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Collector, Atlanta, GA

Experienced, calling 11-90 day delinquent customers, assisting Asset Re-marketer with delinquency reporting, weekly reporting to home office.

Sales, Chicago, Atlanta

Work out of main office and satellite. Heavy phone sales calling on both independent dealers and end users (cold/warm calling), marketing, weekly reporting to management. Outside territorial salespeople will also be considered.

Contact: Michael Testa 312-881-3133
Financing for Commercial Truck & Trailer, Exotic, High Line, Vintage & Classic Automobiles, Taxi, Livery & Paratransit

Monday, September 8, 2014

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

1993 - Pictures from the Past
Shawn Giffin, CLP - Patrick E. Byrne, CLP
   Classified Ads---Attorney
Sometimes Lawyers Give Themselves a Bad Name
   By Tom McCurnin, Leasing News Legal Editor
  Top Stories August 25--August 29
Opened Most by Readers of Leasing News
Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
   Back Office
Back Office Companies-Classified
---Many take Small Portfolios---
Back Office Companies
--Most Have Minimum Size Portfolios—
    Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted
 “How Do I Exit an Interview Ending?”
    Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII
Certified Lease Professional Circular Issued
    Message from the President
CEO age continues to be more than just a number
 in bank Mergers and Acquisitions
   Labrador Retriever
Murray, Utah  Adopt-a-Dog
   Leasing Attorneys
News Briefs---
So You Wanna Buy A Franchise?
 Credit Markets Need an Alternative to Libor — Fast
  At Alibaba, the Founder Is Squarely in Charge

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1993 - Pictures from the Past
Shawn Giffin, CLP - Patrick E. Byrne, CLP

Balboa Capital Corporation, VP Finance Shawn Giffin, CLP (left) congratulates President Patrick E. Byrne, CLP. The Western Association of Equipment Leasing member firm was recently ranked #67 overall on the Inc. 500 list.

Firms: Balboa Capital Corp.
Specialization: High-tech
Lease Range: $10K-$2 million
Number of Employees: 35
Irvine-based Balboa Capital Corporation is the 67th fastest-growing private company in the U.S. according to Inc. Magazine.  In its annual “Inc. 550 Survey, “ published in the October, 1993 edition, Balboa ranked 67th overall and second in southern California, based on their five year grown pattern.


Patrick E. Byrne, Chief Operating Officer
Balboa Capital
(He is no longer “a Certified Leasing Professional
in Good Standing”).

Shawn Giffin, 45, passed away Thursday, June 17, 2010.



Classified Ads---Attorney

(These ads are “free” to those seeking employment
or looking to improve their position)

San Diego , CA
Experienced in-house corporate, equipment leasing and financial services attorney seeks position as managing or transactional counsel. Willing to relocate.
Cell Phone: 760-533-4058; | Resume

Free Posting for those seeking employment in Leasing:

All “free” categories “job wanted” ads:


John Kenny 
Receivables Management

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement
• Fraud Investigations
• Credit Investigations • Asset Searches 
• Skip-tracing • Third-party Commercial Collections | ph 315-866-1167|

(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for investigations
and background information provided by John Kenny)


Sometimes Lawyers Give Themselves a Bad Name
By Tom McCurnin
Leasing News Legal Editor

In An Obviously Correct Ruling, Utah Federal Court Reached the Obvious Conclusion That Equipment Lessor is Not Debt Collector for Purposes of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Pettingill v. Northern Leasing Systems, Inc. 2013 WL 4084754 (D.Utah, 2013)

Today’s case is stupidly simple case in which Northern Leasing Systems apparently leased equipment to a lawyer, Scott Pettingill.  Pettingill defaulted, and after Northern Leasing filed a State Court suit, Pettingill filed his own Federal lawsuit alleging that Northern Leasing was required to be licensed as a debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

As ridiculous as the case sounds, the Federal Judge analyzed the issue and threw the Lessee’s case out of court. 

Under the FDCPA, a debt collector is any person “who regularly collects or attempts to collect debts owed to another.  The Lessee did not allege that the Lessor attempted to collect a debt owed to another, but merely contended that the Lessor filed a lawsuit against him.  Since an action based on the FDCPA must be dismissed if the Defendant is not a debt collector, the Court correctly dismissed the action. 

I have no lessons for the equipment lessor here, other than sometimes lawyers give themselves a bad name.

Pettingill Case

Tom McCurnin is a partner at Barton, Klugman & Oetting
in Los Angeles, California.

Tom McCurnin
Barton, Klugman & Oetting
350 South Grand Ave.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Direct Phone: (213) 617-6129
Cell (213) 268-8291
Visit our web site at
Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:

Previous Tom McCurnin Articles:



Top Stories August 25--August 29
Opened Most by Readers of Leasing News

(1) Enverto Introduces IMCA Express
         with $100 Million Credit Facility

(2) New Hires---Promotions in the Leasing Industry

(3) Bank Refused Coverage on Banker’s Bond
    for Sheldon Player’s Equipment Acquisition Resources
           By Tom McCurnin
Leasing News Legal Editor

(3) Differences Between iPhone & Android Users
        By Dave Smith,

(4) Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
        So You Want to Start a Leasing Company?

(5) Archives--September 3, 2002
      "Top Gun" Ignacio Sanchez, CLP

(6) Crestmark to Acquire Michigan-based TIP Capital
       To Close Late September, 2014

(7) Advertisement---19% Looking for Equipment Financing
  But 56% are looking for working capital

(8) Lease Accounting Changes May Trip Up Bank Loans 

(9) Mike Fleming October 24, Naples, Florida
          Celebration of Life

(10) Phablets are going to be bigger than tablets, laptops,
           IDC says



Leasing 102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Back Office

One of the problems with having a small portfolio of your own comes from the responsibility to manage the portfolio for accounting purposes. Leasing is not lending and requires knowing where “each” leased equipment is at any moment for property tax and sales tax purposes. You may have one lease with multiple pieces of equipment in multiple locations. This is one of the reasons master leases are used with location dictating what equipment is bundled together for each schedule.

