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Friday, September 30, 2011

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

FASB Delay Not New Alert

  by Shawn Halladay, The Alta Group
   Classified Ads--- Sales
  MFLI-25 August Index released
    September Confidence Report
  Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
   Are you the owner of the leased asset?
    Leasing Industry Help Wanted
     Fernando's View
      This Week's Movie/DVD Reviews
   Sales Make it Happen
  Focus on Results
   Forum Leasing Recent Deals
    Key Equipment Finance Names Fries as VP
     US Capital Corporation Announces New SVP, Operations
      LEAF Announces New Director of Major Account Development
       GE Capital Franchise Finance Provides $9M to Famous Dave’s
        M&I Equipment Finance Company Announces New Chicago-based VP
         ZRG Partners granted patent on CollaboRATE
   What's in a name? Michael J. Fleck
      Savannah, GA -- Adopt-a-Dog
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 Facebook, Twitter Usage Increases Companies’ Security Risks
  Positive news peaking through despite decline in tonnage
   Banks Plan New Fees for Using Debit Cards
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      Cash-Short, U.S. Weighs Asset Sales
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FASB Delay Not New Alert
by Shawn Halladay, The Alta Group

The delay in the issuance of the new lease accounting standard has been expected ever since the Boards’ announced that they would re-expose it last month.

Hopefully, it will come out by the end of this year, so that it can be evaluated and incorporated into the final standard.

The only real issue outstanding is how lessors will account for leases, particularly vendor lessors, as the lessee side is pretty much locked in.  It is important to note that the delay relates only to the issuance of the standard, not its effective date.

As of today, we have not heard anything about delaying the effective date beyond January 1, 2015.  The impact of postponing the issuance of the final standard is that it creates some complacency with lessors and lessees (deferral of pain concept), resulting in people being caught short in their preparations for the changes when they do come.

"In speaking to lease management software providers, they felt that it was going to be difficult (depending on the magnitude of lessor changes) to be ready under the old timetable.  This just will increase the pressure on companies to convert their systems and processesIn a bit of good news, the Boards' tentatively decided to continue leasing's exemption from fair value measurements of the right to receive payments (lease receivable), although the treatment of securitized receivables, and others held for sale, is still up in the air."

Shawn Halladay, Managing Director
801 322 4499 direct
801 322 5454 fax
Global Experience Provides Direction

Shawn's biography:

IASB Update


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Stuart, FL
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MFLI 25 Index released

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association's (ELFA) Monthly Leasing and Finance Index (MLFI-25), which reports economic activity for the $521 billion equipment finance sector, showed overall new business volume for August was $5.7 billion, up 33 percent from volume of $4.3 billion in the same period in 2010. Volume was unchanged from the previous month. Year-to-date cumulative new business volume is up 25 percent.

MLFI-25 New Business Volume (Year Over Year Comparison)

(click to view larger)

All credit quality metrics showed improvement. Receivables over 30 days decreased to 2.5 percent in August from 2.7 percent in July, and declined by 42 percent compared to the same period in 2010. Charge-offs were down slightly from the previous month, and decreased by 54 percent from the same period in 2010, representing their lowest level in over two years.

Credit standards relaxed in August as the number of lease applications approved increased to 77.6 percent from 76.3 percent the previous month, and were up year over year as well. Over two-thirds of participating organizations reported submitting more transactions for approval during the month.

Finally, total headcount for equipment finance companies in August showed no significant change month to month and was down one percent year over year. Supplemental data show that the construction and trucking industries and small- and medium-sized enterprises led the underperforming sectors.

Separately, the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation's Monthly Confidence Index (MCI-EFI) for September indicates a less-than-optimistic outlook for business performance. The September index of 47.6 is down from the August index of 50.0, indicating, in part, continuing concern with global economic conditions and their impact on the industry. For more detailed information on the MCI-EFI visit

ELFA President and CEO William G. Sutton, CAE, said: "While both new business volume and portfolio quality seem to be trending up, it is clear from less-quantitative reporting that equipment finance executives still believe the storm clouds hovering over our economy have not yet dissipated. Until the U.S. and global economies begin to show signs of strengthening in a meaningful and sustainable way, current and future business performance will continue to ebb and flow."

Ron Arrington, Global President, CIT Vendor Finance, located in Livingston, NJ, said, "Our new business volumes year to date have outpaced 2010 levels even in the face of increased uncertainties in a number of economies around the world. This increased lending to businesses supports our customer needs in this environment, particularly for technology and office equipment. Even if the economic recovery slows, businesses have a need to replace older, essential-use equipment that they have put off replacing for too long. There is also an increased interest in managed services products as businesses look to managed services as a way to reduce costs while maintaining a technological edge."

Aging of Receivables Over 30 Days

Average Losses (Charge-offs) as a % of net receivables (Year Over Year Comparison)

Credit Approval Ratios As % of all Decisions Submitted
(Year Over Year Comparison)

Total Number of Employees (Year Over Year Comparison)


September Confidence Report

Washington, DC - The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation (the Foundation) releases the September 2011 Monthly Confidence Index for the Equipment Finance Industry (MCI-EFI).  Designed to collect leadership data, the index reports a qualitative assessment of both the prevailing business conditions and expectations for the future as reported by key executives from the $521 billion equipment finance sector.  Overall, confidence in the equipment finance market is 47.6, down from the August index of 50.0, indicating continuing concern with global economic conditions and their impact on the industry.

