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Monday, October 8, 2012

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

GE Capital Lays Off “Hundreds”
   Classified Ads---Sales
Leasing News Invites Those Looking for Employment
  Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
   “Time for Nine Month Company Review”
 Career Crossroad---“Wants to get into Leasing”
  Classified Ads---Help Wanted
Operation Lease Fleece--Update October, 2012
 by Christopher Menkin
  Conveyance to Family Trust Held to be Fraudulent Conveyance
   by Tom McCurnin
 US banks see branches cut, deposit glut
  By Lindsey White and Tahir Ali
   Top Stories October 1--October 4
    Alexa Rankings of US Leasing Media Sites
     Lower Financial Anxiety Helps Reelection & Holiday Shopping
      Latin American Leasing Conference Nov. 8-9 in Miami
       To Help Companies Create Value in New Era of Business
      Irvine, California Adopt-a-Dog
       Classified ads— Investigator
        Christopher Columbus—The facts
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Willis Lease Finance Authorizes $100MM 5-Year Share Repurchase
   Rapper Bow Wow owes $280K on Ferrari lease
      Yum! Celebrates 4,000th KFC and 25 Years in China

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GE Capital Lays Off “Hundreds”

“Just laid off from my job here at GE Capital, Irving, Texas along with dozens of others in this office and hundreds across other businesses. All part of the ever growing reduction in staff that comes when companies seek economies of scale and executives look for that 4th quarter overhead reduction to increase profits and grow their end-of-year bonuses.”

(Name With Held)

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Classified Ads---Sales


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Aggressive, competitive self-starter with vendor/direct equipment 
leasing and asset-based lending experience. Success in business banking sales and financial planning. 
Email: | Resume

Garfield, NJ
15 years experience small to large ticket sales exp. All types of equipment industries. Vendor & direct. Self motivated. Work with leasing company or broker.
Tony Lio
Montgomery, AL
Individual with 10 years advertising sales exp. & 7 years insurance sales exp. Wants independent contractor situation in Alabama.
Work with leasing company or broker. 334-590-5133

Orange County, CA 
20+ yrs. leasing sales/sales mgmt
Established remote office w/Lessee/Vendor following
Request Salary + commission or partnership w/direct funding source.

Pittsburgh , PA 
Aggressive self starter looking for leasing position w/10 plus yrs sales exp., plus banking experience 814-227-4592

San Francisco Bay Area:
15 year Vendor Program Agreement HUNTER. Currently employed at major IT manufacturer captive supporting direct and channel sales. Must have base, commission and benefit package.

15 year lease vet looking for plact to take business.great references. all major equipment types. open to compensation. please contact if interested.

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Leasing 102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

“Time for Nine Month Review”

Well it is time to review the first nine months operations to determine if you are on track with your business plan and/or your budget. How did your volume pan out? What was your average size transaction? Was the number of deals where you thought it would be? What markets were you successful in and what markets did you not get much business?

Don’t wait until the end of the year. I am not saying not to do a “year-end review.” I am saying the next three months (really 2 ½ months) are critical. What can you learn now? And then compare at year-end?

I was in an “Office Depot” store and the manager left his clip board on an aisle area. He was keeping track of sales per hour, as well as in what category, with a goal to reach at the end of the day. The chart was not being kept in a computer printout, but hand written. He evidently was not keeping it in a computer, but in a chart on a clip board that he was carrying around with him on the store floor. He wasn’t comparing one day to the next or week to the next, but hour to hour--to evidently keep his team up to the goal (which was the last number in each hour listing): to see what area was falling behind or not doing well.

I am not suggesting you do an “hour by hour” or even “day by day,’ but a least look at the last nine months. This includes sales personnel, back office support, and funding sources. How much time was taken to get a transaction from credit to close? There are a lot of statistics you should keep track off but usually the best are those that are expense driven. Efficiency is important and lack thereof is money lost.

Many things need watching; like wasting too much time on transactions that have a very low chance of being approved, and spending too much time on deals outside of your capabilities. In addition not packaging well and having to gather additional information for the funder, and if a broker or discounter, not knowing your funders parameters and wasting everyone’s time on deals that they have no interest in.

What is your average fee or yield and how does this compare to the business plan? Are you in markets that have transactions in your trade area? Working on transactions outside of your designated foot print increases all expenses from credit review to collection.

How is your sales staff making out? Are you in sales yourself? If possible you should pass the sales responsibility on to someone else and begin to manage the business. This would give you time to improve funding sources, manage the back office or packaging operation and always be on the lookout for better sales personnel.

How much does eaah sales person cost you? What size transaction must they do to cover their cost? How much volume must they do annually to cover their cost and are they ahead of the curve or behind it at this point? How long of a string do you give them to become productive? You need to be constantly updating the sales staff and letting go of the lowest performer. Please be aware of sales people that are moving down in transaction size but moving up in the number of sales as it may indicate a change that might not be beneficial to the salesman and the company, too.

Are your computers and software up to date? Start thinking of what improvements you will consider at year-end as now is the nine month review.

Time for reflection is always important because without a review of your past performance it is hard to redirect. Sometimes redirection is hard to deal with because it makes you leave your comfort zone. It is like sales that continue to call on someone regardless of any business because it is registered as a call and they like the conversation. New vendors or new markets should always be at least 25% of any calling effort. Goals need to be based on Margin and average transaction size not on volume. The lowest earner should be told if they do not improve they will be gone. Start looking for a replacement now.

If a change is necessary in your business plan then make the changes and inform your staff of the changes and move forward with great haste. If you are even or ahead of you plan and no changes are necessary --- I salute you.

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty-five years and can be reached at or 502-649-0448

He invites your questions and queries.

