The 30 Year History of UAEL---Part IV


   by Kit Menkin


Date: December 29, 2000

To: Members of UAEL

This announcement is made with great pleasure; Joan Dalton is appointed Managing Director of United Association of Equipment Leasing, effective January 1, 2001.


Travis Foxx, Merchant Capital, with United Association of

Equipment Leasing's always effervescent Joanie Dalton.


“In assuming this new assignment, Joanie replaces Dr. Raymond Williams, Ph.D., CAE whose resignation was announced in October.

While Joanie's assignment will embrace many functions, her greatest contribution will come from these three areas:

a.. Involvement - Getting our members active on committees
b.. Networking - Bringing members together through regional events,

   conferences and online
c.. Education - Providing current and timely topics Joanie is a native of San Francisco and continues to live in the City with her husband and two daughters.

UAEL - United Association of Equipment Leasing
IT'S ALL ABOUT SUCCESS: Involvement * Networking * Education”


### Press Release ######################


November 20,2001


Ex-WAEL Prez to Be New Chief Executive Officer


Joe Woodley, CLP,  is the new full-time  United Association of Equipment Leasing  ( UAEL )Chief Executive Officer.  He will continue at Westover Financial.  Steve Jones is the president of Westover. He was president of the organization in 1987, when it was the Western Association of Equipment Lessors

( WAEL )..


Joanie Dalton,  former executive  former meeting planner, executive director, has been elevated to Chief Operating Officer.


“ This is a very, very positive move for our association, “ Joanie Dalton said.“ It is also both very positive for me personally and professionally…to have a mentor such as Joe Woodley is perfect.  We can provide more benefits to our members. 2002 will be an exciting year for UAEL.”


Bill Grohe, who was president of the organization in 1991 when it was WAEL, remains as

membership director.


Since the departure of long time executive vice-president Dr. Raymond Williams, CAE,  Joanie Dalton along with the executive committee, utilized “outsourcing” to keep the budget in line.


 2001 president Chuck Brazier, CLP, Centerpoint Financial,

says it is “ time to get the executive committee out of running the office and to spend more time with members, listening to them, providing solutions, and being more active.


“This will provide consistent leadership, giving Joanie more time to run the office, work on conferences.  It will give management more time to work with members, plus give time to the executive committee to meet with committees, make committees work, and bring balance back to our organization.”


Brazier said  the 2001 UAEL board meeting along with the 2001 UAEL

Board UAEL board meeting in Hilton Head, South Carolina produced many positive changes....


“ We need to get the executive board and board back to member services, “ he said. “ Joe is doing this job out of the love for the association, as Bill Grohe is doing…not for the money.”


### Press Release ##############


 RE: Appointment of Joe Woodley, CLP as CEO


TO: Kit Menkin


FROM: President Chuck Brazier, CLP.

Vice-President Bob Fisher, CLP

Secretary-Treasurer Bette Kerhoulas, CLP

Immediate Past President Bob Rodi, CLP

2002 Secretary-Treasurer Elect Jim Coston


The UAEL Board of Director's selection of Joe Woodley, CLP is part of UAEL's continued thrust to provide its membership with the best possible leadership and is but one piece of a full revitalization of UAEL beginning during the end of 2000.


At the end of 2000, we empowered a search committee to find a Managing Director. Joanie Dalton stepped up and won the support of the committee as well as support of the Board of Director's. Now we have the opportunity to tap the experience of a long-time member and Past President in the newly appointed position of CEO to further develop not only the UAEL focus but also the staff.


Joe Woodley, CLP has the full support of the staff and the Board of Directors. The members who know him personally know he will do the job successfully. He will make a tremendous difference in 2002. Also, this will allow the Board of Directors more time to communicate with and be involved in the

membership needs.


As incoming President, Bob Fisher, CLP said in Leasing News; "Challenges are met with action and not fear of the future." While he was not writing about this subject, his statement clearly explains the fundamentals of why we chose a person with such rich leasing experience as Joe Woodley, CLP.


