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Computer Tips and Social Media

How to Get to "Groups" in LinkedIn

National Do Not Call Registry

WannaCry Cyber Attack and Others Still to Come
 Reason: Too Many non-Windows 10 Users

How to Take Control of Your Email Inbox

Protect Your Computer/Laptop

How to Find Your Smartphone

Twice the Time - Same Number of Apps

Chart: What Happens in an Internet Minute

Blocking Robocalls on Smartphones

Internet connectivity is driving the biggest
in-car business opportunity in years

Chart---How Often Americans Log In to Social Networks

Who Needs a Desk? Watch the Change

Smartphone users spend almost all their time
in their 3 favorite apps

Hotel Wi-Fi: Weigh the risk
Also Applies to all Public Wi-Fi

All Wireless Phones to Have Anti-Theft Devices
Servicers to Have Preloaded or Downloadable Software

Kevin O'Toole's Advice on Technology

Step-by-Step Directions to Stop Unwanted Calls
and Texts to Your Mobile Phone

Average Smartphone Owner's Daily Time-Spend

Mobile App Usage Growth by Category---Chart

Wireless Network Protection

Global public Wi-Fi hotspots to reach 48m by year-end

Social Media: Differences in Gender, Age, and Income

Chart: Social Network Users by Age

Where to Sell Your Old Handsets or iPad

Tiny Breathalyzer Plugs into Your Phone

Use a Password Generator

Chart -We Only Watch Fraction of TV Channels

Chart---Search Sites Generate Most Revenue per User

Chart--The Addictive Power of Mobile

Mobile Devices Nearly Doubled Americans' Online Time

Has the PC Industry Bottomed Out

The Mobile Experience is All About Apps

Federal Reserve Report: Mobile Financial Services

15 Apps to Track & Manage Your Goals

Netiquette: Rules of Behavior For Email and the Internet

Mobile App Usage Growth by Category

Android Platform Most Popular For Facebook

The Future of Digital: 2013

Check Your Internet Speed Connection---Why

Apple Users as % of Windows Users

Comcast Increases Internet Speeds, Drops Prices, too

Back Problems/Poor Posture
--- May be Your Desk

Look Horizontal or Up, Not Down at Your Computer Monitor


Mobile Security Personal Edition
by Trend Micro for Android & iPhone


LinkedIn Advice on Passwords

3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now

Sending files on the Internet

Microsoft Explorer 8-Redux

Improve Your Internet Surfing Speed

Google 411---Free

New Google Feature—Good, Bad, and the...

How to create your own private/public blog

Free Lease-vs-Buy Calculator

Google Tool Bar

IE History—Improve Performance

How to Check your eMail from a Public Computer

Look out for Hotel computers!

Printing an “on line” Article

Screen Resolutions affect what you see