Previous #102 Columns:

(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)


Career Crossroad---“Wants to get into Leasing”

Question: I am currently a student graduating next semester. My father used to be in the industry as a Sales Professional and I am interested in following in his footsteps. Do you have advice for someone like me on how to get into the industry?

Answer: Assuming you are interested in jumping right into a Sales role, you will need to approach a company that is open to hiring graduates (aka “greenies”); a company that is willing to train and provide mentorship. However those are few and far between, as most require relationships and/or a book of business to bring to the table Day 1.

However, there are a handful of companies who are looking to hire graduates in order to build a sales team – seek them out! Most are small companies who have programs to train college students.

(There is an EVIDENT TALENT POOL GAP within this industry. We need more employers willing to take this approach in order to BUILD the next generation of good producers and Equipment Leasing/Finance Professionals.)

Another approach is work your way up into a sales role. You may consider an operational-type role where companies are more willing (especially big companies and banks) to hire graduates and put them in “training” e.g. a credit analysis/financial analysis role. Being bank-credit trained is excellent preparation for a business development role where credit plays a vital part of a successful deal/transaction (the ability to understand transaction risks/ramifications, etc… is a +++).

Another position to consider would be in a leasing sales support role, where you may potentially receive mentoring from an individual Sales Team Member and you will learn the ins and outs of lease transactions.

During this time, take advantage of training programs offered by the company, attend industry conferences - go above and beyond. After a few years, after proving yourself as a valuable asset to the company, you can make the jump. Don’t forget to let your future career goals be known – speak up!

TIP: I always suggest to college-age Candidates to take an internship within the industry they are ultimately seeking to enter. An internship coupled with education (also taking industry classes/training is a ++++) will really give them a running start.

Emily Fitzpatrick
Sr. Recruiter
Recruiters International, Inc.
Phone: 954-885-9241
Cell: 954-612-0567
Connect on LinkedIn: Recruiters International, Inc.
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Operation Lease Fleece--Update October, 2012
by Christopher Menkin

At the beginning of the year in 2007, the FBI rented a sixth-floor office in Irvine, California serving as a "storefront" for agents working undercover after being tipped off by Citibank regarding fraud in the $20 million range. They called it "Operation Lease Fleece."

The store front was wired with audio and video equipment, where they posed as business desperate for cash. They found hundreds of bogus equipment lease packages with fake invoices, presented to Citicapital, Wells Fargo, GE Capital, American Enterprise Leasing, Key Bank, Main Street Bank, Colonial Pacific Leasing, Bank of the West, and US Bank. They found CapitalWerks run by Mark McQuitty and Jim Raeder, along with Adam Zuckerman working first under CapitalWerks then as Brickbanc offering sale/leasebacks on existing equipment, but not telling that to the funders, and eventually evolving into no equipment at all, just fake invoices from real vendors and then fake vendors, then even fake lessees.

23 pled "information" and agreed to turn evidence in November, 2007. Then another ten also made the same plea. Today, three remain "free." Although going back to November, 2007, their sentencing dates have been delayed more than a half dozen times. In September, they were changed again. It appears when they are sentenced, the information they provided the US Attorney is made public and until then, remains sealed.

Mark McQuitty, co-founder CapitalWerks, Preferred Lease sentencing reset for 2/4/2013 09:00 AM before Judge Cormac J. Carney. The photo above is perhaps over ten years old. Public Records find he has been arrested three times for D.U.I. Reportedly he was administrating the portfolio, although prohibited from engaging in new financing or leasing. There are rumors McQuitty may be deported to New Zealand, where he is from.

James "Jim" Raeder, co-founder CapitalWerks, Preferred Lease, sentencing continued to 12/17/2012 11:00 AM before Judge Cormac J. Carney. The photo may be well over twenty years old. It was originally in a tuxedo and made into a portrait shot. Raeder living in Colorado with his family with an office in his brother's business. Reportedly he buys assets off lease and re-sells them, and in his spare time is writing an autobiography, he told Leasing News at one time.

Both are the original ringleaders of the operation, according to records filed.

Ziya Arik, Preferred Lease, Leasing News reported in September that his sentencing continued to 1/14/2013 11:00 AM before Judge Cormac J. Carney sentencing continued to 8/27/2012 10:00 AM before Judge Cormac J. Carney. Reportedly one of the toughest salesmen who was rough on customers, competing with Brian Acosta, CLP, for accounts. There were many complaints about his “performance.”

The CapitalWerks operation person, as well as secretary and accountant have reportedly not been arrested.

Neither the FBI nor US Attorney's office have any public comment on this case, which Leasing News was told they consider "active."

Operation Lease Fleece Stories

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Conveyance to Family Trust Held to be Fraudulent Conveyance
by Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting

Asset Protection Trust Ruled to Be a Fraudulent Conveyance

Legal marketers have elevated the status of the Trust as the holy grail of asset protection. I’ve always wondered why, because none of the Judges I’ve dealt with in both State and Bankruptcy Court were ever fooled by them. A debtor in New York apparently didn’t get the memo.

In Gard Entertainment, Inc. v. Block 2012 WL 3764525 (N.Y. Sup. 2012) the Debtor conveyed his expensive Manhattan Condo to “The Block Family Trust.”

That’s fine, but Block also didn’t pay his bills, and failed to pay on a business deal to Gard Entertainment. The nature of the obligation was not discussed. Gard sued and obtained a Judgment against Block in the sum of $390,000.

Gard then discovered the Manhattan Condo in the Trust’s name and Petitioned the New York Court to set aside the conveyance as fraudulent and sought permission to sell the condo. Gard argued that the conveyance was made only after Block defaulted and demand letter was sent.

