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January 6, 2003 --- Correction to "The List" -- Alliance Funding Group  
    Picture from the past---1995-Michael A. Disch
      Terry Waggoner remembers Bob Jacobson
        Major business and economic events scheduled for this week
         Fed's Minehan: Moderate recovery on track          
           Commercial paper supply in U.S. drops to 3-year low
             Poll respondents despondent about 2003 tech spending
               Atlanta No. 4 in job losses
                  Odds and Ends----
                   ELA January 26-28  Equip. Management Conf./Exhibition
                     Willis Lease Fin. Prepays Loans Generating $4.1 Million Pretax Gain
                       California Ups and Downs Ripple in the West--NY Times
         Top Stories of the Year 2002:
                       Capital Stream Corporate Take Over

Januray 7, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---2002---Theresa Kabot
    Classified Ads at Leasing News---Help Wanted
     John Kruse has Left Capital Stream
      Gov't Drops Monthly Mass Layoff Report
       ABS volume growth seen slowing in '03
         Comerica biz index fell in Nov. but up 5.3% 2002
          New United Association of Equipment Leasing Address
           Personal Message from Jeffrey Taylor-Lease Training Website
            National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers Conference
              E-Mail re: Doug Pierce
               April 3-6  Eastern Association of Equipment Lessor Spring Conference
                  Captive/Vendor Leasing Expert Joins The Alta Group
                     McCue Systems Offers Entry-Level LeasePak Edition
                       Synovus Makes FORTUNE '100 Best Companies To Work For'
               CIT to Announce Results for the Period Ending December 31, 2002
                  WSJ: The Year in Numbers
                   Online sales strong for holiday in otherwise mediocre shopping season
                       Amtrak reducing some fares in effort to boost revenue
                          West Coast dockworkers vote on contract

            Top Stories of the year 2002
               Leasecomm Goes Down---CEO Sells $500,000 Stock Before the News

  This Week:
       Leasing Association Membership---Year-end totals

January 8, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1991---Sir Sudhir Amembal
     Classified---Help Wanted---2003
       US Oil Stockpiles Lowest Levels in 26 years
         Mortgage Delinquencies Down in Third Quarter
            Super Bowl Pools: $100 Billion; Another Economic Boost
              American Express Launches On-line Charity Portal
                 NACHA: On-line Bill Payment Users On the Up
                   Michigan Legislation aims to tax Internet sales
                    LEAN announces addition of new member
                        Circuit City says sales fell 5 percent in December
                           Orders to factories down for third month
                               New Leaders Face Old Tech Issues
                                 Post office records $1 billion profit
   Siemen's Names A.Keith Broyes VP/Sr. Biz Dev. Officer/asset lending div.
Tomorrow---Alexa Equipment Leasing Website Monthly Report
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January 9, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1979---Robert Stanley
      Classified---Jobs Wanted-Available for Work Now
         U.S. consumer confidence rose last week
          Taylor Says "Bush Tax Proposal Good for Equipment Leasing"
            Key Equip. signs multi-year w/Canadian Bank/Gets Lease Portfolio
              Tax Free Internet Bills Hit Both Houses--Passage Likely               
                 Reaction: John Kruse has left the building
                   New Survey Indicates Shift Toward Front Office Automation
                    Wednesday---Odds and Ends
                      Bear market is beer market for Anheuser- Busch
                       Casinos blame economy in warning of earnings shortfall
                        ePlus to Power Smurfit-Stone's Product Content Manage System
                         Exports Australian wine soar to United States
             (best version of what happened at the 49er-Giants game last Sunday)
                     Top Stories from 2002---
                                Saddleback Leasing
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  Tomorrow—Alexa Leasing Industry Website Report
      Decline continues in Leasing Association Membership

January 10, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1992---Richard E. Carolan
          Classified Ads---Mark Stuart Finds Position|
            EAEL hangs in there----
             Bankruptcy judge OKs auction plans for Conseco Finance
                 What Lessors Are Saying About. . .Marketing 2003
                     Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites
                       DOT's Minta returns to hospital
                        Silicon Valley vacancy rate highest in U.S.
                        Top Stories of 2002----
                                      Sean Wheeler

January 13, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past----1981---Leon Frick
             Paid " Help Wanted" ads work--Fred St Laurent
              ELA Down 13 members, 1 ½% from the Previous Year
               Wanted: Nat.Sales Manager: Equipment Leasing Apple Computer
                 Machine Tool Purchases Drop 9.7 Percent
                   End Seen to Furious Issuance Growth—ABSnet
                     Productivity up as wage growth slows
                       Alexa Website Report---Curiosity? Wayne Hunt, ELA
                         Cartoon----Kit's World                         
              Top Stories from 2002---
                 Special---Ron Caruso, Full Professor on what is going on.

