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September 1
The Industry’s First Reality TV Show is Here
Credit Managers Managing Too Many Decisions
    With Too Little Time
Leasing Industry Ads
    Top Positions Available
Industry Involvement
    Sales Makes it Happen by Scott Wheeler, CLFP
Windows 11 to Be Released October 5, 2021
    Reportedly Will Not Run on Older Computers
Will Supply Chain Obstacles Stifle Holiday Sales?
    By James Melton,
White House Appoints Port Envoy
   to Address Persistent Port Congestion
     Industryweek Report
Household Debt Climbs, Boosted by
    Mortgage and Auto Loan Growth
Have a Complaint about a Leasing or Finance Company,
   Try Updated Complaint Process for Leasing and Finance Associations
My Grandson, US Marine Sgt. Jedrek Wilcox
    with two of his Marine Buddies to his left
5 Takeaways: Reaching Customers
    Through Content Marketing
A Cute Dog
    Phoenix, Arizona  Adopt-a-Dog
Medical Marijuana Portal for Veterinarians
     in the US Launched
SFNET Extends Early Bird Rate to Sept. 10th
    77th Annual Convention Nov. 3-5, Phoenix, Arizona
News Briefs---
PNC Bank increasing its minimum wage to $18 per hour
   40 hours a week $37,440 compared to $15 an hour at $31,200
Moderna vaccine makes twice as many
    antibodies as Pfizer, study says
The U.S. Education Department is investigating
    five states over their mask mandate bans
Google pushes its mandatory return
     to office date into 2022
You May have Missed---
New Orleans power failures could pose more dangers
     than the hurricane itself, aid workers warn
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
         Traffic Live----

September 3

DeBanked Reality Show Called Off
    "...decided not to move forward with it"
California Financial Regulator Moves Forward
    to License California Debt Collectors
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Ads
    Growing Our Senior Sales Team Now
Academy for Certified Lease & Finance Professionals
   All Virtual: One in September/Two in November/One in January
High Prices & Loan Rates Drive
    Mortgage Refinance Boom
Hiring a Credit Analyst
    By Ben Carlile
Greenbrier Companies Announces Renewal and Extension
    of $1 Billion of Bank Facilities
Asset-based lending by banks,
    other lenders ticked up in Q2
Labor Films:  The Devil and Miss Jones, Picnic,
   Moonlighting, the Seduction of Mimi, Working Girl
      Chosen by Leasing News' Fernando Croce
German Shepherd
    Portland, Oregon Adopt-a-Dog
ELFA 60th Annual Convention
    See's Who's Registered by Name or Company
News Briefs---
GM to significantly cut North American vehicle production
  due to chip shortage
Ford’s U.S. sales decline 33% in August
   as chip shortage devastates auto industry
Fleet Equipment ACT Expo Day Two:
   Photo Gallery of Electric Trucks
Amazon CEO unveils 55,000 tech jobs
   in his first hiring push
Walmart hiring 20,000 permanent warehouse workers
   prior to holiday season
Tesla leases entire office building
   in San Jose, California tech hub
Fauci defends COVID boosters
   says 3 shots will 'likely' be the new norm
Hospitals hit with nurse staffing crisis amid COVID-19 surge;
  Boston Marathon runners will need to be vaccinated or test negative
You May have Missed---
Hedge Fund’s Insiders Agree to Pay
    as Much as $7 Billion to I.R.S.
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
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September 7