When asked about the outlook for the future, survey respondent David T. Schaefer, President, Orion First Financial, LLC, said, “Near term prospects for organic origination growth will be less than desired.  To significantly increase volume, companies will need to focus on increased market share and/or develop new products and channels.  We need to make our own opportunities and not wait for the economy to get back to ‘normal.’”

September 2011 Survey Results:

The overall MCI-EFI is 47.6, a decrease from the August index of 50.0.

·         When asked to assess their business conditions over the next four months, 4.9% of executives responding said they believe business conditions will improve over the next four months, down from 13.2% in August.  61.0% of respondents believe business conditions will remain the same over the next four months, a decrease from 65.8% in August.  34.1% of executives believe business conditions will worsen, an increase from 21.1% in August.

  • 12.2% of survey respondents believe demand for leases and loans to fund capital expenditures (capex) will increase over the next four months, a decrease from 21.1% in August.  68.3% believe demand will “remain the same” during the same four-month time period, an increase from 57.9% the previous month.  19.5% believe demand will decline, down from 21.1% who believed so in August.

  • 15.0% of executives expect more access to capital to fund equipment acquisitions over the next four months, down from 21.1% in August.  82.5% of survey respondents indicate they expect the “same” access to capital to fund business, an increase from 73.7% the previous month.  2.5% of survey respondents expect “less” access to capital, a decrease from 5.3% who expected less access to capital in August.

  • When asked, 17.5% of the executives reported they expect to hire more employees over the next four months, down from 23.7% in August.  72.5% expect no change in headcount over the next four months, an increase from 65.8% last month, while 10.0% expect fewer employees, a slight decrease from 10.5% in August. 

  • 55.0% of the leadership evaluates the current U.S. economy as “fair,” unchanged from last month.  45.0% rate it as “poor,” also relatively unchanged from August.

  • 2.5% of survey respondents believe that U.S. economic conditions will get “better” over the next six months, down from 5.3% in August.  75.0% of survey respondents indicate they believe the U.S. economy will “stay the same” over the next six months, up from 63.2% in August.  22.5% responded that they believe economic conditions in the U.S. will worsen over the next six months, down from 31.6% who believed so last month. 

  • In September, 30.0% of respondents indicate they believe their company will increase spending on business development activities during the next six months, up from 28.9% in August.  70.0% believe there will be “no change” in business development spending, up from 68.4% last month, and no one believes there will be a decrease in spending, down from 2.6% who believed so last month. 

September 2011 MCI Survey Comments from Industry Executive Leadership:

Depending on the market segment they represent, executives have differing points of view on the current and future outlook for the industry.

Bank, Large Ticket

“This industry is not the issue; the uncertainty and inconsistency in the global economy are the concerns.” Executive, Large Ticket, Bank

Independent, Middle Ticket

“We are starting to see more demand for equipment leases across various sectors. The transaction sizes are increasing with a strong push to get capital equipment in by year end. Rates are becoming very competitive for the high-end customers, but still a void exists for getting middle market credits funded.”  Aylin Cankardes, President, Rockwell Financial Group

Bank, Small Ticket

“Optimistic for the long term and very cautious in the short term. The conditions in Europe will continue to deteriorate causing a ‘short term’ negative effect in the U.S. markets, which includes the leasing and finance industry.”  Kenneth Collins, Chairman and CEO, Susquehanna Commercial Finance, Inc.

Independent, Small Ticket

“The industry overall is faring well through these challenging times. In the small ticket sector we still see a lack of momentum and sluggish demand.  The summer's stock market fluctuations, debt ceiling issues, and the recent hurricane will most likely keep demand on the low side for the foreseeable future. Confidence among many small business owners continues to erode.”  Valerie Hayes Jester, President, Brandywine Capital Associates, Inc




Leasing 102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP


Are you the owner of the leased asset?

To be a Lessor means you are the owner of the asset. That means that you are supposed to be interested in the welfare of that asset. If you do not than you have taken the first giant step towards having your transaction declared a disguised conditional sales contract. However you are the owner of record until you pass title. This means that even though you have offered a bargain purchase option at lease termination, until you send a bill of sale to pass ownership, you are subject to property tax and any other assessed taxes.

Many leasing companies seem to ignore their responsibilities when leases terminate. They think because the lessee has possession of the equipment that all is well and good. However if they fail to pass title they are still subject to property tax and other assessed taxes levied on the owner of record. This will come home to haunt them when the tax assessor makes his rounds. It seems illogical that a lease can fail to pass the legal or income tax requirements and still be a lease. However the question of who holds title is different than the question of who gets capital recovery benefits (depreciation) for income tax and which article of law (Article 2A for leases and Article 9 for disguised conditional sales contracts) Property tax only looks at who has title and bills them.

The evidence of ownership transfer is the bill of sale sent to the lessee irrespective of our collecting the $1 or a bargain purchase option. The two tenets of ownership is possession and title. The Lessee has possession but needs title at termination to bring the transaction to a close.

To be a true owner you need to be concerned about your asset you must record how your lessee plans to use it and at least create return conditions that give the user instructions on how it is to be returned. Another condition that is picking up steam in the courts is the question of “over use”. If you are really concerned about the use of your asset, where is the accelerator clause in your lease that requires additional rent if the use exceeds the original stated use.. If your equipment is used harder that the lessee indicated in the beginning then if you are a concerned owner you would want additional compensation. If not, then it truly was a disguised conditional sales contract.

A true owner also goes out to inspect his equipment periodically and keeps a record to show if the maintenance was up to snuff. If you do not care if your equipment is properly maintained then how can you claim to be a lessor and not just a money lender in sheep’s clothing?

