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Carlsbad, California

Vendor Account Manager

- Strong background w/emphasis application-only marketplace
- Commission Only and Results Oriented Sales Professional
- Relationships in place to provide immediate opportunities
- Vendor marketing and program development experience

Documentation/Funding Coordinator
Coordination of all documents with the Lessee and Vendor, Insurance, Vendors Invoices, Title Processing,
and Equipment Deliveries.

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Monday, January 17, 2012

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

Archives, January 17, 2003
 ICON Announces $1 Billion of Lease Acquisitions
  Classified Ads---Operations
   GLR Directory to Remain Free
Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
  “Why Equipment Values are Important”
     Classified Ads---Help Wanted
 Career Crossroad—Emily Fitzpatrick
  “…could my age have something to do with it?”
    Top Stories January 9-January 13
       Sales Makes It Happen---by Steve Chriest
       “Selling in a Down Economy”
  Why I Became a CLP
   Kevin Clune, CLP
    Shawn Halladay To Speak at NEFA March Conf.
     Mount Laurel, New Jersey Adopt-a-Dog
      Classified ads— Lease Portfolio/Legal
News Briefs---
Online car-selling scam nets $4 million
 Big crowds grace auto show's 1st weekend
  Irish billionaire bankrupt, court says
   Canadian new-vehicle sales slipped in Nov.
    Bank Forecloses on O.J. Simpson's Florida House

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Archives, January 17, 2003

ICON Announces $1 Billion of Lease Acquisitions

NEW YORK-----ICON Capital Corp., a major independent equipment leasing company, is pleased to announce that it has achieved the level of $1 billion of acquisitions since its current management team acquired the company in August, 1996. ICON is almost 20 years old but shifted its strategy to acquiring larger leases in the secondary market when Beaufort J. B. Clarke, Paul B. Weiss and Thomas W. Martin acquired the company in the 1996 buyout. Today ICON acquires such equipment as aircraft, marine vessels, power plants, railcars and most other capital equipment types on lease to major companies worldwide.

Clarke, chairman and chief executive officer, commented that, "Of course we are pleased to have achieved this milestone of $1 billion of acquisitions for our managed accounts. While the leasing industry has suffered from anemic volume in many segments our continued growth is pleasantly surprising." Weiss, president of ICON, added that, "We are also pleased to have achieved our volume across multiple segments. While many know of us as a transportation lessor with a portfolio of more than 20 aircraft and a substantial marine vessel fleet, in fact more than half of the ICON portfolios are invested in other large ticket deals (such as production facilities) and such smaller deals as furniture, fixtures, high technology and materials handling. In this environment, the relative lack of equity investors has enabled us to be competitive in all of these segments. Armed with a large equity base, we feel particularly well positioned to benefit from the anticipated recovery in industry wide leasing volume."

In the last several months alone affiliates of ICON have acquired the following for an aggregate purchase price of $310 million: a DC10-30 aircraft on lease to FedEx, three oceangoing car carriers on lease to Wilhelmsen Lines and in two separate deals a total of three Airbus A340-300 aircraft on lease to Cathay Pacific.

ICON Capital Corp. is one of the nation's leading independently owned lessors. The Company is exclusively engaged in acquiring secondary market leases on behalf of its affiliated programs. Today the Company employs approximately 50 people primarily at its offices in New York City and San Francisco. ICON acts as the sole general partner or manager of these programs. Its current public offering, ICON Income Fund 9 LLC, is in the final phase of raising $100 million from individual investors. For additional information contact:

*T Beaufort J. B. Clarke Paul B. Weiss ICON Capital Corp. ICON Capital Corp. 100 Fifth Ave., 10th Floor 260 California Street, 7th Floor New York, NY 10011 San Francisco, CA 94111 212-418-4706 415-733-5061

Ironically January 17, 2008

Changing of the Guard at ICON Capital

Filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission indicate that a "letter of intent" for the sale of the parent company of ICON Capital has been executed, which provides that the parent company will be sold to certain members of ICON Capital’s management, led by two ICON Capital executives, Mark Gatto and Michael A. Reisner, and the resignation Thomas W. Martin as CEO and President of ICON Capital, effective as of January 11, 2007. Mr. Martin will reportedly remain as Chairman of ICON Capital, as well as a member of ICON Capital’s Investment Committee.

One of the key founders of ICON Capital, and its chairman at the time, Beaufort J. B. (Beau) Clarke died in London, England in April 2007. According to the Monitor, ICON is the fifth largest independent equipment leasing company and the largest privately-held independent equipment leasing and finance company in the United States.

According to the ICON Capital website, ICON Capital manages leasing funds that have over 30,000 investors with “over $2 billion in assets acquired with complete investment discretion over the funds raised.”

Joel S. Kress, Executive Vice President—Business and Legal Affairs, told Leasing News the transaction is to close "as quickly as possible" at the direction of the Clarke estate. He said the purchase price for the transaction was confidential. He believes the current economic marketplace brings many opportunities of growth for the funds and looks toward 2008 as year of continued growth for the company.