In some States, where sales tax is collected and remitted, having the ability to separate the tax into each jurisdiction is a necessary evil. Property tax assessors will stop by on occasion to check your records to see what assets you have in their jurisdiction. Therefore, an accounting program that can handle loans is customer based. Commercial equipment leasing needs to be asset based. There are companies who will perform this service for you.

Lease accounting programs are not cheap, but most of them come with the ability to select parts that fit your needs, and you will not have to purchase parts that you do not need. In addition you need to have personnel that can use the accounting program and can operate it daily.

You also need to separate the different type of leases for accounting because of the different information required. Tax leases have tax depreciation that is different than book depreciation, which requires a different early termination value. Municipal or tax free transactions are different than tax or nontax deals. TRAC leases are different because the residual is guaranteed.

Collection is difficult without the ability to determine the current status. In addition, back office supplies and documentation add an expense that means before you decide to maintain your own portfolio, you need to determine how large the portfolio needs to be so that it creates sufficient profits to pay the freight.

Sometimes it is best to farm out the accounting function where you can pay as you go. Generally, they charge to book and maintain each transaction and can do both property tax compliance and file sales tax returns. This requirement is increased because as you add additional States for new business, you must quality to do business in those states and complete business income tax forms.

Having a small portfolio is attractive until you see the cost to maintain it. Many lessors utilize companies who specialize in these functions,
called “Back Office.”

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty years and can be reached at or 502-649-0448.
He invites your questions and queries.

Previous #102 Columns:


Mr. Terry Winders available as Expert Witness. 35 years as a professional instructor to the top equipment leasing and finance companies in the United States, author of several books, including DVD's, as well as weekly columnist to Leasing News. He also performs audits of leasing companies as an expert on documentation, and has acted as an expert witness on leasing for litigation in legal and tax disputes, including before the IRS. He also has taught the senior bank examiners, how to review a bank leasing department, for the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. and has trained the examiners for the FDIC on how to prepare a lease portfolio for sale.

Mr. Winders received his Master of Business Administration and his Bachelor of Science degrees from the College of Notre Dame.


(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)




Back Office Companies--Classified
---Many take Small Portfolios---

Back Office: Atlanta, GA
Let Tax Partners handle your sales and use tax compliance duties w/less risk and cost than in-house. Largest tax compliance firm
in US
Back Office: 58 Calif. counties
Property tax, assessment appear representation and
consulting, including hearing appearances.  
Ken Sullivan 800-540-3900
Backoffice: Dallas, TX 
Property Tax and sales and use tax administration services performance is guaranteed and we will save you time and money or our service is free.
Back Office: Gig Harbor, WA
Orion First Financial provides comprehensive lease/loan account servicing, collection/workout solutions and strategic advisory services. Contact David T. Schaefer
Back Office: Laughlin, NV
20 years experience on funder/broker sides. Looking for a relationship where I act as credit shop for smaller brokers when financial statements are involved.
Back Office: National Property Tax Compliance Services to the leasing industry. Over 60-years experience and fifty Lessors as clients. References and free quotes available,
Back Office – National
Spending too much time on processing credit applications, preparing lease documents and other administrative tasks and not enough time marketing and growing your business? Call us! 407.964.1232
Backoffice: New Rochelle, NY
Proactive management/administration of commercial/consumer vehicle lease/finance portfolios covering insurance, titles,
registrations, sales/property taxes, tickets, collections, accounting, vehicle disposition. Since 1975
Back Office: Northbrook, IL
Our staff of CPA's and lease professionals can handle any or all portfolio responsibilities incl. portfolio mgmt, invoicing, sales/property/income tax, accounting, etc. 
Back Office: San Rafael, CA
We can run your back office from origination to final payoff. 30 years experience in commercial equipment lease and loan portfolio management.
Back Office - Portland, OR 
Keep more of your hard-earned commissions! Middle-Market, Small-Ticket for brokers, nationwide, 20+years experience, negotiable splits. Contact us for more information at (888)745-9481 or
Back Office -Portland 
Portfolio Financial Servicing Company is a leading provider of private label primary and backup servicing for lease and loan contracts. 800-547-4905

Portfolio Servicing: Portsmouth, NH
Servicing without all the subcontracting. Payments, billing, collection, legal, recovery, accounting, tax. Leading systems; highly recognized professionals. Call 855.EENGINE
Web Site




Back Office Companies
--Most Have Minimum Size Portfolios—

Advance Property Tax Compliance Group 88 Systems, Inc.  
Barrett Management Corp. Haws Consulting Group Phoenix Leasing Portfolio Srvcs., Inc.
Bank of the West JDR Solutions Portfolio Financial Servicing Co.
ECS Financial Services Lease Broker Assistant, LLC LeaseDimensions, Inc.
RPC Property Tax Advisors, LLC Madison Capital, LLC
GreatAmerica Portfolio
Services Group LLC
Orion First Financial, LLC

Full List:




Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Collector, Atlanta, GA

Experienced, calling 11-90 day delinquent customers, assisting Asset Re-marketer with delinquency reporting, weekly reporting to home office.

Sales, Chicago, Atlanta

Work out of main office and satellite. Heavy phone sales calling on both independent dealers and end users (cold/warm calling), marketing, weekly reporting to management. Outside territorial salespeople will also be considered.

Contact: Michael Testa 312-881-3133
Financing for Commercial Truck & Trailer, Exotic, High Line, Vintage & Classic Automobiles, Taxi, Livery & Paratransit

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“How Do I Exit an Interview Ending?”
Career Crossroad---By Emily Fitzpatrick/RII

Question: Can you give me some advice on what to do when an interview is ending? I am never quite sure how to exit the interview.

Answer: The goal of the candidate should be to leave the right impression; a professional and memorable one. A company rarely hires the first competent person. Unless you are the last person to be interviewed, the impression you make will fade with each subsequent candidate. So make sure your exit is a graceful and an impressive one. Confidence and openness should characterize the strategy for the "close.” This is an opportunity to continue the “bonding” process with the interviewer, and an opportunity to tell the interviewer anything else that you feel is important to your candidacy.  

Note: the more the interviewer likes you, the more information they will provide without asking, e.g. additional interviews, benefits, future goals, etc.

