Warren Capital, Novato, CA (12/14) Colleagues stunned $23 million Ponzi scheme: http://leasingnews.org/archives/Dec2014/12_29.htm#stephens (12/14) Warren Capital accused of $23 million Ponzi Scheme

CIT Group, New York (12/14) CIT Bank/OneWest Bank Merger More Protests:

MicroFinancial/Leasecomm/TimePayment, Burlington MA (12/14) Fortress Buys MicroFinancial for $147 Million http://leasingnews.org/archives/Dec2014/12_17.htm#fortress

Chesswood Group Limited ("Chesswood"), Toronto, Ontario, Canada (12/14) Announces New US$150 Million Corporate Credit Facility

Matrix Business Capital, Long Beach, California (12/14) New Bulletin Board Complaint:

Blue Bridge Financial, LLC, Williamsburg, New York (12/14) Bulletin Board Complaint:

Balboa Capital, Irvine, Ca. Irvine, California (12/14) Sued in Federal Court for Bait and Switch Sales Tactics



Baytree Financial Group, Lake Forest, Il (11/14) Sold to North Community Bank, a subsidiary of Chicago-based Metropolitan Bank Group, Inc.

Direct Capital, Portsmouth, New Hampshire (11/14) Chris Broom, Chairman, Acquires $8 million home in Florida, plus jet.

Warren Capital, Novato, California (11/14) Founder Warren "Clay" Stephens passes away.

Equipment Acquisition Resources, Palatine, IL. (11/14) Lucky Airline Let Off the Hook in EAR Bankruptcy

First American Equipment Finance, Fairport, NY. (11/14)  
Now Employs Most CLPs

Ascentium Capital, Kingwood, Texas (11/14) Surpasses $1 Billion in Funded Volume



Direct Capital Corporation, Portsmouth, N.H. Direct Capital Corporation, Portsmouth, N.H. (10/14) Who Will be the New Head of Direct Capital? Changes in the Works

Ascentium Capital, Kingswood, Texas (10/14) It’s Official Office in New Hampshire

CIT Group, New York (10/14) CIT Bank to Merge with OneWest Bank? Will Direct Capital Acquisition Hurt Merger?

De Lage Landen Financial Services, Wayne, Pennsylvania (10/14) De Lage Landen Changes Name and Catch the New Logo


Enverto, Los Angeles, CA (09/14) Enverto Investment Group Closes a $100mm Equipment http://leasingnews.org/archives/Sep2014/9_19.htm#enverto
(09/14) Enverto Introduces IMCA Express http://leasingnews.org/archives/Sep2014/9_05.htm#enventro

Ultimate Financing, Grand Island, Nebraska (09/14) Dean Rubin starts new company, a Division of Navitas Lease Corp. http://leasingnews.org/archives/Sep2014/9_12.htm#dean


Navitas Lease Corp. dba Navitas Leasing, Ponte Verde Beach, FL. (RLC Leasing Division, Columbia, South Carolina) (08/14) Reaches Three Year Growth 1,124%; Makes Inc. 500

Balboa Capital, Irvine, California (08/14) Settles $36,454 Attorney Fee Complaint After Getting Suit Dismissed Against Regents Capital.

Ascentium Capital, Kingwood, Texas (08/14) Surpasses $2 Billion Credit Application Milestone since its inception, August 10, 2011.

CapitalRelay, Overland Park, Kansas (08/14) Expands “On Line Third Party Origination, reports: “Current Network Broker Group" to 707,”118 "Current Network Lenders"

Marlin Leasing, Mount Laurel, New Jersey (08/14) Marlin’s lease volume was down at $88,928 for second quarter of 2014, compared to second quarter of $91,448 in 2013 (dollars in thousands.) The number of leases were also down: 6,423 in 2014 compared to 6,931 in 2013.

July, 2014

Marlin Leasing, Mount Laurel, NJ (07/14) Announces $15 million stock repurchase plan

Ascentium Capital, Kingwood, Texas (07/14) Second Quarter:  attained 57% growth in financing volume. Exec. VP Sales Baccaro announces $100 million in monthly credit applications in June.

June, 2014

Direct Capital Corporation, Portsmouth, N.H (6/14) CIT Confirms purchased company

Axis Capital, Grand Island, Nebraska (06/14) Executive Vice President, Credit and Collections, Dean Rubin, responsible for credit, has left the company to start a company of his own.

Element Financial, Toronto, Canada (06/14) Reaches $10 Billion in assets.