In 2006, one of the founders Paul B. Weiss resigned as President of ICON Capital and as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICON Holdings. The founder Beaufort J. B. (Beau) Clarke and Chairman passed away in 2007.

complete announcement:


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January 11, 2011 Leasing Icon Sudhir Amembal launched Global Leasing Resource (GLR), where those who registered could sign up free for the first year, gaining access to leasing companies all over the world.

Sudhir Amembal

"GLR will continue to be the resource for those who wish to search its data base," Mr. Amembal told Leasing News. “We have about 520 or so listings… subscriptions to use GLR’s data base will be at no cost so as to encourage more to use it.

“There has never been a charge to list; it will continue to be free."

The goal when started was to "...bring lessors, brokers and other leasing industry stakeholders (such as lenders, lessees and vendors) to one single resource in order to enhance their business to business objectives and to facilitate networking."

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Leasing 102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

“Why Equipment Values are Important”

Almost all the major fraud that Leasing News has written about comes from not knowing the real equipment values, which was the case with Allied Health Care Services, American Screw, Brican America, Equipment Acquisition Resources, Church Kiosks, NorVergence, Royal Golf Carts, just to name a few--- the value of the equipment was quite negligible.

Often the problems are not known until a default, and this happens also with many such incidents that don’t make Leasing News.

I have written many times on the importance of properly describing the equipment and its use but checking the equipment in the market place to see if the price is in range is just as important. It is always a wise thing to also check its value over the term of the lease to see if excessive use will destroy its collateral value. It is becoming common for lessor’s to place limits on use so the rent payments can be raised to shorten the term and keep the risk in check.

So often lessor’s accept the equipment cost from the vendor as absolute and fail to investigate the price to determine if it is correct. One of the increases we find, in the cost, is the short fall on a trade-in. Not too different from car dealers who inflate the price to give a larger value to the trade-in. lease documentation does not provide for trade-ins or down payments because of the difference it causes in sales tax revenues and property tax considerations.

It is extremely important to review equipment values when leasing used equipment. The internet has become an excellent tool to investigate equipment cost. The banking regulations require the lessee to select the equipments as not to put the bank in the position of being responsible for equipment performance. However there is nothing that prevents the Lessor from renegotiating the purchase price. Remember the Lessor issues the purchase order and becomes the one the equipment is sold to. I have seen some strange equipment prices on used equipment. The lessee that accepts too high a price on used equipment should send up a large red flag and make you do a further investigation on their credit standing.

A funding institution should know the equipment values prior to accepting the discounting of the payment stream to make sure they do not advance over a comfortable margin. If the equipment values are not verified, a lot of errors may exist that put the lessor and the funder at risk. Over a certain dollar amount you should always inspect used equipment and take a picture of it for the files. I have seen cases where the vendor and the lessee were working together to arrange a loan on equipment that had no value because of condition and the vendor reimbursed the lessee the purchase price. Without a purchase order recovery is very difficult.

I know it seems like a lot of work to investigate both the equipment cost and the use, plus, dig very deep to properly describe the equipment, but as we old hands know it only takes one misstep, that could have been prevented by good procedures, to pay for it. Kit Menkin told me when he discovered the Allied Health Care Service fraud, he did it very quickly by realizing in a Google search the equipment was no longer being manufactured, perhaps becoming obsolete, as well as many of the dealers of the equipment had the used equipment for rent for under a $75.00 a month and then $100 purchase after 12 months, not the $5,000 on the invoice prepared for the funders.

It should be standard operating procedure to verify the actual value of the equipment to be leased.

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty-five years and can be reached at or 502-649-0448

He invites your questions and queries.

Previous #102 Columns:


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Leasing Industry Help Wanted

Carlsbad, California

Vendor Account Manager

- Strong background w/emphasis application-only marketplace
- Commission Only and Results Oriented Sales Professional
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Documentation/Funding Coordinator
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and Equipment Deliveries.

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National Business Development Manager
with minimum seven years experience and
current book of business. Strategically located throughout
US in various targeted industries.
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Western Equipment Finance, a subsidiary of Western State Bank
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Senior Accountant NYC
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A Commercial Finance Subsidiary of a publicly
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Career Crossroad—Emily Fitzpatrick

“…could my age have something to do with it?”

Question: I have been reaching out to the industry for new employment and getting a bit frustrated; I have a lot of experience in the industry; could my age have something to do with it?

Answer: I get this question ALL the time – the answer in short – NO! You:

  • Have the experience so you don’t need a lot of training: ramp up time

  • Have shown your ability to be flexible (if you are still in this industry you have gone thru some tough times and have prevailed)

  • Have, most likely, a better work ethic …

However, there may only be ONE reason your “age” would come into play – FEAR

If the hiring manager feels you have more experience than they do (most likely if you are “older” you WILL), in their mind you MAY eventually surpass them in their career & you may be seen as a threat!

How do you handle this? When submitting your resume/presentation/ credentials - Go over their head … Submit your information to the hiring manager’s superior or superiors at the same time

(you don’t want to offend anyone).

Another possibility, companies want to train/ room graduates or “greenies” so they can mold them the way they see fit. Most of these Candidates don’t know which way is up/down so they can, as we say “churn and burn” them. We don’t work with companies embracing this methodology ….