Complete License and Registration United States
    By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
Leasing Industry Ads, Senior Sales Team
    Equipment Vendor Sales Superstars, Attention Rainmakers
Moving Up: Selling into the Middle Market
    Sales Makes it Happen by Robert Teichman, CLFP
Your Next Big Relationship
    Wheeler Business Consulting
Top Ten Leasing News
    August 30 to September 3
Fair Market Value in True or Capital Leases
    What is It?
Four Types of Interim Rent
    By Christopher Menkin
Only 8 Percent of CEOs At
    Fortune 500 Companies Are Female
Best Return to Office Plan: A Team-Led Approach
    By Dr. Gleb Tsipursky
2021 Cindy Spurdle Award of Excellence Recipient,
    Kevin Prykull Announced During CLFP Day
Great Pyrenees & Golden Retriever
    Murphy, Texas   Adopt-a-Dog
Canadian 2021 Digital Conference
    In-Person September 22, 2021- Virtual Complete  Sept. 23
News Briefs---
Major auto makers fear the global chip shortage
   could persist for some time
Big Boeing Customer Says It Is Walking Away
   From New MAX Order
Why You Might Not Be Returning
   to the Office Until Next Year
Fired Santa Clara city attorney on 49ers: 'Jed York
   wanted my head on a silver platter, and he got it'
You May have Missed---
Washington Test-drives a New Driving Fee
   Federal Fuel Tax Down, More Efficient Cars, Electric Cars
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
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September 9
Financing Home Cooked Meals for Delivery Grows
    Utah Now Second State But with Liberal Requirements
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries
Classified Ads
Top Position Available
Your Next Big Relationship
Sales Makes it Happen by Scott Wheeler, CLFP
Fast Turnaround Time
By Steve Chriest
Uber - Lyft Sales Increase Record Sales
US Ride-Sharing Sales by Service, 2019 -2013
California Earmarks $100 Million
to Help Cannabis Companies Get Licensed
FileInvite and AACFB Offer Members Affinity Program to
Streamline Loan Application Process
Foundation COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Survey Shows
Positive Portfolio Performance and Increased Staffing Levels
ELFA Announces 2021 Operations & Technology
LIVE! Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Unique Streaming Releases - Annette,
   Code, The Green Knight, Pig, Sweet Thing 
Reviews by Leasing News Fernando Croce
Siberian Husky
Charlotte, North Carolina
National Equipment Finance Association Early Discount
Ends Sept.17th for Oct. 13 - 15, Charlotte, North Charlotte
News Briefs---
Daily US COVID cases up more than 300%
   from Labor Day last year
Restaurant recovery gets hit hard by Delta variant
   42,000 at bars and restaurants shed alone — in August
Intel to Invest Up to $95 Billion in European
   Chip-Making Amid U.S. Expansion
Job openings soar to 10.9 million as companies
   struggle to fill positions
FDIC-Insured Institutions Reported Net Income
   of $70.4 Billion in Second Quarter 2021
August 2021 Beige Book
   Federal Reserve Districts Reports Economic Activity
Where Are Older and Younger Americans Settling?   
   "Largest metropolitan areas homeowners and renters"
World’s richest CEOs and the cars they drive
   By Maria Gourtsilidou
You May have Missed---
The U.S. Expected an Economic Takeoff.
   It Got a September Slowdown
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
         Traffic Live----

September 13
September 11, 2001 News Edition
    Includes Reaction from Readers Chronologically
The Top Eight Leasing/Finance Company Websites
    in North America
Leasing Industry Ads
    Growing Our Senior Sales Team Now!
Data and how it is used matters.
    Are you tracking the correct matrices?
Top Ten Leasing News
    September 7 to September 9
Flood Loss in Northeast Tops $16 Billion
    Hurricane Ida Estimated Loss $16 Billion to $24 Billion
A Typical Hurricane Season Illustration
    in the Atlantic Basin
Home Prices Hit 45-Year High
Leasing/Finance/Business Loan Schools
    Several Have Many Long Term Programs
Looking for Feedback on CFI
    School Out of Vancouver, BC and New York, New York
Border Collie & Husky Mix
    West Bloomfield, Michigan
National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers Conference
    October 26th - 28th, 2021, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV
Monica Harper Interview Vlog
    Executive Director AACFB
News Briefs---
Facebook Enters the Invoice Factoring Arena and More
    www.deBanked and how-it-works
Unvaccinated people were 11 times more likely
    to die of COVID-19, CDC report finds
A Nick to Apple’s Profits Could Be
    a Windfall for App Developers
You May have Missed---
George W. Bush calls on Americans to confront
   domestic violent extremists on 9/11 anniversary
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
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September 15
Do Not Listen...
Nearly 90% of Small Business Owners
    Support More Industry Funding
Leasing Industry Ads
  Equipment Vendor Sales Manager
    Increase Sales Team/Rainmakers
Vendor Recourse
    Sales Makes it Happen by Scott Wheeler, CLFP
Aggregate Funding Sources - Updated
    (Online: connects lessees, lessors, and vendors)
The List  - August 2021
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
How is the Job Market Shifting
    Over the Next Decade?
Getting Your House to Sell
    A Lesson from a Pro
CULA Becomes Only Utah-Based Credit Union
    to Offer Vehicle Leasing
Australian Shepherd
    Santa Cruz, California  Adopt-a-Dog
The Secured Finance Foundation SFNet
    Announce 2021 Inductees
News Briefs---
BMO Harris Joins Wave of Banks Closing Branches
    Joining Other Banks Doing the Same
Finance Brokers Say "Yes" to Commissions
    in Crypto
Poverty in U.S. declined last year
    as government aid made up for lost jobs
New-Vehicle Prices Surge to Record Highs for Fifth
    Straight Month, According to Kelley Blue Book
These 29 Fast-Food Brands Earn
    the Most Per Restaurant - 2020
You May have Missed---
Apple September 2021 event
    Wth Photo's and Evaluation
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
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September 17
AACFB Hosts Successful First Hybrid Conference
    Awards and AACFB Bucks Given
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
    and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Ads
    Attention Rainmakers
New Rules on Oct. 1 for NMLS Transition
    and PACE Program Administrators under California Finance Law
ELFF Confidence Drops Second Month in a Row
    Goes down to 60.5 from 66.6
An iPhone for (Almost) Every Wallet - Chart
    Prices of Apple Current iPhone Line-Up in US
Aramsco Sells 100% Parent Company Stock Aztec Financial
    to North Mill Equipment Finance and Taycor Financial
KWIPPED’s equipment and financing solution helps Clean Eatz
    Kitchen connect more people with affordable healthy meals
Odessa announces investment from
     Thomas H. Lee Partners to accelerate growth
Small business owners should see
    if they qualify for the home office deduction
Jean-Paul Belmondo (1933-2021) Films: Breathless (1960)
  Le Doulos (1963), That Man from Rio (1965) Pierrot le Fou
     Mississippi Mermaid (1969) (all subtitle) Reviews by Fernando Croce
Labrador Retriever Mix
    Chicago, Illinois Adopt-a-Dog
NEFA Funding Symposium Taking Safety Seriously
    October 13-15, 2021 | The Westin, Charlotte NC
News Briefs---
COVID costing Chicago hotels $2.2 billion this year
   Heading into Winter at a disadvantage to warm climate rivals
Sears is shutting its last store in Illinois,
    its home state
A wave of e-commerce logistics startups
    is threatening to break the UPS and FedEx duopoly
Ford adds jobs to increase production of electric
     F-150 pickup; reservations top 150,000
Southwest Airlines adding 9 new nonstop flights
     from Austin airport
You May have Missed---
The World’s Top 50 Luxury Brands Lost $7.6 Billion
     in Value This Year, a New Report Says
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
         Traffic Live----

