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March 3, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past 2000---Bob Fisher
     Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---Credit
          The Week's Economic Events
               IFC Announces Completion of FIRSTCORP Acquisition
                    NEC Financial Services Chooses Tax Partners
               Synovus Completes Acquisition of United Financial Holding
          Taylor's Industrial Services Signs Captive Capital
     Up-Grade---Free 45 Day Trial
Fitch: U.S. Bankruptcies to Increase 8.0% in 2003 to 1.65MM
     CIT to Host Investor Day Conference on the Internet
          CapitalStream and Ivory Consulting Partner Integrate
               News Briefs---
                    Sport Brief---
               Plummer arrives in Denver to talk to Broncos
### Denotes Press Release
          Two-Thirds of Households Not Prepared for Disaster,
          Duracell/Harris Interactive Survey Shows
               Review Tomorrow: “Selling Leasing in a Tough Economy”
               by Jeffrey Taylor, CLP, CPA
     Menkin calls it a “Must Read.”  “A Jewel.”

March 4, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1949---Barry Reitman
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
        Venserve/SalesStream "Out of Service?"
            "Selling Leasing in a Tough Economy" by Jeffrey Taylor
                Nassau Unveils Online Equipment Tracking Service
                    Microsoft Financing Program/ Small, Midmarket & Large Businesses
                SBA Lifts Loan Cap from $500,000 to $2 Million---Immediately
            U.S. Bancorp Makes $500,000 Commitment to SMART
        Ethan Allen Economic Comments
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---

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March 5, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1985---WAEL Space Crew
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---Sales
        Abacus Sues Leasing News for Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000)
            Believe it or Not!!!
            ---- Commercial Money Center Was Not Licensed in California
                Fitch: Equip.Leasing May Still be Threatened by Future Defaults
                    Fitch: Global Corporate Ratings Will Continue Downward
                Bridgeview Bank is Latest Contract Win for Golden Eagle Leasing
            Nassau Unveils Online Equipment Tracking Service
        One of our Clients/Friends for Over 25 Year-Forced Out of Business
    "Technical Leasing for Sales Success"--March 20,Chicago
Wells Fargo Finalizes Telmark Deal
    News Briefs---
        Sport Brief
        #### Denotes Press Release
            Termites Hit the Alamo in San Antonio

March 6, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1995---WAEL's Staff
    Classified Ads---Help Wanted
        eLease Section Has Been Up-dated
            Books on Equipment Leasing
                Commercial Money Center Attorney Withdrawal
                    Abacus Sues Leasing News for $5,000,000 question
                Will the Streamline Tax Affect You and Your Company?
            CIT Number One Minority SBA Lender/U.S. Small Business
        Silicon Valley Leaders Launch Statewide Traffic Relief
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
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March 7, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1982---DeSeelhorst
    Classified Ads---Outsourcing
        Mortgage Rate Hits All-Time Low Since 1971
            Patrick Byrne--Norm Nelson---Paul Nibarger
                ---"Cream of the Crop Independents”
            Bob Teichman Didn't Do it!!
        Friday--Odds and Ends
    Edwin C. Siegel, Ltd Advertisement
News Briefs---
    Sports Brief----

No Press Releases Today

March 10, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted-Sales Managers
    Economic Events This Week
        Venserve/SaleStream Capital----Alive and Well
            Nevada Attorney General Closes The Funding Tree
                Webleasing---Vision Commerce
                    We Get Letters---
            Hal Richters Has Passed Away
        Edwin C. Siegel, Ltd--advertisement-
    Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites
SBA Program Expands to Include Credit Unions
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
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March 11, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past--1990-WAEL Legal Committee
            Classified Ads----Attorneys
                Microfinancial---"net loss for the quarter was $7.7 million."
                    California "Finance Lenders License"
                2003 Lease Syndication Showcase Report from Atlanta, Georgia
            Best in Class-Not "Interim Rent"-says Gary Saulter, Chase Industries
        Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation Latest report
    ApproveIt eTransaction Suite--Lending/leasing market
Financial Federal Corporation Announces 10% Decrease
    Streamline Sales Tax Report-Dennis Brown, ELA
        News Briefs---
    Sport Brief--

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March 12, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Outsourcing
    Pictures from the Past---2002--- Rick Wilbur/Jim Buckles
        Message from NAELB President Gerry Egan
            New Update on Commercial Money Center-Netbank/Lakeland Settle
                Resource America's Trapeza/Leaf Financial $730 Million
                    The Funding Tree---the Final Days---
                    ---The Details of the Closing from
                        Fannie, Freddie Shocks Could Spread to Broader Economy
                    Many Leasing Companies Not Licensed in California
                    by Christopher Menkin
                Tom Strickfanden and Jim Mannis Join TCF Leasing
            Lessor.Com Syndication Conference Pictures
        IDS/InfoLease Customers Wait
    ELA Enters Leasing Software Business---
Webleasing--List of other leasing software companies
    News Briefs----
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March 13, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1995---Schwartz/Hall
    Classified Ads---Outsourcing--- (free ads)
        Commercial Money Center---court filings/agreements
            California Finance Lender's Law-The Other Side of the Coin
                Nnovative Data Systems
                    There are Three Ways to Read "Leasing News"
                UAEL Spring Education Conference May 1-4
            Beware March 15: Diesel prices could soar, OPIS says
        ORIX Names Bill Fite EVP/Group Mgr.Equip. Finance
    News Briefs--

Sports Briefs---
Special Slide Presentation:
How Bad is it?