Most often, the signal that the interview is drawing to a close comes when you are asked whether you have any questions. Use this to you advantage.

Asking questions will give you the opportunity, once again, to highlight your strengths and show your enthusiasm.

You want to thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet you, express your excitement with the organization / department, and get information on the decision process.

Sample Do’s
1.      Ask appropriate job-related questions – review your notes, bring up any relevant strengths that have not been addressed
2.      Show decisiveness – react with enthusiasm if an offer is made
3.      When interviewed by more than one person, be sure you have the correct information - spelling and contact information of all interviewers – get accurate spelling and contact information of all interviewers; ask for business cards
4.      Find out who else will be interviewing / participating in the decision-making process – inquire about the process, e.g. time frame
5.      Always depart in the same polite and assured manner you entered – make eye contact, smile, offer a firm handshake, express your interest and ask when you will speak again

Sample Don’ts
1.      Don’t press for an early decision – ask regarding the time frame of the decision, but don’t push or be aggressive
2.      Don’t show discouragement – job offers typically do not occur on the spot as such, don’t show disappointment; it will only demonstrate a lack of self-esteem and determination

For more advice and sample do’s and don’ts, feel free to contact us

Emily Fitzpatrick
Sr. Recruiter
Recruiters International, Inc.
Phone:  954-885-9241
Cell:  954-612-0567
Invite me to Connect on LinkedIn
Also follow us on Twitter #RIIINFO

Career Crossroads Previous Columns


Certified Lease Professional Circular Issued
Message from the President

David Normandin, CLP
Senior Vice President
Banc of California

“2014 has already been an exciting year for the CLP Foundation. We have received 38 CLP applications, have successfully organized and staffed 3 Institutes for Leasing Professionals on behalf of the National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA) and have had 31 people sit for the Certified Lease Professional exam.

“ECS Financial hosted our first ILP of the year the last week of July. We owe a great thanks to Nancy Geary, CPA, and her team for a fantastic event in the Chicago area. I would also like to recognize and thank the instructors of this ILP: Dennis Dressler, Esq., Nancy Geary, CPA, CLP, Marc Keepman, Chris Maudlin, CLP, Matt Padden, CLP, Ken Peters, Esq., and Brian Schonfeld, CLP. There were four candidates who sat for the exam and I am proud to say that all four passed.

“My team at Banc of California was honored to host the second ILP the first week of August. There were twenty participants in the ILP followed by thirteen candidates that sat for the exam. Of these candidates, eight passed. I would like to recognize and thank the instructors of this ILP; Steve Tidland, CLP, Andy Alper, Esq., Doug Houlahan, CLP, Joe Schmitz, CLP, Tamara McCourt, CCE, CLP and Jenny Wood CLP. Lisa Whitehead, CLP proctored the exam and Amy Spragg, CLP and Jaimie Haver, CLP were essential in coordination of the event.

“The third ILP of the year was hosted by Financial Pacific Leasing and spearheaded by Terey Jennings, CLP. I would also like to thank the instructors there: Jeff Bartholomew, CLP, Brian Black, CLP, Pete Davis, Terey Jennings, CLP, Samantha Nettles, CLP, Virginia Piazza, CPA, CLP, John Rosenlund, CLP, Lia Wax, CLP, Jenny Wood, CLP, Terry Wood, CLP, and John Wright, CLP. There were four participants and the one individual who sat for the exam, passed.

“The fourth and last ILP that the Foundation is assisting NEFA with in 2014 is being hosted by FSG Capital in Baltimore, MD on October 11-13. We are currently looking for instructors and participants for this event. Please reach out to Reid Raykovich CLP at 206.535.6281 to find out more information on how you or someone you know can be involved.

“Additionally, Amy Spragg CLP, Chris Lerma CLP and I have been working on updating the CLP exam to increase clarity. For those of you who remember the scale of the exam, this has been a large project that is close to completion and will further our efforts to promote and grow the Foundation.

“Indeed, 2014 continues to be an exciting year in the life of the Foundation. Thank you for your active participation in living the professional example of what it means to be a Certified Leasing Professional.

“Best continued success,”

David Normandin CLP


The Institute for Leasing Professionals 2 day program is a comprehensive education program designed by equipment leasing and financing professionals. It is a 16-module course that covers the most important subjects in the equipment leasing and financing profession.

Maryland ILP: October 10-11th
Location: FSG Capital
CLP Exam: October 12th
For additional Information:
Reid Raykovich, CLP - Executive Director 
(206) 535-6281 - direct

CLP Fall Circular


((Please Click on Bulletin Board to learn more information))
(Leasing News provides this ad “gratis” as a means
to help support the growth of Lease Police)



CEO age continues to be more than just a number
in bank Mergers and Acquisitions
By Ken McCarthy and Sam Carr

A SNL Financial Exclusive Report

While CEO age has always been one of the elements involved in bank M&A deals, it may be an even bigger factor today in determining which banks are likely sellers.

The age of CEOs that are potential sellers is still "a pretty big thesis" impacting bank M&A today, Nishil Patel, an analyst at Keefe Bruyette & Woods Inc., told SNL. The potential sellers list compiled by Keefe Bruyette & Woods is often marked by CEOs that "tend to be pretty old," he said. The average CEO age in selling banks recently was about 65. "And I think once you start getting to 66, 67, 70 and onward it really starts to become a much bigger factor and people look for them to sell," he said.

The average age of a selling CEO in the nine largest deals from early 2012 to early 2013 was 64 — compared to 58 for the average small and mid-cap CEO, according to analysis conducted by Keefe Bruyette & Woods in 2013. Patel said the analysis has not been updated recently, but he believes 2014 deals would support the findings.

Closely held banks & thrifts with CEO's at least 65 years old

At least two recently announced deals involved sellers with CEOs that were 65 or older and where insider ownership was at least 30%. Marietta, Ohio-based Peoples Bancorp Inc. on Aug. 4 signed a definitive merger agreement under which it will acquire Wilmington, Ohio-based NB&T Financial Group Inc. And Rockland, Mass.-based Independent Bank Corp. announced Aug. 5 that it agreed to acquire Brighton, Mass.-based Peoples Federal Bancshares Inc.