NOW, when it comes to Sales Roles – all companies care about is your success – proof of your tangible success will surpass all obstacles … e.g. production numbers, pipeline, etc… Why? Income/Profitability is King.

If you are still having resistance feel free to contact us for free advice!

Emily Fitzpatrick
Sr. Recruiter
Recruiters International, Inc.
Phone: 954-885-9241
Cell: 954-612-0567

Previous Career Crossroad columns:




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Sales Makes it Happen
by Steve Chriest

"Selling in a Down Economy"

Steve Chriest originally wrote this for the February 10th, 2006 edition, and the prior article predicted a downturn due to the inflated real estate market, he wrote.  Little did we all realize how serious it would be.  In preparation for it, he wrote this:

Sooner or later an economic bad moon will rise and we'll find ourselves in a down economy, if not a recession. Selling in a down economy is problematic for most salespeople in almost all industries. What can you do, as a professional salesperson, to prepare for selling during uncertain economic times?

There are at least four things you can prepare to do if you expect to sell in a down economy:

- Stay in front of your customers

- Get to the senior levels in buying organizations

- Share success stories to which your customers can relate

- Manage your time as a guardian of your company's resources.

In tough economic times it's vital that you stay in front of your customers, especially your best customers. One major caveat applies to this advice – Only contact your customers when you have something of value to offer them, such as advice, an unusual perspective, or special knowledge. Never, I repeat, NEVER, contact a customer during tough times and ask, “Do you have any deals for me today?” That inane question will drive customers to the nearest exit!

Unfortunately, middle managers are often a primary layoff target when times get tough. This reality, however, presents an opportunity for you to meet with senior managers who otherwise might be inaccessible to you. Forget about “pitching” special programs and offers to senior executives. Meeting with senior executives gives you an opportunity to listen carefully to them and to learn about and understand their concerns and the real challenges facing their business.

Senior managers are usually eager to hear about what other companies are doing to address tough issues and circumstances. Without divulging anything held by you in confidence, sharing success stories with executives is a powerful way to build your credibility and build your business with company leaders. You might, for example, share the experiences of a vendor who used a particular marketing approach to expand their universe of potential customers.

Finally, while it's always important to effectively manage your time and your territory, it's critical to optimize your selling time and guard your company's resources during an economic slowdown. By pursuing only realistic, profitable sales opportunities, you can help ensure the best use of your time and of company resources that are usually strained during a down economy.

In the interest of fair disclosure I should tell you that it isn't absolutely necessary to prepare yourself for selling in a down economy. Keep in mind, however, the words of a college professor who offered this observation of those salespeople who prefer to “wing it” during good and bad times: “Failure comes as a complete surprise, and is not preceded by a period of worry and

About the author: Steve Chriest is the founder of Selling UpTM (, a sales consulting firm specializing in sales improvement for organizations of all types and sizes in a variety of industries. He is also the author of Selling The E-Suite, The Proven System for Reaching and Selling Senior Executives and Five Minute Financial Analyst, Basic CREDIT & Analysis Tools for Non-Accountants. He was the CEO of a very successful leasing company and executive at a major company. You can reach Steve at

Sales Makes it Happen articles:

Selling Up Columns by Steve Chriest


Why I Became a CLP
Kevin Clune, CLP

This was in the February 10, 2006 Leasing News edition, the first in a series about the Certified Lease Professional program, explaining why individuals decided to become a CLP, the process, and their reaction to the knowledge and other benefits gained. While there will be new "testimonials" in coming editions, this is the first one written.

There are some changes, such as then Kevin Clune was in the leasing business for 32 years, now 38 years. He mentions how he got started on this using the CLP Handbook, which today has 18 chapters. That Jim McCommon was a mentor (he still is, and there are other mentors).

Clune & Company is based in Mission, Kansas, founded in 1957 by Bob Clune, who retired in 1991 and Kevin took over the business. He is active in the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association.

February 10, 2006

Even though Kevin Clune (now CLP) has been in the equipment leasing business for 32 years, he decided to not only support the program, but get all twelve of his employees involved. His observation was "it is the only certification program in our industry"

"Basically we incorporated the CLP process into our personnel program, "he said.” All of our employees had the option to participate."

"We had eight of our twelve employees go through the program, six sat for the test and four passed, "Clune, CLP, explained.” Their job responsibilities were all over the place.....sales, lending, collections, accounting and management. The newly revised CLP Handbook is very well done--- a collaborative effort of 20 leasing professionals. The book has 16 chapters so we structured a 16 week course, about an hour long class each week. Each of us was responsible for "teaching" two chapters. Peer pressure was such that everyone did a great job in preparation even if they weren't particularly well versed on the subject."

The company paid the employees for their time in studying and taking the course and exam, plus for the handbook and all fees in taking the test. The exam fee is $550.00. The CLP Handbook is 59.95 + postage = $64.00. If the CLP Applicant completes the application and orders the handbook at the same time they save a few dollars. The total cost would be $600.00 instead of $614.00.

Jim McCommon, CLP, McCommon Leasing, Bellevue, Washington, flew down to Kansas City, and then was picked up to spend time reviewing and helping those study for the test.

