Orix/Holmes/Gussoff/Corr Posters

Fite to Group President, Equipment Finance
A Year Earlier for Fite Before President
New Low at ORix Financial?
Orix Memorandum
Orix Employess Still in the Dark?
Time to Heal
Another Cry for Help
Orix Down Dates
Orix Employee Cries Out Loud - We need your help
Orix—Unconfirmed Report from Insider
Orix---Confirmation Gary Gusoff is Gone---Five More to Follow
Fitch Withdraws ORIX Financial's Debt Rating
Orix Financial Service's  "Deep Throat"
Fitch Places ORIX Special Servicer Ratings on Rating Watch Negative
Monitor Speaks with New ORIX President and CEO Gary Corr
Orix Motivation Posters---Reaction
Orix Financial Services---Gary Gussoff “Chief of Staff.”
More on Orix---And is Jay Holmes Now Gone?
Orix-Beyond Comedy
Orix Intl. to keep expanding financial services
Orix USA Floundering—Holmes Going, Going....
Orix In Trouble---Appoints Balilock



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