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June 2, 2003 ---
Classified Ads----Contract administrators/Controller
    Economic Events This Week
        $24 Million in Judgment Started with One Complaint
            Capital Stream to Buy Decision Systems International?
                Buckles added to Equipment Leasing Software List
                    Alliance Financing Group selected by ACCPAC Canada
                BEA Leasing Weblogic Platform/Cap Gemini Ernst&Young
            Robert J. Fine Director of Bank Relations/Norvergence
        Comdisco Declares Dividend To Common Stockholders
    Free Online Webcast---Manage You Lease Portfolio
National Venture Capital Assoc. Chicago Luncheon
    Sports Briefs--- 

June 3, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1991-----WAEL Board of directors
    Classified Ads---Credit/Credit Managers
        Perfect Storm To Linger For U.S. Multifamily REITs
            SunTrust Completes Acquisition Lighthouse Financial Services
                LEAN announces addition of three new members
                    Merger Creates Business Software Giant
                        CIT at American Financial Services Assoc. European Finance Conf.
                    Letters---We Get eMails
                Leasing Industry Help Wanted
            IT Outsourcing Hottest Trend in Financial Services
        MAEL 19th Annual Golf Invitational Jul 28th
    Two New additions to our recommendation pages
News Briefs---
    Highlights This Day in American History

June 5, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1997-----Fred Van Etten
    Classified Ads---Testimonial from Roger Medvin
        Irwin Business Finance Says, "No More Broker Business."
            Abacus Sues Leasing News et al--Up Date
                No News is Not Good News for CapitalStream
                    Cartoon----Wall Street
                        Last Day---Free Online Webcast---Manage You Lease Portfolio
                    Northern and Southern California UAEL Meetings
       for Municipal/Government Leasing
            Alta Group Launches Financial University
        NetBank Appoints Eula L. Adams To Its Board
    Warren Capital Promotes Scott Shapiro
XTRA Acquires Assets of Leasing USA
    Wm.Scotsman of Canada/AFA Mobile Office Biz
        Sales Tax Compliance "Taxability Tool"
            GATX Technology Creates Strategic Advisory Services Team
                UPS Uniform Hoax eMail Alert
                    Reports of an eMail Attachment
                News Briefs---
            Sports Briefs---
        Highlights This Day in American History

June 6, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1995
    What Lessors (And Funders) Are Saying About. . .Funding
        Classified Ads---Senior Management Jobs Wanted
            U.S. Economy: Initial Jobless Claims Rose Last Week
                The last bad jobs report?
                Unbelievable-- Mortgage Rates Drop Again to Record Level
            Bid Process Continues in CapStream/Decision Systems bid
        How Do I subscribe?
    News Briefs---
Highlights This Day in American History
--includes Patton's D-Day Speech

June 9, 2003 --- Economic Events This Week
    Leasing Industry Help Wanted
Bidding Continues for Decision Systems
            Menkin will be there this Thursday
                Cartoon---Business Lunch
            Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites
        Leasing News Website Statistics
    Georgie Patton and D-Day
Highlights This Day in American History

June 11, 2003 --- Classified ads---Help Wanted
    Leasing Customers Expect Further Drop in Interest Rates
        Leasing Business Down Because Manufacturing is Down
            Fitch Ratings: DVI's Sr. Unsecured Debt Watch Negative
                CapitalStream/Decision Systems---Still Counting
                    Eastern Association of Equipment Lessors Crab Feast
                    by Barry Reitman
                Alexa Website Report--Business Leasing News #1
            Barry Marks, NAELB Legal Beagle, firm merges
        Financial Federal Earnings 3rd Quarter
    ORIX Financial Services Promotes Mark E. Tauber
International Decision Systems/ BiT Strategic Partnership
    Southern Pacific Bank Residual to be Sold by FDIC
            News Briefs---
                Highlights This Day in American History

June 12, 2003 ---†† Classified Ads---Outsourcing---Backroom/Portfolio/Legal
††††††††††† The Fed detects scattered signs of an economic rebound,
†††††††††† †economy still sluggish---"Beige Report"
††††††††††††† See You there Tonight, Don't Be Square
†††††††††††††† PFSC Completes Agreement with Lease Assurance
†††††††††††††††† NetBank Introduces Small Business Banking and Leasing†††
††††††††††††††††† Independent Leasing Updates e-Vendor Program††
†††††††††††††††††† Xerox Announces $3.1B Refinancing Plan
††††††††††††††††††† Lease Assurance Chooses Portfolio Fin. Services
†††††††††††††††††††† CIT Small Biz Lending Finances Graniteville General Store
††††††††††††††††††††††† Thursday----Odds and Ends----
†††††††††††††††††††††††††† News Briefs---

