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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

Canadian Finance and Leasing Association Conference Recap
  by Hugh Swandel
    Classified Ads--- Controller
P&L Capital Corporation
 joins Evergreen Notification List
  and is an A+ BBB Rating

   Business borrowing flat in August, up in year
    Career Crossroad---“What is the purpose of working with a recruiter?”
 Be Careful
  Leasing 102 by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
    Leasing Industry Help Wanted
  Bank Beat
   Top Stories - September 19 - 23
    Update from Rosanne Wilson
     GreatAmerica Ranked 4th in State as Top Workplace
      Gambling away trust funds
       James H. Ozanne to Join the ZBB Energy Board of Directors
        Orlando, FL -- Adopt-a-Dog
News Briefs---
 Freddie Mac Loan Deal Defective, Report Says
  New Capital Rules Likely for Banks
   Home-buying season the worst in at least 50 years
     Berkshire Hathaway to buy back shares

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Lady Gaga towers over Obama fundraiser
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Canadian Finance and Leasing Association Conference – Montreal
by Hugh Swandel

Record breaking attendance and a speech from former Canadian Prime Minister
Jean Chretien – What a conference!

(Montreal) - The Canadian Finance and Leasing Industry held its annual conference in Montreal this past week. Attendance exceeded 370 which topped previous records set in the late 90’s. The association is made up of both Vehicle and Equipment Lessors and it would appear everyone is tired of the working through a recession and eager to find new opportunities for growth.

The conference included presentations from leading economists, business and political journalists and Canada’s 20th Prime Minister, Jean Chretien. The non-industry agenda items where complimented by a series of sessions covering issues relating to vehicle and equipment  finance. Topics included discussion of the residual value market, assessing software options, credit scoring etc.

Conference highlights included  CFLA Chairman Serge Mâsse announcing the “Members of the Year”: CFLA Board Member Loraine McIintosh, Chair of the CFLA Accounting Committee, and her two Deloitte & Touche colleagues, David Dalziel and Rishi Malkani. They were honored for their leadership in helping the CFLA articulate the views and concerns of the asset-based financing and leasing industry to the International Accounting Standards Board on the proposed overhaul of the lease accounting rules.

This Award recognizes individuals, volunteers from members, who work quietly for the Association, committed to its goals.  “These volunteers are wonderful examples of those who are pleased to give back to their industry,” said Mr. Mâsse.  “Their generous efforts are a significant contribution to their Association, to its members and to the industry as a whole.”

The conference closed with a candid speech and lengthy Q&A with former prime minister Jean Chretien. Mr. Chretien had the audience laughing and contemplating the good fortune we enjoy as Canadians. His candor about life in politics and after was refreshingly unguarded and open about his experiences on the world stage.

Attending Members seemed cautiously optimistic – many express concerns about the impact of the European debt crisis on the stock market and the potential impact on global credit markets. Despite concerns everyone believes now is an excellent time to be pursuing additional market share and that the worst of delinquency and defaults are behind us. Origination since the recession reflect tighter credit policies and this should mean performance well within expectation should we enter another recession like economic phase.

Many attending for the first time were impressed with the caliber and professionalism of this event. Credit should go to CFLA President David Powell who is among the best association managers in any industry.

Hugh Swandel
204.477.0703 direct


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Southern CA
20 years exp. as hands-on leasing CFO, managing accounting, treasury, FP&A, including securitizations, Great Plains/FRx, budgets, risk management.  MBA.  Also available as interim Controller/CFO, consultant.

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P&L Capital Corporation
joins Evergreen Notification List
and is an A+ BBB Rating

P&L Capital Corporation
Phil Lieber
Tim Mathison
(most clients are doing monthly or quarterly schedules)

A -Accepts Broker Business | B -Requires Broker be Licensed | C -Sub-Broker Program| D -"Private label Program" | E - Also "in house" salesmen

1. P&L Capital has always had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We are proud to say we have not had a single complaint since our inception in 1996.

2. I have attached our letter of intent for our Technology Rotation Lease.  Our goal is to help our clients with their next technology rotation, but also, we want to know what’s coming back so we can presell our inventory.   The letter is sent, along with several phone calls starting with sales, and then admin.  If we get notice of intention on day 89, or even day 30, we do not put our clients into renewal even though we could. As long as communication is present, we work with our clients.   We do have equity in these deals, so we need resolution to be made whole.  Month to month is our only renewal option, we do not automatically renew for a certain period of time unless its requested by the customer.

3. Our broker business is 70% $1.00 out and we are funding  mostly small ticket with a variety of equipment types and industries.  We doc and we don’t discount so we control the back end.  The end of option form is included in all our deals for signature.   Once the term is up, the deal is done.

Tim Mathison
P&L Capital
P-402-330-9580 x226
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Business borrowing flat in August, up in year

(Reuters) - A business activity gauge was unchanged in August from July, though sharply higher than a year ago, as heightened economic and regulatory uncertainties kept many corporations from new spending, a lender group said on Monday.

U.S. businesses originated $5.7 billion in loans, leases and lines of credit in August, the same as the prior month and 33 percent more than a year earlier, the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) said.

Lending and credit quality are steadily improving, with new business volume up 25 percent so far this year. Company spending remains focused on replacing aging equipment rather than for expansion, said ELFA Chief Executive William Sutton.