Next question is have you taken a meaningful residual on the equipment that puts you at risk for the equipments value at lease termination. A meaningful residual does mean you have to take a real risk. A correct residual allows for selling costs, selling time, and the time value of money. A residual puts you to the test because you have responsibilities at lease termination that transcend traditional lending. But what does it say when you fail to assume any residual in your portfolio?

Our leasing industry is under attack because the accounting profession, tax lawyers and the legal profession claim that we are acting like lenders because we are not acting like equipment owners and it appears they are going to create new rules to refine our business and we are going to have to make up our mind on leasing or equipment financing.


Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
Anaheim, California

December 12-14th
Two and One Half-Day Seminar
sponsored by
Commerce National Bank
4040 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 100
Newport Beach CA 92660
(Orange County Airport is a half-mile away)

The seminar will contain information on how to approach leasing in 2012 with the following subjects:

  • New lease language
  • Proposed new accounting rules for lessee's
  • Structuring and pricing for competition
  • Income tax rules, Article 2A vs. Article 9
  • New reasons to lease
  • Questions to ask lessee
  • Vendor needs
  • Credit enhancements
  • Documentation issues

and a take home assignment to see how to propose a lease.

Cost $450 per person

To request a complete outline contact: or for questions call 502-649-0448


(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty-five years and can be reached at or 502-649-0448

He invites your questions and queries.

Previous #102 Columns:



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Fernando's View
By Fernando F. Croc

Mood-drenched action ("Drive") and smart sports drama ("Moneyball") make for a critically acclaimed box-office double-bill, while DVD watchers can catch up with one of the summer’s funniest hits (“Horrible Bosses”) and one of its loveliest sleepers (“Terri”).

In Theaters:

Drive (FilmDistrict): Talented Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling ("Blue Valentine") continues his ascension into stardom with his cool-as-ice performance in this critically acclaimed drama, directed with style to burn by Nicolas Winding Refn ("Valhalla Rising"). Gosling stars as the driver of the title, a mostly silent, unnamed Los Angeles loner who by day works as a movie stunt man and by night serves as the getaway driver in robberies. A sliver of hope enters his life as he becomes involved with his neighbor (Carey Mulligan), a young waitress whose husband faces trouble from local gangsters. While trying to help out her family, however, the Driver sinks deeper into the brutal world of crime and revenge. Though not without its hair-raising moments, this arresting movie relies more on mood and performances than on action to achieve its effects.

Moneyball (Columbia Pictures): An account of the struggles of the Oakland A’s might seem like an odd follow-up to a stark portrait of Truman Capote’s most famous novel, but director Bennett Miller brings to this baseball drama the same dry intelligence he brought to his acclaimed hit “Capote.” Brad Pitt delivers a strong performance as the team’s real-life general manager Billy Beane, a former aspiring ballplayer who during the early 1990s faced the challenges of departing players and low salaries while scrambling to steer the A’s toward the World Series. It all seems dire until he resorts to statistical strategies with the help of an economics major (Jonah Hill). An intense and rousing story that should please baseball fans and non-fans alike, this is one of the season’s most satisfying releases.

Netflix Tip: With critics putting “Moneyball” near the top of the list of best baseball movies, it’s time to revisit some of the other classics dealing with America’s favorite pastime. So check out Netflix and rediscover the pleasures of “Pride of the Yankees” (1942), “Bang the Drum Slowly” (1973), “The Bad News Bears” (1976), “The Natural” (1984), “Bull Durham” (1988) and “A League of Their Own” (1992).


Horrible Bosses (Warner Bros.): Following on the raunchy steps of “The Hangover Part 2” and “Bridesmaids,” this is another summer comedy that delivers big laughs. Directed with a nimble hand by Seth Gordon, the movie charts the professional woes of three friends, each of whom has to deal with bad supervisors. There’s Nick (Jason Bateman) and his smug corporate boss (Kevin Spacey), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) and his psychotic office honcho (Colin Farrell), and Dale (Charlie Day) who works as an assistant to a roving dentist (Jennifer Aniston). When they decide to a page from Hitchcock and bump off each other’s bosses, however, reality refuses to play ball. Filled with energetic performances, sudden twists and go-for-broke jokes, this is a brisk, rude, and consistently hilarious look at life’s daily frustrations and private rebellions.

Terri (Fox): Stories about high-school misfits are common in movies, but few of them match the sensitivity and personal style of this affecting, low-budget sleeper. Terri (Jacob Wysocki) is an overweight teenager who lives with his ailing uncle (Creed Bratton) and is often teased in class by other students. While taking afterschool advice from a well-meaning assistant principal (John C. Reilly), Terri befriends other outsiders, including hyperactive Chad (Bridger Zadina) and ostracized Heather (Olivia Crocicchia). But is their new friendship strong enough to survive their troubles, or will each slide back to the path of adolescent loneliness? Directed by acclaimed indie filmmaker Azazel Jacobs (“Momma’s Man”), the movie often plays like a John Hughes comedy-drama from the 1980s, but with a more unique sense of humor and compassion.

The Phantom Carriage (Criterion): The Grim Reaper has taken many shapes in movies, though seldom as strikingly as in this remarkable silent film from 1921, directed by Swedish pioneer Victor Sjostrom. It tells the haunting tale of David Holm (also played by Sjostrom), a drunkard who passes away at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. As the local legend has it, the last man to die in the year takes the place of the Soul Collector, riding in a ghostly coach and gathering other people's souls. Can David break away from his curse and become a better human being? Beautifully restored by the Criterion Collection, this under-seen but hugely influential early horror film arrives just at the right time to be discovered, kicking off Halloween season in great style.