January 14, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past ----1999-US Bancorp  Manifest Funding Services
           Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
            NAELB Increases Members 18%, up 74 from last year
              Business Leasing News---Latest Edition
               Fitch Webcast/Teleconf: 2003 ABS Outlook, Wed. 01/15 10AM
                Investors Lose $80B Par Value On 2002 Defaults--Fitch
                  Banknorth to Close on American Financial Today
                  ""-- not "eLessors," you Dummy!!!!-Alexa Report
                       What happened Kit?  No story about your Niners??
                            Samuel Joseph Gabriel
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                     Top Stories of 2002----The Funding Tree

January 16, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---2002-----Lane/Dahlka
           Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
            Fitch 11:00am Teleconference: Aircraft Leasing Industry
              United Equipment Leasing Association Loses One Member
                 Donna Mount Joins Wildwood Financial
                   Kit Menkin's Top Ten Leasing Industry Rumors----
                    Merrilees to Start Netbank Vendor/Captive Lessor Division
                      Fed Panel: Still Unclear if Recession Over
                       Economic Growth Still Subdued, Fed Says
                         Federal Reserve Bank Region Comments
                           Fitch Webcast/Teleconf: 2003 ABS Outlook - Replay Info
                             Comdisco Announces Fiscal Year End Financial Results|
        Allegiant Partners/ Paul Foster Managing Director,forms Allegiant Capital                       Banknorth Group Among Forbes Platinum 400, One of the Big Best Companies
          e-Bank Announces Version 2.1 of MaxiFI
            Bankruptcy judge OKs Conseco employee bonuses, financing
             VC slump is worst in three decades--San Jose Mercury
               Readers re: Leasing News 49er-Tampa Bay Game Report
                 49ers fire Mariucci after six seasons --S.F. Chronicle
                   Chargers offer to pay for half of proposed $400 million stadium
Top Stories in 2002---
              “Guardian Financial President Wants His Pardon Back”