Block argued that the conveyance of the Condo was merely an estate planning vehicle and the timing of the conveyance, right after the demand letter, was purely coincidental.

The New York Court found Block’s explanation implausible, and ordered Block’s condo sold to satisfy the Judgment.

The lesson here is simple—don’t believe those brochures that a debtor can shield creditors with a self-settled trust. While trusts provide an excellent medium to informally distribute assets in estate planning and to avoid taxes, they really were not designed as a vehicle to shelter assets

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave. Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Fax: (213) 625-1832

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Block Family Trust Case:

Previous Legal Columns:





US banks see branches cut, deposit glut
By Lindsey White and Tahir Ali
SNL Financial

Banks are shedding U.S. branches at a heightened pace while piling on the deposits, the FDIC's Summary of Deposits for June 30 shows.

For the third year in a row, banks trimmed their U.S. branches. The industry cut 867 branches during the year ended June 30, bringing the total to 97,337. By comparison, branches declined by about 316 in the year to June 30, 2011, and by about 1,030 in the year to June 30, 2010.

Meanwhile, U.S. deposits climbed 8.46% to $8.95 trillion in the year to June 30, outpacing the roughly 7.47% deposit growth in the prior year.

Observers SNL spoke to were unsurprised by the deposit jump accompanied by a continued branch slump. All said the increase in deposits reflects continued risk aversion among depositors and investors, in the face of economic uncertainty arising from Europe, the fiscal cliff and the upcoming U.S. elections.

"People are very, very nervous about putting money into the markets and other types of instruments because essentially there's too much risk and uncertainty out there," said Kalan Mac Ginley, a managing director with Macquarie Capital (USA) Inc. "As that uncertainty hopefully unwinds and things settle themselves over the next couple of years, I think you'll see money flowing out as quickly as you saw money flowing into those accounts."

Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup Inc. held onto the top four spots in terms of total domestic deposits at U.S. banks and thrifts. JPMorgan and Wells Fargo both experienced deposit growth of more than 12%, while Citi's deposits climbed nearly 24%.

Capital One Financial Corp. ascended to the No. 5 spot with deposit growth of more than 80%, thanks in large part to the acquisition of ING Direct USA, the marketing name for ING Bank FSB.

Capital One's rise pushed U.S. Bancorp and PNC Financial Services Group Inc. to sixth and seventh place, respectively.

But banks still must find ways to put that additional cash to work — an increasingly difficult proposition, given the Federal Reserve's intention to keep the long end of the yield curve low, said Sam Bullard, senior economist at Wells Fargo.

Bullard and other observers SNL spoke to said that ongoing low interest rates will continue to put downward pressure on net interest margins, forcing banks to squeeze every penny they can out of operations.

Often, this means trimming costly branch networks, especially now that customers have options like online and mobile banking.

Northern Trust Corp. chief economist Carl Tannenbaum noted that the fraction of customers visiting bank branches has been in steady decline for years. "The comfort that depositors have in conducting business online or through mobile payments infrastructure is clearly increasing and that really reduces the need for brick and mortar," he told SNL.

Bank of America lopped off nearly 200 branches in the year to June 30, bringing its total number of U.S. offices to 5,660. BofA spokeswoman Betty Riess said the company is investing in new ways to serve customers, allowing them to bank through a combination of channels including branches, online banking, contact centers, ATMs and mobile banking.

"Even though Bank of America needs the branches on the ground, it's going through a difficult time right now. Every way it turns it's trying to figure out ways to optimize the revenue, to cut the cost," Mac Ginley said. "They're cutting out a lot of the excess from the last number of years."

JPMorgan was one of the exceptions to the rule, as the company again increased its branch footprint. The banking giant added 171 offices in the year ended June 30, bringing its total U.S. offices to 5,608. This follows an increase of about 180 JPMorgan branches in the prior year. The company continues to focus its branch strategy on the growth markets of California and Florida.

"Branches provide tremendous convenience for our customers, and we'll continue to look for locations that will better serve them," JPMorgan spokeswoman Lauren Francis told SNL.

PNC Financial saw its branch count jump by 426, largely due to the acquisition of RBC Bank (USA) and its 424 branches.

At a recent conference, PNC Financial Chairman and CEO James Rohr said the company is working to transition customers from a reliance on branches to more cost-efficient transactions over time.

"Through both structure and pricing, banks have been encouraging customers to take advantage of electronic platforms, which are typically cheaper to maintain," Tannenbaum said.

Looking at trends by state, Nevada saw the largest percentage decline in deposits in the year to June 30, after experiencing some of the strongest deposit growth in the nation in the prior year. The state's branch count was relatively stable at 544, but deposits dropped by about 56%.

Meanwhile, South Dakota experienced some of the most significant deposit growth. The state, which had only 475 branches at June 30, saw deposits jump by more than $230 billion, or about 271%. By comparison, South Dakota's deposits dropped nearly 21% in the previous year, the largest percentage decline for any state.

FDIC spokesman David Barr noted that on July 1, 2011, Citibank NA moved its headquarters from Las Vegas to Sioux Falls, S.D.

In Minnesota, deposits climbed more than 33%, reaching $201.0 billion at June 30.

North Carolina again saw some of the nation's strongest deposit growth, as deposits increased by $57.6 billion, or 20.25%.