"We paid for Jim's airfare and hotel room but that's it, "he said.” Counting travel time Jim was away the better part of three days. He did an all day review before we sat for the test. He did a fabulous job and really helped us focus on areas in which we needed help."

Jim was not reimbursed for his time from the foundation. Cindy Spurdle of the CLP Foundation did all the coordination and helped with the arrangements. Joe Flannery, Security Leasing Services, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, who is not a CLP, donated a full day of his time to be the proctor for the written examination held in the Clune Conference room. Reportedly Joe Flannery was one who encouraged the CLP process to be started at Colonial Pacific Leasing when he was there. He left before it was implemented, but has been interested in it ever since.

"We are very proud of all of our crew, especially those who sat for the test, whether they passed or not, "Clune, CLP, said with enthusiasm.” It was a great learning experience, even for me after 32 years in the business. Our other CLP's are Amy Holsapple, Bernadette McDevitt and Ned Luce. The process caused us to grow in our knowledge of the industry and it is a great training tool.

"On a personal level, it was worth it to me to achieve the designation after being in the equipment leasing industry since 1996," said Bernadette McDevitt, CLP. "On a professional level, I believe it provided me with a higher level of proficiency and confidence in all areas of equipment leasing, not just the area my position as a Credit Analyst serves.

"It was a challenge that required personal commitment and quite a few hours of study in addition to the in-house classes and review, but all the effort was worth it. I am pleased to have earned the CLP designation and grateful to have been part of the process."

"It was an eye opening process," Amy Holsapple, CLP, said. "Like Bernadette, I've been with Clune for 10 years; I work in the accounting area. The process of preparing for the final exam enlightened me to what other employee's positions entailed. Also, I felt the employees that did not take the course learned a lot as we often shared what we learned in class.

"I believe not only our knowledge increased but also our company has become a closer-knit organization. I keep my CLP manual at my desk and refer to it frequently."

Clune said he "...credited our recently retired VP & GM Ned Luce with spearheading the process here. He worked closely with Cindy Spurdle who does a fabulous job in making everything run smoothly."

"The process we went through started with 8 of us in the study program, from all areas of the company, "Luce, CLP explained.” When I went into the process, I had worked 8 years for IBM Credit, 5 years as a broker on my own, and 4 years for Kevin. Yet, the way we did it exposed me and the others to additional parts of the business and industry. Thus, we all learned a lot more sharing experiences and perspectives.

"We predicted that additional knowledge of the material in the CLP Handbook would be the result of our effort when in fact it went further than that with expanded appreciation of the way a company like ours operates in the industry. We all ended up having broader and deeper knowledge, not all of it from the CLP Handbook."

"It is a very tough test," Clune, CLP, concluded. "It looks like one of the two will go for it again but it takes a lot of guts to want to go through something like that again. Cindy has even offered help."

(As a side note, all those named are still CLP's today).

For more information, please visit:

Why I Became a CLP---series



#### Press Release #############################

Shawn Halladay to Speak at NEFA March Conference

Raleigh, NC – Shawn Halladay, Managing Director – Professional Development, of The Alta Group will speak Friday morning, March 23, at NEFA’s 2012 National Equipment Finance Summit, in San Diego, California.

Mr. Halladay, one of the equipment finance industry’s most respected authorities on accounting, will provide NEFA Members and other conference attendees a current status of the many recent and pending accounting changes and an overview of their likely impact on both operations and marketing.

Said Mr. Halladay, "I am very much looking forward to presenting an update on the new leasing rules to NEFA's members and applaud their interest in keeping informed on changes to the market. As an educator, and long-time member of various industry associations, I truly understand the value that association-sponsored education brings to its members."

Gerry Egan
Executive Director, NEFA

“We’re very pleased to have someone of Shawn Halladay’s experience and reputation participating in our conference,” said Gerry Egan, Executive Director of NEFA. “Shawn has both the technical knowledge and the ability to communicate it effectively in real world terms that will make this a practical session for everyone."

The National Equipment Finance Summit, being held March 22-24, 2012, at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, offers an extensive selection of industry educational programs to benefit everyone from the most experienced brokers and lessors to brokers just beginning or wanting to begin transitioning into lessors. Along with the educational programs there will be ample networking time and exhibits showcasing active funding sources and leading-edge service suppliers.

For more information and full program details about the National Equipment Finance Summit, please visit:

##### Press Release ###########################


John Kenny Receivables Management

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement• Fraud Investigations
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(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for investigations
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Mount Laurel, New Jersey -- Adopt-a-Dog


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“Jenna is a cute Border Collie mix with a beautiful black and red brindle coat with some white.

“Her pet parent, who is in a nursing home, could no longer take care of her.

“She would be best in a quiet home where she can be pampered. Jenna walks nicely on a leash and enjoys a walk and just loves to ride in the car. She will need an understanding home that will give her time to adjust. So if you’re looking for a companion, Jenna is for you.”

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Adopt-a-Pet by Leasing Co. State/City

Adopt a Pet




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Online car-selling scam nets $4 million, prosecutors say

Big crowds grace auto show's 1st weekend

Irish billionaire bankrupt, court says

Canadian new-vehicle sales slipped in Nov.

