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May 1, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1984----Anatomy of a Lease
    Classified Ads----Leasing Industry Attorneys
        Leasing News eMail Edition Up-Grade
            Abacus Leasing Sues Leasing News-up-date
                Z Resource Major Acquisition
                    GlobalTech Portfolio Services and Tax Partners Form
                            ELFF Fund Raising Campaign
                        DVI/ De Lage Landen
                    Financial Federal $200M Unsecured Term Financing
                Ofek Reduces Shares Outstanding 8.25%
            Chapman/Cutle/Gnazzo/Thill Grow Financial Services Law Firm
        Spam Solutions Hard to Find--FTC Forum
    News Briefs—
UAEL Conference in Rancho Mirage
    Highlights in American History

May 2, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---2000---- Mike Meacher
    Classified Ads---Out Sourcing
        The Desert Beat---by Mark McQuitty
                National Venture Capital Association Report
                    Mortgage Rates Drop Again
                ELA Large Ticket Conference: The Mood Has
            "Bottomed Out" by Amy Holmes
        AGLF 2003 Annual Spring Conference
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
    Highlights Day in American History

May 5, 2003 --- UAEL Convention Wrap-Up--by Mark McQuitty
    St. Laurent joins The Blass Group in Atlanta
        AALA Announces May Day Launch of New Website
            Comdisco Declares Dividend to Common Stockholders
                Duckhorn Winery May 10th---St. Helena, California 

May 6, 2003 --- The Feds Hint at Change in June, but not today
    “It’s Jobs” Economists tell Business Writers
        Classified Ads---Help Wanted
            Equipment Leasing Book Sale
                Highlights This Day in American History

May 7, 2003 --- Association Government Leasing & Finance 2003 Annual Spring Conference
     Classified Ads----Report---Seventy Jobs Listed
          Job cuts jump 71% in April
               Cartoon--- Concepts
                    Two Version: Free & $49.95 yr/Free 30 Day Trial
                         Fixed-rate Mortgages expected to dip sharply in 2Q03
                    Deutsche Leasing Increases Sales Revenues by 6.8%
               MicroBilt New Online Cllections Service/
          Orion Announces EndorseIt - Signature Capture Software
     MB Financial Completes Sale of Abrams Centre National Bank
Americans Taking Few Measures to Reduce Credit Card Debt
     News Briefs---
          Highlights Day in American History
Special Report on Finance, Leasing & Credit Card Company Stats

May 8, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---- 1998---James R. Billings
    Classified Ads---Testimonial from Ted Korpolinski
        Microfinancial/Leasecomm $0.8 Million Q Loss
            Sunrise 1st Q Net Income Increases 78 Percent
                Philip Morris Capital Corporation to Pursue New Strategic Focus
                    May 20th Fresno, California Brokers Meeting
                Cartoon---Good Old Days Are Back
            Key Names Paul W. Frechette Prez/COO
        News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs
Highlights Day in American History
New White Paper Suggests Latin America Is Ripe for IT Lease Financing
More on the Latin American Equipment Leasing White Paper
The Latin American White Paper--PDF Download

May 9, 2003 --- Classified Ads-----Leasing Industry Help Wanted
    1st Q New Business Equipment Leasing Grew 9%
        Matsco---Is it True?
                Great List of Leasing Industry Resources
                    Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites
                        Two Versions--Free & $49.95 per year
                    Ten Year Treasury Note Breaks Record
                Jobless Claims Exceed 400,000 for a 12th Week
            What Lessors Are Saying About. . .Healthcare--ELT Newsletter
    Pat Hickey appointed COOO for CIT Specialty Finance
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
        Highlights in American History

May 12, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Sales Manager
   This Week's Economic Events
      Mortgage rates dip again
         The Matsco Companies
            Speed Up Your Dial Connection
         On Line Calculators---
      Two Versions: Free & $49.95 yr
   News Briefs---
Highlights This Day in American History
The List to be Up-dated this Week

May 13, 2003 --- No e-Mail from Matsco head Matt Shieman
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
        Equilease Buys More----
            Hoax---Don't Follow Any Unsolicited Advice
        Portfolio Fin.Servicing-Lombard/Royal Bank of Scotland
    Barry Thomas Joins Central Leasing Corporation
Highlights This Day in American History

May 14, 2003 --- Classified Ads----Sales
    Matsco---No Confirmation/Denial from Shieman, But Rumors Continue
        Orix Financial Services Group President Frank Plank to Retire
            PDS Gaming Turns First Quarter 2003 Around
                Lessors. com Annual Networking Conference
                    Willis Lease Finance Reports Profitable First Quarter 2003
                Oh, No, Mr. Bill---You Followed the Unsolicited Advice
            Jeff Taylor Takes to the Road
    Streamline Sales Tax Report-Dennis Brown, ELA
Highlights in American History

