Commercial Money Center --Up-date 

The officers of this company are back in business while the "disputes" continue

among insurance companies, banks, vendors, lessees, and perhaps only the attorneys are being remunerated. 

Of all the companies on the Leasing News "The List," CMC receives the most inquiries as to what is happening. They come from vendors who think they may get paid, even though their claim is three years old. Others where the equipment was delivered and the lessee making payments, but they are not lessee seeking the release of a lien or complaining that two, and sometimes three different banks are claiming they owe the purchase option...The problems are numerous 

The class action suit continues against CMC for not having a California Finance Lender's License. If the attorneys can prove its significance, the transactions may be illegal and the insurance companies will have to step up to the plate to pay off the claimants. In the meantime, the dividing of what is left on the carcass continues 

(10/2003) Ameriana said it will write off two lease pools in the third quarter, an action that will reduce the quarter's net income by approximately $2,784,000 or $0.88 per diluted share. Heretofore, Ameriana had established reserves against these lease pools equal to approximately 58% of the approximately $10,900,000 that currently remains outstanding. Note: NetBank and others have taken over certain aspects of the defaulted portfolio, as reported earlier, and suits with the insurance agency surety continue, while the class action suit continues taking depositions, while the former officers have started new leasing and finance ventures.

 (3/2002) Court filing agreements 03.htm#cmc

 (3/2003) Netbank Lakeland settle BK for portfolio March%202003/03-12-03.htm#new

(3/2003) CMC attorney withdraws, not getting paid

 (3/2003) Class action lawsuit regards not being licensed in California for lease financing

12/2002---Commercial Money Center Bankruptcy Docket for case 02-09721

 (12/2002) Ameriana Bancorp to Boost Reserves 4Q re: Commercial Money Center (Nasdaq: ASBI) announces that it will set aside additional reserves of up to $5.6 million in the Company's fourth quarter ending December 31, 2002. This action will reduce fourth quarter after-tax net income approximately $3.4 million or $1.08 per share, resulting in a net loss for both the quarter and full year. In 2001, Ameriana reported net income of $1,216,000 or $0.39 per diluted share for the fourth quarter and full-year net income of $3,800,000 or $1.21 per diluted share. Approximately $4.7 million of the additional reserves to be set aside pertain to Ameriana's investment in a pool of leases acquired from the Commercial Money Center ("CMC"), a now- bankrupt equipment leasing company. Ameriana originally purchased two separate pools of equipment lease receivables totaling $12,000,000 from CMC in June and September 2001, of which approximately $10,900,000 currently remains unpaid. Each lease in the pools was backed by a surety bond issued by one of two insurance companies rated at least "A" by Moody's Investors Services. The bonds guaranteed payment of all amounts due under the leases in the event of default by the lessee. Each pool was sold under a Sales and Service Agreement by which the insurers serviced the leases. In each case, the insurers assigned their servicing rights and responsibilities to Commercial Servicing Corporation, an affiliate of CMC, which also has filed bankruptcy. When the lease pools went into default earlier this year, one insurer made payments for several months under a reservation of rights while the other refused to make any payments. Both insurers now claim they were defrauded by CMC and are denying responsibility for payment. Ameriana is one of a number of financial institutions around the country that purchased interests in lease pools from CMC. All of the CMC lease pools are in default and in litigation. The Federal Panel on Multi-District Litigation has taken control over most of the federal actions involving the insurers of the lease pools and has assigned them to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, for consolidated pre-trial purposes. (NetBank has $80 million as part of the suit, among others.)

 (10/2002) Deadline for filing for claims for Commercial Money Center has been extended since the proceedings were converted to a Chapter 7. The CURRENT attorney is Bradley Shraiberg and his phone number is 561.395.0500. He is the contact until a further motion is filed to have him removed (he said for geographical reasons, as it is now moving to the Southern District of California Bankruptcy court in San Diego .) (Read about CMC)

(6/2002) files voluntary bankruptcy, #11, in Florida, all hell breaks loose (5/2002) Gets worse, officers may go to jail

(4/2002) Many, many complaints; reports of leases where equipment never existed, paying for leases that do not exist, much behind the scenes on the reputation of the founders, lawyers having a field day, San Diego FBI investigating all.

(3/2002) Throws in the towel, 128 employees out of work, Dir. of Marketing Bill Hanson not paid, goes back to work for himself, bringing Gil Evans and his son Ty with him. closes door, leaving many unpaid bills and questions, especially about Kiosk leasing.

 (2/2002) Returns $1.2 Million to Date admit many complaints by applicants, vendors, and brokers. Fails to secure insurance line of credit after September 11th

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