"If the economy somehow could move into an expansion mode, then you're going to see people start investing more in growth strategies as opposed to just maintenance strategies," he said in an interview

Concerns about the global economy and ripple effects on industry further eroded a monthly confidence gauge. The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation's confidence index fell 4.8 percent to 47.6 in September.

"We see a steady upward trend for the last 18 months in new business volumes," Sutton said.

"However, looking out four months, all of the worries surrounding the global economic environment, and the unknowns with regulatory and legislative activities, make them a little less confident going forward."

ELFA represents lenders who finance half of the capital investment in the United States each year, everything from office equipment to aircraft.

The group reports economic activity for the $521 billion equipment finance sector.

"Even if the economic recovery slows, businesses have a need to replace older, essential-use equipment that they have put off replacing for too long," Ron Arrington, global president of CIT Vendor Finance, said in a statement.

Credit quality measures also improved in August, according to ELFA.

More than two-thirds of surveyed companies said they submitted more transactions for approval in the month. Credit standards relaxed and lenders approved more lease applications.

ELFA said 2.5 percent of borrowers were delinquent 30 days or more, down from 2.7 percent in July and 42 percent below the year-ago level.

Charge-offs, which reflect loans unlikely to be repaid, fell 54 percent in August to the lowest level in more than two years.

Total headcount for equipment finance companies changed little in August from July and declined 2 percent from a year ago.

Farming and mining equipment as well as healthcare were among the stronger segments while construction and trucking industries were among the weakest.

(Full Report in Thursday's Leasing News)


Career Crossroad---“What is the purpose of working with a recruiter?”

Q:  I am thinking of exploring new opportunities, what is the purpose of working with a recruiter?

A:  Think as a recruiter, AKA a headhunter, as an alliance in the field.  Recruiters are typically paid by companies to help them fill positions and as such, many are loyal to the companies they service. 

Our thinking at RII is that the recruiter should be just as loyal to the Candidates they work with.  A recruiter should understand your career objectives and goals – making sure (though there are never any guarantees) that your next employer is one that you will be with for years to come. 

In response to your question, Recruiters can assist you in many ways including:  presenting opportunities that you might otherwise not know about, staying abreast of market trends and keeping “ears” open for opportunities that would fit your needs and background, walking you through the interview process, working with you and the company in salary negotiations and most importantly making sure there is a good long-term fit for both parties.

Emily Fitzpatrick
Sr. Recruiter
Recruiters International, Inc.
Phone: 954-885-9241
Cell: 954-612-0567


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Leasing 102
by Mr. Terry Winders, CLP

Be Careful

When everyone is hungry for new business, and times are hard, that is when the scam artist comes to town. Fraud is easiest when we have to fight for each deal. Never short change your standard credits checks and review anything that looks out of sorts. So I think a review of some standard “take it for granted “mistakes re in order! Never let a lessee push you into a quick decision and never skip over your standard procedures.

Check with the lessee’s State to determine the companies “Good Standing” and review the correct spelling of the company name for discrepancies.. What appears to be a minor mistake in spelling the company name or the use of inc., instead of Corp., spells real trouble and should be checked much further. I would run credit checks on the principles regardless of any requests for guarantees to confirm how they are handling their personal credit. Remember that no personal credit history is one of the largest red flags in fraud cases; Check the better business bureau to determine if there have been any customer complaints. Check for tax liens and make sure on transactions over $50,000 you visit the company facilities and take note of the major pieces of equipment and check it against the UCC liens. One of the largest frauds in the leasing industry could have been discovered with a simple equipment inspection. The company only had three machines in use but had over thirty leased.

Run a UCC check to determine what kind of creditors they do business with and what type of equipment have liens in what location. Also if the vendor is obscure or is selling an off brand equipment then check with the manufacturer on the vendors status. If the manufacturer is obscure, or makes something you have never heard of, check them out by making a few phone calls or checking them out on the internet with trade associations or their local banker. The more obscure the supplier the more checking you need to do on the source of the equipment.

Also look for well prepared equipment invoices with all the information you would expect on an invoice. Invoices that are poorly made or come on standard forms that you can buy at a form shop should cause you to question their validly. Not everyone has pretty forms but you know when an invoice lacks the proper information and it should raise a red flag and be checked out. Most of the fraud cases I have seen included sloppy documentation and poor common sense. Also please avoid transactions or be especially careful if the vendor is a relative of the lessee.

Never, Never, Never do a sale- lease- back without inspecting and recording the equipment. Ask to see the original invoices for purchase, with the company as purchaser, for proof of ownership. Sale-lease-backs have been a favorite target of fraud because it does not require a vendor in the middle and there is so many steps to complete the transaction that many leasing companies fail to complete all of them.

I also need to suggest that you check out the person that signs the lease to make sure that they are an owner or qualified officer of the lessee. We have seen fraud cases where an employee of a company provides a resolution for authority signed by them authorizing themselves to sign. It can happen but it warrants some outside confirmation, because it is highly unlikely in a large company this would happen. Sometimes it is best to ask for more than one person who is qualified to make it harder for one person to create the fraud.