Sales Make it Happen

Focus On Results

A significant number of salespeople confuse activity with productivity, and in doing so are less productive than they might be. They believe, sometimes for their entire careers, that activity of almost any kind will lead to sales success. If ever that was true, it is no longer true today. More than ever, salespeople are evaluated and judged on the results they produce, and the competitive landscape isn't patient with underperformers.

Focusing on results, not work, provides the greatest opportunity for success in sales. To maximize success, a salesperson must avoid the myriad time traps that divert attention and rob precious selling hours. Too many salespeople get caught up in addressing customer complaints, solving internal operational problems, and schmoozing with their established customers. When a salesperson focuses on results, these and other time traps can be avoided.

First, if a salesperson continually handles customer complaints, it's time to talk with management about determining the legitimacy of the complaints. Where complaints are justified, suggestions should be offered to management on how the problems might be addressed and solved. As a guardians of their time, and productive members of the sales team, salespeople have an absolute right to explain, firmly and professionally, that they cannot perform at optimum levels if forced to take on the additional responsibility of customer problem solvers.

If salespeople experience customer dissatisfaction as a result of internal operational problems, they will again want to approach management with observations and suggestions for improvement. Spending any significant time on workarounds designed to overcome operational difficulties points to a systemic problem that will keep salespeople from performing to their full potential.

Now for the time trap in which salespeople waste the most time, and over which they have the most control - schmoozing with their customers. Far too many salespeople spend time with their customers under the guise of maintaining good relationships. In reality, spending too much time schmoozing customers keeps salespeople in a comfort zone where they avoid some of the difficult work of sales, like prospecting, qualifying and closing new business.

America's oldest exercise guru, Jack LaLanne, once said, "If it's not good for you, don't eat it; if it tastes good, spit it out!" Salespeople may not want this type of harsh advice when it comes to managing their time, but borrowing from Jack LaLanne's example, "If it doesn't help you prospect for new business, qualify opportunities, facilitate orders, close business, maintain customer relationships, report activities to management, or advance your sales education and training - don't do it!

--- from the desk of a retired, successful leasing company president.




John Kenny Receivables Management

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement

• Fraud Investigations
• Credit Investigations • Asset Searches
• Skip-tracing • Third-party Commercial Collections | ph 315-866-1167|

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#### Press Release #############################

Key Equipment Finance Names Ann E. Fries as Vice President

Key Equipment Finance, one of the nation’s largest bank-held equipment finance companies and an affiliate of KeyCorp named Ann Fries as vice president, U.S. federal government finance. In this role, Fries will further expand the Key Government Finance presence with U.S. federal government prime contractors and vendor partners, as well as enhance existing partner/client relationships by exploring additional products and services.

“Ann has more than 29 years of diversified experience in the international financial services marketing and management consulting industries,” said Art E. Hyman, senior vice president, U.S. federal government finance, at Key Equipment Finance. “She has an extensive track record in debt and equity syndication and lease origination in the private placement capital asset and commercial aviation industries, and I look forward to working with her to provide client-driven solutions and structures.”

Prior to joining Key Equipment Finance, Fries was senior vice president of the Tax Exempt Financing Group at Banc of America Public Capital Corp. Previously, she was director of debt placement at Cauff, Lippman Aviation Inc., and executive director of debt placement for the Capital Equipment Group of CIS Corp. She also held various finance and management positions at Hunter, Keith, Marshall & Co., Brae Partners, GATX Leasing Corp. and Touche Ross & Co.

Fries has a bachelor’s degree in history from Vanderbilt University and an MBA in finance and accounting from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

About Key Equipment Finance
Key Equipment Finance is one of the largest bank-based equipment finance providers in the U.S. The company provides tailored equipment lease and finance solutions for small-to-large commercial clients and government entities. Through its vendor services unit, equipment finance programs are developed for manufacturers, distributors and resellers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Key Equipment Finance specializes in the technology, healthcare, renewable energy and corporate aviation markets, as well as other capital assets. Additionally, Key Equipment Finance provides lease capital markets support for corporations looking to optimize risk and revenue.

#### Press Release #############################


#### Press Release #############################

US Capital Corporation Announces New SVP, Operations

United States Capital Corporation, provider of innovative commercial equipment financing and leasing solutions to businesses, is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Michalek to Senior Vice President, Operations. In this role, Michalek is responsible for the operations of US Capital’s vendor and structured finance units nationally. In addition, Michalek will continue to develop and execute growth strategies with US Capital’s vendor finance clients.

Prior to joining US Capital, Michalek was responsible for architecting, growing and ensuring consistency of enterprise corporate web hosting environments for several Fortune 500 firms. Michalek earned a BBA from the University of Illinois in Management Information Systems.

“We are pleased to promote Chris to his expanded leadership role with US Capital which includes the directing of our funding source capabilities across all of our business verticals as well as overseeing US Capital’s client services and technology platforms” said John Hofmann, US Capital CEO.

Regarding this new position, Michalek said, “I am excited about my additional responsibilities and look forward to expanding our services to our clients. We have a great team at US Capital and we all believe that speed to market on a consistent and reliable basis is an important set of business tools that our customers can rely on.”

Since 1989, US Capital has been providing businesses with the financing they need for the equipment they want to operate their business. US Capital also provides custom finance programs to help companies sell their equipment to their customers

#### Press Release #############################



#### Press Release #############################

LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. Announces New Director of Major Account Development

Philadelphia, PA. - LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. ("LEAF"), announces that David Seeger has joined LEAF as Director of Major Account Development.

