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Brican America/Brican Financial Lawsuits

674 Dentists Win Judgment/Brican America
(Includes Special Report from Attorney Ron Gossett)

Brican America Verdict Still Out

Brican America Case Moves Ahead

Brican America Alleged Ponzi Scheme--Update

Brican American--End of Year 2012 update

September 2012 Update

End of 2011 Year Up-date

Brican America---Update

Claim: PSFS Violated California Finance Lenders Law

Three Class Action Suits re: Brican America

NYSDA to New York Attorney General: Investigate Brican

2,500 Dentists/Optometrists Out $50 million
Open Letter blames Internet Blogs
by Christopher Menkin

The Chuck Brazier-Gordon Roberts Connection
by Christopher Menkin

Why PSFS Stopped Suing Brican America/Now 1,672 Dentists?
Leasing Industry hasn’t learned anything…
by Christopher Menkin

Chuck Brazier to the Rescue at Brican America

Brican America another NorVergence or Recomm?
by Christopher Menkin, Publisher

Gordon Roberts/Chuck Brazier:
Roberts convicted of theft

Lawsuit between Brican America and PSFS Dismissed

Brican America Not Making Ad Payments Bloggers Claim
by Christopher Menkin, Publisher

Brican America: “Share Some Space at Your Place”

Special Report: Part I
Could Church Kiosks, Royal Link Carts, NorVergence results been avoided?
The use of “Equipment Finance Agreements”

Special Report: Part II Bank of the West
Equipment Lease Agreement (EFA)

Kit Menkin Response to Brican America Letter

from Attorney Charles H. Lichtman

Letter from Brican America Attorney Lichtman

Brican America statement

Alert: Déjà Vu---Jean-Francois Vincens

Alert--Brican America