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Marlin Leasing

Earnings Call Transcript 2nd Quarter, 2018

Marlin Quarter 1 Earnings Call Transcript

Highlights Marlin Business Service’s

Marlin Business Services Earnings Call Transcript

Highlights from Marlin Business Services Q3 2017

10-Q for Quarter Ended Sept 30, 2017

Not Brought Forward in Marlin Press Release

What They Didn't Divulge in their Press Release
“Letter from Insider Tells Layoffs and Deals in Pipeline”

Very Brief Highlights Marlin 10K Year 2016

Marlin 59 Page September 30, 2016 10Q Highlights

Highlights on Marlin Business Telephone Conference Call

Marlin Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Not Emphasized in Marlin’s Press Release

2015 YE Marlin: What Was Not in their Press Release

Marlin 4th Quarter Reveals More
 Why Co-Founder/CEO Dan Dyer “Retired”

Marlin Business Services Is A Buyout Target

Marlin Announces Thrust into
Commercial Truck and Specialty Vehicles

79 page 10Q SEC Filing Marlin Business Services
What Was Not Fully Covered in the Press Release

Marlin Business Bank Loan Website Requirements - Really?
"apply online for loans of up to $100,000 in a matter of minutes"

What You Didn’t See in the Marlin Leasing Press Release

Marlin Net $500,000 Less than Previous 1st Q
Lease/Loan Production Down $7.9MM - Sr. VP/CFO Resigns

Marlin Didn’t Check Out the Vendor and Paid the Price

Marlin Leasing 10K December 31, 2015
What You Miss from their Press

Marlin Reports 4th Quarter and Year-End Profits Up

Investment Firm Backing Marlin Sells 1.7 Million Stock
to Another Marlin Investment Group

What the Marlin 3rd Quarter Press Release
Did Not Include

Marlin Files Amendment to Wells Fargo Loan

Marlin Business Services reports 2nd Quarter

Marlin Announces $15 Million Stock Repurchase Program

Marlin Leasing Getting Back into Broker Business

Marlin Evergreen Clause Still Bringing Net Profit

Highlights from Marlin Business Service 10-Q 3rd Quarter

Insiders on Why Pelose is Leaving Marlin Leasing

Marlin Business Services Corp. Announces
Retirement of George D. Pelose

Marlin Leasing Web Site Information
George Pelose

Archives---September 5, 2007
Bill Waddell resigns from Marlin Leasing

Marlin Leasing Officers Exercises Stock Options

Marlin Leasing 1st Quarter Interesting Facts

Marlin Business Service Form 10-K Highlights
What you did not see in the press release

Marlin Continues Growth & Sales in 4th Q/Year-end
--- Outlines Who They Are

Marlin's CEO Dyer Joins ELFA Board Press Release

Marlin Officers Take 4th Quarter "Bonus"

What You Missed in Marlin Leasing’s Last Press Release

Marlin's CEO Dyer Joins ELFA Board Press Release
Don't look for any change in Evergreen from ELFA

Marlin 1st Time Net Income Exceeds Evergreen Income

Marlin Amends Wells Fargo Capital Line

It's Evergreen Again with Marlin's Profits

Why the Evergreen Clause is important to Marlin Leasing

Marlin Shows $507,000 Profit over last year numbers

Marlin Business Service Officers’ "Exotic Pay"
   by Christopher Menkin

Marlin Leasing Officers Exercise a lot of Stock Options

Marlin with 97 Salesmen Still Relies on Evergreen for Profit

Marlin Profit Down due to hiring more sale personnel

Evergreen Leasing Continue Marlin's Sole Net Profit by Christopher Menkin

Marlin Officers Acquire Stock Before 4th Q Announcement

"Evergreen" is Marlin’s Third Quarter

Evergreen calendar makes Marlin Leasing Profitable

Marlin Reports Second Quarter Net Income $1.6 million

Clarification: Marlin Not Taking on Additional Brokers

Marlin Profit is from “Evergreen” clause

 Marlin turns it around!

Marlin Leasing Now Accepting Broker Business

Marlin Leasing: “What Me! Worry?”
by Christopher Menkin

Marlin Stock hits $10.75 a share

You Won’t Believe Marlin's New Approval Form

Marlin Cuts Expenses to Produce Profit Marlin Business Bank

Marlin Leasing and Evergreen Clauses

Marlin Cuts Expenses to Produce Profit

Marlin BBB "F Rating" gets $75MM from Wells

Marlin Leasing 2nd 8K Available

Marlin turns in $550,000 GAAP Quarter

Marlin Business Services, Mount Laurel, NJ

LA Investor purchases almost $10MM Marin Leasing Stock

Highlights: Marlin 10-Q 3/31/2009 SEC Filing

Marlin: "The Axeman Cometh"
by Christopher Menkin

Marlin! Oh, Marlin! Rise up & Hear the Bells

Marlin---The House of Dan
by Christopher Menkin

Marlin Business Services Closes Two Office/28 let go

Reader comes through on News about Marlin

Marlin Shuts Down Broker Division

Marlin Business Services: Money Honey

It's Official: Marlin Business Bank

Marlin Confirms “Massive Layoffs”

Cartoon---Marlin HR Department

Marlin Leasing "Massive" Layoffs?

Marlin “first quarter 2008 Earnings Call”
by Christopher Menkin

Marlin's New Director guesses wrong

Marlin to sell 1,216,288 shares

Marlin Leasing Employee Numbers

Marlin Leasing Stock downgraded

Marlin Stock falls after Financial Report

"Bloodbath" at Marlin Leasing