David Seeger will be focused on supporting and expanding LEAF's Major Account program relationships with captive finance organizations. He will assist manufacturers and distributors with a wide variety of funding programs customized to meet the needs of an on-balance sheet captive, as well as, companies that utilize syndication as a funding strategy.

David has worked more than 19 years in the leasing and financing industry taking on a variety of responsibilities ranging from program management to strategy and planning. He occupied several key positions at Tokai Financial Services. Later, Seeger advanced to a National Sales Manager position with CitiCapital (formerly Fidelity Leasing) in the information technology market. Immediately prior to joining LEAF, he held the post of Program Manager at De Lage Landen for the past six years developing programs in the healthcare market space.

Miles Herman, COO stated, "This strategic addition to LEAF is essential in continuing to enhance our ability to service and support our Manufacturers by delivering marketing, promotions, and business strategies to help them reach their growth goals utilizing our proven financing programs. I expect our new member to make immediate contributions to our captive financing division."

About LEAF
LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. ("LEAF") is an equipment leasing and finance company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. LEAF's business model assists commercial equipment dealers, resellers, distributors and manufacturers in maximizing the use of customer finance as a revenue generating strategy. LEAF is a joint venture among LEAF Financial Corporation, Resource Capital Corp. (NYSE, RSO), and Guggenheim Securities, LLC.

#### Press Release #############################

#### Press Release #############################

GE Capital Franchise Finance Provides $9M to Famous Dave’s Franchisee

GE Capital, Franchise Finance recently provided Blue Ribbon BBQ, LLC, a Famous Dave’s of America franchisee, $9 million for refinancing of existing debt and a partner buyout. Funding was provided through GE Capital’s bank affiliate, GE Capital Financial Inc.

“GE Capital was able to execute and close within our timeframe on this important strategic event for our company, exceeding our expectations,” explains Elliott Baum CEO & President, Blue Ribbon BBQ, LLC. “This was our first time doing business with GE Capital and we could not be more pleased with the outcome.”

Based in Walled Lake, Michigan, Blue Ribbon BBQ currently operates 6 Famous Dave’s units in the metro Detroit area and Cleveland Ohio. Founded in 2002, Blue Ribbon BBQ was the first Famous Dave’s licensee in the state of Michigan and is now one of the most successful franchisees of the Famous Dave’s franchise system.

“Helping Blue Ribbon BBQ with their partner buyout and refinancing in a tight timeframe made good use of our deep, franchise domain expertise, and our knowledge of the Famous Dave’s system,” says Allan Hauptli, vice president, GE Capital, Franchise Finance. “We look forward to working with Blue Ribbon and the Famous Dave’s brand.”

Famous Dave’s of America, Inc. owns, operates and franchises barbeque restaurants. The company owns 53 locations and franchises 131 additional units in 37 states. Famous Dave’s has been recognized with more than 500 awards.

About GE Capital, Franchise Finance
GE Capital, Franchise Finance is a leading lender for the franchise finance market via direct sales and portfolio acquisition. With more than 30 years of experience and $12 billion in served assets, we serve over 5,000 customers and over 22,000 property locations. We specialize in financing mid-market operators with multiple stores in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Our team of industry experts will work with you to help develop growth plans with access to our proprietary industry research and customized tools. More information is available at or by calling 866-GET-GEFF (438-4333).


#### Press Release #############################

M&I Equipment Finance Company Announces New Chicago-based VP

M&I Equipment Finance Company is pleased to announce that Michael Jez has been hired as Vice President in the team’s Chicago office, with a focus on sales in Chicago and the surrounding area. The hiring of Jez follows closely on the announcement that Bruce Homan was promoted to Senior Vice President to lead and grow the Chicago-based sales team, as well as the hiring of Kevin Manley as Vice President of Sales in the Chicago office, and completes the expansion of M&I Equipment Finance Company’s Chicago-based sales team.

Jez has over 14 years in the industry, primarily as a middle-market generalist. He has held previous lending roles at both Wells Fargo and Key Bank.

“Our Chicago-based team is expanding quickly to meet the needs of our growing customer base,” said Jud Snyder, Managing Director and Head, M&I Equipment Finance Company. “Today’s announcement signals our continued commitment to lending to business customers throughout our Midwestern footprint.”

About M&I Equipment Finance Company
M&I Equipment Finance Company, a subsidiary of BMO Financial Group, was founded in 1956. Headquartered in Milwaukee, this growing team of over 40 sales professionals and support staff is located across the bank’s US footprint. The M&I Equipment Finance team is currently ranked in both the Monitor Bank 40 and Monitor 100 lists of the largest US-based Equipment Finance companies.

About BMO Harris Bank
Based in Chicago, the bank has approximately 700 branches and approximately 1,350 ATMs in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Arizona and Florida. BMO Harris Bank is part of BMO Financial Group, a North American financial institution with 1,600 branches, a retail deposit base of approximately $180 billion, and combined U.S. businesses that rank as the 12th largest commercial bank, by assets, in the United States.

#### Press Release #############################


#### Press Release #############################

ZRG Partners granted patent on CollaboRATE interview management
and hiring decision system

Company announces spin off of technology and creation of Collaborate Talent Solutions

ZRG Partners, a global talent management firm, announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded ZRG patent number 7,991,635 which covers fundamental aspects of the firms automated interview management and hiring decision system called CollaboRATE.