Top Stories October 1--October 4

Here are the top ten stories opened by readers:

(1) Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
Leasing Tax Change for 2013”

(2) Archives---October 3, 2000
Who else? Gone"

(Tie) (3) Funders Looking for New Broker Business

(Tie) (3) Leasing Companies Out of Business
plus No Longer taking Broker/Discounting Business

(Tie) (4) Exclusive---"My Three Years with Sheldon Player"
--- Last Seen at the Grand Victoria Casino
by Christopher Menkin

(Tie) (4) Sales makes it Happen by Christopher Menkin
Use UCC's to Call on Lessees Whose Lessor is Gone”

(5) Bulletin Board Complaints
by Kit Menkin, editor

(6) Nine Month BBB Leasing Company Ratings
Changes since July 6, 2012

(7) Lender Gets Snared by Default Interest Provision
in Poorly Draft Control Without a Lender's License
By Tom McCurnin

(8) Equipment Acquisition Resource Founder Plays Roulette

(Tie) (9) LEAF Announces $150 Million Warehouse Line

(Tie) (9) New Hires---Promotions

(10) Why Leasing News is Different
By Christopher Menkin, Publisher/Editor


Alexa Rankings of US Leasing Media Sites

The web sites are ranked by most visited in a rating with the lower number meaning the standing of sites being visited (Google is #1, the most visited).

First numbers are ratings in the United States. Second number are World Wide. Alexa counts web sites that choose to link to the web page from their web page (often a recommendation).

Web Site
Monitor Daily
Equipment Finance Advisor
no data
1,564, 595
Commercial Finance Association
Equip. Leasing Finance Foundation
no data
no data
no data
Assoc. Gov. Leasing/Finance

(Sunday, October 7)

Several of the media sites are five times a week, while Leasing News is two to three times a week, and others such as have a “list serve” which requires logging on to the site for several topics. Several of the sites use Google connections and site engines (Leasing News does not).

David G. Mayer's Business Leasing and Finance News is not included in the Alexa report list as it does not have its own individual site and Alexa finds Patton Boggs, LLP Attorneys at Law. The rating is not valid as it includes all those who visit and communicate with the law firm.

The Alexa tool bar works on most browsers, owned by Amazon They are partnered with Google.

Gary DiLillo, President 440.871.0555 or

Comprehensive personal property tax outsourcing services.
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### Press Release #############################

Lower Financial Anxiety Helps Reelection and Holiday Shopping

The Money Anxiety Index dropped to 86.1, the lowest level of consumer financial anxiety in the past three and a half years, and is likely to impact the outcome of the elections and the holiday shopping season.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – The October preliminary Money Anxiety Index ( stands at 86.1, which is the same as September and the lowest level of consumer financial anxiety since May of 2009. A substantial improvement in the level of consumer financial anxiety was recorded in the September Money Anxiety Index, which was revised from 92.4 to 86.1 after the government revised the employment figure up by 873,000 household jobs. However, the drop in the unemployment rate consists mostly of an increase in part-time and self-employed workers.

The improvement in the level of consumer financial anxiety in September and October could have ramifications on two important events coming up in the next three months. The first is the presidential elections, and the second is the holiday shopping season. Historically, an incumbent president running for reelection won a second term when the Money Anxiety Index in November was lower than it was in January of the election year. In January of this year, the Money Anxiety Index stood at 90.9, and is projected to stand at 86.1 in October. If the Money Anxiety Index will remain under 90.9 in November, President Obama’s reelection odds are very good.

The lower level of financial anxiety in September and October is also likely to have a positive impact on consumer spending during the holiday shopping season. The slight increase in consumer personal expenditures of 0.4 percent in August is the highest monthly increase thus far this year. Historically, lower level of consumer financial anxiety produced higher level of personal spending, which means that if that if the Money Anxiety Index will remain at its current level of 86.1 or lower until the end of this year, retailers are likely to have a better holiday shopping season than last year.

Dan Geller

“August was a tipping point in consumer financial anxiety” said Dan Geller, Ph.D. Chief Research Officer at Money Anxiety Index, “the September and October Money Anxiety Index indicates a reversal of increasing level of financial anxiety which lasted from April to July of this year.”

About Money Anxiety Index
The Money Anxiety Index (MAI) measures various economic indicators and factors associated with consumers’ level of financial worry and stress. MAI, which measured the level of financial anxiety for the past 50 years, fluctuated from a high of 136.0 during the early 1980s recession, and a low of 40.3 in the mid 1960s (January 1975 = 100). The Money Anxiety Index was developed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with a large sample size of monthly economic indicators ranging from 1959 to 2010.

The Money Anxiety Index (MAI) differs from other indices of consumer confidence mainly because its measurement is objective rather than subjective. MAI measures how economic indicators are impacting consumers’ behavior (objective) rather than how consumers say they feel about the economy (subjective), which is the methodology used by survey-based consumer confidence indices.

#### Press Release #############################


Latin American Leasing Conference Nov. 8-9 in Miami
To Help Companies Create Value in New Era of Business

MIAMI, FL-- The X Latin American Leasing Conference November 8-9 at the Hotel Intercontinental Doral in Miami will help equipment leasing and asset finance operations in “Creating Value for a New Era.” The conference will feature sessions focused on this goal, and networking opportunities with potential customers, suppliers and financiers.

Rafael Castillo-Triana, CEO
The Alta Group Latin American Region

“With the economic crisis of 2008, many leasing companies saw their portfolio, volume originated and delinquency levels deteriorated,” said Rafael Castillo-Triana, CEO of The Alta Group Latin American Region, the consultancy that coordinates the conference. “Today it is important for companies to understand how to re-create value. We are in a new era with a new business environment.

“Latin America has become an attractive region for investment, and capital markets and regulations are different now than they were in 2008. We are also approaching a new accounting standard that will impact the leasing business in Latin America,” he explained.

The conference attracts CEOs, CFOs and other top managers of the largest equipment leasing and financing companies operating in Latin America as well as regional managers of equipment vendors, multilateral institutions and other organizations from different countries. Translation will be provided in Spanish and English for the following sessions.

