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February 2, 2004 ---  Outsourcing---Back Office 
   Economic Events This Week 
       Trebels Joins Group to Create New Agreement Form  
          ELA Representatives Meet With Treasury Officials 
 AGLF Position of "SILO" 
   Genesis Appoints Tom Kenaley Director of Sales  
       MB Financial 4th Q/Annual Results 
 Pacific Capital Bancorp IV Q 
   Streamlined Sales Tax Project Report 
        News Briefs--- 
 Sports Briefs---- 
   Gimme that Wine" 
      This Day in American History 

February 4, 2004 --- Extra! Extra! Cartoon
                 Classified Ads---Sr. Credit Officer/Sr. Management
                    DVI Case Could Yield Results Today
                      Welch and Wetlaufer Photograph
                        What Lessors Are Saying About Value-Added Services
                          Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint Report
                            Lester Joins Group to Create New Agreement Form
                               Leasing News Advisory Board
                                 Leasing Industry Help Wanted
                    ELA Release 2003 Annual Report of Progress
                        Training/HR Resources Expert Joins The Alta Group
                          Synovus Acquisition of Peoples Florida Banking Corp.
                            GE Energy Financial Services Launched
                               Redefining Small Business...Upwards
                                  - By Charles B. Wendel
                                News Briefs---
                                  "Gimme that Wine"
                          This Day in American History

February 5, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Asset Management
    Cartoon--The Wofs Have it                      
        Expanded Leasing News Advisory Board
            Geneva Capital Joins Group New Agreement Form
                Leasing Industry Help Wanted
                    Marlin Leasing $2.6M Year End
Resource America Cash Dividend
    Beth Mooney named CFO AmSouth Bancorporation
        Fitch: Regulatory Restrictions On Securitisation
            Trilogy Leasing Posts 9-Month Financials-10% Up
                ORIX Announces Third Quarter Results
                    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
    California Nuts Brief---
        "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

February 6, 2004 --- Curt Lysne Joins Balboa to Open Broker Direct program

February 9, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Sales
                        This Week in Economic Events
                          Michael Caglarcan, New CEO of Pure Markets
                           Curt Lysne at Balboa Capital. Wow!!!
                            ELT Magazine----"Growth of Independents"
                             Cartoon---The Fountain of Funding
                              Sacramento Area Brokers Dinner March 4th
                 Steve Chriest Number #9 to Create New Agreement Form
                        Leasing Industry Help Wanted
                         Affluent Consumer Confidence Hits Highest Levels
                           Sovereign to Acquire Seacoast Financial
                              Costabile Joins Wells Fargo Equipment Finance
                                American River Bank Names New SVP of Leasing
                                  PDS Gaming $9.5M Financing Commitment
                                     News Briefs---
                                       Sports Briefs---
                                        California Nuts Briefs---
                                         "Gimme that Wine"
                          This Day in American History

February 11, 2004 --- Leasing Industry Attorneys
    Wednesday---Odds and Ends
        CFC Changes Hands
            Arizona concludes with a bang
                Marlene Young-Peel HR for Blackwell Consulting Services
Leasing Ed. Programs for Corporate Trainers
    BMW Dominates Top Ten Car List
        News Briefs---
            Sport Brief---
                "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

February 12, 2004 --- Classified Ads--Sr. Credit Officer/Sr. Management
    Pictures from the Past---1983-Bob Jacobson
        Broker to Vendor Funding Source-3 Separate Incidents                     
            Greg Sale Passed Away
                ELA Testimony to House Ways & Means Committee
    Leasing Industry Help Wanted
        Cyence,Ivory,and Senour Develop "F.I.T.S"  
            Cartoon---Getting a Loan at the Bank
                UAEL So. Calif. Round Table March 9th
    News Briefs---
        "Gimme that Wine"
            This Day in American History

February 13, 2004 --- Alert--Synergy Systems in Tarzana, CA.  
  Classified ads--Outsourcing/Back Office
    Broker and Vendor Collude--Scamaroonie
      Cartoon---We Never Say "No"
        Collections---Purchase of Bad Debts
          Credit-Card Sector Poised for Growth
Microsoft Download-------
  ELA Responds to Treasury Testimony
    Business Leasing News---Great Explanation: Tax Exempt Entities
      Export Leasing for Smaller-Ticket Leases
        "equipment rental and leasing decreased 27 percent to $6 billion."
          Hansabank Group Results, 2003-Leasing Europe/Russia
Streamlined Sales Tax Report Meeting/Dennis Brown/ELA
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in American History