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January 17, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1997---Mark Schickendantaz
             Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---Sales
               ICON Announces $1 Billion of Lease Acquisitions
                 Nothing For Leasing in Bush Package...ELA To Seek Amendments
                   FBI arrests Paramount Pacific Funding Group Broker
                    Bank Performance and Economic overview
                                        -Archie Julian, Dumac Leasing
                     Net Bank/Jim Merrilees----Reaction
                       Mortgage rates edge up;
                                  economists upbeat about home sales this year
                         Senator Boxer pushes bill to boost broadband access
                             GE bringing new ad slogan to life
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January 20, 2003 --- Pictures from the past--1982---Ray Corob
     Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
      The Week's Economic Events
        GE Earnings Fall 21 Pct. in 4th Quarter
         Fitch Ratings Places AmeriCredit On Rating Watch Negative
              Fitch's 2003 ABS Credit Outlook Presentation Now Available
                Streamline Sales Tax Agenda
                  Greater Bay Bancorp to Address Fed Notice
                   Job-Rich Silicon Valley Has Turned Fallow, Survey Finds
                    "Miss America Dog"--National Search For Canine Contestants
                        Super Bowl Prediction
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January 21, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1985-Spaceman Millerbis
         Classified ---Jobs Wanted---Sales
              --The Hansons are Solicitating Broker Business by Mass E-Mail
            New Healthcare Equipment Leasing Report Shows Strong Industry
              New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island vicarious liability laws
               Leasing News Website Changes---Archives/Calculators and more
                   Palmchip Introduces Financing Solutions/Dimension Funding
                    The 2003 Lease Syndication Showcase-March 10th
                      Technology sector turns back clock                       
                         Not just the Gruden Bowl/Super showdown only part of intrigue
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January 22, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past-1990-Fromm/Salge/Pryor/Geller/Wilbourne/Eidelkind
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted-Right Now
      Fred St. Laurent Joins Leasing News Advisory Board      
         AGLF Growing---Las Vegas Conference to be Top Event
          Jim Merrilees moves Forward---Again/Firstcorp Sold?
            Ty Hanson-He is a Believer!!!!
               "See-I-Tee" the Cranes Cry                  
                 Housing Starts Rise; Highest Since 1986
                   Offical U.S.Department Agriculture Housing Report
                      Merrill Lynch---Oh, Boychick!!!
                       Oh, No! Mr. Bill--Citigroup's Profits Fall in 4th Quarter
                           Record Loss Is Foreseen by Japanese Bank
               1st Source Corporation Announces Year End Results
                 Profits Up at Wells Fargo Bank
                   White House standing by Snow nomination for Treasury job
                     despite revelations of DUI arrest, child-support dispute
                        iNetEvents to Acquire Credit Card Service Co.
                           Niners get permission to talk to top Eagles' assistants
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January 23, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---2002-Mark Speros
      Classified---Help Wanted
        Menzel/Merrilees to CLP Board/ Davis New President
         Leasing News 2002 Complaints Bulletin Board Year-End Report
          Leasing Association Membership Count---End of year, 2002
            Wells Fargo logs another record profit
             Merrill posts profit for fourth quarter but CEO warns of challenges ahead
     Hahn/Buonnanno Join Hunton & Williams to Expand Securitization/ Capital Markets Practice
       West Coast port dispute over; union, companies ratify contract
          Tyco's first quarter earnings fall 50 percent, outlook lowered
            Economic Inequality Grew in 90's Boom, Fed Reports
              Fed Report Details Families' Income Situations
                 SuperBowl Sunday---What Will You Be Doing?
          Special Report:Among 4 States, a Great Divide in Fortunes
               Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana
                       New York Times
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January 24, 2003 --- Picture fromthe Past--1981- Irene Devine
            Classified---Jobs Wanted---
              GE Sells Bonds in Year's Largest Sale
                Favorable Conditions Prevail in Early '03
                   Gold price surges to six-year high
                    Odds and Ends---Friday
                     Super Bowl---What Are You Doing?
         A Look Back On 25 Years At ACC Capital Corporation
           What Lessors Are Saying About. . .Value Adds
             Caterpillar earnings beat outlook; Fourth-quarter profit up              
               Pacific Capital Bancorp Reports 45% Increase in 4th Q
                 MB Financial Reports Record 4th Q/Annual Earnings for 2002
                  Swapalease Adds Pioneering Internet CEO Wil Schroter
                     Fitch Assigns Negative Outlook to Provident Financial
                       CFNB Reports Second Quarter 2003 EPS of $0.26                     
                          CIT Announces Quarterly Results                            
                            Kit Menkin's Top Ten Super Bowl Rumors
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January 27, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1990---Francie Wilbourne
             Classified Ads---Outsourcing
               The Week's Economic Events
               “You've got mail “cartoon  
                  Irwin Financial John Nash to Retire
                   Irwin Financial Announces 4th Q Earnings
           Sunrise easing  Names John Barry VP Sales/Marketing
               " We Get Letters"
             With Optimism Eroding, Co's Reduce Growth Targets
              Bank of America Joins the Extended Banking Hours War
               "Technical Leasing for Sales Success" March 20
                  Adding digital storage and making backups a breeze
                   Billy Joel released from hospital
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January 28, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1995-Angelucci,Rafter,Sampaio,Frontario
              Classified Ads---Help Wanted---Growing Companies Looking for Sales
                Westinghouse Credit Lee Palmer Passes Away
                   NetBank Schedules Conference Call  Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET
                     Richard Palmieri Joins Schneider/Head Financial Services Division
                       Ford Credit moves to end leasing in 3 eastern states
                         Economists believe low interest rates could last until late summer
                            Lease/Finance Calculators On Line--New "Recommendations"
             Internet attack's disruptions more serious than many thought possible
                Lessors Network Completes Web Site Overhaul                
                 You Liked San Diego, Real Estate Even Doing Better
                      Existing-home sales rise 5.2 percent in December set record for 2002
                        Retail/Commercial Property Warnings
                          CIT Doing Great
                           American Express beats analysts' estimate
                            Free Shipping Over $25, No Sales Tax
               Special:  Streamlined Sales Tax Report
                             Dennis Brown, Equipment Leasing Association
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January 29, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1978 David Walish
              "The course of this Nation does not depend on the decisions of others"
                   President George W. Bush
                Dollar Retreats Against Major Currencies
                  West Coast states bear the brunt of high unemployment rates
                    Globaltech Appoints "Zep" VP Business Development
                     Venture Capital Investing at the Bottom, Going Up!!!
                       CIT ---Ying/Yang  Del/Calbreath
                         Superbowl Economic effect expected  well below '98 event
                            "Only in Ninersland"--Skip Bayless, San Jose Mercury
                  Special Report:  War Threat Eroding Consumer Confidence
                                        Rebecca Gomez
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January 30, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past--  1997--Doug Erwin
           Further Cutbacks at American Express Business Finance???
             Washington State Gary Locke    Democrats "Side"
              Netbank reported a net loss of $15.9 million year-end
               Fitch: Structured Finance Will Demonstrate Resilience During 2003
                Portfolio Financial/AssetExchange Announce Agreement  
                   Fed leaves interest rates at 41-year low
                    AOL Posts Nearly $100 Billion Loss
                      A look at the history of AOL Time Warner
         Former GE chairman Welch seeks to keep divorce case papers confidential
           Citibank Gets Internet License from China
              Special Report---
                   Bank's Changing Role in the Economy
                   ----Financial Institutions Consulting
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January 31, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1979-Bruce McKeel
              Classified Ads---
                 Amex Biz Finance-- Don't Leave Your Home, Leave Our Office
                   FirstCorp----Not Available
                      Cartoon-"Your Call Is Important to Us"
                       Ken and Sean Wheeler Misrepresentation
                         Two plead guilty for roles in PinnFund/PinnLease scheme
                           GATX Corporation Reports 2002  $29.4M 4th Q Loss
                               CIT is Stable-Fitch Report
                                 CIT John Canning Gets Reward
                Economy grows at just 0.%in 4th Q as consumers turn cautious
                  What Bush didn't tell you: U.S. firms and Iraq agree on oil deal  
                  US deficit seen at $199b in '03, not including war or tax cuts
                     UCLA study finds the Internet poses a major threat to television
                      Rochester Equip. to offer Commercial Vehicle Loans and Leases
                           We Get Letters----Bob Cragin Retires and more
                             Welch Request Granted (He doesn’t want private life public)
                              Kiffin will be NFL's highest paid assistant
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