· A Panoramic View of the Leasing Industry in Latin America: Results of The Alta LAR 100, Alta’s annual ranking of the top leasing operations and trends in the region.

· Overview of Leasing in Latin America

· The Impact of Future Accounting Treatment of Leases in the Leasing Business: Operational and Commercial Aspects

· Selling Leasing in the New Context

· Implementing Funding Strategies: Relationships with Banks and Multilateral Entities, How to Use the Capital Market Rationally, and Regulator Trends

· Creating, Collecting and Measuring the Value of Leasing Companies

· Asset Management: Trend Analysis

· Channels for Business Generation: Vendors, End Users, Referrals by Third Parties and Growth by Acquisition

Conference officials will also present the annual Alta Excellency in Leasing Award.

Each participant will receive an Amazon Kindle Fire.

Contact Katrin Forster-Csvany at, +1 954 632 0922, visit or click here for English, Spanish and Portuguese brochures.

##### Press Release ############################

• Contract Negotiations • Fraud Investigations 
• Credit Investigations • Skip-tracing 
• Third-party Commercial Collections
John Kenny 
Receivables Management

For flat fee or commissions basis | ph 315-866-1167|

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Let 'em know you saw "DUSTIN" on!
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Christopher Columbus

(no drawing exists, it is a guess what he looked like)

Columbus Day was first celebrated on October 12, 1792, to mark the tercentennial of Christopher Columbus's first landing in the New World. A monument was dedicated in Baltimore, MD, for this occasion. The colonials were "infatuated" with Columbus and at one time the most popular name of our country was to be Columbia, and a one vote changed it from the United Colonies to the United States after a compromise was made to name the nation's capital Columbia. Later it became known as the District of Columbia.

His name was Cristoffa Columbo, but in English: Christopher Columbus. He never landed in either South or North America, and thought it was India, that's why we call natives of the America's: 'Indians.' ("Indios" but in English, Indians. They were Lucayan.) He is celebrated today for landing in what is now known as the Bahamas. Columbus called the island San Salvador; the natives called it Guanahani. Exactly which island in the Bahamas this corresponds to is an unresolved topic; prime candidates are Samana Cay, Plana Cays, or San Salvador Island (so named in 1925 in the belief that it was Columbus's San Salvador). Dutch sailor Piet de Stumi, or DeStynie, persuaded Columbus to change the log and make it seem that Oct 12 was the date of the first New World landing. The real date, Oct 13, might have caused superstitious fear in the other sailors or in potential investors in later voyages. The change was detected by an Italian history study group named the Colombiani

His navigator was Hebrew as was his two benefactors who bankrolled the voyage. The story of Queen Isabella is another passed down to elementary school students and is not true. It is believe Collmbo was Jewish and hid this as the Spanish were putting Jews to death who did not turn Catholic.

Contrary to popular belief, his four trips to the New World made him a very rich man. He should be credited for bringing back Tobacco that addicted everyone in Europe, plus introduced other plants, but his product was not gold, but a lot of native "Indian" slaves. After four trips to the Caribbean Islands, he basically began the de-population of the area and thus the reasons slaves were eventually kidnapped from Africa to do the labor. The area became the debarkation for Europe for several centuries. The population today in the Caribbean is primarily European and African in origination, very few 'Indian' descendants on the islands.

Map of the Bahama's:


News Briefs----

Willis Lease Finance Authorizes $100MM 5-Year Share Repurchase

Rapper Bow Wow owes $280K on Ferrari lease

Yum! Celebrates 4,000th KFC and 25 Years in China



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Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril



SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

Poll: Which Decade Had the Best Workout Songs?




Sports Briefs----

49er Win, Sets Records (was there, great game!)

Patriots, Tom Brady beat Broncos, Peyton Manning

Nationals Edge Out Cardinals With Late Rally

Luck leads Colts to statement win

Chicago Bears Bears blow game open in 2nd half, rout Jaguars 41-3,0,5625498.story



Baseball Poem


by Charles Ghigna ©

Published: Boyd Mills Press (2003)

The slits of his eyes 
hidden in shadows 
beneath the bill of his cap, 
he watches and waits 
like a patient cat 
to catch what comes 
his way.

and he pounces 
upon the ball, 
his hands flying 
above the grass, 
flinging his prey 
on its way 
across the diamond 
into a double-play.



California Nuts Briefs---

As California gas prices hit new high Brown orders emergency action


“Gimme that Wine”

Canadian Wineries push direct-to-consumer sales despite provincial restrictions

Weather Takes Toll on France Wine Production

Napa Valley rabbi brings spirit into winemaking

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Free Mobile Wine Program

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US/International Wine Events

