kitchens Bright Spots in otherwise Gloomy Year
Used-car sales likely up for 5th straight month
    Great Time to Trade-in or Sell Their Vehicles for New Car
Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
    Announces New Board of Directors
Taycor Financial adds Dr. Pallavi Kharbanda
   as Head of Data Science and Justin Wheeler
      as Head of Product & Business Development
Halloween, Last Call:  The Devil Doll/It's Alive
  The Howling/The Adams Family/Get Out
     By Leasing News' Fernando Croce
Rottweiler/Alaskan Malamute
    Mount Holly, New Jersey  Adopt-a-Dog
Better Than Six Feet Apart
    (Display front lawn Los Gatos, California)
News Briefs---
‘Normal’ unlikely to come before 2022
     as COVID-19 surges unchecked, Fauci says
CarMax announces nationwide hiring effort
  To Hire 3,500 Positions by End of the Year
Boeing Announces Further Job Cuts After 4th Q of Losses
   "reduce its workforce by 30,000 through the end of 2021
U.S. GDP booms at 33.1% rate in Q3
better than expected   
You May have Missed---
Pizza Hut Closes Another 632 Stores Globally, Closing
    1,205 Year-to-Date, Shifting to Out of Dine-In
  Sports Brief----
   California Nuts Brief---
    "Gimme that Wine"
     This Day in History
       Daily Puzzle
         Weather, USA or specific area
          Traffic Live----

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