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April 01, 2003 --- Classified Ad----Help Wanted-Chase Industries
    Pictures from the Past---1997---Thomas J. Depping
        Thomas J. Depping Announces Formation of First Bishop/Hawk Leasing
            U.S.Post Office Enters Leasing Fray
                Chevron Leasing the Pump
                    Gates Buys GE Capital, Names McCommon CEO
                Sudhir Amembal Knighted, also made a Duke
            Leasing Partners Name Allan Heinrich and Earvin Hicks
        BofA Reports Growth in Use of Internet Banking, EBP
    Shannon M. Green, CLP Joins Orion First Financial
HPSC Closes $323 Million Asset Backed Term Securitization
    PDS Gaming Yr-end Loss $3.3M/Three Month Ending $1.6M Loss
        Steelcase Reports Fourth Quarter Profit Amid 16.9% Decline in Biz
            Lessors Network Closes 2003 Membership Season 
    ELA Dennis Brown Streamlined Sales Tax Project Report
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April 02, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1991---WAEL Past Presidents
    Classified Ad----Help Wanted-Chase Industries
        Microfinancial Files 15 Day Filing Extension
            Leasing Association Membership Dramatically Down
            --by Christopher Menkin
                “Why I won't Join a Leasing Association”
                --by Name With Held
                    Lessors Network Closes 2003 Membership Season
                        Operation Just Cause Yellow Ribbon Campaign
                    Lease Plus---Accounting Software
                Only 28 Days Until UAEL's Spring Educational Conference
            Edwin C. Siegel, Ltd Advertisement
        Bonds to Fund Car-Value Guarantees
    Senators Want Permanent Tax Free Internet
US Markets, Inc Signs Captive Capital
    De Lage Landen names Rita Di Martino EVP & COO
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            Sports Briefs---
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April 03, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past----1994-Christopher "Kit" Menkin
    Classified Ads---Outsourcing---45 "Free" Ads
        Good News at Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
            Equilease Acquires Bank Lease Portfolio
                Equilease Acquires Vendor Lease Portfolio
                    De Lage Landen Financial History---Robert C. Storey
                Membership Association Dramatically Down Reaction
            We get other letters, too
        Comdisco Completes Optional Partial Redemption of $75 Million
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+++ Our Ace Reporter Barry Reitman is covering
the Eastern Association of Equipment Leasing Conference
in Washington, DC which starts today.++++
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April 4, 2003 --- Picture from the Past-----1995---Merrilees/Fisher
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---53 today
        CIT Quantifies Exposure to Air Canada
            Alan Leesmith Joins Alta Group
            The war ate my homework
                ISM Report on Economy
            ISM Names ELA's Top Spot
        Hal Horowitz on UAEL
    Chronological Response to Bob Rodi view on NAELB
Doesn't Want to Join---Signs Name
    Are Readers Becoming Too Judgmental?
        Operation Just Cause Yellow Ribbon Campaign
            New Chief at Bombardier Lists Changes for Turnaround
                Bombardier Presents Recapitalization Program
            Rush Acquires Peterbilt of Mobile
        Synovus to Present at Investor Conference
    Regions Financial Names R. Alan Deer Chief Legal Officer
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    Sports Briefs--
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April 7, 2003 --- Correction: Bonanno is NAELB Legal Counsel Now, Not Marks
    Classified ads---Attorneys
        This Week's Economic Events
            EAEL Washington, D.C. Conference
            by Barry Reitman
                Former UAEL Ray Williams Responds to Bob Rodi
                    Bob Rodi Apologies to NAELB
                Update on the State License Project
        Fitch: Aircraft Lease Rates To Fall Additional 15%-20%
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---- 

Tomorrow: Exclusive Interview with Michael Fleming, CAE

President of the Equipment Leasing Association
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April 8, 2003 --- Pictures from the past---1995----Peterson/Lahti
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---53
        ELA Fleming Exclusive Leasing Today
                Marks Accepts Bob Rodi's Apology---Not!
                    Tech Group Wants Permanent R&D Tax Credit
                We get Letters---
            Linedata Services Reports 2002 Results Ahead of Forecasts EBIT + 36%
        Thomas P. Budde Named as Senior Vice President - Administration
    eCredit(SM) Closes $9 Million in Financing
Barakat Joins PRMIA ED and Standards Committee
    News Briefs---