During my tenure, we worked diligently to build a more stable UAEL foundation. Now, with Bob Fisher, CLP as President, Joe Woodley, CLP as Chief Executive Officer, Joanie Dalton as Chief Operating Officer and Bill Grohe as Director of Membership, the members will reap the rewards of the experience and history they each have to offer.


UAEL has been very successful offering the best education, the development of the CLP Program, and providing a forum where each member firm has the right to vote on issues. UAEL will continue this success because of the strong foundation that has been established which allows the Executive Committee and Board of Directors more time to develop new and exciting educational events, networking opportunities and ways for members to get involved. Remember, "It's All About Success: Education, Networking and Involvement".


### Press Release ############


1986 Western Association of Equipment Lessors President Ted Parker, Charter Equipment Leasing (left) admonishes 1987 President-elect Joe Woodley, Westover Financial, IN. to “ talk softly and carry a big stick” as he passes the gavel.


Joe Woodley turns gavel over to Ben Millerbus,1998 President

November, 1987 WAEL Newsline


December, 1985 WAEL Newsline introduced 1986 officers: “WAEL

Vice-President Joe Woodley, is president of Westover Financial, Inc., San Clemente, CA.  He served as WAEL's 1985 Secretary/Treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee.

  “Joe has been active in the leasing industry for 15 years, starting with a position with the Burroughs Corporation after his graduation from the University of Albuquerque. He was involved in private leasing in 1972 and 1975-77, spending the interim years with St. Paul Leasing.  He was Vice President/Marketing at Colonial Pacific Leasing Company from 1977-85.

  “ Joe has been on the WAEL Board of Directors since 1982, and was Program Chairman for the Spring Conference in 1985.  He served as Board Liaison to the Brokers Committee in 1983, and the Membership

Committee in 1984, and was Chairman of the Management Review Committee and Government Affairs Task Force.


“His special responsibility for 1986 will be the WAEL Local Meetings, for which he will supervise and assist the 11 Regional Chairpersons in program planning and development.”


June 26,2002 Joan Dalton “leaves”


" United Association of Equipment Leasing Executive Committee, Bob Fisher, CLP President; Bette Kerhoulas, CLP Vice President; James Coston, Secretary/Treasurer and Chick Brazier, CLP Immediate Past President, along with Joe Woodley, CEO of UAEL announced today that Joanie Dalton, COO of UAEL has submitted her resignation effective July 3rd, 2002.


Joanie has been with UAEL since March of 1999.  Mrs. Dalton has decided to pursue another opportunity outside the non-profit Association arena.


The Officers, Board of Directors and Staff of UAEL wish her success in her new endeavor."



Bob Fisher, CLP





UAEL Elects First Female President


Oren Hall, emeritus member, former president of the United Association of Equipment Leasing (UAEL), made the motion from the floor, and President Bob Fisher, CLP, made the announcement, “ In the first 26 years of our association, we  now have a female president, Bette Kerhoulas, CLP.



Bette Kerhoulas, CLP
Pacifica Capital
(“Winner of Closest to the Pin”)



“As this years UAEL President I am genuinely excited about the entire 2003 Board and its composition, “ then UAEL President Bob. Fisher, CLP added in the announcement. “.  Bette heads into 2003 with a solid board with a broad cross section of UAEL member's interests represented.  I have know Bette since the mid 1980's and have found her to be a true leader within our industry and a successful business owner with a pulse on the industry as well as a solid, professional reputation.”


The choice of the Oakland office came from former executive director Jon Bednerik, who lived on a boat in the marina near Jack London Square in Oakland, California.  With Joan Dalton gone, Joe Woodley commuting from Southern California, the best prerogative was to

change the location.


“The move of the UAEL office was determined to be feasible when the Landlord agreed to allow UAEL to terminate its lease.  The Landlord found a new tenant to occupy the facility without any penalty to UAEL.  The savings to UAEL will be substantial; the new lease is 2/3's per month less than the old lease.  The phones were to have been live, Azin is to handle incoming calls. Bill Grohe is settled in his home office ( in San Francisco )and continues to handle business.