It may seem to you that this is a lot of extra work and time. However all I am saying is that if you follow standard procedures and something does not look correct then step back and check everything because scam artists play on your assumptions that everyone is honest and hope you will not see the cracks. There is a lot of fraud today and remember a non-recourse assignment does not relieve you from being responsible for fraud. Most assignment forms state that it must be a legally collectable transaction and fraud comes back to the leasing agent or broker.

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP
Anaheim, California

December 12-14th
Two and One Half-Day Seminar
sponsored by
Commerce National Bank
4040 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 100
Newport Beach CA 92660
(Orange County Airport is a half-mile away)

The seminar will contain information on how to approach leasing in 2012 with the following subjects:

  • New lease language
  • Proposed new accounting rules for lessee's
  • Structuring and pricing for competition
  • Income tax rules, Article 2A vs. Article 9
  • New reasons to lease
  • Questions to ask lessee
  • Vendor needs
  • Credit enhancements
  • Documentation issues

and a take home assignment to see how to propose a lease.

Cost $450 per person

To request a complete outline contact: or for questions call 502-649-0448


(This ad is a “trade” for the writing of this column. Opinions
contained in the column are those of Mr. Terry Winders, CLP)

Mr. Terry Winders, CLP, has been a teacher, consultant, expert witness for the leasing industry for thirty-five years and can be reached at or 502-649-0448

He invites your questions and queries.

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Bank Beat

Two more banks failed this past week, bringing this year’s total number of FDIC-insured bank failures to 73 (according to Bank of the Commonwealth, based in Norfolk, VA, and Citizens Bank of Northern California, based in Nevada City, CA, were both closed by the FDIC on Friday.

Citizens Bank of Northern California was a community bank with seven branches in the northeastern part of the California. It had $288.8 million in assets and $253.1 million in deposits.

The FDIC has taken it into receivership, and Tri Counties Bank, from Chico, CA, will be assuming all the deposits. The FDIC estimates that Citizens Bank’s failure will cost the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) $37.2 million.

According to the Sacramento Bee:
"The bank, founded in 1995, had lost millions of dollars in recent years, primarily due to the collapse of the local real estate market. The bank received $10.4 million in federal bailout funds under the TARP program. Since early last years it had been operating under an FDIC order to raise sufficient capital to continue operations. The bank's failure to do so led to its seizure.

Citizens also loaned millions of dollars to local "hard money brokers" who charge high rates of interest to borrowers who often don't qualify for normal bank loans. A Bee investigation earlier this year found that one such broker and Citizens client, Philip Lester, is under criminal investigation by the California Attorney General.

Also earlier this year, a former loan officer from the troubled bank was sentenced to federal prison for embezzlement."

Read more:


Bank of the Commonwealth, a Virginia-based bank with over 20 branches, was closed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. It had $985.1 million in assets and $901.8 million in deposits.

The FDIC has taken it into receivership, and Southern Bank and Trust Company of Mount Olive, NC will take on the closed bank’s assets. The FDIC estimates that the closure of the bank will cost the DIF $268.3 million.

Commonwealth Bankshares disclosed earlier this year that a federal grand jury was scrutinizing its lending and reporting practices and the actions of some bank officials and that securities regulators were investigating its disclosures, records, internal accounting controls and other matters. The bank said it was cooperating fully with the investigations.

Bank of the Commonwealth, which was chartered in 1971, is the second Virginia bank to fail this year. The first was Richmond-based Virginia Business Bank, a 5-year-old bank which was seized by regulators in late July and sold to Xenith Bank, also based in Richmond.

AP reported:
"In all of 2010, regulators seized 157 banks, the most in any year since the savings-and-loan crisis two decades ago. Those failures cost around $21 billion. The FDIC has said 2010 likely was the high-water mark for bank failures from the Great Recession.

In 2009, there were 140 bank failures that cost the insurance fund about $36 billion, a higher price tag than in 2010 because the banks involved were bigger on average. Twenty-five banks failed in 2008, the year the financial crisis struck with force; only three were closed in 2007.

From 2008 through 2010, bank failures cost the fund $76.8 billion. The deposit insurance fund fell into the red in 2009. With failures slowing, the FDIC’s fund balance turned positive in the second quarter of this year; it stood at $3.9 billion as of June 30.

Depositors’ money — insured up to $250,000 per account — is not at risk, with the FDIC backed by the government. That insurance cap was made permanent in the financial overhaul law enacted in July 2010."


Tracking Bank Failures Map:

List of Bank Failures:

Bank Beat: 

Gary DiLillo, President 216-658-5618 or

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Top Stories - September 19 - 23

Here are the top ten stories opened by readers:

Commercial Equipment Leasing

BBB: Rating Leasing Companies

Update: BBB: Rating Leasing Companies
Southern California Leasing

Barry Thomas, former CFO Central Leasing Corp
pleads guilty to wire fraud

NEFA Funding Symposium Delivers on all levels
by Hugh Swandel

NetSol Reports $1.1 million net loss 4th Quarter

Crisis at HP over CEO

Reminder: Kit Menkin is Now on Vacation

Top 12 Teams Running out of Fans

“Selling In a Down Economy”


John Kenny Receivables Management

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement

• Fraud Investigations
• Credit Investigations • Asset Searches
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Update from Rosanne Wilson

I just got this picture today from my youngest daughter who ran in the Portland Race for the Cure for Cancer this past weekend. She is the one in the middle, #6994. She is 33 years old (my baby). Her name is Roslyn. She wanted to dedicate this race to me after my long fight with cancer this summer. I am so proud of her.