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This Day in History


   1775 –General George Washington, a slave owner himself in Virginia, convinces the Continental Army to bar slaves and free blacks from Continental Army as regular soldiers in a move to appeaser Southern states and recruit more soldiers, plus financial contributions. As the Revolutionary War spread through every region, those in bondage sided with whichever army promised them personal liberty. The British actively recruited slaves belonging to Patriot masters and, consequently, more blacks fought for the Crown. In 1777, with the war going badly and so many blacks joining the British, General Washington allowed blacks to fight, but not become regular soldiers. During the Revolution many African Americans also sided with the British. Particularly for enslaved blacks in the South, there was little guarantee that they would have any more freedom under the rule of the colonists than they did under the rule of the British. Indeed, in November 1775 Lord Dunmore, the royal governor of Virginia, issued a proclamation that any slaves who fled to his lines and assisted in suppressing the revolt would be given their freedom. This was a more enticing offer than the colonists made, as the Southern colonies generally would not recruit slaves to fight. Over 2,000 slaves joined Dunmore and became his Ethiopian Regiment. When the fighting moved South in 1779, thousands of slaves ran away from their masters and fled to the British lines. There they were often pressed into service as laborers, building fortifications around Charleston and Savannah. By the end of the war many blacks had served in some capacity. Many slaves who served in the military in Northern colonies were immediately freed. Many who had fled to the British or served with them were removed to Nova Scotia, and these Black Loyalists, finding Nova Scotia inhospitable, emigrated to Sierra Leone. In the South some slaves who had served with a verbal promise of freedom were later freed, while others were returned to slavery. The American Revolution raised a fundamental contradiction that America's founding fathers could not seem to reconcile. The foundational principles of the Revolution were life, liberty, property, and equality; yet in the colonies nearly one-fifth of the population was denied these rights. Most Northern colonies ended slavery soon after the Revolution. Vermont banned slavery in 1777, and a Massachusetts judge declared slavery unconstitutional in 1783. However, in the South, agriculture was far more dependent on slave labor. A few plantation owners, imbued with the revolutionary spirit, freed their slaves and resettled them in the Northwest Territory either upon the war's end or upon the owners' deaths. For the most part, however, Southern plantation owners simply imported more slaves to replace those who ran away, and slavery continued as America's basic contradiction. In his will, George Washington freed all his slaves, but not that of his wife's, considered separate property by his family. Washington also freed slaves while he was alive and attempted to have his neighbors have program to free slaves, but was not popular in his advocacy of all men are created equal and deserve to be free.
    1728- birthday of Rodney Caesar,(OS). Signer of the Declaration of Independence who cast a tie-breaking vote. Born near Dover, DE, he died June 26, 1784. Rod ney is on a quarter issued by the US Mint in 1999, the first in a series of quarters that will commemorate each of the 50 states.
    1777-After the second Battle of Bemis Heights, near Saratoga, NY where the Americans routed a force of some 1500 British, Gen. Bourgoyne retreated to Saratoga.
    1846-Californios resisted American occupation and routed the forces of Capt. Gillespie of the U.S. Marines in the "Battle of the Old Woman's Gun" in Southern California. Los Angeles remained in rebel hands for three months.
    1855-First edition of the new "Evening Bulletin" on sale, published by C.O. Geberding & Co.; Editor was James King of William, the former banker. There were 10 daily newspapers in San Francisco. 
    1862-Union and Confederate forces fought at Perryville, Kentucky in a one-day battle that repulsed the South's attempt to bring that border state into the Confederacy.
(lower half of: )
    1865- Earthquake in Santa Cruz Mountains (6.5 to 7.5, various ratings)
    1865-"It was just after noon, on a bright October day. I was coming down Third Street. The only objects in motion anywhere in sight in that thickly built and populous quarter were a man in a buggy behind me, and a streetcar wending slowly up the cross street. Otherwise, all was solitude and Sabbath stillness."---Mark Twain 
    1869 -- Inventor J(ames) Frank Duryea born Washburn, Illinois (1869). He and his brother, Charles, invented the first automobile to be actually built and operated in the US
    1871-The great fire of Chicago began, according to legend, when Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicked over the lantern in her barn on DeKoven Street. The fire leveled 3 ½ square miles destroying 17,450 buildings and leaving 98,500 people homeless and about 250 people dead. Financially, the loss was $200 million..
    1871 -- As Chicago blazes away some 200 miles to the south an even deadlier fire rips through Peshtigo, Wisconsin, completely razing the town and killing 600 of its inhabitants. Over a million acres of forest are also consumed. Considered to be the worst fire in the history of the United States.
    1871 - Prolonged drought and desiccating winds led to the great Chicago fire, the Peshtigo horror, and the Michigan fire holocaust. Fire destroyed more than seventeen thousand buildings killing more than 200 persons in the city of Chicago, while a fire consumed the town of Peshtigo WI killing more than 1100 persons. In Wisconsin, a million acres of land were burned, and in Michigan, 2.5 million acres were burned killing 200 persons. "Tornadoes of fire" generated by intense heat caused houses to explode in fire, and burned to death scores of persons seeking refuge in open fields. 
    1890-Birthday of Edward V. Rickenbacker, American aviator, auto race and hero, born at Columbus, OH. Died July 23, 1973 at Surich Switzerland.
    1893- birthday of Clarence Williams, Plaquemine, LA, penned Royal Garden Blues, Gulf Coast Blues, I Aint' Gonna Give Nobody None of my Jellyroll.
    1896.- Dow Jones began reporting an average of the prices of 12 industrial stocks in the Wall Street Journal on this day. In the early years, these were largely railroad stocks. In 1928 Mr. Dow expanded the number of stocks to 30, where it remains today. Today, the large, frequently-traded stocks in the DJIA rep resent about a fifth of the market value of all US stocks.
    1904-Birthday of great song writer W. C. Handy, Jr.,Clarksdale, MS
    1917 Drummer J.C. Heard birthday
    1918-Sergeant Alvin C. York, while in the Argonne Forest, France, and separated from his patrol, killed 20 enemy soldiers and captured a bill. 132 enemy soldiers and 35 machine guns. He was awarded the US Medal of Honor and French Crois de Guerra. Ironically, York had petitioned for exemption from the draft as a conscientious objector, but was turned down by his local draft board. A movie was made of this event starring Gary Cooper.