CollaboRATE reduces the risk inherent in hiring talent, reduces hiring costs and the time to fill open positions through powerful data modeling and hiring analytics. CollaboRATE generates data on who to hire, key performance indicators for the onboarding process as well as analytics to identify who within an organization really contributes to hiring top talent. The patent covers the unique multi‐variant process involved in producing the C‐RATE hire score which is a predictive, fact based indicator of the candidate’s ability to meet the job requirements based on collaborated interview feedback,
assessments and matching of skills and competencies.

“The need for this product comes from a systemic breakdown in how companies obtain interview feedback and then make actual hiring decisions”, said Larry Hartmann, Managing Partner at ZRG Partners. “Many companies are including 5‐7 people in every interview yet the feedback and decisioning process is broken. CollaboRATE unlocks the collective wisdom within an organization to make better hiring decisions while speeding up the entire hiring process. We are
excited with the patent office ruling and we will now accelerate our investment into becoming the market leader in interview management and hiring decisioning”.

ZRG Partners also announced the spin off the CollaboRATE assets and resources into a stand‐alone business unit called Collaborate Talent Solutions. ZRG will continue to offer the CollaboRATE Software as a Service (SaaS) product offering as a value added component of its traditional search model to its client base. However, the formation of Collaborate Talent Solutions now makes the product available to the market on a standalone basis. By having developed a SaaS based business unit, Collaborate Talent Solutions intends to raise additional capital through a Series A round of financing to expedite the growth of the business.

About ZRG and CollaboRATE
ZRG Partners is a 10 year old, global retained search and talent management firm with a focus on data and analytics to drive great business decisions. CollaboRATE was developed working hand in hand with Fortune 500 clients solving specific interviewing challenges. The company operates globally with offices throughout North America as well as branch offices in Asia Pacific and in Europe.

Larry Hartmann, Chairman 201‐560‐9900 x 222





What's in a name?

From ABAJournal

Two Illinois Lawyers Have Similar Name and Practice Focus,
But Only One Is Being Sued By State AG

Both Michael E. Fleck and Michael J. Fleck are Illinois lawyers who handle real estate matters. They are often mistaken for each other, Michael J. Fleck tells Chicago radio station WBBM.

But that is now more of a problem for Michael J. Fleck now that Michael E. Fleck has been sued by the state attorney general over the way he runs his practice. The non-defendant lawyer says he has taken some flak over the mix-up and is trying to clarify that he's not involved in the litigation.

"It's been a little difficult to try and stay out in front of this with our colleagues and our friends and our clients," he tells the station.

The Daily Herald and Legal Newsline provide further details about AG Lisa Madigan's suits in Cook County Circuit Court against a number of Chicago area lawyers and law firms that represent consumers in foreclosure and loan-modification matters.

Michael E. Fleck did not immediately respond to an ABA Journal request for comment early this morning.


Savannah, GA  -- Adopt-a-Dog

Breed: Rottweiler Color: Black - With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn Age: Senior
Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg) Sex: Female

I am already spayed, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, good with dogs, and not good with cats.

Betty's Story...
Betty is a very special older girl, she is about 6 or 7 years old. She has overcome so many obstacles to get to where she is today. Betty was picked up by Animal Control in Atlanta after she had been hit by a car. She had a fractured tibia that was set in a cast by an emergency vet. That is when animal control contacted SSRR. They couldn't offer her for adoption with her injury so she spent seven weeks in the full rear leg cast until her fracture healed.

Now she can run, jump and get around today as though it never happened. Betty was used as a breeding machine as evidenced by her body. Her nails are permanently short where she has lived a life on concrete, how she escaped or what led to her being hit by a car we don't know. She was also heartworm positive and had to undergo six weeks of treatment.

Today she is spayed, vaccinated and heartworm negative. She is crate trained and sleeps there at night. Betty loves life and food! If you're looking for an older settled dog, who won't require a lot of work, other than feeding twice a day, Betty would be the dog for you. She would probably do best in a home with a male dog although she is fine with non-confrontational females in her foster home. Betty is the epitome of how resilient Rottweilers can be.

For more information, contact: Lisa at

Adopt-a-Pet by Leasing Co. State/City

Adopt a Pet


News Briefs---

Facebook, Twitter Usage Increases Companies’ Security Risks

Positive news peaking through despite decline in tonnage

Banks Plan New Fees for Using Debit Cards

30-year mortgage rates just barely above 4%

Gas Prices Continue Their Retreat -- But Will It Last?

Cash-Short, U.S. Weighs Asset Sales

Boeing 787 aims to take passenger comfort to new heights

Amazon's Kindle Fire takes shot at Apple iPad

Obama gives boot to claims of slur on ‘slippers’