Thanks for letting us share this picture with you. God bless you all and thank you for all your prayers on my behalf. I will never forget the love & support you gave me.

Rosanne Wilson, CLP
1st Independent Leasing, Inc.
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Suite 165
Beaverton, OR 97005
(800) 926-0851
Fax: (503) 626-1631



#### Press Release #############################

GreatAmerica Ranked 4th in State as Top Workplace

(Cedar Rapids, IA) – An Iowa survey has ranked GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation as 4th in the state among midsize businesses as one of the best places to work. The first-ever survey of its kind included 35 companies in the midsize category and was underwritten by the Des Moines Register.

“This is an employee engagement survey where we measure 6 key factors about the workplace: direction, execution, career, conditions, managers and pay & benefits,” said Denise LaRue, Manager of Client Services at WorkplaceDynamics LLP, the survey firm hired by the Des Moines Register. “This is the first time we have worked with the Des Moines Register and therefore the first time we have conducted this survey in Iowa.

An online blind survey was made available to all employees in each participating company, and 89% of Cedar Rapids employees responded.

“We are very fortunate to have a very engaged and inspired workforce here at GreatAmerica,” said Deborah Ferguson, Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development. “Once we find the right individual who is passionate about what they do, their strengths are nurtured by a learning environment and energized culture.”

About GreatAmerica
GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation is a national commercial equipment finance company dedicated to helping manufacturers, vendors, and dealers be more successful.  Founded in 1992, GreatAmerica is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has over 360 employees with offices in Georgia, Minnesota, and Missouri. The company is the nation's largest private independent leasing company with assets of nearly $1.3 billion.  GreatAmerica services extend beyond traditional financing to provide value-add tools and services such as FleetViewTM, PathShareSM, inTuneTM, info-Zone®.com, Navigator (Managed Print Services business planning), and Collabrance® (Managed Network Services offerings). A no-voicemail policy reflects the GreatAmerica commitment to delivering quality service. Visit

#### Press Release #############################


#### Press Release #############################


United States Attorney Laura E. Duffy announced that licenced fiduciary Teresa Laggner was
sentenced today in United States District Court by the Honorable Judge Larry A. Burns to serve 18 months in custody and pay over $471,000 in restitution for defrauding trust beneficiaries and squandering misappropriated trust funds at area casinos. Laggner entered a guilty plea on February 18, 2011, to one count of wire fraud and one count of money laundering and was taken into custody at the conclusion of today’s sentencing hearing.

According to court documents, as a trustee in San Diego from 2006 through January 2011, Laggner
managed numerous bank accounts that held valuable assets for the benefit of trust beneficiaries. In violation of her duties as a trustee, Laggner systematically transferred trust funds to her personal and business accounts without authorization from or consent of trust beneficiaries. For example, Lagger admitted that between July and September 2010, she misappropriated approximately $191,500 from a single trust bank account. During this same period, Laggner withdrew $40,000 of misappropriated trust funds while at casinos in San Diego and Nevada and cashed checks for an additional $100,000 while at Barona Casino and used all of these funds to feed her gambling habit. The Court determined Laggner’s actions resulted in over $470,000 of total loss to the trusts previously under her control.

Soon after discovering her dissipation of trust funds, but prior to completing the criminal investigation, federal prosecutors obtained a civil injunction against Laggner that prohibited her from accessing and disposing of trust property under her control. The injunction also required Laggner to provide an accounting of all dispositions of trust assets. As part of the civil injunction, Laggner is prohibited from acting in any capacity as a professional fiduciary under California law. To minimize the disruption to active trusts, the Superior Court of San Diego, Probate Department, with the assistance of the County of San Diego, Office of County Counsel, has promptly reassigned trusts previously under Laggner’s management to substitute trustees.

United States Attorney Duffy praised the rapid and coordinated investigative efforts of the Internal
Revenue Service - Criminal Investigation and United States Secret Service to halt Laggner’s ongoing fraud.

“We appreciate the swift and effective efforts of the Secret Service and IRS to stop this fraudulent scheme promptly upon receiving information of her suspicious activities at a local casino. We are also grateful to our County colleagues for assisting with an orderly and effective transfer of victim trusts to the control of successor trustees. This type of coordination among our law enforcement partners is vital to our mission of investigating and disrupting fraudulent schemes that victimize vulnerable members of our community.”

“Theresa Laggner committed a serious offense by abusing her position as a Trustee,” said Leslie P.
DeMarco, Special Agent in Charge for IRS-Criminal Investigation in the Los Angeles Field Office.

“Today Theresa Laggner is being held accountable for her criminal actions.”

#### Press Release #############################

James H. Ozanne to Join the ZBB Energy Board of Directors

ZBB Energy Corporation (NYSE Amex: ZBB), the leading developer of intelligent, renewable energy power platforms, announced today that James H. Ozanne will stand for election to the ZBB Energy Board of Directors at the company's 2011 annual shareholders meeting.