    1918--*COSTIN, HENRY G. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private, U.S. Army, Company H, 115th Infantry, 29th Division. Place and date: Near Bois -de -Consenvoye, France, 8 October 1918. Entered service at: Baltimore, Md. Birth: Baltimore, Md. G.O. No.: 34, W.D., 1919. Citation: When the advance of his platoon had been held up by machinegun fire and a request was made for an automatic rifle team to charge the nest, Pvt. Costin was the first to volunteer. Advancing with his team, under terrific fire of enemy artillery, machineguns, and trench mortars, he continued after all his comrades had become casualties and he himself had been seriously wounded. He operated his rifle until he collapsed. His act resulted in the capture of about 100 prisoners and several machineguns. He succumbed from the effects of his wounds shortly after the accomplishment of his heroic deed. 
    1924- In New York City, the National Lutheran Conference banned the playing of jazz music in the local churches.
    1930-Birthday of baritone sax player Pepper Adams, Highland Park, IL
    1933-Coit Tower dedicated in SF, a monument to firefighters .
    1934- Faith Riaggold birthday, Afro-American artist. Much of her art combines the feminist viewpoint and the black liberation movement. She changed her style from being based on white male European to African influences. She also started to work in fabric and soft sculptures, sometimes depicting women from Harlem with open mouths because black women need to find their voices. She has been criticized by some white critics and especially by black male artists who claim her work should be classified as crafts, not art. In 1984, she became professor of art at the University of California, San Diego.
    1938-For the Saturday evening Post cover for this date, Norman Rockwell chose to portray himself in quandary he frequently had to grapple with---trying to come up with a cover for the Post on deadline.
    1944--BROWN, BOBBIE E. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Captain, U S. Army, Company C, 18th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. Place and date: Crucifix Hill, Aachen, Germany, 8 October 1944. Entered service at: Atlanta, Ga. Born: 2 September 1903, Dublin, Ga. G.O. No.: 74, 1 September 1945. Citation: He commanded Company C, 18th Infantry Regiment, on 8 October 1944, when it, with the Ranger Platoon of the 1st Battalion, attacked Crucifix Hill, a key point in the enemy's defense of Aachen, Germany. As the leading rifle platoon assaulted the first of many pillboxes studding the rising ground, heavy fire from a flanking emplacement raked it. An intense artillery barrage fell on the American troops which had been pinned down in an exposed position. Seeing that the pillboxes must be neutralized to prevent the slaughter of his men, Capt. Brown obtained a pole charge and started forward alone toward the first pillbox, about 100 yards away. Hugging the ground while enemy bullets whipped around him, he crawled and then ran toward the aperture of the fortification, rammed his explosive inside and jumped back as the pillbox and its occupants were blown up. He rejoined the assault platoon, secured another pole charge, and led the way toward the next pillbox under continuous artillery mortar, automatic, and small -arms fire. He again ran forward and placed his charge in the enemy fortification, knocking it out. He then found that fire from a third pillbox was pinning down his company; so he returned to his men, secured another charge, and began to creep and crawl toward the hostile emplacement. With heroic bravery he disregarded opposing fire and worked ahead in the face of bullets streaming from the pillbox. Finally reaching his objective, he stood up and inserted his explosive, silencing the enemy. He was wounded by a mortar shell but refused medical attention and, despite heavy hostile fire, moved swiftly among his troops exhorting and instructing them in subduing powerful opposition. Later, realizing the need for information of enemy activity beyond the hill, Capt. Brown went out alone to reconnoiter. He observed possible routes of enemy approach and several times deliberately drew enemy fire to locate gun emplacements. Twice more, on this self -imposed mission, he was wounded; but he succeeded in securing information which led to the destruction of several enemy guns and enabled his company to throw back 2 powerful counterattacks with heavy losses. Only when Company C's position was completely secure did he permit treatment of his 3 wounds. By his indomitable courage, fearless leadership, and outstanding skill as a soldier, Capt. Brown contributed in great measure to the taking of Crucifix Hill, a vital link in the American line encircling Aachen. 
    1941 - The Benny Goodman Orchestra recorded "Buckle Down Winsocki", with Tom Dix as featured vocalist, on the Columbia label.
    1948-Winchell's Donut House Established. Since the grand opening of its first donut house in Temple City, CA, Winchell's has offered warm and fresh donuts from it sown specialty mixes featuring the finest ingredients. Winchell's even invented the apple fritter in 1964! For more than 50 years, Winchells donuts have been an American favorite, although Krystal Kreme Donuts are their main competitor today.
    1948- Facing only thirty batters, Indian rookie pitching sensation Gene Bearden five-hits the Braves for a 2-0 victory in front of 70,000 fans in Cleveland. The Tribe takes a 2-1 World Series game lead.
    1950-. “Your Hit Parade” premiered on TV. It began as a radio show in 1935. When it finally made it to TV, the format was simple: the show's cast performed the week's top musical hits. To keep viewers interest, since many of the same songs appeared wieldy, eye-catching production sequences were created. “YHP” was the start ing point for many famous choreographers and dancers, including Tony Charmoli, Ernie Flatt, Peter Gennaro and Bob Fosse. Reg ulars included Dorothy Collins, Eileen Wilson, Snooky Lanson and Sue Bennett. The show was overhauled many times and switched networks before leaving the air in 1959. A summer revival in 1974 was short-lived. The original sponsor was a cigarette company.
    1950- “Frank Sinatra Show” premiered on television. Mr.. Sinatra's first series was a musical variety show featuring regulars Erin O'Brien and comic Ben Blue. However, during its last season this show was cut from an hour to 30 minutes as it could not compete with “The Texaco Star Theater,” the most popular show of the time. This was during the period of his decline as a singer and personality.
    1953- Birmingham bans Jackie Robinson's Negro-White All-Stars from playing in the city. The white players are dropped from the team as Robinson gives in to city officials.
    1955 - The Four Aces' "Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing" hits #1
    1956- Don Larsen of the New York Yankees pitched the only perfect game in a World Series history. He defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers, 2-0, in Game 5. Larson threw 97 pitches, faced 27 batters, struck out 11 and lead the Bronx Bombers to a 2-0 shutout of the Brooklyn Dodgers in Game 5 of the Fall Classic. Pinch hitter Dale Mitchell, batting for Dodgers pitcher Sal Maglie, was called out on strikes for the last out. Game 6 Brooklyn beat the Yankees, 1-0 at Brooklyn, and the series was tied. Game 7, also at Brooklyn, the Yankees won 9-0.