Lafayette, Ind.-based LSB Financial Corp., with insider ownership at 28.11%, is led by 65-year-old President and CEO Randolph Williams. The company announced June 4 that it would be acquired by Old National Bancorp.

Flynt Gallagher, president of Meyer-Chatfield Compensation Advisors, told SNL he agrees that there could be occasions when CEO age does affect a bank's decision to sell. This is especially true as baby boom generation executives retire and board fatigue sets in to some degree. He said situations in which a bank has not prepared for the succession of executives, directors and even shareholders exacerbates the problem. "Additionally, the realization that any potential merger will not provide 5x book — as many banks identified in their business plans in the event of a sale — coupled with the increased cost of regulatory compliance, contributes to the easy solution to sell and take their toys and go home," he said.

Fairmont, W.Va.-based MVB Financial Corp. President and CEO Larry Mazza said the older average age of the leadership teams in markets such as western Pennsylvania compared to some areas where leaders tend to be younger, including Baltimore/Washington, D.C., is a definite factor in M&A. He cited a recent study that suggested 50-year-old CEOs merge because they want to be part of the larger bank's leadership team, 60-year-olds sell so they can cash out and retire, while those in their 70s and older tend to stand pat.

Keefe Bruyette & Woods' Patel said CEO age in selling banks is typically one of the larger factors in a bank's decision to seek a partner. And it tends to be smaller banks of less than $2 billion or $3 billion in assets where the age factor comes into play simply because of the way those companies are structured. Larger banks usually have succession plans in place, and so the idea of the CEO selling out is far less of a possibility, he said. "With the smaller banks, sometimes they're family-run and maybe they don't have their kids working there," he said. "And if the leadership is older it makes more sense, especially if there is no succession plan in place."

Terry Stroud, a former OCC and OTS regulator and now CEO of Dallas-based consulting firm Opportunity Group, told SNL the departure of the older generation of bankers is leading to a change in personality among bank leadership teams across the sector. People who used to want to be bankers did not have many of the same basic personality traits as those entering the business today, he said. Risk quantification and minimization is the No. 1 concern of young bankers today, compared to the prior generation that worried first about how to help communities and businesses grow. "My generation thought about making or creating something," he said. "That is not the mentality of today's younger banker."



Labrador Retriever
Murray, Utah  Adopt-a-Dog

Animal ID

"I am a neutered male, yellow and white Labrador Retriever mix."
"I am about 6 years old and I weigh 74 pounds."

Kennel Location

Humane Society of Utah
4242 South 300 West
Murray, Utah 84107

Adoption Application:

Adoption Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday:     12 Noon - 5:00 PM

Adopt a Pet



Leasing Attorneys

Birmingham, Alabama
The lawyers of Marks & Associates, P.C. have over 30 years experience in dealing with virtually every type of equipment financing and are recognized throughout the industry for prompt, practical solutions and exemplary service. They offer cost-conscious, effective lease enforcement and good counsel. 
California, National: city: Riverside 
Ellen Stern - get results, reasonable pricing; numerous industry contacts, nearly 30 yrs SoCal, 20 yrs equip.: CFL license specialist, documentation, work-outs, litigated collections, recoveries; deal-maker. 

Kenneth C. Greene

California & Nevada
Leasing and Financial consultant, active in several leasing
associations, as well as involved in music and film productioncin LA.  Mention "Leasing News" for a free consultation.
Skype: 424.235.1658
Connecticut, Southern New England: 
EVANS, FELDMAN & BOYER, LLC Collections, litigation, documentation, portfolio sales and financing, bankruptcy. We represent many of the national and local leasing companies doing business in this state. Past chairman EAEL legal committee. Competitive rates. 
Los Angeles/Santa Monica
Hemar & Associates, Attorneys at Law
Specialists in legal assistance, including debt collection, equipment recovery, litigation for 35 years. Fluent in Spanish. 
Tel: 310-829-1948 
Los Angeles, Southern CA 
Seasoned attorney representing secured creditors in auto finance and truck/equipment lease industry.  Bankruptcy and State Court litigation.   Vincent V. Frounjian (818) 990-0605or email:

Encino, California: Statewide “ELFA” 
Hemar, Rousso & Heald, LLP 30 yr excellent reputation Lessor representation commercial litigationdebt collection, and bankruptcy.
Call Stephen E. Jenkins Esq (818) 501-3800

Los Angeles, Statewide: CA.     "ELFA" Aggressive creditors rights law firm specializing in equipment leasing handling collection matters on a contingency, fixed fee or hourly cbasis. 

Los Angeles, Statewide: CA      "ELFA"
Practice limited to collections, bankruptcy and problem accounts resolution. Decades of experience. 10-lawyer firm dedicated to serving you. Call Ronald Cohn, Esq. (818)591-2121 or email. Email:   

Los Angeles- Statewide, CA
Lawyer specializing in banking and leasing issues statewide. Documents and litigation. 
Tom McCurnin, Barton, Klugman & Oetting. Voice: (213) 617-6129 
Cell:(213) 268-8291
California & National
Paul Bent – More than 35 years experience in all forms of equipment leasing, secured lending, and asset based transactions. Financial analysis, deal structuring, contract negotiations, documentation, private dispute resolution, expert witness services. (562) 426-1000.

Trabaris, P.C.: Finance attorney with 24 years’ experience with transactional, documentation, secured financing and workouts/restructurings.  Kevin Trabaris.  Phone:  847-205-4377.


Law Firm - Service, Dallas, TX. "ELFA"
Mayer regularly practices in leasing, secured financing, project development and finance and corporate finance. 
Massachusetts (collection/litigation coast to coast) 
Modern Law Group focuses its practice on collections, lease enforcement and asset recovery. For the past five years, our attorneys have helped clients recover millions of dollars. We are able to cover your needs coast to coast.