June 17, 2003 --- Classified ads---71 Jobs Wanted
    Help Wanted---(These are Paid ads)
        Wall Street Goes Up, but T-bill goes down
                ABS CDOs look to snag top billing as summer blockbusters
                    U.S. ABCP Outstandings Rise to $737.8 Billion
                Complaint Bulletin Board Weekly Report
            Abacus Leasing v. Christopher Menkin, et al
        The Lessors Network Annual Networking Conference
    NAELB Newsletter
U.S. Transit Growing Financial Challenges
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---

June 19, 2003 --- Classified Ads----Credit/Credit Managers
    Prime Rate---Three to One
        Conseco Finance plan scheduled for ruling today
                GATX Financial New $120 Million Credit Facility
                    Bruce Larson Announces LPC several new members
                        Allegiant Partners secures Additional Funding
                    Thursday----Odds and Ends----
                Key Equip. Names Philip G. Schultz Sr. V-P
            De Lage Landen names Carol Williams Sales Dir.
        News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
Highlights This Day in American History

June 24, 2003 --- Economic Events This Week
    Classified Ads----Help Wanted
        IDS Board Won't WaitóCapitalStream the Winner!!!
            Bulletin Board Complaint Weekly Report
                OOIDA files class action against Allied Holdings
                    UAEL Regional Change in Location-June 26
                Rates fall again in Treasury bill auction
            Conn. Looks to $40M Sale/Leaseback to Save Railroad
        U.S. Municipal Defaults More Frequent After Recessions Peak
    NetBanks Implements Enterprise-wide Doc. Mgmt. System
BofA Urges Business to Take Advantage Bush Business Tax Plan
    Specialized Leasing Announces Merger With IT OutSource
        Housing Starts and Economic Predictions
            HP/NetLedger Create Integrated Technology Solutions
                Two Version: Free and $59.95 yr (html) Free 30 Day Trial
            Classified Ads---Outsourcing---Back Office
        News Briefs----
    Sports Briefs----
Highlights This Day in American History

June 25, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Sales Managers
    Holmes, Levine Earn CAE Designation
        2003 Monitor 100-----Wow!!!
            CapitalStream---Decision System "acquisition"
        One of the Best Kept Secrets in Leasing? alaQuote
    NVC Chicago Meeting Today
HotBot Offers Desktop Option
    Sweat Equity Opportunity
            Western Sierra Named a ``Best Bank'' by Independent Banker
        De Lage Landen names Tom Locke as Reg. Sales Director
    Complaint About Leasing News, Talk to One of Our Advisors
News Briefs---
    Highlights This Day in American History

June 26, 2003 --- Correction: It is
    UAEL Regional Sherman Oaks, CA Meeting This Afternoon
        Classified Ads---Senior Management
            Decision System Sale--to the Highest Bidder the Spoils of War
                Federal Funds 1 Point---Outer Limits
                by Christopher Menkin
            Fitch Rates Marlin Leasing Receivables
        Chase Confirms It Will Exit Auto Leasing Business in New York
    Top Three: Fayetteville, Ark.; Las Vegas, Fort Myers, Fla
3rd Annual Nigerian E-Mail Conference & Expo November 7-9
    Oh No, Mr. Bill!!! More Nigerian E-mail
        New Leasing Industry Newsletter---Tom Tolman
            News Briefs---
      Sports Briefs---
Highlights This Day in American History

June 27, 2003 --- Classified---Help Wanted
    Alert---From US Postal Inspector J.R. Goodman
        Decision Systems New Offer: $21.5 million US
            Placard---Do It!
                Service Providers Showcase Adds MicroBilt Corporation
                    Ennella new Macrolease Exec Administration including Credit
                ELA Business Technology Solutions Award
            Leasing Tools for Hard Times--Ted Parker, CLP
        MAEL 19th Annual Golf Tournament
    Classified Ads---Attorneys
LeeBoy Offers Financing Options On-Line
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs----
Highlights This Day in American History

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