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Why I Became a CLFP
Certified Leasing and Finance Professional
(Formerly CLP)

The History of the CLP Handbook  

Certified Lease & Finance Professionals 2016 Handbook

Terey Jennings, CLFP  
Learn Why First American Equipment Finance Has
55 CLFPs, the Company with the Most in the Industry
Bree Johnson, CLFP
Shannon (Berry) Green ---CLFP for 16 Years
Barry S. Marks, Esq. - CLFP for 16 Years  
Paul Knowlton – CLFP for 17 Years  
Bernie Boettigheimer, CLFP
Jim McCommon - CLFP for 19 Years
Cliff McKenzie --CLFP for 27 Years  
Brian Schonfeld, CLFP 2015 Board of Directors  
Paul J. Menzel – CLFP for 25 years  
Pete Stommel – CLFP for 19 years
Celebrating Long Time Members
Longest Active Certified Leasing Professional
Since 1985  W. Russell (Russ) Runnalls
Kevin F. Clune, CLP  
John Snyder, CLP  
Chet M. Zeken, CLP  
Dan Burgos, CLP  
Russell Wilder, CLP  
Pete Sawyer, CLP  
Scott A. Wheeler, CLP
Nancy A. Geary, CPA, CLP  
Joe Schmitz, CLP  
Jeff Bartholomew, CLP  
Krista L. Pressnall, CLP  
John F. Harders, CLP  
Donna Wesemann, CLP  
Laura Carini  
Mike Helder, CLP  
John Buyco, CLP, CPA  
Jim House, CLP
Sarah VanNostrand, CLP  
Lori Dean, CLP  
Theresa Kabot, CLP, BPB  
James "Jim" E. Coston, Esq.  
Joseph Bonnano, Esq.  
Barry S. Marks, Esq.  
D. Paul Nibarger  
Shannon Green, President, Orion First Financial  
Nancy Pistorio, CLP  
David Normandin, CLP, Sr. VP, PacTrust Bank  
Shervin Rashti, CLP  
Larry LaChance, CLP  
Gary Greene, CLP, BPB  
Mary Armstrong, CLP, Broker Relations Mgr., FinPac  
John G. Rosenlund, CLP  
Brian M. Schonfeld, CLP  
Kyle W. Gilliam, CLP  
Tamara McCourt, CCE, CLP
Terey N. Jennings, CLP  
Jerry Newell, Exec. VP, Bank of the West  
The History of CLP  
Rosanne Wilson, CLP, B.P.B.  
Greg Rieke, GeNESIS Capital Leasing  

Raquel O’Leary, First Star Capital

Bernie Boettingheimer, President, Lease Police  

Bruce Winter, CLP 2012

Chris Enbom - Doug Houlahan  
Bob Robichaud 2012  
Theresa "Tree" Kabot CLP President 2009  
Bob Teichman CLP President 2007  
Jim Merrilee CLP Year-end Wrap-Up 2006  
Carl Villella -- "Be a student of your profession"  
Wendy L. Storino -- " Received a better job/brighter future"  
John Winchester "One World Chairman" - 2006  
Greg Rieke--"Small Ticket Lessor"  
Russ Wilder-"The ATEL Credit Man"  
Doug Dawkins, "the industry veteran"  
Part 3-"NAELB Legal Counsel"  
Part 1-"The First CLP Attorney"  
Nancy Pistorio  
Johnnie Johnson, CLP, from Kuwait  
Clune & Company LC