Michael J. Witt, experienced bank, finance, and leasing attorney, also conducts Portfolio Audits. Previously he was Managing Counsel, Wells Fargo & Co. (May, 2003 – September, 2008); Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Advanta Business Services (May, 1988 – June, 1997) Tel: (515) 223-2352 Cell: (515) 868-1067

National:  The OMEGA Network Group-nationwide legal representation of small and mid ticket equipment lessors-flat fee bankruptcy & replevin, contingent collection, 
billable litigation (704-969-3280)

National: Coston & Rademacher: Business attorneys serving the lease-finance industry since 1980. Transactional, documentation, corporate/finance, workouts, litigation, bankruptcy, portfolio management. Chicago-based national practice. Jim Coston, CLP (Members: ELFA, NEFA). 

St. Louis County , MO. - statewide: 
Schultz & Associates LLP., collections, negotiation, and litigation. Also register and pursue recovery on foreign judgments. Contingency and reasonable hourly rates. 
Ronald J. Eisenberg, Esq.
(636) 537-4645 x108
NJ,De,Pa: Specializing in leased equipment/secured transactions. Collections, replevins/workouts reasonable rates. Sergio Scuteri/Capehart & Scratchard, /
New York and New Jersey
Peretore & Peretore, P.C. documentation, portfolio purchase & sale, replevin, workouts, litigation, collection, bankruptcy.  Aggressive. Over 25 years

Thousand Oaks, California: 
Statewide coverage Spiwak & Iezza, LLP 20+ years experience,Representing Lessors banks in both State/ Federal Courts/ all aspects of commercial leasing litigation.
Nick Iezza 805-777-1175



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So You Wanna Buy A Franchise?

Credit Markets Need an Alternative to Libor — Fast

At Alibaba, the Founder Is Squarely in Charge




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SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

5 Healthy Habits That Fight the Signs of Aging
How to Maintain a Youthful Appearance


Baseball Poem

The game was tied in the bottom of nine
A runner on third and two out
In the dead still air a mosquito's whine
Was all you could hear, then a shout

"Do something Ben, murder the ball,
For crying out loud get a hit."
Ben strode to the plate to answer the call
The now restless fans knew this was it

He dug in his right foot then positioned his left
And tapped the plate twice with his bat
Then he pulled it back slowly as to measure its heft
And tensed his whole frame like a cat

The pitcher glared in, the Ump hunkered down
Then the ball on its way like a shot
Ben pulled the trigger, his body unwound
And the ball hit the bat with a "Thock"

This is the sum that the game's all about
This instant is not just a dream
The split second physics, a hit or an out?
Each player and fan poised to scream.

          John W. Knight





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Serena Williams wins 3rd US Open in row, 18th Slam

Tony Romo bad, Cowboys embarrassing in opening loss

San Francisco 49ers fans take over Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium

Raiders fall to Jets in season opener, 19-14

Falcons' win over Saints more entertaining than enlightening

Miami Dolphins maul New England Patriots on both lines of scrimmage

Joe Flacco critical of himself, Ravens' offense in loss to Bengals

Ben Roethlisberger shows leadership rallying Steelers

Bears Lose---Rosenbloom Things Season is Over

After win, Ducks leapfrog Alabama for No. 2 spot in the AP Top 25 Poll



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California may tax drivers mile by mile

