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Computer Tips and Social Media

Custom URL on How to do it and Why

The Real Life Risks of Re-Using the Same Passwords

Pocket-Sized Replacement for Desktop Scanner

"Groups" Changes Choices in LinkedIn
Be Aware You Need to Update Respond

How to Get to "Groups" in LinkedIn

National Do Not Call Registry

WannaCry Cyber Attack and Others Still to Come
 Reason: Too Many non-Windows 10 Users

How to Take Control of Your Email Inbox

Protect Your Computer/Laptop

How to Find Your Smartphone

Twice the Time - Same Number of Apps

Chart: What Happens in an Internet Minute

Blocking Robocalls on Smartphones

Internet connectivity is driving the biggest
in-car business opportunity in years

Chart---How Often Americans Log In to Social Networks

Who Needs a Desk? Watch the Change

Smartphone users spend almost all their time
in their 3 favorite apps

Hotel Wi-Fi: Weigh the risk
Also Applies to all Public Wi-Fi

All Wireless Phones to Have Anti-Theft Devices
Servicers to Have Preloaded or Downloadable Software

Kevin O'Toole's Advice on Technology

Step-by-Step Directions to Stop Unwanted Calls
and Texts to Your Mobile Phone

Average Smartphone Owner's Daily Time-Spend

Mobile App Usage Growth by Category---Chart

Wireless Network Protection

Global public Wi-Fi hotspots to reach 48m by year-end

Social Media: Differences in Gender, Age, and Income

Chart: Social Network Users by Age

Where to Sell Your Old Handsets or iPad

Tiny Breathalyzer Plugs into Your Phone

Use a Password Generator

Chart -We Only Watch Fraction of TV Channels

Chart---Search Sites Generate Most Revenue per User

Chart--The Addictive Power of Mobile

Mobile Devices Nearly Doubled Americans' Online Time

Has the PC Industry Bottomed Out

The Mobile Experience is All About Apps

Federal Reserve Report: Mobile Financial Services

15 Apps to Track & Manage Your Goals

Netiquette: Rules of Behavior For Email and the Internet

Mobile App Usage Growth by Category

Android Platform Most Popular For Facebook

The Future of Digital: 2013

Check Your Internet Speed Connection---Why

Apple Users as % of Windows Users

Comcast Increases Internet Speeds, Drops Prices, too

Back Problems/Poor Posture
--- May be Your Desk

Look Horizontal or Up, Not Down at Your Computer Monitor


Mobile Security Personal Edition
by Trend Micro for Android & iPhone


LinkedIn Advice on Passwords

3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now

Sending files on the Internet

Microsoft Explorer 8-Redux

Improve Your Internet Surfing Speed

Google 411---Free

New Google Feature—Good, Bad, and the...

How to create your own private/public blog

Free Lease-vs-Buy Calculator

Google Tool Bar

IE History—Improve Performance

How to Check your eMail from a Public Computer

Look out for Hotel computers!

Printing an “on line” Article

Screen Resolutions affect what you see