The Funding Tree Stories


                               The Funding Tree---the Final Days
---The Details of the closing from
Nevada Attorney General Closes The Funding Tree                                
Easy money, Funding Tree apparently takes root in Nevada
                               The Funding Tree---"I Really Didn't Know."
                               The Funding Tree Now Located in Nevada
                               Funding Tree-Laughlin, Nevada Up-Date 12/19/02
                               Oh, No!!! Not Again, Mr. Bill!!! The Funding Tree-Laughlin, Nevada 12/17/02
                               The Funding Tree, Southern California---Up-Date-Aug 20, 2002
                               Finance company operator arrested
                               Funding Tree, Riverside, California---Arrest Charge, June 14, 2002
                               Funding Tree---Up-Date---June 07, 2002
                               The Funding Tree Up-Date
                               The Funding Tree--Six Months Later


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