Los Gatos nudist colony running dry in California drought


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This Day in History

     1565 - Spanish explorers led by Pedro Menendez de Aviles founded St. Augustine in Florida, the first permanent European settlement in North America. St. Augustine was founded 42 years before the English settlement of Jamestown in Virginia.
    1636 - Harvard College (later University) was founded by the Massachusetts Puritans at New Towne. It was the first institution of higher learning established in North America, and was originally founded to train future ministers. Harvard College was established in 1636 by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and was named for its first benefactor, John Harvard of Charlestown, a young minister who, upon his death in 1638, left his library and half his estate to the new institution. Harvard's first scholarship fund was created in 1643 with a gift from Lady Anne Moulson (born Anne Radcliffe.) She is remembered today
in the name of Radcliffe College.
    1644 - The settlement of New Amsterdam was seized from Dutch governor Peter Stuyvesant by the English under Colonel Richard Nicholls without a shot being fired. It was later renamed New York after James, Duke of York, the future King James II.
    1755 - In the Seven Years War in North America, Col. William Johnson with his English militia defeated a combined French and Indian force in the Battle of Lake George.
    1760 - British troops under Jeffrey Amherst defeated the French in the Battle of Montreal; after the loss, the French surrendered their arms throughout Canada.
    1771 - Mission San Gabriel Archangel forms in California.
    1781 - The American Revolutionary War was going badly for the freedom fighters as New London, Connecticut was looted and partially burned by British Troops under Gen. Benedict Arnold, who had joined the British. He also captured Fort Griswold at Groton across the Thames River. Benedict Arnold reportedly treated American soldiers with unnecessary brutality. The loyalists thought they could win the war. Another factor for Arnold was not only the money for his young wife, but the fact he hated the French, and their coming to the aid of the new colonies was more than he could take, he said. But it was really the money he was after.
    1810 - The ‘Tonquin’ sets sail from New York with 33 employees of John Jacob Astor’s newly created Pacific Fur Company on board. After a six-month journey around the tip of South America, the ship arrives at the mouth of the Columbia River at the Pacific Ocean and they establish the fur-trading town of Astoria, OR.
    1847 – Americans under Gen. Winfield Scott defeated the Mexicans at the Battle of Molino del Rey in the Mexican War.
    1852 – At the personal invitation of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony attended her first woman’s rights convention, the three-day Syracuse Convention. It was the third national woman’s rights convention. Anthony then spent her entire life traveling and speaking on behalf of women’s rights.
    1863 - On the Texas-Louisiana border at the mouth of the Sabine River, a small Confederate force thwarts a Union invasion of Texas, the Second Battle of Sabine Pass
      1866 – In Chicago, Illinois, James and Jennie Bushnell became the parents of sextuplets when their three boys and three girls were born. Two of the babies died, but the surviving four lived long lives. This was the first birth of sextuplets recorded.
    1883 – Sitting Bull, main chief of the Sioux tribes, delivers a speech insulting and making fools of US authorities to great applause. Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake), whose position was being bypassed by US authorities because he firmly stood against the robbery of the native peoples, spoke at the celebration of the driving of the last spike in the Northern Pacific railroad joining with the transcontinental system. He delivered the speech in his Sioux language, departing from a speech originally prepared with an army translator. Denouncing the US government, settlers and army, the listeners thought he was delivering a speech of welcome and praise. While giving the speech Sitting Bull paused for applause periodically, bowed, smiled and continued insulting and making asses of the audience and US authorities as the translator delivered the original address.
    1883 – The Northern Pacific Railroad across the U.S. was completed in a ceremony at Gold Creek, Montana. Former president Ulysses S. Grant drove in the final "golden spike" in an event attended by rail and political luminaries.
    1892 – Written by Francis Bellamy, the original “Pledge of Allegiance” was first published in an issue of “The Youth’s Companion” in Boston.
    1897 – Birthday of American folksinger Jimmie Rodgers, Meridian, Mississippi. Died New York, New York, May 26, 1933. He is often called the “father of country music.”
    1900 - Galveston, Texas was hit by the worst hurricane in United States history. Twenty-three foot waves and winds up to 135 miles per hour killed 6,000 people. The storm lasted for 18 hours. The city, on an island connected to the mainland by a 2-mile long causeway, had to be rebuilt. When the renovations were completed, Galveston was raised 15 feet above its old level and a new sea wall was built six feet higher than the former high-water mark.
    1903 - The American Federation of Labor granted a charter to the granite quarry workers of Barre, Vermont. To document the lives of workers whose union standards outpaced the nations, writers from the Federal Writers' Project interviewed Barre quarrymen in the early 1940s. Many of these interviews are in the American Memory collection “American Life Histories, 1936-1940”.
(lower half of )
    1911 - Naturalist Euell Gibbons born in Clarksville, Texas, died December 29, 1975. Perhaps his appearances on the Johnny Carson shows started a healthy food eating craze. The Post Grape Nuts cereal advertising quote, "Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts are edible." is attributed to him (and inspired Carson to joke about sending him a "lumber-gram"). Ironically he died from a heart attack, most likely brought on as a result of smoking cigarettes, the saturated fats he added to his wild food diet and a lack of exercise in his later, declining years.
    1915 – Actor Frank Cady was born in Susanville, CA.  Cady was a supporting actor best known for his recurring and popular role as storekeeper Sam Drucker in three American TV series during the 1960s – “Petticoat Junction”, “Green Acres”, and “The Beverly Hillbillies” — and his earlier role as "Doc Williams" on “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”. Cady died in 2012 in Wilsonville, OR.
    1921 - Margaret Gorman of Washington, DC, was crowned the first Miss America at the end of a two-day pageant at Atlantic City, NJ. The sixteen-year-old schoolgirl was a dead ringer for reigning matinee superstar, Mary Pickford. Gorman continued to compete in later years, and though unsuccessful, was always a favorite of the crowds. A few years later, she married Victor Cahill, and was happily married until he died in 1957. She lived all her life in D.C., but enjoyed traveling. She died in October, 1995.
    1922 - Comedian Sid Caesar birthday in Yonkers, NY. While Milton Berle was considered “Mr. Television” in the 1950's, it was Caesar’s “Your Show of Shows” that really cracked this teenager up. My father was a personal friend of the director, and also good friends of two of the characters in the series, and we would visit the set. Caesar was always very serious in person, but there was electricity in the live performance that made all ages laugh.
His show was the "must see" every Saturday night for four years (112 episodes, 1950-1954), Caesar's Hour 1954-1957. 1958, Sid Caesar invites]. Known for deviating from the script, more a "comedy character" than one liners, he was very unsure of himself behind the scenes. He has appeared in many movies and TV shows, as well as Las Vegas. My father knew him and many of the writers, as Carl Reiner and Howie Morris were close friends of his. My father could imitate Caesar 100%. My father was an early television writer/producer in New York before networks. He produced the first network show for NBC, but is perhaps best known as the creator/writer of "Captain Video," "Harlem Detective” (black and white cop in 1951) and "Hands of Mystery."  Caesar died February 12, 2014.\