May 15, 2003 --- Classified Ads----Leasing Industry Help Wanted
    What Lessors Are Saying About. . .Staffing Up
        Grant Street Group at AGLF Spring Conference
            Government Leasing and Finance---The Basics
                About the Association for Governmental Leasing & Finance
                    Cartoon---Running Away from the Circus
                        ICON Capital $100 Million Equity Raised
                    DVI Closes New $100 Million Credit Facility
                HPSC 59% Increase in Net Earnings 1st Q
            WeirFoulds LLP Selects RainMaker Gold Suite
        Key Launches Web Site for Women Business Owners
    U.S. Office Property Sector to Start 'Non-Dramatic' Recovery in 2004
Sea Containers Announces First Quarter Results--"Seasonal Loss"
    Letters---We get eMail (Letters)
        News Briefs---
            Highlight This Day in American History

May 16, 2003 --- Classified Ads----Outsourcing
    Pictures from the Past---1994---Matt Shieman without glasses
        There Are Very Different From You and I
            Bank of New York Is Part of Inquiry into RW Leasing
                May 20th Fresno, California Brokers Meeting
                    May 21st-EAEL Luncheon
                        May 28th ELA to Hold Free Workshop in Washington, DC
                    June 12th UAEL in Sausalito, California
                Rates on 30-year mortgages fall to record low
            Fitch Doesn't See Good Third Quarter for Commercial Lending
        ORIX:Thomas L. Hidder Now Group President, Business Credit Group
    Comdisco Fiscal 2nd Q and Six-Month Financial Results
The List Up-Date
    News Briefs---
        Highlights This Day in American History

May 20, 2003 --- Pictures from the Past---1995---Lobb, Roberts, Schwindt and Roberts
    Classified Ads---Testimonial by Jennifer Kardos
        This Week's Economic Events
            AGLF Las Vegas Spring Conference Wrap-up
                    This Evening-- Fresno, California Brokers Meeting
                        Tomorrow--Wednesday, May 21st-EAEL Luncheon
                    Comdisco Distribution Completed
                LeaseTeam/Premier Lease & Loan Services
            U.S. Housing Starts Down - April 2003
        July 21, Essex Country Club, New Jersey, ELFF Golf Tournament
    Streamlined Sales Tax Project Survey--Response Requested
Shari Lipski says "thank you"
    Business Leasing News
        Grassley/Current Leasing Law In Final Tax Cut Bill
            Highlights This Day in American History

May 22, 2003 --- Classified Ads---other internet sources to place your ad
    "...prolonged macroeconomic weakness within the U.S. economy
    continues to affect the equipment leasing industry."
        HPSC, Foothill Increase Credit Facility to $75 Million
            National Leasing Group partners with Canadian Western Bank
                Fitch Ratings affirms Inter.Lease Finance (ILFC) senior debt
                    Conseco Sees Exit From Bankruptcy
                        Free Online Webcast---Manage You Lease Portfolio
                            Summit Systems Releases STP Framework
                        Key Equipment Expands Aviation Gourp/Struzik/Van Dyne
                    American Honda Finance Corp. to Suspend All Leasing In Three States
                Gates Sends Letter on Spam to Congress
            Insurance Losses From Tornadoes Could Be Most Costly Event Ever
        News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
Highlight Day in American History

May 23, 2003 --- Leasing Industry Software List
     Can 30 Year Mortgage Rates Get Lower? Yes
          MicroFinancial Survives Another Day
               2002 Conduit Loan Defaults Nominal Increase 0.14%
                         Highlights ELA ELT-Newsletter
               Friday---Odds and Ends
          July 17-18 Streamlined Sales Tax Meeting, Savannah, Georgia
     News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
     Highlights This Day in American History

May 28, 2003 --- Classified Ads-----82 Job Wanted Ads
    Johnnie Johnson,CLP---- Up-Date from Saudi Arabia
        Free Online Webcast---Manage You Lease Portfolio
            Kiss Small Ticket Leasing Goodbye
                Conseco Voting Extension Approved
                    On-Line Bill Paying Continues Up Trend
                        CLP School July 10-13, Irvine, California
                Where is John Kruse?
        Woody Prothero Joins Madison Capital
    Leasing News Up-Grade Up-Grades Price
News Briefs---
    Highlights This Day in American History

May 29, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Attorneys Who Specialize in the Leasing Industry
    River City Joins the RW Professional Fray--but Sues Crawford
        What the Bush Tax Bills Means for Equipment Leasing
            Classified Ads-Help Wanted
                Equipment Leasing Software---Cyence added
                    Will it Float or Will it Sink?
                        Bette Kerhoulas on UAEL Conferences
                    Classified Ads-Jobs Wanted----80 jobs wanted
                National Vehicle Leasing Association names Tarry Shebesta
            News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
Highlights This Day in American History


May 30, 2003 --- Microfinancial/Leasecomm Record Fine/Judgment
    *FTC-Business Opportunity Lender Settles FTC Charges
        *Press Release--MicroFinancial Announces Legal Settlements
                * Stock History--Previous Articles
                    Brief Tax Summary for Attorneys
                        Cartoon---American Express Business Finance
                    Leasing Companies Have Rough Time Selling Against Mortgage Rates
       --Consumers Paying Cash than Lease/Dealer Incentives
            Classified Ad---by City-Sales Positions Wanted
        Warren Rowe Subscribes to Leasing News Up-Grade
    Highlights ELT E-Leasing Newsletter
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
        Highlights This Day in American History

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