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Cheerleader Song:

“You got to want it to win it---(stomp, stomp, stomp)
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"You got to want it to win it---(stomp, stomp, stomp)
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“Go Niners!”


“Gimme that Wine” 

Calif. Market turns for grape growers

Winemakers to Watch pay tribute to traditional methods

Why You'll Be Drinking Moscato This Year

Winemaker to watch: Chris Brockway

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    1706- Birthday of Benjamin Franklin, "Elder statesman of the American Revolution," oldest signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, scientist, diplomat, author, printer, publisher, philosopher, philanthropist and self-made, self-educated man. Author, printer and publisher of Poor Richard's Almanack (1733-58). Born at Boston, MA, Franklin died at Philadelphia, PA, Apr 17, 1790. His birthday is commemorated each year by the Poor Richard Club of Philadelphia with graveside observance. In 1728 Franklin wrote a premature epitaph for himself. It first appeared in print in Ames's 1771 almanac: "The Body of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN/Printer/Like a Covering of an old Book/Its contents torn out/And stript of its Lettering and Gilding,/Lies here, Food for Worms;/But the work shall not be lost,/It will (as he believ'd) appear once more/In a New and more beautiful Edition/Corrected and amended/By the Author."
    1759-Birthday of Paul Cuffee, merchant, shipbuilder and Black nationalist.
The wealthiest African-American in the United States at the time. 
    1771 -- "Father of the American Novel," Charles Brockden Brown lives, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His first novel, Wieland (1798) involves a demented man who uses ventriloquism to convince his brother to kill his wife & children. It set the stage for two of America's great authors, Edgar Allan Poe & Nathaniel Hawthorne. 
    1775-Colonial workmanship was reflected in the responses by seamstress through the colonies during this rough winter in 1775; an appeal went out by the Continental Congress for 13,000 winter costs for the Continental Army. The quality of the coats was generally so high that many troops chose to accept coats rather than their "bounty." The names of these troops and the makers of their coats are still listed in many New England communities on what is called a Coat Roll.
    1779-- Almost one year to the day when Captain Cook had first sighted the Hawaiian islands, and after giving up on finding the Northwest Passage, he returns to Hawaii with his two ships. Little did he know that, within less than a month, he would be killed on the beach at Kealakekua by the Polynesian natives.
    1817 - A luminous snowstorm occurred in Vermont and New Hampshire. Saint Elmo's fire appeared as static discharges on roof peaks, fence posts, and the hats and fingers of people. Thunderstorms prevailed over central New England.
    1865-General William T. Sherman's army is rained in at Savannah, Georgia, as it waits to begin marching into the Carolinas. In the fall of 1864, Sherman and his army marched across Georgia and destroyed nearly everything in their path. Sherman reasoned that the war would end sooner if the conflict were taken to the civilian South, a view shared by President Lincoln and General-in-Chief Ulysses S. Grant. Sherman's men tore up railroads, burned grain stores, carried away livestock, and left plantations in ruins. The Yankees captured the port city of Savannah just before Christmas, and Sherman paused for three weeks to rest his troops and re-supply his force. After his rest, he planned to move into the Carolinas and subject those states to the same brutal treatment that Georgia received. His 60,000 troops were divided into two wings. General Oliver O. Howard was to take two corps and move northeast to Charleston, South Carolina, while General Henry Slocum was to move northwest toward Augusta, Georgia. These were just diversions to the main target: Columbia, South Carolina. As Sherman was preparing to move, the rains began. On January 17, the Yankees waited while heavy rains pelted the region. The downpour lasted for ten days, the heaviest rainfall in 20 years. Some of Sherman's aides thought a winter campaign in the Carolinas would be difficult with such wet weather, but Sherman had spent four years in Charleston as a young lieutenant in the army, and he believed that the march was possible. He also possessed an army that was ready to continue its assault on the Confederacy. Sherman wrote to his wife that he "...never saw a more confident army...The soldiers think I know everything and that they can do anything." Sherman's army did not begin moving until the end of the month. When the army finally did move, it conducted a campaign against South Carolina that was worse than that against Georgia. Sherman wanted to exact revenge on the state that had led secession and started the war by firing on Fort Sumter. 
    1871- Andrew Hallidie received a patent for a cable car system that began service in San Francisco in 1873.
(lower half of: )
    1893 --The Hawaiian monarchy is overthrown by a conspiracy of non-Hawaiians organized by John L. Stevens. the United States Minister assigned to the sovereign and independent Kingdom of Hawaii. On 14 January, he had conspired with a small group of non-Hawaiian residents of the Kingdom of Hawaii, including citizens of the United States, to overthrow the indigenous and lawful Government of Hawaii. In pursuance of the conspiracy, the US Minister and the naval representatives of the US caused armed naval forces of the US to invade the sovereign Hawaiian nation on 16 January 1893, and to position themselves near the Hawaiian Government buildings and Iolani Palace to intimidate Queen Liliuokalani and her Government; and on the afternoon of 17 January 1993, a Committee of Safety that represented the US and European sugar planters, descendents of missionaries, and financiers deposed the Hawaiian monarchy and proclaimed the establishment of a Provisional Government; and the US Minister thereupon extended diplomatic recognition to the Provisional Government that was formed by the conspirators without the consent of the Native Hawaiian people or the lawful Government of Hawaii and in violation of treaties between the two nations and of international law.