September 20
No Longer taking Broker/Discounting Business
    plus Leasing Companies Out of Business
The New Disclosure Laws
    By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
Leasing Industry Ads
    We Are Growing Our Senior Sales Team Now!
Leasing Can Create More Sales
    Plus Ten Reasons to Lease Equipment
       Sales Makes It Happen by Kit Menkin
Don't Say "No" to Challenged Credit
    Maxim Commercial Capital
Home Prices Rise as Inventory Shrinks
    By Kyle G. Horst,
Top Ten Leasing News
    September 13 to September 17
China Leads the 6TG Charge Graphic
    Distribution of 6G Applications 2021
Peoples Bancorp Completes Acquisition
    Of Premier Financial Bancorp
Labrador Retrieve and Mi
    St. Louis, Missouri
2021 Women in Leasing Luncheon NEFA
    Wednesday, October 13th 12pm - 2pm
News Briefs---
Leasing: Your questions get answered
    It’s critical to get their financing of new equipment right
Amid reports of homelessness and food insecurity,
     25,000 employees sue Disneyland for better pay
Migrants flown out of Texas border city
     after thousands cross Rio Grande
With retailers facing supply chain issues and scrambling to hire, 
      ’tis the season to start holiday shopping early
You May have Missed---
First San Francisco Bay Area Legal Home Restaurant Opens
   One of Eight Alameda County Permitted Home Restaurants
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
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         Traffic Live----

September 22
Fed: Industrial Production Now Beats Pre-Pandemic Levels
License and Registration United States
  By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
New Disclosure Laws, Pt. 1 (Revised)
Leasing Industry Ads
Equipment Vendor Sales Managers/Rainmakers Wanted
Why I Became a CLFP
Terey Jennings, CLFP, Financial Pacific
Credit Managers
A Time for Planning Ahead
Remote Work Already Changing Seattle Permanently,
  Tech Worker Survey Indicates
By Mike Lewis,
Banks Say Innovation Now More
Important Than Ever
The World's Most Popular Websites
Websites with the Most Visits
The Future of Fleet Payments: Expect the Unexpected
By Amanda Huggett, Automotive Fleet
Grand Opening of its Amur New Headquarter,
Celebrating 25th Anniversary of Company Found
Davidson Kempner Launches New
Commercial Aviation Financing Platform
ELFA Announces Thomas Ware Will Receive
2021 Distinguished Service Award
Saint Bernard Mix
Grand Island, Nebraska  Adopt-a-Dog
Largest Association Conference This Year
  ELFA 60th Annual Convention
764 Registered to Date, Including 40 Virtual Attendees
News Briefs---
U.S. Bank buys MUFG Union Bank,
    a big presence on the West Coast, for $8 billion
Google to Buy New York City Office Building for $2.1 Billion
    Manhattan deal is priciest sale of a U.S. office building
Ex-Controller Testifies in Trial of Theranos CEO
   revenue projections that did not match the reality of its finances
Historic Lows in Net Interest Margins Bedevil U.S. Banks
     Lower demand for credit and tighter net interest margins
You May have Missed---
Report: Over a Third of Gen-Z and Millennial Workers
     are Looking for a New Job
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
         Traffic Live----

