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Puget Sound Leasing---

Puget Sound Leasing/First Sound Bank--It's a Go!
First Sound Bank Investor Pleads to Keep Bank Open

Puget Sound Leasing/First Sound Bank May Go Under

Puget Sound Leasing has Packed Up & Moved

How Can First Sound Bank Pay Verdict Award? by Christopher Menkin

First Sound Bank gets delay on $2.3M verdict

Puget Sound Leasing Jury Verdict In---No One Wins

EverBank, Main Street Bank, First Sound Bank

First Sound Bank Raises $3.2 Million of Capital
Secord Bankruptcy for Real
Same as NetBank Business Finance?
Puget Sound Leasing/First Sound Bank

The problem with Puget Sound Leasing is First Sound Bank

Puget Sound Leasing, Bellevue Up-Date

Turmoil still exists at Puget Sound Leasing

Oh, No! Third Amended Complaint-First Sound vs. Secords
First Sound Leasing Law Suit vs. Secords
First Sound Bank Continues Losses-Pugent Sound Leasing
Pugent Sound NOT joining "No Broker's List"
Puget Sound Leasing--up-date
Pugent Sound reason for $18.3MM Y/E Loss
Pugent Sound/Secords/Larasco/12 Banks +
Changes at Puget Sound Leasing
J'Accuse? by 12 employees of Puget Sound Leasing
Will Puget Sound Leasing Survive?
More on Puget Sound Bank/Leasing
First Sound Bank Acquisition of Puget Sound Leasing Closes
Puget Leasing Original Owner not on First Sound Bank Board

First Sound Bank vs. Secords
Oh, No! Mr. Bill!!! 12 Banks/Sixteen Attorneys
Court Record: First Sound Bank vs. Larasco, Secords
First Sound Bank vs. Secords