April 9, 2003 --- Hey, Have we Got a Leasing Recruiter for you???
    Pictures from the Past---1990----Summit National Software
        U.S. Treasury yields rise to highest in two weeks
            Low Rates Could Take a Toll on Banks
                Fed piecing together emergency economy plan
                    RW Professional Leasing ---Up-Date
                Abacus Leasing Sues Leasing News-up-date
            Reitman on EAEL Lessor Washington, D.C. Report
    Consumer Credit Information
Highlights of Day in American History
(hey-hey-hey!!! We're back! )

April 10, 2003 --- Picture from the Past----2000---Louis Secord, Jr
   Classified Ads---58 Jobs Wanted
      Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites
         Attorney/Author David Business Leasing News
            Online Fraud Complaints Triple/Nigerian eMail on Top
               Lessors Network Highly Successful Lease Syndication Showcase
                  Universal Express -USXP- Receives $300M For Transportation Funding
               LEASENET Adds Positions to Serve New Markets
            CIT Rail Resources Acquires Flex Leasing Corporation
         Georgia's Legal System Ranking Plunges/US Chamber Survey
      Oasis Leasing Sings $52.5m Credit Facility/HSBC Lead Bank
   Costco Wholesale Reports March Sles Results Up 12%
Leasing News---"The List" Up-date
   News Briefs---
      Sports Briefs---
         Day in American History Highlights

April 14, 2003 --- Economic Events The Week
    Pictures from the Past---“Our First One”
        Paul Menzel---- ELA Funding Frontline Report
            ELA Claims "Pent-up Demand" for Leasing
        Union Safe Deposit Bank Expands Portfolio of Leases
    Cartoon--HP Financial
Streamlined Sales Tax Project Seeks Volunteers

April 15, 2003 -- Pictures from the Past---1994-Tom Quilling
    Classified Ads---Sales---"Don't Give Up!"
        ELA Captive and Vendor Leasing Conference
            -Fred St. Laurent
                Cartoon---Mr. Merrilees at the IRS
                    Up-grade "Free Trial Version" Expires Today
                        T-Bill Rates Rise
                    Deloitte: FI to Move $356B of IT Offshore
                Experian/PredictiveMetrics Small Biz Lease Score
            Merrill Goes After GE with LEAF Now
        Globaltech/American Lease Insurance
    Comdisco Final Redemption Secured Notes
Decisions Systems Rapport 3.2 Credit App./Contract Origination Software
    GATX Tech James Diskin/Garry Foster New Reg. Sales Managers
        News Briefs---
            Sports Briefs----

April 16, 2003 --- Mark McQuitty to Cover UAEL Spring Conference
for Leasing News May 1-4
    45 Day Free Trial Over for First 75 Who Signed Up
        Pictures from the Past--1987---Paddock/Gilyeart/DeNunzio/Davis
            Classified---Attorneys---Specialize in Equipment Leasing Industry
                Cartoon---Bob Teichman Easter Business Training
                    Synovus Promotes Stephanie A. Alford
                        Sterling Bancorp Announces Record First Quarter 2003 Results
                    AmSouth Reports 1st Q Earnings $155.4 Million
                Where in the Leasing World is Don Shadel???
            We Get Letters---and Farewells---
    News Briefs---
Highlights of This Day in American History

April 17, 2003 --- Three Year Anniversry of Leasing News Archives
   Pictures from the Past 1994-Two Shannons
      Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
         McQuitty: "imbedded Front Line Reporter"
               Synovus Reports 8.7% Increase in Net Income for 1st Quarter
                  Microfinancial/Leasecomm "Seeks Financial Partner"
                     US Government Report: March Housing Rebounds
                  Fitch Ratings: Dramatic $348MM Rise In U.S. CMBS Delinquencies
               International Decision Systems Hires Carol Nelson
            The Bank of New York Company reports $295M Net Income
         IKON Subsidiary Prices $852 Million Lease-Backed Notes Series 2003-1
      GATX Technology Appoints Michael F. DiGrazia Sr.VP Operations
   News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
Day in American History Highlights