Mr. Ozanne has served in executive positions in the financial services industry since 1972. He currently serves as a Director of RSC Holdings Inc., one of the largest equipment rental providers in North America, since May 2007, and is the Lead Independent Director of RSC. Mr. Ozanne also serves as a Director of the Bank of Maine and an advisor to Amherst Securities. He has also held the positions of Chief Financial Officer, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of several leasing, rental, and consumer finance businesses ranging from full service railcar leasing to general equipment finance and grocery pallet rental. He also served as Executive Vice President of GE Capital responsible for the Consumer Finance and Operating Lease/Asset Management business units. Mr. Ozanne was most recently a Director of Financial Security Assurance Holdings Ltd. and Distributed Energy Systems Corp. He was Vice Chairman and Director of Fairbanks Capital Corp. from 2001 through 2005. He was also Chairman of Source One Mortgage Corporation from 1997 to 1999. Previously, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Nation Financial Holdings and its predecessor, US WEST Capital.

Paul Koeppe, Chairman of ZBB Energy Board of Directors, said, "We expect Jim's wealth of financial experience will be invaluable as we continue to consider the myriad of financing opportunities such as investment tax credits, customer leasing options and other creative financial alternatives that arise as we grow. Jim's past work with renewable energy technologies such as fuel cells, wind and batteries is an extra plus. We're delighted that Jim has agreed to join the Board of Directors."


Orlando, FL -- Adopt-a-Dog

Breed: Alaskan Malamute Mix Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn Age: Adult
Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg) Sex: Female

Juneau's Story...
You can enjoy the beauty of Alaska, right in your own home. Just take me into your heart! I am so lovely, as well as calm and friendly too. I came from another shelter with my best friend, and possible daughter, Nakona. I am settling into my new place, but sure hope you don't let me get too comfy...I want to save that for my new forever home!

This pet comes with a 30-day gift of Sheltercare pet insurance, the number one brand of pet insurance for adopted pets. Over 3 million adopted pets have already been insured!
Address: 2700 Toomey Avenue
Charlotte, NC 

Adopt-a-Pet by Leasing Co. State/City

Adopt a Pet


News Briefs---


Freddie Mac Loan Deal Defective, Report Says

New Capital Rules Likely for Banks

Home-buying season the worst in at least 50 years

Berkshire Hathaway to buy back shares


You May Have Missed---

Lady Gaga towers over Obama fundraiser


This Day in American History

           1514- The Spanish crown granted explorer Juan Ponce de Leon the title Military Governor of Bimini (an island in the Bahamas) and Florida. With this title and the implied permission it contained to colonize those regions, Ponce de Leon sailed for Florida in 1521.
(lower half of: )
    1722- Birthday of Samuel Adams, Revolutionary leader and Massachusetts state politician Samuel Adams, cousin to President John Adams (1797—1801), was born at Boston. He died there Oct 2, 1803. As a delegate to the First and Second Continental Congresses Adams urged a vigorous stand against England. He signed the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation and supported the war for independence. Adams served as lieutenant governor of Massachusetts under John Hancock from 1789 to 1793 and then as governor until 1797.
    1784- The Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S. was founded on this date, following the American Revolutionary War, when U.S. Anglicans met in Philadelphia to create a denomination independent from and autonomous of the Church of England. “When the war broke out and independence was declared, a number of the clergy went back to England, leaving their parishes vacant, but many, especially in the southern states, remained and upheld the American cause. A large majority of the laymen were patriots. Two-thirds of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Episcopalians. The churches, having their support largely withdrawn by the Venerable Society, became very weak. In Massachusetts during the war only two churches were kept open.
    1809-Birthday of Raphael Semmes, born at St. Charles County, MD, and died August 30, 1877 at Mobile, AL. Daring Confederate naval officer, best known for his incredible raids on Union merchant ships during the middle two years of the Civil War. As commander of the “Alabama,” he captured, sank or burned 82 Union ships valued at more than $6,000,000 at the time.
