Our “On Line” Anniversary

by Kit Menkin

July 10,2000 Leasing News started on line in text format.

This originally was more of a “e-mail” to friends and acquaintenances that was sent to a relatively small mailing list, but passed around. As the address book grew, all from referrals, when it got to over a 1,000 readers, it was time to make it more “serious.” Sometimes it was more fun, such as asking readers what year and kind of car they drove, or the so-called wrestling match between Ken Goodman and Bob Rodi, and often the language was of the street.

Due to the liabilities, we incorporated, built a web site, and on July 10,2000, placed our first edition “on line:”

Our mission has been: Independent, unbiased, and fair news about the leasing industry.

Our ideals are from Joseph Pulitzer's retirement speech on April 10,1907:

(The Mission of “The World” newspaper)

“An institution which should always fight for progress and reform; never tolerate injustice or corruption; always fight demagogues of all parties; never belong to any party; always oppose privileged classes and public plunder; never lack sympathy with the poor; always remain devoted to the public welfare; never be satisfied with merely printing the news; always be drastically independent; never be afraid to attack wrong, whether by predatory plutocracy or predatory poverty.”


You will find in the above URL our first edition on line edition, which also announced the members of our Advisory Board:

Bob Baker , Wildwood Financial
Phil Dushay , Global Leasing
Mike Graneri , Graneri and Associates
Ken Greene , Attorney
Bob Rodi , LeaseNow
Bob Teichman , Teichman & Associates
Andrew Thorn , Thalman Finance
Rob Yohe , Yohe and Associates

“The List” then was composed of 36 companies.

The top story of the day:

“First Sierra Stock (Sierra Cities) Monday Hits All Time Low of 2 7/8 “

On the Complaint Bulletin Board:

“Universal Capital Service 7/5
Parker Leasing and Financing 6/16
Dodson Group complaint 6/15
Universal Capital Service 6/12
Metropolitan Group Question 6/12”

We had other news that day such as:

“(The popular former Colonial Pacific Leasing) Dennis Doyon leaving

(the ebroker company of) Total Funding to go to work at Commercial Money Center.”

Here is a recap: This started as e-mail to friends, then was passed around, and we came on line July 10,2000.

August 9,2002: we went from “text” to an “HTML” web edition. January 6,2003: classified ads. They were all free in the beginning

until we had over 110 “help wanted” ads, almost all from brokers looking for independent, mostly commissioned sales personnel.

June,2004, in addition to the text version, we started sending out an “HTML” version with graphics and sound. We experimented also with a “live” e-mail program, along with a “chat forum.”

July, 2004 the text editon ended as keeping the address book for both was too much work.

April 24,2005 started Constant Contact edition via eMail, which relieved us of taking care of the address book, plus gave us other graphic abilities.

May 20,2005, we started banner ads.

We have come a long way from the start.

We continue to make improvements, other features and projects---all we need is the time to complete them, as this continues to be a “part-time” operations for all those involved.

A special thanks to Maria Martinez-Wong ( who does all the graphics, plus designs the help wanted and banner ads) and Brian Wong, both who have been with Leasing News since the start (Brian now posts the web site edition at 1am PDT. plus verifies the “free” classified ads every 30-to 45 days, and does Web Trend analysis.)

I would also like to thank our previous advisory board members, and especially our current advisors:

Leasing News
Advisory Board
Bob Baker, CLP. Wildwood Financial Group, Ellisville, Missouri
Edward Castagna Nassau Asset Management, Westbury, NY.
Steve Crane, CLP Bank of the West, Walnut Creek, CA.
Phil Dushay Global Financial Services, Manhattan, NY.
Ken Greene, Esq. Larkspur, California
Theresa M. Kabot, CLP Kabot Commercial Leasing, Seattle, WA.
Robert S. Kieve Empire Bradcasting, San Jose, CA.
Bruce Kropschot Kropschot Financial Services, Vero Beach, FL.
Fred St. Laurent SFBI Recruiters, Atlanta, GA.
Andrew Lea, M.A. McCue Systems, Inc. Burlingame, CA.
Armon L. Mills, CPA San Diego Business Journal, San Diego, CA.
Steve Reid, CLP Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, Santa Barbara, CA.
Bob Teichman, CLP Teichman Financial Training, Sausalito, CA.
Paul B. Weiss ICON Securities, New York, N.Y./San Francisco, CA.
Ginny Young Brava Capital, Orange, CA.
Steve Gabriel Porter Novelli-Advanced Tech Division, Campbell, CA
Christopher "Kit" Menkin

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