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NorVergence Collection

Norvergence December 2013 update
Norvergence October 2013 update

Archives: List of 43 Funders who purchased NorVergence Leases
Today: Exclusive Comment on Conviction of Salzano
NorVergence Head Finally Tagged a Felon
But Sentence is a Joke
NorVergence Updated

The Aberdeen Kid—Yahoo Blog

Robert Fine of NorVergence Fame at Signature Bank

End of the year 2011 update

NorVergence’s Tom Salzano on Trial in Louisiana
NorVergence Six Years Later

NorVergence BK Pre-Trial Date Set & What's New

Leasing Law after NorVergence
NorVergence Mastermind Spends Night in Jail
Correction: IFC Credit Press Release
"Settled" not "Dismissed"

by Christopher Menkin, editor/publisher
Settlement in works FTC vs. IFC
NorVergence Leases back in the News
FTC-IFC Trial Postponed until November
FTC – IFC Credit fire salvoes at each other
National City Commercial Capital/NorVergence
Dolphin loses its Appeal on NorVergence leases
NACM Index continues to indicate contraction
Major Development at FTC-IFC Credit case
FTC-IFC Settlement in the Offering
Judge rules against IFC appeal in Texas
FTC-IFC “Bench Trial” –Up-Date
FTC proceeds against IFC Credit
Law Firm Askounis-Borst Breaks Up
IFC Credit Announces New Credit Facility
FTC presses for preliminary judgment against IFC
FTC files IFC/Texas AG first to follow
Presentation showed Service in contract
FTC versus IFC Credit Corporation
Norvergence, four years later
Correction: FTC Acknowledges FTC
IFC Credit loses another NorVergence lease
IFC Credit Acknowledges FTC Complaint
Missouri AG Joins the IFC action
FTC files IFC/Texas AG first to follow
Norvergence costing IFC Credit $50MM
Site Inspections on all deals
Equipment Leasing is changed forever
by Christopher Menking, publisher
Presentation showed Service in contract
FTC files IFC/Texas AG first to follow
Norvergence costing IFC Credit $50MM
Site Inspections on all deals
500 IFC Credit NorVergence leases in Mediation?
The Story of NorVergence as per Wikipedia
500 NorVergence ERA cases to be consolidated
Cartoon---Rudy Trebels talkin with his attorney
NorVergence Lessee Up-date
BK Trustee Sues Salzano's Son for $1/2 MM
FTC Attorney Randy Brook responds to Shawn Halladay
NorVergence questions by Shawn Halladay
New Decisions: NorVergence Leases
IFC Still on the mat
NorVergence BK Trustee seeks money from Tel. Providers
IFC Credit Hits the Mat Again