Cantaloupe illnesses and deaths expected to rise



You May Have Missed---

The 10 best U.S. cities for retirees


Sports Briefs----

A Night of Twists and Collapses

Francona expected to part ways with Red Sox


This Day in American History

      1630- John Biliington, one of the first pilgrims to land in America, was hanged for mur­der, becoming the first criminal to be executed in the American Colonies. He was one of the signers of the Pilgrim's compact. He way-laid a young man, one John Newcomin ( “ about a former quarele, and shote him with a gune, whereof he dyed.” 
    1787- the first ship to carry the American flag around the world was the “Columbia,” a 212-ton vessel under Captain Kendrick that sailed from Boston, MA , on a fur-trading mission to Canada. It was accompanied by he sloop Washington, under Captain Robert Gray, who exchanged commands with Captain Kendrick and completed the trip, returning to Boston on August 9, 1790. The trip took nearly three years and covered a distance of 41,899 miles. The crew explored the Queen Charlotte Island and discovered the straits of Juan de Fuca and the mouth of the Columbia River.
    1811- The first year exports exceeded imports. Imports were %43.5 million and exports were $45.3 million and of foreign merchandise (the territories) $16 million for a total exports of $61.3 million.
    1851- The barge "Mount Washington" arrived in port with cargo which included macaroni and other foods, candles, soap, fishing nets, books and mail. Mail was delivered to the post master by Capt. Ebenezer G. Libby.
1917 Drummer Buddy Rich birthday
    1922- Bassist Oscar Pettiford born, Okmulgee, OK
    1924- American novelist and literary celebrity, was born Truman Streckfus Persons at New Orleans, LA. He later took the name of his stepfather and became Truman Capote. Among his best remembered books: Other Voices, Other Rooms, Breakfast at Tiffany's and In Cold Blood. He was working on a new novel, Answered Prayers, at the time of his death at Los Angeles, CA, Aug 25, 1984.
    1927- George Herman ‘Babe” Ruth hit his 60th home run of the season off Tom Zachary, of the Washington Senators. Ruth's record for the most homers in a single season stood for 34 years—until Roger Mans hit 61 in 1961. Maris's record was broken in 1998 by Mark McGwire with 62 home runs
    1934- On this date Babe played his last game for the New York Yankees. Soon after, while watching the fifth game of the World Series (between St. Louis and Detroit) and angry that he was not to be named Yankees manager Ruth told Joe Williams, sports editor of the Scripp-Howard newspapers, that after 15 sea­sons he would no longer be playing for the Yankees.
    1935—Singer Johnny Mathis born Gilmer, Texas.
    1947- The first World Series to be televised opened with the New York Yankees beating the Brooklyn Dodgers, 5-3. The Yankees won the Series, four games to three. The entire series was telecast under the joint sponsorship of the Ford Motor Company and the Gillette Safety Razor Company at a cost of $65,000. The play-by-play descriptions were given by Bob Edge, Bob Stanton, and Bill Slater.
    1951-” Red Skelton Show Premiers”. Vaudevillian and radio per­former Red Skelton hosted several popular variety shows on NBC and CBS in a career that spanned 20 years. He was a gifted comedian, famous for his loony characters, sight gags, pan­tomimes and ad-libs. His show was also notable for introducing Johnny Carson and the Rolling Stones to a national audience.
    1955-James Dean meets his end. It was at the intersection of what are now highways 41 and 46 (41 and 466 then) at Cholame, California, not highway 101. He was 25 miles away from 101 and would have taken that road. Dean was on his way from LA to Monterey to race his Porsche. Most people think it was Dean's fault, probably due to speed, and he did get a speeding ticket earlier that day, but police at the scene don't believe he was speeding at the time. Besides, his aluminum Porsche was no match for a big heavy Ford. This is a Y intersection, and Dean had the right of way. He was headed west on 466 into the setting sun and didn't see the approaching Ford, the Ford driver probably didn't see the silver Porsche, and turned left in front of Dean onto 41 toward Kettleman City. No time to stop. I've been to that location. I still have my 1961 Super 90.
    1956---Top Hits
Canadian Sunset - Hugo Winterhalter and Eddie Heywood
The Flying Saucer (Parts 1 and 2) - Buchanan and Goodman
Honky Tonk (Parts 1 and 2) - Bill Doggett
Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
    1960-” The Flintstones” premiered on ABC-TV. This Henna Barbera cartoon comedy was set in prehistoric times. Characters included two Stone Age families, Fred and Wilma Flintstone and neighbors Barney and Betty Rubble. In 1994 The Flintstones movie was released, star­ring John Goodman, Rick Moranis and Rosie O'Donnell. It also was the first cartoon series to be televised on prime-time.
    1960 -- On Howdy Doody's last TV show Clarabelle finally talks: "Goodbye Kids".
    1961-Bob Dylan plays harmonica on three cuts recorded for his friend Caroline Hester's first Columbia album. The session is produced by John Hammond and he is so impressed that he promptly signs Dylan to a deal. Now that Dylan is a part of Columbia records, Hammond arranges for a solo recording session in October.
    1961--an early season snowfall occurred over the northern plains with the greatest total (4 inches in the Ulm-Mankato area in Minnesota). Omaha, NE had its first September snow in 70 years.
    1962- Rioting broke out when James Meredith became the first black to enroll in the all-white University of Mississippi. President Kennedy sent 3000 US troops to the area to force compli­ance with the law. Three people died in the fighting and 50 were injured. The next day Meredith was enrolled and began to attend classes amid continuing disruption by protestors. On June 6, 1966, Meredith was shot while participating in a civil rights march at Mississippi. On June 25 Meredith, barely recovered, rejoined the marchers near Jackson, MS.
    1964---Top Hits
Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
Bread and Butter - The Newbeats
G.T.O. - Ronny and The Daytonas
I Guess I'm Crazy - Jim Reeves
    1966 -- Three-day Acid Test opened at San Francisco State College Commons. The test was to peak on the evening of Oct. 1. The Grateful Dead perform. 