On the Hawaiian Islands, a group of American sugar planters under Sanford Ballard Dole overthrow Queen Liliuokalani, the Hawaiian monarch, and establish a new provincial government with Dole as president. The coup occurs with the foreknowledge of John L. Stevens, the US minister to Hawaii, and three hundred US Marines from the US cruiser Boston are called to Hawaii, allegedly to protect American lives. The first known settlers of the Hawaiian Islands were Polynesian voyagers who arrived sometime in the eighth century, and in the early eighteenth century the first American traders came to Hawaii to exploit the islands' sandalwood, which was much valued in China at the time. In the 1830s, the sugar industry was introduced to Hawaii, and by the mid-nineteenth century, had become well established. American missionaries and planters brought about great changes in Hawaiian political, cultural, economic, and religious life, and in 1840, a constitutional monarchy was established, stripping the Hawaiian monarch of much of his authority. 
Four years later, Sanford B. Dole was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to US parents. Over the next four decades, Hawaii entered into a number of political and economic treaties with the United States, and in 1887, a US naval base was established at Pearl Harbor as part of a new Hawaiian constitution. Sugar exports to the US expanded greatly over the next four years, and US investors and American sugar planters on the islands broadened their domination over Hawaiian affairs.
    1893 - The mercury dipped to 17 degrees below zero at Millsboro, DE, to establish a state record.
    1899- Robert Maynard Hutchins, American educator, foundation executive and civil liberties activist, born at Brooklyn, NY. He was president and later chancellor of the University of Chicago, where he introduced many educational concepts, including the Great Books program. Died at Santa Barbara, CA, on May 14, 1977.
    1902-Birthday of pianist James “Stump” Johnson, Clarksville, TN
----1910 Sid Catlett Birthday
    1912- Tenor sax player Vido Musso born Carrini, Sicily, died January 9, 1982 Palm Springs, CA.
    1916- a group of 35 New York area golf professionals met for lunch at the Taplow Club, hosted by department store magnate Rodman Wanamaker. They discussed forming a national organization that promotes interest in the game and elevates the status of the professional golfer. The group appointed an organizing of seven to work on a constitution that was approved on April 16, forming the Professional Golfers Association of America.
    1920-- Walter Bailes, a member of the early country trio the Bailes Brothers, was born. The Appalachian. 
    1922-- Betty White, actress and animal protection advocate.
    1927-- Sultry nightclub singer Eartha Kitt was born in Columbia, South Carolina. Her real birth date wasn't known until 1997 when students at Benedict College in Columbia tracked down her birth certificate. Kitt had picked her own birth date, January 26th, because she was adopted at age six when her mother died and did not know her father. She began her professional career in the troupe of famed dancer Katherine Dunham, with whom Kitt toured Europe and Mexico. Within a year, Kitt was headlining at top European clubs with her singing and dancing. She also starred in three films in France. She returned to the US in the early 1950's, playing such famous nightspots as the Village Vanguard in New York and the Mocambo in Los Angeles. Eartha Kitt is best known for her 1953 recordings of "C'est Si Bon" and "Santa Baby."
    1938-The first jazz concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City took place when Benny Goodman and his Orchestra played with guest performers Jess Stacy, Count Basie, and members of the Basie and Duke Ellington orchestra. The record album available on Columbia is considered a jazz “classic.”
    1941 - On Okeh Records, Gene Krupa and his band recorded "Drum Boogie". The Irene Daye sang with them in the song’s chorus.
    1942- Former heavyweight champion boxer Muhammad Ali born Louisville, KY.
    1944- Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier, Beauford, SC.
    1945---Top Hits
Don’t Fence Me In - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters
There Goes that Song Again - Russ Morgan
I’m Making Believe - Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots
I’m Wastin’ My Tears on You - Tex Ritter
    1948--Mick Taylor, one of the great slide guitarists in rock music, was born in Welwyn Garden City, England. He left school at 15 and taught himself guitar, playing in a local group called The Gods. Taylor sat in for Eric Clapton when Clapton missed a gig with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Taylor later joined Mayall's group when Clapton left permanently. Taylor's playing on John Mayall's "Bare Wires" album led to him being selected to replace the deceased Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones in 1969. His highlight with the Stones is the album "Exile on Main Street." Mick Taylor left the Stones in 1974, played briefly with a band led by Jack Bruce, then in 1979 began a solo career. 
    1949- “The Goldberg’s” premiered on TV. Originally broadcast by CBS, this show was one of the earliest TV sitcoms. The show centered around a Jewish mother and her family living in the Bronx and later in the suburbs. Gertrude Berg created the hit radio show before she wrote, produced and starred as Molly Goldberg in the television version. Contributing actors and actresses included Philip Loeb, Arlene McQuade, Tom Taylor, Eli Mintz, Menasha Skulnik and Arnold Stang.
