Display/Banner Ads


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Display Ad—Web Site


This ad is 3 “ x 7” ( 234 pixel by 504 pixel )

The position is next to “Top Stories” at the end

of Leasing News on the Website. Same ad.

To Change the ad, $100 each time.


30 times in six months $1,500 $50.00

30 times in three months $2,500 $83.33

30 times in two months $3,500 $116.6

15 times in three months $2,000 $133.33

10 times in three months $1,500 $150.00

10 times in two months $1,750 $175.00

10 times in one month $2,000 $200

5 times in one month $1,500 $250


One week: $2,000 (5 days in a row)



Should this ad be included in any daily report, it

is at the discretion of the editor and should be

considered as a bonus. It is NOT guaranteed

that the ad will appear in the daily report.

It is for the web site only.


A placement of the ad in another section

is an extra charge.

Banner Ad---Daily News


7 inches by 1 inches

540 pixels by 90 pixels


Placement of the Banner ad is generally near the

top, but is not guaranteed. It is basically a text

copy ad and any “html” will appear in the html

version and on the website version only.

This is guaranteed coverage in the Newsletter

and the Website---two for one.




size sample of display ad and banner ad:



For price information see Display Ad-Website section

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