September 24
Electric Vehicle Production Photo in Germany
32nd Annual Equipment & Vehicle Show
By Edward P. Kaye, Esq.
New Hires/Promotions in the Leasing Business
and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Ads
Attention Rainmakers/These Companies Hiring Sales Positions
Why Are So Many Credit Unions Now Buying Banks?
The Financial Brand
ELFA Engage App 3rd Quarter Winner
Winner is Reid Raykovich, CLFP
Subway: Sales Skyrocketed
  After Unprecedented Menu Update
The chain experienced its best month since 2013
Pinnacle Financial Partners Forms
First Dedicated Equipment Finance Team
The Damned (with Subtitles), Throw Down
  Melvin Van Peebles: Essential Films, Mona Lisa
Releases from Criterion by Fernando Croce
Labrador Retriever/Mix
Pen Yan, New York  Adopt-a-Dog
See Who is Attending the NEFA Funding Symposium
October 13-15, 2021, the Westin, Charlotte, North Carolina
News Briefs---
Target to spend $75 million on hiring fewer holiday workers,
    offering current employees more hours
Moderna chief executive sees pandemic
    over in a year - newspaper
You May have Missed---
Moderna’s vaccine efficacy held strong,
     did not wane after 5 months, new study shows
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
         Traffic Live----

September 27
North Mill Enters Mid-Ticket Financing Space to $1 Million
    and Increases Application Only Program to $250K
Ken Greene Leasing & Finance Observations
    New Disclosure Laws on “True Leases”
Leasing Industry Ads
    Growing Senior Sales Team Now!
41 New CLFP's Bringing Total to 1066
    Africa, Australia, Canada, India, United States
CLFP Companies with More than 2 Members
    1,066 Total CLFP's
The US Digital-Only Banking Revolution
    Predicted to Win 7 out of 10 Accounts
ELFA Reports August New Business Down 14%
    Compared to July, but up from August 2020
Top Ten Leasing News
    September 20 to September 24
Brean Capital Closes $50.0 Million
    Senior Note Financing
Hound/Mixed Breed
    New York City, New York  Adopt-a-Dog
Tandem Finance 2021 Summer Summit
    Group Photo in Linkedin
News Briefs---
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla predicts normal life will return
    within a year and adds we may need annual COVID shots
U.S. court upholds hospital employee COVID-19
    vaccine rule in test case
Intel Starts Construction of Two Arizona
    Computer Chip Factories
UPS hiring 100,000 temporary workers
    for holiday shipping season
Badolato: The story of how a small town
    opened Italy’s doors to refugees
Texas governor to Border Patrol agents
    under investigation: ‘I will hire you’
You May have Missed---
Burglars suspected of using signal jammer
    to fool San Jose man's Nest security camera
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
         Traffic Live----

September 29
John Kenny, Lease Receivables, former General Manager
  Lease Police, Leasing News Investigator and Columnist
    Now Telephones Covid-19 Patients for NY State Dept. of Health
Complete License and Registration United States
    By Kenneth C. Greene, Attorney
Leasing Industry Ads
    Equipment Vendor Sales Managers/We’re Hiring Top Sales Team
Are You Prepared?
    Sales Makes it Happen by Scott Wheeler, CLFP
Leasing and Finance Books
    Books on Equipment Leasing by Source
When Did US Adults Last Switch their Primary?
    Account to a New Bank:  Chart
Legal Issue Imposing Group Health Plan
    Monthly Surcharges on the Unvaccinated
The Top-Selling Vehicles in America
AP Equipment Financing Creates Financing Solutions
    for SEA Electric Medium Duty Electric Step Vans
Very Friendly Dog
    Phoenix, Arizona   Adopt-a-Dog
SFNet Announces Important Convention Updates
    November 3-5 Phoenix, Arizona
News Briefs---
Nearly 600 United Airlines employees losing their
     jobs after refusing to get vaccinated
N.C. hospital system fires about 175 workers in
    one of the largest-ever mass terminations due to a vaccine mandate
Citing labor shortage in St. Louis, Missouri
     Schnucks to close most stores an hour earlier
Desalination can make saltwater drinkable
     — but it won’t solve the U.S. water crisis
Bank Mergers Are On Track to Hit Their Highest Level
    Since the Financial Crisis
New FAA Technology Aims to Speed Takeoffs
     of Planes Idling on Runways
You May have Missed---
Consumer Confidence Fell Further in September
     now stands at 109.3 (1985=100), down from 115.2 in August
Sports Brief----
 California Nuts Brief---
  "Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in History
      Daily Puzzle
        Weather, USA or specific area
         Traffic Live----

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