    1923 - Birthday of bass player Wilbur Ware, Chicago, Il, perhaps best known among hard bop bass players, heroin took him down.
    1924 – Birthday of “Peyton Place” author Grace Metalious, born Marie Grace DeRepentigny, at Manchester, NH.  “Peyton Place” was reviled by the clergy and dismissed by most critics as steamy trash, but it remained on The New York Times bestseller list for more than a year and became an international phenomenon that gave rise to a movie and a television series.
    1925 – Birthday of Inspector Clouseau, “Pink Panther”, Peter Sellers in England. 
    1930 – The Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company, now known as 3M, begins marketing Scotch transparent tape.
      1932 - Birthday of Patsy Cline, country and western singer, born Virginia Patterson Hensley in Winchester, Va. Patsy Cline got her big break in 1957 when she won an Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout show, singing “Walking After Midnight.” Her career took off and she became a featured singer at the Grand Ole Opry, attaining the rank of top female country singer. Her hits also included “I Fall To Pieces”, "She’s Got You”, "Crazy" and ended in 1963 with "Sweet Dreams".  She died in a plane crash March 6, 1963, at Camden, TN, along with singers Hawkshaw Hawkins and Cowboy Copas.  Ten years after her death, in 1973, she became the first female solo artist inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame.
    1934 – En route to New York from Havana, the SS Morro Castle runs aground and burns for several days off the coast of Asbury Park, NJ.  133 people die.  This disaster was a catalyst for improved shipboard fire safety:   the use of fire-retardant materials, automatic fire doors, ship-wide fire alarms, and greater attention to fire drills and procedures.
    1935 - The Hoboken Four, featuring lead signer Frank Sinatra, appeared on WOR radio's "Major Bowes Amateur Hour". The group won the contest held at the Capitol Theatre in New York City.
    1935 - Louisiana Senator Huey P. Long was shot while attending a session of the state House of Representatives in Baton Rouge. In retaliation for slandering his father, Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, Jr. fatally shot Long in the state capital building. Fatally wounded, he died two days later.
    1941 - In World War II, the blockade of Leningrad began as the German army encircled the city, cutting it off from the rest of the country. The siege lasted until January 1944 with nearly 1 million civilians being killed.
    1941 - For Columbia Records, Harry James and his orchestra recorded "Miserlou".
    1943 - United States General Dwight D. Eisenhower announced the unconditional surrender of Italy in World War II after deposing Dictator Benito Mussolini.
    1944 - *PRUSSMAN, ERNEST W., Medal of Honor.
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, 13th Infantry, 8th Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Les Coates, Brittany, France, 8 September 1944. Entered service at: Brighton, Mass. Birth: Baltimore, Md. G.O. No.: 31, 17 April 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty on 8 September 1944, near Les Coates, Brittany, France. When the advance of the flank companies of 2 battalions was halted by intense enemy mortar, machinegun, and sniper fire from a fortified position on his left, Pfc. Prussman maneuvered his squad to assault the enemy fortifications. Hurdling a hedgerow, he came upon 2 enemy riflemen whom he disarmed. After leading his squad across an open field to the next hedgerow, he advanced to a machinegun position, destroyed the gun, captured its crew and 2 riflemen. Again advancing ahead of his squad in the assault, he was mortally wounded by an enemy rifleman, but as he fell to the ground he threw a hand grenade, killing his opponent. His superb leadership and heroic action at the cost of his life so demoralized the enemy that resistance at this point collapsed, permitting the 2 battalions to continue their advance.
    1945 - Bess Myerson of New York was crowned Miss America. She was the first Jewish contestant to win the title.
    1945 - United States troops arrive to partition the southern part of Korea in response to Soviet troops occupying the northern part of the peninsula a month earlier.
     1945 – In Washington, DC, a bus equipped with a two-way radio was put in service for the first time.
     1950 - Congress passed the Defense Production Act, which called for various economic measures, including wage and price controls.
    1950 - Top Hits
“Mona Lisa” - Nat King Cole
“Play a Simple Melody” - Bing Crosby
“Goodnight Irene” - The Weavers
“Goodnight Irene” - Red Foley-Ernest Tubb
    1951 – The Treaty of San Francisco is signed by 48 nations with Japan in formal recognition of the end of World War II in the Pacific.
    1951 - Tony Bennett's "Because of You" hits #1
      1952 - Ernest Hemingway's "Old Man & the Sea" published. It is his last work. It was for this work that he received the Nobel Prize in Literature.
    1952 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "You Belong to Me," Jo Stafford.
    1954 - Radio personality Alan Freed begins broadcasting on New York's WINS at an annual salary of $75,000. Although the phrase "rock ‘n’ roll" had been around for a while, Freed is generally given credit for making it popular.
    1955 - The Brooklyn Dodgers won the National League pennant at the earliest point in a season in Major League history.  They went on to win their first…and only…World Series in Brooklyn when they defeated the Yankees in seven games.
    1955 - Birthday of composer Daniel Palkowski, Oak Ridge, Tenn.
    1956 - Harry Belafonte's album "Calypso," goes to #1 & stays #1 for 31 weeks
    1956 - Eddie Cochran signs with Liberty Records where he will have three US Top 40 hits, "Sittin' In The Balcony" (#18), "Summertime Blues" (#8) and "C'mon Everybody" (#35).  Cochran's rockabilly songs captured teenage frustration and desire in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He experimented with multitrack recording and overdubbing even on his earliest singles, and was also able to play piano, bass and drums.  Cochran died aged 21 after a road accident, in a taxi, during his British tour in April 1960, having just performed at Bristol's Hippodrome theatre. Though his best-known songs were released during his lifetime, more of his songs were released posthumously. In 1987, Cochran was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    1958 - Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates tied a major-league baseball record by hitting three triples. Clemente led the Bucs to a 4-1 win over the Cincinnati Reds.
    1958 - The International Olympic Committee barred Communist China from the 1960 Olympic Games.
    1958 - Top Hits
“Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu” (“Volare”) - Domenico Modugno
“Little Star” - The Elegants
“Patricia” - Perez Prado
“Bird Dog” - The Everly Brothers
    1960 - President Dwight D. Eisenhower formally dedicates the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL that had already been activated on July 1.
      1962 - The novelty song "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett enters the Hot 100 at #85. It's a tongue in cheek take-off on the late night monster movies that were popular at this time…”Chiller Theater”, “Zacherle”. He recorded it with sound effects: the creaky door opening is a nail being pulled from a piece of wood, the boiling cauldron is Pickett blowing bubbles into a cup of water with a straw and the chains are him moving chains up and down. He also did all the voices. The song will make it to Number One for two weeks.  It also appeared on the charts in 1970 and 1973 and it has been covered frequently over the years.
    1965 - Hurricane Betsy kills 75 in Louisiana & Florida.
    1965 - Bert Campaneris of the Kansas City Athletics played all nine positions as his team lost to the California Angels, 5-3 in 13 innings. He gave up one run while pitching.
    1965 - An ad in a Hollywood newspaper on this date requested four "insane boys, ages 17-21" to act in a television series about a rock and roll band. More than 400 hopefuls auditioned and those selected to be “The Monkees” were Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, and Peter Tork. The show, “The Monkees”, was the brainchild of producers Bert Schneider and Robert Rafelson. Within the year following the show's premiere, the four young men became international prime time pop stars.