Game 7  at Brooklyn  October 10, 1956

Team       1  2  3    4  5  6    7  8  9    R   H  E
NY         2  0  2    1  0  0    4  0  0    9  10  0
BRO        0  0  0    0  0  0    0  0  0    0   3  1

    1956—Top Hits
Honky Tonk (Parts 1 and 2) - Bill Doggett
Canadian Sunset - Hugo Winterhalter and Eddie Heywood
The Green Door - Jim Lowe
Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley
    1957--Jerry Lee Lewis records his biggest hit, "Great Balls of Fire" as a follow-up to his six million seller, "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On". 
    1959- In Game 6, the Dodgers defeat the Go-Go Sox, 9-3, to win the World Series. Chicago's speed and quickness weren't enough to overcome Los Angeles hitting and pitching.
    1961 - New York Yankees' pitcher Whitey Ford set the World Series record for consecutive scoreless innings, while extending his streak to 32 in a 7-0 shutout of the Cincinnati Reds in Game 4. Ford added one more scoreless inning in the 1962 World Series to bring that consecutive scoreless inning total to 33. The previous record was 29-2/3 innings, held by Babe Ruth.
    1961 - Green Bay Packer's running back/kicker Paul Hornung set a Packer records for points scored in a game: 33. Hornung scored 33 points: four touchdowns, six extra points and one field goal. (The Packers beat the Baltimore Colts to, 45-7.)
    1964—Top Hits
Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
Do Wah Diddy Diddy - Manfred Mann
Dancing in the Street - Martha and The Vandellas
I Guess I'm Crazy - Jim Reeves
    1966 -- A concert featuring Joan Baez, Mimi Fariña, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Ed Keating, and Don Duncan, to raise money for the Congressional District Write In Committee for Phil Drath and Peace.
    1974 - "Then Came You", by Dionne Warwicke and The Spinners, went solid gold this day. While the editors are poring over the proper spelling of her name, might we add that due to some superstitious feeling having to do with astrology, the former Ms. Warwick changed her name for good luck to Warwicke. It apparently worked. When she went on her own, she changed her name back to the original spelling. Tunes like, "I'll Never Love This Way Again", "Deja Vu" and hits with Johnny Mathis, Luther Vandross and some friends made it OK to be just Dionne Warwick again.
    1975-In the first basketball game played at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, the San Antonio Spurs of the American Basketball Association defeated the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association, 109-107, in an exhibition.
    1977-Billy Joel's breakthrough album, The Stranger, enters the Billboard album chart.
    1979 - "Sugar Babies" opened at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on Broadway. The star of the hit show was also making his debut on the Great White Way. Mickey Rooney, who had been acting since the 1930s, once again delighted one and all with his performance.
    1984 - Anne Murray won the Country Music Association's Album of the Year Award this day for "A Little Good News". Murray was the first woman to win this award.
    1986- The first North American Congress on the Holy Spirit and World Evangelization opened in New Orleans. It drew 7,000 leaders from 40 denominations, and stressed the part which the charismatic experience plays in evangelization.
    1987-Chuck Berry is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His film biography, "Hail, Hail Rock and Roll" premiers that night.
    1987 - Unseasonably cold weather prevailed from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the southeastern U.S. Thirty cities reported record low temperatures for the date, including Madison WI with a reading of 22 degrees. The low of 28 degrees at Evansville IN was the coolest of record for so early in the season. Hot weather continued in the southwestern U.S. Phoenix AZ reported a record high of 104 degrees and a record tying 116 days of 100 degree weather for the year. Tucson AZ established an all-time record with 72 days of 100 degree weather for the year.
    1989 - Morning lows in the 20s were reported from the Northern Plains to the Upper Great Lakes. International Falls MN and Marquette MI reported record lows of 22 degrees. Unseasonably warm weather prevailed in central California as the Oakland Athletics won the American League pennant. San Luis Obispo CA reported a high of 99 degrees.
    1990-Native American Day was celebrated in South Dakota in place of Columbus Day.
    1991 - A U.S. District Court in Anchorage, Alaska, approved a $900-million settlement (annual payments stretched over ten years) with Exxon Shipping Company (Exxon Oil Corporation) for the Valdez oil spill. Exxon also agreed to pay a $250-million fine, which would reimburse the state of Alaska and the U.S. for the costs of cleanup, damage assessment and litigation.
    1992-The U.S. Postal Service announces a commemorative stamp booklet that includes rock legends Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Ritchie Valens plus RandB stars Clyde McPhatter, Otis Redding and Dinah Washington.
    1997-Center Adam Oats of the Washington Capitals scored three goals and two assists to move past the 1,000 mark in career NHL points. Oates finished the night with 1,004 points as Washington defeated the New York Islanders, 6-3.

World Series Champions This Date
    1919--Cincinnati Reds
    1922---New York Giants
    1927-- New York Yankees
    1930 - Philadelphia Athletics
    1939 - New York Yankees
    1940 - Cincinnati Reds
    1959 - Los Angeles Dodgers




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