Platinum Financial, Orange, California (06/14) Bulletin Board Complaint


May, 2014

Balboa Capital, Irvine, Ca. Irvine, California (05/14) Balboa Capital Dismisses Suit Against Regents Capital. Regents Capital Sues Balboa for $36,454 Attorney Fees

Platinum Financial, Orange, California (05/14) Loses case against web site posted by Corinthian. (05/14) Bulletin Board Complaint 

Crossroads Equipment Lease & Finance, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca (05/14) No longer taking broker business.

Northern Leasing Systems, New York City (05/14) Requirement of $2 million bondhttp://leasingnews.org/archives/May2014/5_14.htm#northernleasing (05/14) Found to Have Diverted Proceeds from Lease Servicing Pool 

Direct Capital Corporation, Portsmouth, N.H. (05/14) Reportedly sold to CIT.

Marlin Leasing, Mount Laurel, NJ (05/14) CEO Dyer Blames Severe Winter for Temporary Impact



MicroFinancial/Leasecomm/Timepayment, Burlington, MA (04/14) 2014 1st & 2013 4th Quarter Soft http://leasingnews.org/archives/Apr2014/4_21.htm#micro

Summit Leasing, Inc., Yakima, Washington (04/14) Acquired by Continental Bank, Salt Lake, City.

Marlin Leasing, Mount Laurel, New Jersey (04/14) Getting back into broker business

Ascentium Capital, Kingwood, Texas (04/14)  Reports a 35% increase in volume with assets near $500 million for the first quarter of 2014 (an increase of 57%). The company closed a $200 million securitization in March.


Element Financial, Toronto, Canada (03/14) completes Additional US $118 million Funding of Trinity Railcar Leases--$2 Billion is Goal

Balboa Capital, Irvine, Ca. Irvine, California (03/14) Balboa Capital Papa Murphy’s Bulletin Board Complaint
(02/14) Looses temporary restraining order against Regents Capital

Ascentium Capital, Kingwood, Texas (03/14) Closes $200 Million Securitization

Renasant Bank, Birmingham, Alabama (03/14) Patricia "Patti" Toro Reid to lead new equipment financing division.

Equipment Acquisition Resources, Palatine, IL. (03/14) US Attorney Indicts EAR President Mark Anstett and Two Others for $100 Million Leasing Fraud



Balboa Capital, Irvine, Ca. Irvine, California (2/14) Balboa Capital Salesmen Start Regents Capital
(02/14) Balboa Capital’s Top Salesmen Leave to Start Own Company 

On Deck, New York, New York (02/14) OnDeck Launches 24 Month Loan Product---up to $250,000

Marlin Leasing, Mount Laurel, NJ (02/14) Marlin Leasing 4th Quarter Drop/Up Year-end

Chesswood Group Limited ("Chesswood"), Toronto, Ontario, Canada (02/14) purchases all the outstanding shares of Northstar Leasing Corporation, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, small ticket in Canada, adding to Pawnee operation in US



Heritage Pacific Leasing, Fresno, CA (01/14) HL Leasing Investors May Get Money Back!-http://leasingnews.org/archives/Jan2014/1_31.htm#hl

Ascentium Capital, Kingwood, Texas (01/14) Announces 47% Growth--http://leasingnews.org/archives/Jan2014/1_29.htm#growth

Integrity Financial Groups, Murray, Utah (01/14) Fourth Arrest in Utah for Dallin Hawkins-http://leasingnews.org/archives/Jan2014/1_27.htm#hawkins

Equipment Acquisition Resources, Palatine, IL. (01/14) Confirmed: Sheldon Player Passed Away Nov. 13, 2013--
http://leasingnews.org/archives/Jan2014/1_23.htm#confirmed; Judge Takes New turn on BK, going after lessors:

IFC Credit, Morton Grove, Illinois (01/14) Alert: Rudy Trebels Back Soliciting Broker Business-http://leasingnews.org/archives/Jan2014/1_17.htm#alert

Onset Financial, South Jordan, Utah (01/14) Two Evergreen/PRR Clause Lessors Merge Onset Financial/Mazuma Capital-http://leasingnews.org/archives/Jan2014/1_13.htm#merge

Mazuma Capital Corp, Draper, Utah (01/14) Two Evergreen/PRR Clause Lessors Merge Onset Financial/Mazuma Capital-http://leasingnews.org/archives/Jan2014/1_13.htm#merge


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