    1950-A team of 11 thieves, in a precisely timed and choreographed strike, steals more than $2 million from the Brinks Armored Car depot in Boston, Massachusetts. The Great Brinks Robbery, as it quickly became known, was the almost perfect crime. Only days before the statute of limitations was set to expire on the crime, the culprits were finally caught. Tony Pino, a lifelong criminal, was the mastermind behind the audacious theft. Together with Big Joe McGinnis, he assembled a group that meticulously planned the heist. They staked out the depot for a year and a half to figure out when it was holding the most money. Then, the gang stole the plans for the depot's alarm system and returned them before anyone noticed that they were missing. The criminal team held repeated rehearsals, with each man wearing blue coats and Halloween masks. On January 17, they finally put their plan into action. Inside the counting room, the gang surprised the guards and tied up the employees. Fourteen canvas bags, weighing more than half a ton, were filled with cash, coins, checks, and money orders. Within 30 minutes, the Brinks robbery team was gone-taking $2.7 million with them. They left no clues at all. Next, the gang met and split the proceeds of the theft. They agreed that each would stay out of trouble for six years and they almost made it. However, one of the men, Specs O'Keefe, left his share with another member because he had to serve a prison sentence for another crime. O'Keefe, worried that he would be cheated out of his money, indicated that he might begin to talk. The others decided to send a hit man to kill O'Keefe but he was only wounded, and the assassin was caught. O'Keefe made a deal with police and testified against the others. Eight participants in the Great Brinks Robbery were caught and convicted. However, only a small part of the money was ever recovered. Tours of Boston today take you down this street and tell you about
the individuals in the robbery.
    1952- after a short period of small bands, Count Basie brings his big band back with
a recording contract at Clef records.
    1953---Top Hits
Why Don’t You Believe Me - Joni James
Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes - Perry Como
Keep It a Secret - Jo Stafford
Midnight - Red Foley
    1956 - British pop star Paul Young is born in Bedfordshire, England. His biggest hit is ``Everytime You Go Away'' in 1985. The No. 1 song is written by Daryl Hall.
    1960- baseball player Chilli Davis born Kingston, Jamaica.
    1960-Nearly 20 million people watch Cliff Richard and The Shadows perform on Sunday Night At The London Palladium, where the singer is presented a Gold record for his hit, "Living Doll".
    1961- President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his farewell address to the nation on national radio and television, spoke the sentences that would be the most quoted and remembered of his presidency. In a direct warning, he said, "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and persists."
    1961---Top Hits
Wonderland by Night - Bert Kaempfert
Exodus - Ferrante & Teicher
Will You Love Me Tomorrow - The Shirelles
North to Alaska - Johnny Horton
    1963-Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and Ian Stewart perform together for the first time at London's Marquee Jazz Club.
    1964 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: ``There! I've Said It Again,'' Bobby Vinton. This song can be considered the last No. 1 song before the British invasion. After four weeks at No. 1, Vinton turns over that spot to the Beatles and their first U.S. hit, ``I Want to Hold Your Hand.''
    1967- the first "Human Be-In" was held on the polo field of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. It is estimated 20,000 “hippies” gathered to listen to psychedelic music, love each other, and use recreational drugs, not necessarily in that order. Among the performers were the Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Big Brother and the Holding Company. Among the speakers Jerry Rubin, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Timothy Leary. Participants were urged to bring food to share, flowers, beads, costumes, feathers, bells, cymbals & flags. The Be-In was produced by Michael Bowen. Sponsored by Haight Independent Proprietors (H.I.P.) & the Communication Co.
    1967-40-year-old David Mason recorded the piccolo trumpet solo for The Beatle's "Penny Lane" at Abbey Road Studios in London. He was paid 27 pounds, 10 shillings ($42) for his performance. In August, 1987, the trumpet he used was sold at a Sotheby's auction for $10,846.
    1967- London's Daily Mail newspaper carries an article about potholes in Blackburn, Lancashire. It was this article that inspired the line John Lennon wrote in "A Day In The Life."
    1988 - A Pacific storm battered the southern coast of California. Winds gusting to 65 mph uprooted trees in San Diego. Los Angeles reported an all-time record low barometric pressure reading of 29.25 inches.
    1969---Top Hits
I Heard It Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
I’m Gonna Make You Love Me - Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations
Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell
Daddy Sang Bass - Johnny Cash
    1969-- Led Zeppelin, "Led Zeppelin" released.
    1969-- Elton John, "Lady Samantha" released.
    1970-- Willie Mays is named as the Player of the Decade for the sixties by the Sporting News.
    1971-- Marvin Gaye performs the national anthem at Superbowl V in Miami, FL.
    1971 -- Baltimore defeats Dallas 16-13 in Super Bowl V on Jim O'Brien's 32-yard field goal with five seconds remaining.
    1972-- Highway 51 South in Memphis, TN is renamed "Elvis Presley Blvd."
    1974 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: ``Show and Tell,'' Al Wilson.
    1975- “Baretta” premiered on TV; CBS series starring Robert Blake as Baretta, a police detective who defied his superiors and solved his cases in a most unorthodox manner--usually by figuring it out while talking to his pet cockatoo, Fred, or his informant, Rooster (played by Michael D. Roberts). Commanding officer Lieutenant Hal Brubaker was played by Edward Grover. The last telecast aired on June 1, 1978.
