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Operation Lease Fleece Stories

Lease Fleece Judge Verdict on Citibank Kingpin
Ziya Arik Sentenced

Operation Lease Fleece--Sentencing
Last to Be Sentenced in Operation Fleece?
McQuitty Gets 24 Months Prison

Ziya Arik Sentencing Postponed

Raeder and Zuckerman Sentenced

Other “Operation Lease Fleece” Sentences
(To Compare with leader James “Jim” Raeder)
Operation Lease Fleece--Update October, 2012

Operation Lease Fleece--Up-Date June 2012
Vendor Vartanian Makes Lease Fleece Plea Agreement
Mark McQuitty Sentencing Changed to September, 2012

Operation Lease Fleece--Updates
Lease Fleece Adam S. Zuckerman Sentenced

Two More Sentenced in Operation Lease Fleece

Operation Lease Fleece

End of year 2011 update

Operation Lease Fleece Kirk A. McMahan Sentencing

Operation Lease Fleece Sentencing Donnybrook
Three More Sentenced in "Operation Lease Fleece"

Only Eight Sentenced in Operation Lease Fleece--Why?

Operation Lease Fleece---2011 Update

Operation Lease Fleece---the Unpublished Version
Operation Lease Fleece Update---Aug. 13th

June 2010 update

Operation Lease Fleece - April update
by Christopher Menkin
Vartanian Brothers

FBI/US Atty. Gen. Indict Two More
Operation Lease Fleece: Winter Up-Date
Operation Lease Fleece: Up-Date
Part II—“Inside Lease Fleece”
The man behind Lease Fleece?
Adam Zuckerman
Operation Lease Fleece up-date
Operation Lease Fleece "Information" Explained
Claims Mark McQuitty-Jim Raeder back in business
All 23 are going to jail
One of the 23" Challenges Lease Police
FBI Operation Lease Fleece
Jim Raeder to Leasing News, August 30, 2001:
Mea Culpa: Jim Raeder—Mark McQuitty Busted