Posters from this era are quite the collector items.
    1967-Van Morrison's "Brown-Eyed Girl" peaks at #10 on the singles chart.
    1967--13th Floor Elevators; Quicksilver Messenger Service at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, presented by the Family Dog collective.
    1970 - A nineteen month drought in southern California came to a climax. The drought, which made brush and buildings tinder dry, set up the worst fire conditions in California history as hot Santa Anna winds sent the temperature soaring to 105 degrees at Los Angeles, and to 97 degrees at San Diego. During that last week of September whole communities of interior San Diego County were consumed by fire. Half a million acres were burned, and the fires caused fifty million dollars damage.
    1972- Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates doubled against New York Mets pitcher Jon Matlack as the Pirates defeated the Mets, 5-0. It was Clemente's 3,000 career hit and his last one as he was killed in a plane crash on Dec 31, delivering relief supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua.
    1972---Top Hits
Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me - Mac Davis
Saturday in the Park - Chicago
Back Stabbers - O'Jays
I Ain't Never - Mel Tillis
    1976- California became the first state to enact a “Right-to-Die” law, which allowed physicians of terminally ill patients to withhold life-sustaining procedures under certain conditions,
    1976 -- "Two Centuries of Black American Art" opens at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The exhibit features over 60 lithographers, painters, and sculptors including 19th century masters Joshua Johnston, Edward Bannister, and Henry O. Tanner as well as modern artists Charles White, Romar Bearden, and Elizabeth Catlett. The exhibit's catalogue notes that the assembled artists' work proves “the human creative impulse can triumph in the face of impossible odds, and at times even because of them.”
    1977-The Rolling Stones release their "Bridges to Babylon" LP.
    1977 - The temperature at Wichita Falls, TX, soared to 108 degrees to establish a record for September.
    1978-- "Kiss You All Over" by Exile topped the charts and stayed there for 4 weeks.
    1980---Top Hits
Upside Down - Diana Ross
All Out of Love - Air Supply
Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You - Dolly Parton
    1982-”Cheers” premiered. NBC sitcom revolving around the owner, employees and patrons of a Beacon Street bar at Boston. Original cast: Ted Dan­son as owner Sam Malone, Shelley Long and Rhea Perlman as waitresses Diane Chambers and Carla Tortelli, Nicholas Colasanto as bartender Ernie “Coach” Pantusso, John Ratzenberger as mail­man Cliff Clavin and George Wendt as accountant Norm Peter­son. Later cast members: Woody Harrelson as bartender Woody Boyd, Kelsey Grammar as Dr. Frasier Crane, Kirstie Alley as Rebecca Howe and Babe Neuwirth as Dr. Lilith Sternin Crane. The theme song “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” was sung by Gary Portnoy and written by he and Judy Hart Angelo. Cre­ated by Glen Charles, Las Charles and James Burrows. The last episode aired Aug 19, 1993.
    1984- “Murder, She Wrote” premiers. Angela Lansbury starred as crime novelist Jessica Fletcher from Cabot Cove, Maine, who traveled the country solving murders. This top-rated detective show was unusual in having an older female star, since young men are usu­ally preferred in leading roles on TV. Also appearing were Tom Bosley as Sheriff Amos Tupper and William Windom as Dr. Seth Hazlett. The program ran for 12 years.
    1985-An early season snowstorm covered the Arrowhead region of Minnesota with 7 to 9 inches of snow. 7 inches fell at Babbitt and Aurora, 7.5 inches at Isabella and 8.5 inches at Polar Lake. This was believed to be the most ever for September in this region.
    1987 - Afternoon thunderstorms in Michigan produced hail an inch in diameter at Pinckney, and wind gusts to 68 mph at Wyandotte. A thunderstorm in northern Indiana produced wet snow at South Bend. Seven cities in the northwestern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including readings of 98 degrees at Medford OR and 101 degrees at downtown Sacramento CA
    1988- Pitcher Orel Hershiser of the Los Angles Dodgers extended his streak of consecutive scoreless innings to 59, thereby breaking Don Drysdale's mark by one inning. Hershiser shut of the San Diego Padres for 10 innings, but the Padres won the game 2-1, in 16 innings.
    1988 --Ronald Reagan, nearing the end of his presidency, throws out the ceremonial first pitch at Wrigley Field. The former Cub announcer then spends an inning and a half doing play-by-play with Harry Caray in the WGN television booth
    1988---Top Hits
Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
I'll Always Love You - Taylor Dayne
Love Bites - Def Leppard
Addicted - Dan Seals
    1988 - Unseasonably warm weather prevailed over Florida, and in the western U.S. The afternoon high of 94 degrees at Fort Myers FL was their tenth record high for the month. Highs of 98 degrees at Medford OR and 99 degrees at Fresno CA were records for the date, and the temperature at Borrego Springs CA soared to 108 degrees.
    1992- George Brett of the Kansas City Royals singled off Tom Fortugno of the California Angeles in the 7 th inning, thus recording the 3,000 th hit of his major league career. The single gave Brett four hits in a game for the 59 th time. He was accorded a standing ovation and became so distracted that he was picked off first.
    1995- "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey topped the charts and stayed there for 8 weeks.
    1999- The largest regular-season crowd in San Francisco Candlestick Park history, 61,389 fans, watch the Dodgers beat the home team, 9-4 in the last baseball game to ever be played at the 'Point'. Giant greats help mark the occasion with Juan Marichal tossing out the ceremonial first pitch before the game and Willie Mays throwing out the ballpark's final pitch after the game. Sue and I were there.
    2000-In the highest scoring game in A's franchise history, Oakland defeats the Rangers 23-2 to remain a half-game ahead of the Mariners for the western division lead as Seattle scores the most runs ever against the Angels, 21-9 assuring the team at least a tie for the American League wild card.




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