    1816 - A black frost over most of New England kills unripened corn in the north resulting in a year of famine.
    1840- Thomas Nast birthday; American political cartoonist born at Landau, Germany, best known for his cartoons attacking New York's Tweed ring. Died Dec 7,1902, at Guayaquil, Ecuador.
    1863-General Jo Shelby's Calvary in action at Moffat's Station, Arkansas.
    1864 - A guerilla band led by William "Bloody Bill" Anderson sacks the town of Centralia, Missouri, killing 22 unarmed Union soldiers before massacring 120 pursuing Yankees. The Civil War in Missouri and Kansas was rarely fought between regular armies in the field. It was carried out primarily by partisan bands of guerilla fighters, and the atrocities were nearly unmatched. In 1863, Confederate marauders sacked Lawrence, Kansas, and killed 250 residents. 
    1904—Birthday of Frieda Barkin Hennock - Polish-born American who is credited as the most responsible for the creation of Public television. An attorney, she was the first woman appointed to the Federal Communications commission (FCC) (1948-55) She campaigned hard to get TV channels set aside for educational purposes while the men of the commission thought it nonsense. She wanted a minimum of 500 TV channels set aside for educational purposes and finally got the FCC commissioners to set aside 242, the birth of the PBS network.
    1912-WC Handy publishes “Memphis Blues.” Although others believe it to be the first Blues song published, it was not. It was the first blues Handy ever wrote. Many consider it to be the first blues song in history, although due to Handy's problems finding a publisher it was preceded in print by Baby Seals Blues by Artie Matthews, in August of 1912 and the Dallas Blues by Hart A. Wand in September of the same year. Handy's song, which had been released as an instrumental in 1910.
(This is one of my favorite albums of all time:
“Louis Armstrong plays W.C.Handy “
(Whenever I am in San Antonio, Texas, I close this place down and am one of the last to leave. As soon as the conference allows, here I am at the Jim Cullum's Landing:
    1918- Battle of Cambrai—Saint Quentin. British General Sir Douglas Haig moved his armies toward Cambrai and St. Quentin as part of four major efforts to break the Hindenburg line in the German salient that extended from Verdun to the sea. To the south the New Zealand and Canadian divisions smashed through the Hindenburg line on Oct 6. German General Erich Ludendorff resigned Oct 16, and the line was taken between Oct 18 and 20.
    1918--TURNER, WILLIAM B. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army 105th Infantry, 27th Division. Place and date: Near Ronssoy, France, 27 September 1918. Entered service at: Garden City, N.Y. Birth: Boston, Mass. G.O. No.: 81, W.D., 1919. Citation: He led a small group of men to the attack, under terrific artillery and machinegun fire, after they had become separated from the rest of the company in the darkness. Single-handed he rushed an enemy machinegun which had suddenly opened fire on his group and killed the crew with his pistol. He then pressed forward to another machinegun post 25 yards away and had killed 1 gunner himself by the time the remainder of his detachment arrived and put the gun out of action. With the utmost bravery he continued to lead his men over 3 lines of hostile trenches, cleaning up each one as they advanced, regardless of the fact that he had been wounded 3 times, and killed several of the enemy in hand-to-hand encounters. After his pistol ammunition was exhausted, this gallant officer seized the rifle of a dead soldier, bayoneted several members of a machinegun crew, and shot the other. Upon reaching the fourth-line trench, which was his objective, 1st Lt. Turner captured it with the 9 men remaining in his group and resisted a hostile counterattack until he was finally surrounded and killed. 
    1920- birthday of William Conrad; actor, best known for his roles in the TV series “Cannon” and “Jake and the Fat Man.” He also was the voice of Matt Dillion, “Gunsmoke” on radio for eleven years,, narrated “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” was outstanding in the movie “The Killers,” and also was a television director for such shows as Gunsmoke, Naked City, and Route 66.Born at Louisville, KY, and died at North Hollywood, CA, Feb 11, 1994.
    1921-Birthday of famed comedian Melvin “Slappy” White, Baltimore, MD,+Slappy
    1922-Birthday of writer Nat Shapiro, New York City, NY

