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Commercial Money Center Stories

CMC Officers to be Sentenced
CMC and the long arm of the law
CMC Mastercrook Ron Fisher in Jail
$70-Million Bank Fraud Catches Up to Two Businessmen
More on CMC Leasing 12/10/08 US Atty.Gen. Karen Hewitt
CMC paper and Officers Back to Litigation
$600,000 CMC Plea Bargain to cooperate against others
CMC Officers Indicted for $300 Million Tax Evasion
CMC Hanson BK Dismissed
CMC Bill Hanson Files Bankruptcy
  More on Ron Fischer/Bill Hanson
Bill Hanson-Conrad & Associates/CMC Up-Date
Reader Finds CMC's Hanson and Fisher
Ameriana Recovers $1MM in CMC BK
CMC Portfolio Turned Over to USbancorp
CMC Bankruptcy Keeps On Going
Alert---The Hansons as Soliciting Broker Business by Mass E-mail
Looking for Bill Hanson
The Shame of CMC Continues
CMC Cases like The Energizer Bunny--- Keeps Going and Going
Commercial Money Center--Up-Date (11/25/2003)
Americana Bancorp Will Write Off CMC Bankruptcy Portfolio
Commercial Money Center---court filings/agreements
Netbank SEC Filing
New Update on Commercial Money Market-Netbank/Lakeland Settle

CMC Not Licensed
Commercial Money Center Deadline
Commercial Money Center  (Easy Money: Update) 9/17/2002
Commercial Money Center---Up-date 9/9/2002
Commercial Money Center, Escondido, California—Las Vegas, Nevada
Commercial Money Center Files Voluntary Bankruptcy
US Bancorp Commercial Money Center Portfolio Announcement
Payments/Information re: Commercial Money Center
Commercial Money Center Telephone Numbers
Commercial Money Center Up-Date

Commercial Money Center Exposed
Commercial Money Center---It Gets Worse