 “The economic benefit to the membership should be immediate!”


Bob Fisher, CLP



Jim McCommon, CLP, UAEL Media Representative, issued a press release on behalf of the board of directors that the move would be made by December 1,2002.


(I had planned to up-date from the 30th Anniversary Conference, but due  to a family illness all plans were changed, so I was not able to attend the October 21-24 Monterey Conference to conclude this series.  Hopefully this section will be up-dated next week. editor.)


In the interim, here are:



UAEL 2005 Board of Directors Nominating Committee


Chair: Bette Kerhoulas, CLP—Past President—Pacifica Capital

Chris Jupka, CLP—Montana Commercial Credit, LLC

Stephanie Manganaro—LeaseTeam, Inc.

Mohammed Ahsan—Quail Capital, Corp.


2004 Board of Directors


President Jim Coston, CLP

Coston, Fioretti & Lichtman

407 S. Dearborn #600

Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: 312-427-1930

Fax: 312-427-7356





Past President Bette Kerhoulas, CLP

Pacifica Capital

8105 Irvine Center Drive

Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: 949-727-3711 x227

Fax: 949-727-3722




Vice President Terey Jennings, CLP

Financial Pacific Leasing, LLC

3455 S. 344th Way

Federal Way, WA 98001

Phone: 888-239-8338

Fax: 800-447-7106



Secretary/Treasurer Victor Harris

Law Offices of Victor Harris

1050 Northgate Drive, #360

San Rafael, CA 94903

Phone: 415-479-8000

Fax: 415-479-8111



Board Members Bob Baker, CLP

Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd.

16292 Westwoods Business Park

Ellisville, MO 63021

Phone: 800-373-3581

Fax: 877-235-0808



John Donohue

Direct Capital Corporation

215 Commerce Way

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Phone: 603-431-3335

Fax: 603-430-9701



Randy Haug

LeaseTeam, Inc.

11510 Blondo Street, Suite 200

Omaha, NE 68116

Phone: 402-493-3445

Fax: 402-493-3433



Marci Kimball-Slagle, CLP


Jim Lahti, CLP

Heritage Affiliated Corporate Services, LLC

401 East Corporate Drive, Suite 250

Lewisville, TX 75057

Phone: 972-221-7335

Fax: 972-221-7336



Ron Lear

PFF Bank & Trust

6731 Brentwood Drive

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Phone: 714-960-7837

Fax: 714-960-6427



Jim McCommon, CLP

McCommon Leasing Company

2800 Northup Way, Suite 205

Bellevue, WA 98004

Phone: 425-827-7345

Fax: 425-827-6386



Paul Menzel, CLP

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

PO Box 60607

Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0607

Phone: 800-653-2737 x1650

Fax: 800-350-1600



Tom Mulally

Szabo, Spencer & Mulally

14156 Magnolia Boulevard

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Phone: 818-784-8700

Fax: 818-784-5406



Brad Peterson

Manifest Funding Services

1450 Channel Parkway

Marshall, MN 56258

Phone: 507-532-7194

Fax: 800-433-6185



Rudy Trebels, CLP

IFC Credit Corp.

8700 Waukegan Rd, Suite 100

Morton Grove, IL 60053

Phone: 847-663-6710

Fax: 847-663-6704




UAEL Staff Joe Woodley, CLP

Executive Director

78120 Call Estado, Suite 201

La Quinta, CA 92253

Phone: 760-564-2227

Fax: 760-564-2206



Bill Grohe

Director of Marketing

189 Galewood Circle

San Francisco, CA 94131

Phone: 415-681-2234

Fax: 415-681-0113




Mike Wood

General Manager

78120 Calle Estado, Suite 201

La Quinta, CA 92253

Phone: 760-564-2227

Fax: 760-564-2206


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