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March 14, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1995---Duane Russell, CLP
     Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
          Final Word: Joe Bonnano Says---
               Edwin C. Siegel, Ltd Advertisement
                    We Get Letters-----Plus Friday Odds and Ends--
               The Gadsen Flag
          iVoice Receives Patent
      Carpediem Sees Changes in Leasing Education
News Briefs---
     Sports Brief---
Special: Highlights ELA Newsletter
          13. Once the War question is answered ...
     ### Denotes Press Release
     “Day in American History” at end of Leasing News.

March 17, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past--1990----Johnnie Johnson/Gordon Roberts
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
        Economic Events This Week
            Lipski Joins Advisory Board
                CalFirst Bancorp Announces Third Quarter Dividend
            When is a Lease a Loan?
        Where is Thomas Depping, former CEO Sierra Cities?
    Business Leasing News Announcement
News Briefs---

March 19, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1990---Monterey Conference Chair Peter Eaton
    Classified Ads---Help Wanted
        NAELB Chicago Conference To Go On As Planned
            February Housing Starts Decline 11%--Worse Showing since 1994
                Leasecomm/Microfinancial to be de-listed?
            Federal funds rate unchanged at 1-1/4 percent
        Seimens Names Rabuazzo VP Sales/Capital Markets Div.
    Vision Commerce New Framework/Financial Transaction Origination
LiveCapital Closes $7.4 Million Oversubscribed Funding Round
    Sun Ergoline Up and Running McCue Systems in 60 Days
        Sandy Spring Bank/ INEA to Deliver Business Value Creation
            Synovus Builds Foundation for E-Learning with Pathlore
                Please send to a colleague,
               as we are trying to build our readership
        UAEL May 1-4 Spring Conference
    We Get Letters----
News Briefs

March 20, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1999---United Capital's Haughtalong/Gartner
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---Credit
        "Goin' to Chicago" Maybe---NAELB Conference Obstacles
            Bank of the West Leasing Committed to Brokers
                2003 Industry Future Council Report Revisited
                    Hawkins Announces New President at BancPartners Leasing
                Equipment Leasing Licenses "by State" Requirements Project
            NetBank Announces New Dates 2003 Analyst/Investor Meeting
        Windows users warned about serious new software flaw
    Conseco Disclosure Statement Approved
560,000 Tech Pink Slips Issued Over Two Years
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
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March 21, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---2002-Marina Del Rey NAELB Conference
     Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
          Mortgage Rates Edge Up
               Paul Torres joins the Leasing News Advisory Board
                    Gartner Dataquest Worldwide Software Spending
               UAEL Dallas Regional Meeting April 3, 2003-Free to All
          UAEL Ship About to Sail July 19-26, 2003
     400 attendees ELA "Got Funding" April 9-10 Chicago
ExecutiveCaliber's First Annual Advanced Sales Training Seminar
     $4.2B in US Defaults vs. $16.4B In 2002
          Equipment Leasing Licenses "by State" Requirements Project
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March 25, 2003 --- Classified ads---Job Wanted---Sales
    Pictures from the Past---2002----Charlie Lester and LPI

    --also includes his reaction to the NAELB conference
        NAELB Annual Conference Report, Oak Brook, Illinois
        by Steve Geller, CLP
        ---plus president-elect Bob Bell comments
            Where is Sudhir Amembal? In Africa!
                HPSC Reports Year End Results; Net Income Increases 79%
                    Keybank to Host Equipment Financing Webcast Seminar
                Fleming on Equipment Leasing Industry Future Council Report
            Century Bank Completes Acquisition Branch Assets Capital Crossing Bank
        NetBank, Inc. Announces New Dates 2003 Analyst/Investor Meeting
    Sea Containers Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2002 Results
CIT Picks MWW for Its Core Business---looking for good PR
    Bond Prices Rise as War Commences---ABS Net
        War in Iraq—My Son Says Navy Knows Why They are There
            BofA Names New e-Commerce Director
                Hotmail Seeks to Rein-in Spammers
            News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---

March 26, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1987-Seven Receive CLP Designation
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted---Sales Managers/Senior Management
        Oh, no!!! Mr. Bill!!! HP Closes Down Broker Business
            AGLF Growing---Las Vegas Conference to be Top Event
                ACC's Marci Kimball-Slagle new CLP
                    Photographs Available from NAELB Annual Conference
                CIT Quantifies Exposure to Avianca Airlines
            UPS "Synchronizing the World of Commerce"
        Investor Optimism Remains at Record Lows
        --to be read "real slow"
    Existing homes fall 4.3 percent in February
News Briefs---
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March 27, 2003 --- Classified---Help Wanted
    Pictures from the Past---1995-"Dancing the Night Away"
        The Next Two UAEL National Meetings
            EAEL goes to Washington, DC...
                The Lessors Network | Call For Speakers
                    Life Must Be Easy------
                HP Ending Third Party Originations Reaction---
            Wants Up-Grade Sent Earlier
        No Ford Credit Auto Leasing in Rhode Island
    Fitch Ratings: War Increases Credit Risk At U.S. Airports
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
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March 28, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1997---Victor Harris
    Classified Ads---Testimonials---"They Work"
        Merrill-Lynch Enters Small Leasing Market Fray
            RW Professional Conference Hearing This Morning
        Fitch Lowers Ratings for Textron/Textron Financial to 'A-'
    ELA's National Funding Exhibition, "Got Funding," April 9-10
We Get Letters---
    Commentary From The Equipment Leasing Front
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March 31, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---2000---Terey Jennings, CLP
     Attorneys Who Specialize in Equipment Leasing
          Operation Just Cause Yellow Ribbon Campaign
     Accounting Software List-"LeaseComplete"
Reitman to Cover EAEL Conference for Leasing News
     News Briefs--

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