    1923- Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees hit the first home run of his career against pitcher Bill Piercy of the Boston Red Sox. On the same date fifteen years later, he hit his 493 rd and last home run against Dutch Leonard of the Washington Senators.
    1924—Birthday of bop pianist/composer Bud Powell
    1927-Birthday of trumpet player Red Rodney, Philadelphia, PA
    1930- Hack Wilson of the Chicago Cubs hit two home runs, giving him 56 for the year.
    1936- Denver CO had 21.3 inches in a 60 hour storm
    1938 - Clarinet virtuoso Artie Shaw recorded the song that would become his theme song. Nightmare was waxed on the Bluebird Jazz label.
    1938 - "Thanks for the Memory" was heard for the first time on "The Bob Hope Show" -- on the NBC Red radio network. His first band leader was Skinnay Ennis.
    1939-Brithday of Kathrynne Ann ( Kathy) Whitworth, fame golfer, born Monahans, TX. One of the top golfers of all times, KW was the all-time leading money winner on the woman's pro golf circuit when she retired after a 30-years career. She was the first to win more than $1 million in a year. She served as president of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. She won the LPGA player of the year title seven times. KW was inducted into the LPGA Hall of Fame in 1975, the World Golf Hall of Fame and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 1982, and the International Women s Sports Hall of Fame in 1984.
    1939 - 140,000 Polish troops are taken prisoner by the German invaders as Warsaw surrenders to the superior mechanized forces of Hitler's army. The Poles fought bravely, but were able to hold on for only 26 days. On the heels of its victory, the Germans began a systematic program of terror, murder, and cruelty, executing members of Poland's middle and upper classes: Doctors, teachers, priests, landowners, and businessmen were rounded up and killed. The Nazis had given this operation the benign-sounding name "Extraordinary Pacification Action." The Roman Catholic Church, too, was targeted, because it was a possible source of dissent and counterinsurgency. In one west Poland church diocese alone, 214 priests were shot. And hundreds of thousands more Poles were driven from their homes and relocated east, as Germans settled in the vacated areas. This was all part of a Hitler master plan. Back in August, Hitler warned his own officers that he was preparing Poland for that "which would not be to the taste of German generals"--including the rounding up of Polish Jews into ghettos, a prelude to their liquidation. All roads were pointing to Auschwitz.
    1942-What was greatly instrumental in World War II was such events like this. The first ship completed in less than two weeks was the “Joseph H. Teal,” built by Henry John Kaiser's Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation at Portland, OR. It made a trial run on September 27,1942, and was turned over to the Maritime Commission 13 days, 23.5 hours after the laying of the keel. The previous record had been 29 days. Speedy construction of ships was essential to American efforts in World War II
    1942-- Just after leaving CBS radio, Glenn Miller led his civilian band for the last time at the Central Theatre in beautiful Passaic, NJ. Miller had volunteered for wartime duty.
    1942--MUNRO, DOUGLAS ALBERT Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Signalman First Class, U.S. Coast Guard Born: 11 October 1919, Vancouver, British Columbia. Accredited to Washington. Citation: For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous gallantry m action above and beyond the call of duty as Petty Officer in Charge of a group of 24 Higgins boats, engaged in the evacuation of a battalion of marines trapped by enemy Japanese forces at Point Cruz Guadalcanal, on 27 September 1942. After making preliminary plans for the evacuation of nearly 500 beleaguered marines, Munro, under constant strafing by enemy machineguns on the island, and at great risk of his life, daringly led 5 of his small craft toward the shore. As he closed the beach, he signaled the others to land, and then in order to draw the enemy's fire and protect the heavily loaded boats, he valiantly placed his craft with its 2 small guns as a shield between the beachhead and the Japanese. When the perilous task of evacuation was nearly completed, Munro was instantly killed by enemy fire, but his crew, 2 of whom were wounded, carried on until the last boat had loaded and cleared the beach. By his outstanding leadership, expert planning, and dauntless devotion to duty, he and his courageous comrades undoubtedly saved the lives of many who otherwise would have perished. He gallantly gave his life for his country. 
    1945-FIELDS, JAMES H. Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, 10th Armored Infantry, 4th Armored Division. Place and date: Rechicourt, France, 27 September 1944. Entered service at: Houston, Tex. Birth: Caddo, Tex. G.O. No.: 13, 27 February 1945. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty, at Rechicourt, France. On 27 September 1944, during a sharp action with the enemy infantry and tank forces, 1st Lt. Fields personally led his platoon in a counterattack on the enemy position. Although his platoon had been seriously depleted, the zeal and fervor of his leadership was such as to inspire his small force to accomplish their mission in the face of overwhelming enemy opposition. Seeing that 1 of the men had been wounded, he left his slit trench and with complete disregard for his personal safety attended the wounded man and administered first aid. While returning to his slit trench he was seriously wounded by a shell burst, the fragments of which cut through his face and head, tearing his teeth, gums, and nasal passage. Although rendered speechless by his wounds, 1st Lt. Fields refused to be evacuated and continued to lead his platoon by the use of hand signals. On 1 occasion, when 2 enemy machineguns had a portion of his unit under deadly crossfire, he left his hole, wounded as he was, ran to a light machinegun, whose crew had been knocked out, picked up the gun, and fired it from his hip with such deadly accuracy that both the enemy gun positions were silenced. His action so impressed his men that they found new courage to take up the fire fight, increasing their firepower, and exposing themselves more than ever to harass the enemy with additional bazooka and machinegun fire. Only when his objective had been taken and the enemy scattered did 1st Lt. Fields consent to be evacuated to the battalion command post. At this point he refused to move further back until he had explained to his battalion commander by drawing on paper the position of his men and the disposition of the enemy forces. The dauntless and gallant heroism displayed by 1st Lt. Fields were largely responsible for the repulse of the enemy forces and contributed in a large measure to the successful capture of his battalion objective during this action. His eagerness and determination to close with the enemy and to destroy him was an inspiration to the entire command, and are in the highest traditions of the U.S. Armed Forces. 
    1947- Jazz at the Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, New York City, records “Perdido”, starting series of live jazz record performances.
    1952---"I Went to Your Wedding" by Patti Page topped the charts and stayed there for 10 weeks
    1953—Top Hits 
No Other Love - Perry Como 
Vaya Con Dios - Les Paul & Mary Ford 
Crying in the Chapel - June Valli 