February 17, 2004 ---Contract Administrator
                      This Week in the Economy
                        Scam-a-roonie Reaction
        Hooray! Leasing Partners Capital Makes It $2000 Raised
            Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites

             Both Houses Escalate Alleged Leasing Tax Abuse Crusade
              Government Leasing to Present at Showcase
                 Help  Wanted Ads
                  RBS Lombard 2nd Year Hits $2.5 billion
                   “Gimme that Wine”
                      This Day in American History

February 18, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Documentation/Finance/Legal                       ELA 4th Q Lease Business Up  with Graphs                                GE Vendor Finance/Direct Finance
                           "Tax Me If You Can:" Leasing Tax Shelter
                               ELA Responds to Treasury Leasing Abuse                              Nassau
Asset Management 2003 Repro Report
                                 Don Bresina Joins Eagle Broadband as GM
                  New Research: Profiles of Vehicle Shoppers
                        News Briefs---
                                Sports Briefs---
                                 California Nuts Brief---
                                    "Gimme that Wine"
                                          This Day in American History

February 20, 2004 -- Services Today for Neal Ranstead
                        Classified Ads--- Sales
                         PBS Attacks Leasing Tax Shelters
                                Jury Waivers Out in California
                          Leasing Co-Op Count: Two, Three, Four, Five?
                           The Shadow Knows...
                                      Cartoon----Dip in Sales
                                          Sacto Brokers Dinner March 4th
                           UAEL So-Cal Regional Roundtable March 9th
                             Synovus Three Affiliate Banks Atlanta Region                                  Universal Express  2nd Quarter Results
                                     Performance Acquires Penske Truck Leasing
                                         News Briefs---
                                           “Gimme that Wine”
                                  This Day in American History

February 24, 2004 --- Classified Ads—Senior Management
    Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
    --- Giffin Back at Balboa Capital
        Congress Paints Leasing for the Rich
            eBay Leases via Direct Capital
                Offshore jobs move down the food chain
    General Electric Names Three New Officers
        Wells  Equip. Finance at Lessors Network Conf.
            R. David Hoover to Irwin Fin. Board
                Randy Freeman New VP at Irwin Finance
    Phil Green/ De Lage Landen  SE Asia
        Grand Rapids Press---Neal W. Ranstead obituary
            News Briefs---
                “Gimme that Wine”
    This Day in American History

February 25, 2004 --- Classified Ads-  Outsourcing--- Back Office
    Tax Free Wachovia to Enter 4 Urban Texas Markets
Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint Report
            Classified---Help Wanted
UAEL North Bay Meeting March 17th
                    Donna Halow New Prez/CEO Trinity Capital
                Fitch Sky Fin. Maintains Neg. Outlook
            Sky to Sell Dental Financing to MBNA
        Cartoon---No Longer Cute
    Willis Leas Finance Net Income Up 16%
Fitch Teleconf: Effect of California's Budget today
    News Briefs---
        “Gimme that Wine”
    This Day in American History

February 26, 2004 --- Classified Ads—This and That                        
    Cartoon---Get Well Cards
        Cook County 4% Lease Tax Officially Defeated 
            ELA Fleming All Alone in Anti-Leasing Legislation
                "2004 Industry Future Council Report– A Quest for Clarity"
                    Classified Ads---Help Wanted
                "Improving Conditions in Asset Management"
            CIT Names ADP's Gary C. Butler to Board
        Changes at  Union Bank of California
    Bank of Hawaii Goes Quiktrak
News Briefs---
    Sports Brief---
        “Gimme that Wine”
            This Day in American History

February 27, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Credit
    KPMG Tax Shelter Probe Widens
        Lessors Network Invites PBS Frontline
            ELA Mike Fleming to Hold News Conference
                Bob Baker not listed this year
                    Friday—Odds and Ends
                Synovus Quarterly Cash Dividend Increase
            Merrill  Business Aviation Finance Team
        News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
California Nuts Brief---
    “Gimme that Wine”
This Day in Amrican History

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