Pictures from the Past
Featured on Leasing News: 2/21/2003





“The Second Place Finishers in the Western Association of Equipment Lessor

1991 Fall Conference in Monterey Golf Tournament (l to r)) Andrew Alper, Esq., Glass, Alper, Goldberg &Cohn; Jeffrey Wong, Esq.,Cooper, White & Cooper; Stan Nathanson, President, RSN Equipment Leasing & Financial Service ( not picture is Steve Pressler, VP, Tucker Leasing Capital Corporation.”

  WAEL Newsline, 1991.


Andrew Alper Today:


“The Leasing News asks "What have I been doing since 1991?"  The first thing I notice about that picture is how young I look. The second and more important aspect of that picture  is that unfortunately our good friend Jeff Wong is no longer with us. He was a great contributor to the leasing industry and a well-liked and well-respected attorney always there for the joke.  Since 1991, I have had one more child (my children are 14 and 11). I have been married to the same woman during the entire time period which these days is unusual.  In 1996, I joined Frandzel & Share in Los Angeles as a partner. This firm is now known as Frandzel Robins Bloom & Csato, L.C. I continue to represent leasing companies, funding sources, banks and other financial institutions in litigation, transactional, and bankruptcy matters. I also continue to support UAEL and ELA and attend the conventions. In fact, I will be speaking at the next  UAEL convention and the ELA Credit and Collections Seminar. I would like to talk about the changes in the leasing industry since 1991 and the great people in the leasing industry who I have met and are no longer in the leasing industry, but space will not allow me to do so. Thank you for allowing me to take a look back at the past. And, before I forget, I still play golf once a week but unfortunately have lost some yardage on the drives due to old age.”


Andrew Alper




Stan Nathanson Today:


“The question that you posed to me " what have you been doing since 1991" has

forced me to think it through for a few days. The best and only answer I

have come up with is; Staying healthy and still searching for a good women.

Overall I feel that I have a loaf of bread under each arm, no complaints.

Other than the above, my goals are to put myself in a better position to do

the type of deals that take advantage of my business skills and experience

that I developed prior to getting in the leasing business. Kind of like what

you have done with Leasing News.


“Best wishes, and keep in mind that ‘your health is your wealth’."



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