    1966 - The first of 79 episodes of the TV series "Star Trek" was aired on the NBC network. “Beam me up, Scotty.” Perhaps the first cell phone was introduced and the first kiss between a black woman and a white man on television, along with many other innovative and comical episodes.
    1966 - “Tarzan” premiered on TV. This hour adventure series was based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' character, which appeared for the first time on TV. Tarzan, an English lord who preferred the jungle, was played by Ron Ely. Manuel Padilla, Jr. was Jai, a jungle orphan. Alan Caillou was Jason Flood, Jai's tutor, and Rockne Tarkington was Rao, a veterinarian. There was no Jane.
    1966 - “That Girl” premiered on TV, a half-hour sitcom starring Marlo Thomas. Ted Bessell also starred as her boyfriend Don Hollinger. They were finally engaged in 1970. Also featured were Lew Parker, Rosemary De Camp and Bonnie Scott. Well-known performers who appeared on the show included Dabney Coleman, George Carlin and Bernie Kopell.
    1966 - Top Hits
“Sunshine Superman” - Donovan
“See You in September” - The Happenings
“You Can't Hurry Love” - The Supremes
“Almost Persuaded” - David Houston
    1970 - The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is inaugurated in Washington, DC, with the opening feature premiering Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass”.
    1971 – Birthday of former “Dancing with the Stars” season 7 champ and host, Brooke Burke-Charvet, Hartford, CT.
    1971 - Elvis Presley receives the extremely prestigious Bing Crosby Award, the GRAMNY's forerunner of its Lifetime Achievement Award, making him only the sixth recording artist to be honored for having "made creative contributions of outstanding artistic or scientific significance to the field of phonograph records."
     1973 - Marvin Gaye enjoyed his second #1 hit on the Billboard Pop chart with "Let's Get It On". He would place 7 more records on the list by 1982, giving him a total of 40.
    1973 - Hank Aaron’s home run #709 went into the record books. The Atlanta slugger set a major league baseball record for most home runs hit in one league. In 1974, Aaron passed Babe Ruth's record of 714 homers, hitting 755 for his entire career.
    1974 - In a controversial move, President Gerald R. Ford pardoned former President Richard M. Nixon, a " full, free, and absolute pardon, for all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part during the period from January 20, 1969 through August 9, 1974."  Ford defended his decision by explaining that he wanted to end the national divisions created by the Watergate Affair. The American Public thought it was a “pay off.” Ford was the only president not nominated for the office, taking over the vice-presidency after Spiro Agnew resigned.
        1974 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "I Shot the Sheriff," Eric Clapton. The song is a remake of Jamaican Bob Marley's reggae version.
    1974 - Top Hits
“(You're) Having My Baby” - Paul Anka
“I Shot the Sheriff” - Eric Clapton
“Tell Me Something Good” - Rufus
“Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends” - Ronnie Milsap
    1975 – US Air Force Tech Sergeant Leonard Matlovich, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, appears in his Air Force uniform on the cover of Time magazine with the headline "I Am A Homosexual". He is given a general discharge, which was later upgraded to honorable.
      1976 - Disco band Wild Cherry's self-titled album, which includes their Number One single, "Play that Funky Music," goes gold.
    1976 - The debut album by Vancouver band rock band Heart, "Dreamboat Annie" goes gold. The album contains "Magic Man" (a #9 hit) and "Crazy on You."
    1982 - Top Hits
“Abracadabra” - The Steve Miller Band
“Hard to Say I'm Sorry” - Chicago
“Hold Me” - Fleetwood Mac
“Love Will Turn You Around” - Kenny Rogers
    1985 – Cincinnati’s Pete Rose ties Ty Cobb’s Major League record for hits in a career with #4,191, off the Cubs’ Reggie Patterson.  Rose finished as baseball’s all-time hit leader with 4,256.  Quite controversially, Rose remains disqualified from the game since 1989, including consideration for the Hall of Fame, as a result of his gambling on the game while he managed the Reds.  After years of professing his innocence, Rose finally admitted his gambling to Commissioner Bud Selig in 2004.  His status remains an issue of high controversy among baseball years 25 years after he agreed to the ban.
    1986 - “The Oprah Winfrey Show” premiered on TV. This daytime talk show ranked as the top rated talk show for 25 seasons from 1986 to 2011. It remains the highest-rated talk show in American television history and also has the distinction of being the first talk show hosted by a black woman. Her show is taped in front of a studio audience who are solicited for their questions and feedback. In the mid-1990s, fed up with the plethora of trashy talk shows that had sprung up everywhere, Winfrey decided to upgrade the quality of topics that her show presented. Her book club feature has been a popular element of her show, and chosen books usually become best seller.
    1987 - Thunderstorms produce 4-8 inches of rain in 3 to 6 hours in Virginia, bringing the totals for the Labor Day weekend up to 14 inches. The Staunton River crested at 34.44 feet at Altavista, its highest level in 47 years with flood damage estimated at $47 million.
    1987 - At Miami, the mercury soars to 97, setting a record for the date and month.
    1988 - Eighteen cities in the south central and eastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Roanoke VA with a reading of 42 degrees
    1988 – Raging and widespread fires close Yellowstone National Park for the first time.
    1988 – Singer Elton John sold some of his costumes and memorabilia for $6.2 million.
    1990 - Top Hits
“Blaze of Glory” - Jon Bon Jovi
“Release Me” - Wilson Phillips
“Do Me!” - Bell Biv DeVoe
“Jukebox in My Mind” - Alabama
    1994 – US Air flight 427, on approach to Pittsburgh International Airport, suddenly crashes in clear weather killing all 132 aboard.  This resulted in the most extensive aviation investigation in world history and altered manufacturing practices in the industry.
     1998 - Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals hit his 62nd home run, breaking Roger Maris's 1961 record for the most home runs in a single season. McGwire hit his homer at Busch Stadium at St. Louis against pitcher Steve Trachsel of Chicago Cubs as the Cardinals won 6-3. McGwire finished the season with 70 home runs.  Subsequent admissions of his use of performance enhancing drugs has cast clouds over this accomplishment and those of contemporaries like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro and others.
    2000 – Sean “Puffy” Combs pled guilty to reduced assault charges in New York Criminal Court. Combs was sentenced to a one-day anger management class. The charges stemmed from Combs assaulting Interscope Records, executive Steve Stoute.
      2002 - Pop Zhao, a SF artist, organized volunteers to drape 3 miles of US flags along the SF coastline in an artistic display of patriotism, remembrance and strength.
    2003 - With four honors, Shania Twain is the big winner at the Canadian Country Music Awards, presented at the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta. Twain wins for top female, top album and top-selling album for "Up!" (Mercury Nashville) and top video for "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!"
     2011 - The failure of the entire San Diego Gas & Electric system leads to the closure of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, causing blackouts in southern California, Arizona and Baja California in Mexico. The blackout occurred after a worker at an Arizona power substation turned off a piece of equipment that was being affected by extreme heat. The blackout left more than five million people without power.
    2013 - At the U.S. Open, tennis pro Serena Williams defeats Victoria Azarenka, winning Women's Singles for the fifth time.



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