April 18, 2003 --- Correction: No Glasses
    Pictures from the Past---1995-Kit Menkin/Sue Robert
        Classified---Help Wanted---Pentech Financial, Silicon Valley, California
            Equipment Leasing Association Captive & Vendor Report
                Reverend CEO (Quiktrak President )
                Highlights-- ELT E-Leasing Newsletter
            Dedicated to my son Dashiell serving on the USS Preble
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
Day in American History Highlights

April 21, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1984---Randy Bauler, CAE
    Classified ads---Help Wanted---Pentech Financial, Silicon Valley, California
        Economic Events This Week
            Free All Day Leasing Seminar--- May 1 in Southern California
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---

April 22, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---2002----Jim Renner/Tom Wajnert
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
        Bowie, Kissinger, Weedon--- three new Certified Lease Professionals
            Top Stories---We've Got 'em!!!
                National Venture Capital Assoc. Warns: California Finance License
                    Credit Card Borrowers Reach New Lows says Fitch
                Chase to Exit Auto Leasing Biz New York & Connecticut July 1
            Merrill Lynch Capital Hires Remiker to Head Equip. Finance Group
        Cartoon---Bank Loan
    MAEL Invitational and Team-Challenge Weekend July 28th
GE Vendor Financial Services End-to-End Financing for Vendors
    Highlight of This Day in American History

April 24, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past -----1985-----Fred Amerongen
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---"Senior Management"
        Federal Reserve: Beige Book Report
            MB Financial Record Quarterly Earnings 1st Q (LaSalle Leasing)
                NetBank $10.7 Million Profit 1st Quarter
                    CFNB Reports Lower Third Quarter Earnings
                        Specialized Leasing New Management Team and New Web Site
                    Mitcham Industries Reports 4th Q Leasing Loss $2.9M
                PACCAR Announces Strong First Quarter 2003 Results
            Fujitsu Complete Leasing Solutions for Optimal Return on Investment
        IDS Upgrades InfoLease Module Customer Care Brings Leasing to the Used Car Online Marketplace
Sunrise Expands Second Placement Business
    Plains Capital Executive Confirmed By Texas Senate
        HP Helps Protect the Environment by Saving More Than 1 Million Computers
            Parker Announces New Website: Leasing Resource
                McQueen New EVP/COO Wells Fargo Equipment Finance
                    News Briefs---
                Sports Briefs----

Highlights of This Day in American History

April 25, 2003 --- Abbreviated Version

April 28, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1995---Jim McCommon
    Classified Ads--Jobs Wanted---65 total
        Economic Events This Week
            Taylor Imbedded "Stayin' Alive Through '05!"
                CIT/ Business Resource Store New Franchisees
                    GATX Announces Quarterly Dividend
                        ORIX's Earnings Fall 25%
                    Negative Outlook/Consumer Finance Companies
                "It's Jobs" Economist tells business writers
        Key Names Lee
    Leasing Partners Names Sales Crew
Odds and Ends---Thursday
    CIT Announces 1st Qtr Up plus Improved Credit 

April 29, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1991-Captain Bill Grohe
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---Sales
        Bob Fisher Goes to Douglas-Guardian
            Day Two: "Stayin' Alive Through '05!"
                Fitch Finance & Leasing Annual Year End Report
                    Allegiant Partners New Credit Facility
                        "Good Things Are Happening..." in the marketplace
                    Boyle Named CFO at Banknorth Group
       Reports Automakers' True Cost
            Spam Becomes Public Enemy #1
        News Briefs---
Highlights of This Day in American History

Tomorrow: Day Three of ELA “Large Ticket Conference” report
from Jeffrey Taylor, CPA, CLP

April 30, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---2002---- $5,000 + Awards
    Classified Ads Help Wanted
        Day Three: "Stayin' Alive Through '05!"
            McQuitty to the Rescue
                CIT Quarterly Dividend For First Quarter 2003
                    CIT Posts "Somber" Report on Earnings
                General Leasing Software---McCue Systems
            Streamline Sales Tax Meeting May 2-3
        Welcome to Spam Week
    News Briefs---
Highlights in American History



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