    1976-- Barry Manilow's "I Write the Songs" hits #1, written by the Beach Boy’s
pianist, Bruce Johnston.
    1977---Top Hits
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer
I Wish - Stevie Wonder
Car Wash - Rose Royce
You Never Miss a Really Good Thing (Till He Says Goodbye) - Crystal Gayle
    1984-- VCR home taping ruled legal: The US Supreme Court ruled that private use of a home videocassette recorder did not violate copyright laws. The decision overturned a 1981 ruling that made the copying of programs and the sale of video recorders illegal. The Supreme Court's decision marked a major defeat for Walt Disney, Universal City Studios, and other entertainment companies that had fought to ban home videotape machines. Over the next fifteen years, as technology improved for reproducing and electronically distributing images, words, movies, and other media, intellectual property cases like the VCR suit would become increasingly important.
    1984 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: ``Owner of a Lonely Heart,'' Yes.
    1985---Top Hits
Like a Virgin - Madonna
All I Need - Jack Wagner
You’re the Inspiration - Chicago
The Best Year of My Life - Eddie Rabbitt 
    1987 - A winter storm spread snow from the Southern Rockies into the Middle Mississippi Valley and southwestern sections of the Great Lakes Region, and freezing rain across Texas and oklahoma. Snowfall totals ranged up to 16 inches at Tulia TX, with 12 inches at Wellington KS.
    1988- the Denver Bronco’s won their second consecutive AFC championship by defeating the Cleveland Browns., 38-33. , at Denver’s Mile High Stadium. Denver quarter-back John Elway threw three touchdown passes, and Jermiah Castille stripped the ball from Cleveland’s Earnest Bryner late in the game to preserve the victory. 
    1990 - Twenty cities across the southeastern half of the country reported record high temperatures for the date. Record highs included 61 degrees at Williamstown PA and 85 degrees at Brownsville TX. Evening thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds from eastern Texas to Mississippi.
    1990-- The Fifth Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are held in New York City. Inductees include Hank Ballard, Bobby Darin, The Four Seasons, The Four Tops, The Kinks, The Platters, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Who.
    1991 - Operation Desert Storm began. The first serviceman killed in the Gulf War was Navy pilot Scott Speicher. His F-18 Hornet fighter was shot down over Iraq by antiaircraft fire. The U.S. and its United Nations allies went to war to drive Saddam Hussein’s army out of Iraqi-occupied Kuwait. U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf gave the go-ahead for bombing raids on Baghdad, followed a few weeks later by assaults with ground troops on Iraqi troops in southern Iraq and Kuwait. During the following six weeks Iraq fired its Scud missiles at U.S. bases in Saudi Arabia and at the general population in Israel, but was routed soundly. Iraqi troops left Kuwait, retreating all the way to Baghdad and, in many cases, surrendering in the field. 
    1993-- President William Jefferson Clinton's Inauguration ceremonies feature a free outdoor concert at which Aretha Franklin, Michael Bolton, Tony Bennett, Bob Dylan, and Diana Ross (among others) perform.
    1994-an earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale struck the Los Angeles area about 4:20 AM. The epicenter was at Northridge in the San Fernando Valley, about 20 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. A death toll of 51 was announced Jan 20. Sixteen of the dead were killed in the collapse of one apartment building. More than 25,000 people were made homeless by the quake and 680,000 lost electric power. Many buildings were destroyed and others made uninhabitable due to structural damage. A section of the Santa Monica Freeway, part of the Simi Valley Freeway and three major overpasses collapsed. Hundreds of aftershocks occurred in the following several weeks. Costs to repair the damages were estimated at 15-30 billion dollars.
    1995 -Los Angeles Rams announce that they are moving to St Louis
    1996- Center Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings scored the 500th-regular season goal of his National Hockey League career as the Wings defeated the Colorado Avalanche, 3-2.
    1996-- The Eleventh Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are held in New York City. Inductees include David Bowie, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Jefferson Airplane, Little Willie John, Pink Floyd, The Shirelles, and The Velvet Underground.
    1996- The Eleventh Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are held in New York City. Inductees include David Bowie, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Jefferson Airplane, Little Willie John, Pink Floyd, The Shirelles, and The Velvet Underground.
    1998 - Savage Garden’s "Truly, Madly, Deeply" was the number-one single in the U.S. for the first of two weeks. “I want to stand with you on a mountain; I want to bathe with you in the sea; I want to lay like this forever; Until the sky falls down on me.”
    1999-At the American Music Awards, Billy Joel is given the Special Award of Merit for his "inspired songwriting skills" and "exciting showmanship."
    2010 - A series of strong Pacific storms impacted Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah from January 17th through 23rd, leaving behind several feet of snow across the higher terrain and breaking numerous lowest barometric pressure records across the region. Sunrise Mountain, Arizona received 77 inches of snow, while Mammoth Lakes, California received 90 inches.

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    1971 Baltimore Colts

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