Christmas gift for Kuumba
IFC Credit Wins Another
FTC files injuction against two NorVergence Officers
Essential to IFC's financial health
NY AG Now at $20 Million
Under New President Fred Van Etten
Popular Reaches $15.3MM Settlement
NY AG Spitzer gets Nine more NorVergence settlements
IFC gets Walloped in Jury Trial
Norvergence --- FTC Shoe to Follow
NorVergence Bankruptcy Trustee Sues 26 Banks/Officers
Call to Settle ASAP
Breaking National City Bank
Letters---We get eMails!!!
FTC NorVergence Officer Settlement
Clarification: FTC Randy Brook' statement
Texas Judge Socks it to IFC Credit
Popular Leasing making settlements?
Bruce Horton still president of Popular Leasing
Van Etten to help turn things around----
Judge Montgomery Rules
What a surprise!!!
Cartoon --- Kit Menkin in Pocket of Mike Fleming
Cartoon---IFC VP Operations Patrick A. Witowski
"Holdback" news
NorVergence Scandal Getting “Warmer”
Feds Step-Up NorVergence Lease Investigation
“SOS v. IFC Credit Corp.” Judge
Texas Judge Rules against IFC Credit
IFC to sue Leasing News for “Slander”
NorVergence Lessee Listserve Reactions
“Hell or High Water” Contracts
NorVergence Lease “Dirty Dora”
Your Friendly Federal Trade Commission
Plus Senior Atty. Brook Answers Questions
New NorVergence Settlement Numbers
Salzano's House on Line
Coda: Texas Law NorVergence Leases
Why IFC Credit Corp. is in Trouble
Who is John Estok?---
FirstCorp Celebrates First Quarter-Century as Leader in Small Ticket Leasing
NorVergence--Are We Being "Fair?"
Are the NorVergence Lessees being misled?
John Estok, Executive Vice-President of IFC Credit:
Popular Loses another NorVergence Legal Round
AG's NorVergence Response:
48.2% Take Settlement
Recomm similar to Royal Links or NorVergence?
Rudy Trebels, President IFC Credit, Issues Statement
IFC Credit “Letter to the Editor”...
...but not to the FTC
FTC vs. IFC---another Wallop, Mr. Estok?
FTC Singles out IFC Credit Corp
Popular Leasing Wins Motion “Not to include NorVergence”
10,629 NorVergence Leases in Contention
Illinois courts dismiss IFC suits v. NorVergence
NorVergence Legal Co-op Sept. Newsletter
NorVergence Lessee Gets Stay—Precedent?
NorVergence 1450 member Class Action Certified in New Jersey
We are coming for the rest of the LC's now!
NJ Judge Orders $15Million to 600 Pennsylvania lessees
Correction -- Popular Leasing/California
Number of Leasing Companies with NorVergence "ERA"
NorVergence Settlement Being Accepted Breaking Record Number
Novergence Settlement Wrap-Up to date
NorVergence - Private Suit versus IFC Credit
Former NorVergence chief's new venture falls just as hard
FTC Judgement Norvergence collection
Popular Leasing, Inc. – Update
Controversy: IFC Credit and the word “Wallop”
Correction: Missouri Court Denies Popular Leasing appeal
Exclusive: FTC Wins $47 MM NorVergence Lease Judgement
Former NorVergence chief's new venture falls just as hard
NJ AG Gets 7 More Agreements
California AG Settlement with Wells Fargo
Deposition of Partners Equity Martin Babicki
NorVergence Founders Back in Business
Partners Equity Capital Rumors
FTC Asks for $181 Million NorVergence Enchilada
NorVergence Default Judgment's Worthless?
GE Capital "A Settlement Prototype"
Full Copy of Green Class Action Filings
Green to file Appeal on Norvergence Class Action Denial
NorVergence Leases make the Washington Post
Massachusetts court dismisses all NorVergence Leases
NorVergence Ruling Appealed By Florida A.G.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Settlement Costs Vs. Litigation Costs
Leasing Companies Win One in Court
Court Rules on Preferred Capital Jurisdiction
$24 Million More in Settlements NorVergence Leases
"Inside" the NorVergence Lease Settlements
Connecticut $143,000 NorVergence Settlement
GE Capitals Takes Another $2.9 Million NorVergence Hit
Is CIT Throwing the Towel
The Fall of NorVergence, Insider's Viewpoint
Texas Judgment NorVergence Leases Being Appealed
Twenty State AGs Can't Be Wrong
NorVergence Relative?
Preferred Capital Pushed into Receivership
120 Days to add NorVergence to Missouri Law Suit
Popular Leasing USA Loses Its Argument in Home Town Court