A Dear John Letter - Jean Shepard & Ferlin Huskey
    1954- " The Tonight Show" TV premieres on the network. Prior to this is was a New York only late night show with many hosts ranging from early vaudeville comedians to Ernie Kovacs. Tonight show Steve Allen hosted the late-night program which began as a local New York show on WNBT-TV in June 1953. Tonight became a launching pad for Steve and hundreds of guests, including Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. Skitch Henderson and orchestra provided the music. Ernie Kovacs was the host from 1956 until 1957. Steve Allen served as host from 1954-57. He followed the format of an opening monologue, games or segments from the studio audience, played his piano, and then did interviews behind a simple desk and couch set. Jack Paar hosted from 1957-62 and many a night I did not go to bed until after it was over, including when Johnny Carson reigned as the king of comedy from 1962-92, quite a long run. Comedian Jay Leno serves as current host. It was a dual between David Letterman and Leno, with Letterman going to CBS when NBC chose Leno. I now watch David Letterman as much as I can stay up that late ( they tape the show late afternoon in New York).
    1958-Hurricane Helene passed just off the North Carolina coast. Wilmington had a wind gust of 135 mph. and recorded 8.9 inches of rain. Cape Fear was battered by sustained winds of 125 mph with gusts to 155 mph. The eye remained 20 miles offshore and thus tides were not excessive. Total damage was 11 million.
    1961-Top Hits 
Take Good Care of My Baby - Bobby Vee 
The Mountain's High - Dick & DeeDee 
Crying - Roy Orbison 
Walk on By - Leroy Van Dyke
    1962--~ After a concert that featured folk music at Carnegie Hall, The New York Times gave a glowing review in a story about "Bob Dylan: A Distinctive Folk Song Stylist."
    1963 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Blue Velvet," Bobby Vinton. The song comes from a Vinton album in which all the songs have the word "blue" in their titles.
    1964-The Warren Commission issued a report stating that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov 22,1963. Congress reopened the investigation and in 1979 the House Select Committee on Assassinations issued a report stating a conspiracy was most likely involved. The report stated there was no conspiracy, either domestic or international, in the assassination, and that Lee Harvey Oswald alone was responsible for it. The report found also that Jack Ruby, convicted murderer of Oswald, had had no prior contact with Oswald.
    1964-California surf-rock band the Beach Boys make their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show singing "I Get Around.
    1966—In San Francisco the Four Tops with Johnny Talbot and De Thanks opened at Fillmore Auditorium.
    1969-Santana's self-titled debut album enters the LP chart. The double-platinum album contains the top-10 hit, "Evil Ways."
    1969-CCR's "Green River" peaks at #2 on the singles chart.
    1970 - “Round and round and round it goes and where it stops, nobody knows.” Ted Mack said, “Good night from Geritol” for the last time. After 22 years on television, the curtain closed on "The Original Amateur Hour" on CBS. The show had been on ABC, NBC, CBS and originated on the Dumont Television Network.
    1970 - Afternoon highs of 103 degrees at Long Beach, CA, and 105 degrees at the Los Angeles Civic Center were the hottest since September records were established in 1963. Fierce Santa Ana winds accompanying the extreme heat resulted in destructive fires.
    1973 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "We're an American Band," Grand Funk. The single is pressed on gold-colored vinyl.
    1975- "I'm Sorry" by John Denver topped the charts and stayed there for a week.
    1977-Top Hits 
Best of My Love - Emotions 
Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac 
Keep It Comin' Love - KC & The Sunshine Band 
I've Already Loved You in My Mind - Conway Twitty
    1979-Blondie release "Eat To The Beat." The LP contains the single "Dreaming."
    1980-Paul Simon's "Late in the Evening" peaks at #6 on the pop chart.
    1980-David Bowie's "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps" peaks at #12 on the LP chart.
    1984 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Let's Go Crazy," Prince & the Revolution. The song is the second No. 1 hit from Prince's film "Purple Rain."
    1985--Hurricane Gloria passed over the Hatteras Weather Service office on the outer banks. Gloria then raced north-northeastward and made landfall near Fire Island and then crossed Connecticut coastline very close to Bridgeport, CT. Winds gusted to 115 mph on Long Island, 109 at Chatham, MA and 100 mph at the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, MA. 8 fatalities occurred and total damage was around $1 billion. Many people in Connecticut were without power for up to 2 weeks.
    1985- a record early season snowstorm struck the central high plains with up to 19 inches of snow along the Colorado Front Range and as much as a foot of snow in the plains. Denver had a morning low on the 28th of 17, the lowest ever for September. Grand Island, NE had 2 inches of snow on the 28th, the earliest ever on record a record early season snowstorm struck the central high plains with up to 19 inches of snow along the Colorado Front Range and as much as a foot of snow in the plains. Denver had a morning low on the 28th of 17, the lowest ever for September. Grand Island, NE had 2 inches of snow on the 28th, the earliest ever on record
    1986 - Lionel Richie's "Dancing on the Ceiling" was the #1 U.S. LP. The tracks: "Dancing on the Ceiling", "Se La", "Ballerina Girl", "Don't Stop", "Deep River Woman", "Love Will Conquer All", "Tonight Will Be Alright", "Say You, Say Me" and "Night Train (Smooth Alligator)". "Dancing on the Ceiling" was the number one album for two weeks.
    1986-The Beatles' "Twist and Shout" re-enters the pop singles chart after being heard in the films "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Back To School."
    1986- "Walk This Way" by Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith peaks at #4 on the singles chart.
    1989 - Freezing temperatures were reported in the Great Lakes Region and the Ohio Valley. Houghton Lake MI reported a record low of 21 degrees. Thunderstorms in the western U.S. produced wind gusts to 50 mph at Salt Lake City UT, and gusts to 58 mph at Cody WY
    1996- Barry Bondsof the San Francisco Giants stole his 40 th base of the year in a game against the Colorado Rockies to become only the second player in major league history to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in the same season. Jose Canseco, the original member of the 40-40 club, achieved the feat in 1988. Bonds finished the year with 42 home runs and 40 steals.
    2000 ---The United States Olympic team, managed by former Dodger skipper Tommy Lasorda, stuns the world beating the much-favored Cuban team to win the country's first gold medal in its national pastime. Ben Sheets ends Cuba's 21-game Olympic winning streak with 4-0 shutout.
    2003 ---Cubs' slugger Sammy Sosa blasts his 40th home run to establish a National League record by reaching the plateau for the sixth consecutive season. The Chicago right fielder, who had previously been tied with Ralph Kiner and Duke Snider, needs another season of at least 40 homers to equal Babe Ruth's major league mark of seven seasons set from 1926 to 1932.




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