NorVergence Soap Opera
California AG Joins the NorVergence Venue Fray
NorVergence “Equipment Rental Agreement”
Exclusive Interview: Randy Brook
NorVergence "Equipment Rental Agreement"
CCL and "Class Action"
Ohio Banks Affected by NorVergence Bankruptcy
NorVergence Mess Not Going Away, Perhaps Criminal Action
Preferred Capital, Brecksville, Ohio
FTC Serves CIT Financial
Why 43 Leasing Companies?
Another Hammered Down
Venue Losses by Lessors
GE Phone Deal Wins Tentative Approval
LN in the Minority on Settlement for NorVergence Lessees
US Bancorp Takes the High Road: NorVergence Leases
NorVergence BK Trustee Pleads for More Time
NY AG Eliot Spitzer Settles Two More
Florida Leasing Company Not Named in Florida AG Suit
The Power of the Internet on Equipment Leasing
The Value of Salzano's PG
Failed telecom's chief files Chap. 11
NorVergence Class Action Group Fights Back
Congratulations to the AG's
East Coast AG's Whipping West Coast AG's 5-1
NorVergence Up-Date
More Leasing Companies “Caving In”
NorVergence probe examines insider transfers
NY Atty Gen. Gets Additional $11 Million Settlement
Leasing News Editorial
Questionnaire re: Leasing News Editorial
Leasing News' Position on the NorVergence Scandal
Telecom Agent Association Position
Florida AG Charlie Crist Initiates Settlement with Leasing Company
Penn. AG Sues NorVergence/Salzano Brother
Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
NYAG Will Run for Gov/Goes After 19 More Leasing Companies
GE Capital Settlement Reaction
GE Capital Becomes Hero in NorVergence Scandal
NorVergence Happy Holidays
NorVergence 6 Class Action Join Forces
Bob Rodi, CLP on Michael Fleming letter to Star Ledger
NorVergence Leasing Customers Respond to Fleming
41 Leasing Companies on Norvergence Dilemma
ELA Responds to New Jersey Star Ledger-Norvergence
Illinois Ag Files Suit Against NorVergence
FTC Gets into Norvergence Fray
Request to Post NorVergence User's Lament
Official NorVergence Class Action Hearing Reaction Statement
Butts Kicked???
NorVergence Up-Date—CIT/Florida AG/NAELB
Bad News for Leasing
Norvergence: ELA Representatives meet in NY Attorney General Staff
Who is Alex Wolf?
NorVergence—“Us” versus “Them”
Letters 9/29/04
25 Leasing Companies Now Named
“Weir & Partners” typical List Serve reaction:
Chicago Tribune notes “No ICC Licensing Control”
Thursday E-mail
Florida AG Drops Leasing Bomb
 Subpoenas 15 Leasing Companies/Halts Payments
Other NorVergence Legal Action—
Telecom Agents Assoc. Move Forward
List Serve Action Still Hot and Heavy
Office of the Attorney General Press Release
NorVergence Bankruptcy Hearing
Copy of First Class Action Against NorVergence Assignees
First NorVergence Class Action Filed
Local Business Papers Pick Up the Story
Leasing Companies involved with NorVergence
NorVergence Customers Unite Against Leasing Companies  
NorVergence Action Lines
NorVergence hit with new pay flap
"Legal Co-Op" Membership Over 40 Now
Looking for "Leasing Legal Experts"
Why Qwest Pulled the Plug on NorVergence
NorVergence mastermind no stranger to bankruptcy
NorVergence bankruptcy leads to charges of scam  
Telecom Agents Assoc. Looking for “Leasing Legal Experts
Wake Up! Discounters!!! Banks!!! Investors!!!
TAA---Call All Lawyers! Just 17 Leasing Companies?
Fraud Involved with NorVergence Payroll?
NorVergence Telecom Legal Co-Op Continues to Grow
Customers Tells Us They Will Be Stopping Payment
NorVergence "Application Only" Quagmire
Telecom End-User Newsletter
NorVergence Leasing Portfolio: "Other things to go wrong."
NorVergence Customer Legal Co-op Announcement
NorVergence --- Letters to the Editor
Cartoon --- First NorVergence Creditors Meeting
Quest Cuts NorVergence Users Off
Next Meeting NorVergence Creditors August 27, 2004
Campaign to Stop Leasing Company Payments: NorVergence
Telecom Agent Association Advice: NorVergence
NorVergence to Liquidate
Fine Resigns as EAEL President
NorVergence Up-Date--$100 Million
NorVergence files for Chapter 11
NorVergence Closed !!! To Re-Open Today
NorVergence Files Bankruptcy?
NorVergence investigated for failing to pay its employees