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Collector, Atlanta, GA

Experienced, calling 11-90 day delinquent customers, assisting Asset Re-marketer with delinquency reporting, weekly reporting to home office.

Sales, Chicago, Atlanta

Work out of main office and satellite. Heavy phone sales calling on both independent dealers and end users (cold/warm calling), marketing, weekly reporting to management. Outside territorial salespeople will also be considered.

Contact: Michael Testa 312-881-3133
Financing for Commercial Truck & Trailer, Exotic, High Line, Vintage & Classic Automobiles, Taxi, Livery & Paratransit

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

ELFA Mourns the Passing of Industry Icon Michael J. Fleming
   Fleming Joins AAEL---1979
      Early Reaction from Readers
    Archives---August 20, 2001
BancLease Announces On-Site Training Program for Bankers
     Classified Ads---Senior Management
Banks Turn Toward Leasing for More Profit
    by Christopher Menkin
MB Financial Bank Completes Its Merger
   Leasing Subsidiaries Continue to Grow
Credit Unions Buying Banks--SNL Financial Report
  — not a flood but a 'mini-trend', but predicts 100 more
Loan Loss Reserves Increasing for Commercial Loans
  SNL Financial Special Report
   Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted
International Bottled Water Association Responds
  The Facts about Bottled Water and California’s Drought
        Google Celebrates 10 Year IPO Anniversary
  Labrador Retriever Puppy
    Sikeston, Missouri Adopt-a-Dog
      Classified ads—Finance/Human Resources
News Briefs---  
WSJ---Small-Business Lending Is Slow to Recover
 Credit Unions Claim 100 Million Members: Should Banks Worry?
  As The Fed Works To Improve B2B Payments,
    Payments Industry In Position To Help
     Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About Millennial Buying Habits
      US Pay-TV continues subscriber losses in Q2

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ELFA Mourns the Passing of Industry Icon Michael J. Fleming

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association is mourning the passing of Michael J. Fleming, who served as the association’s President for 27 years. Mike passed away Aug. 19 after a long, but valiant fight with cancer.

The family would appreciate donations to Capital Caring Hospice, 4715 15th St. N, Arlington, VA. Donations can be made by going t0 and clicking on the Donate button. 

A Florida memorial service celebrating Mike’s life is tentatively scheduled for October. The ELFA website will continue to be updated as further information becomes available.

Mike will be remembered as an industry icon who touched the lives of countless industry professionals. He was a trusted friend, valued colleague, esteemed mentor and accomplished advocate on behalf of the equipment leasing and finance industry.

Mike served as ELFA President from 1979, when he established the association’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., until his retirement in 2006. During his tenure, the equipment finance industry grew from a fledgling industry to a major force in the U.S. economy, and he transformed the association into the leading professional trade association representing the U.S. equipment finance sector.

Most recently, Mike served as Senior Managing Director of Client Relations for The Alta Group. In this role, he assisted clients in strategic consulting, market and competitive analysis, and unilateral and multilateral projects.

Prior to serving as ELA President, Mike managed state associations in Iowa and South Carolina. He was devoted to the concepts of strong, active business leadership and believed that associations are most effective when they act in a proactive mode on behalf of their members.

Mike earned a B.A. in Political Science and History and an M.A. in history and economics with honors from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He did additional postgraduate work at several other major universities.

He was an active member of several professional and economic groups. He was a past Chancellor of the Exchequer Club of Washington, the organization for all financial industry trade associations and federal agencies in the financial services sector, and he was an active member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100.




Fleming Joins AAEL---1979

From Leasing Digest, September, 1979, UK publication:

“Record turn-out at Reno Convention

“There was a record turn-out of some 1,500 people at the annual convention of the American Association of Equipment Lessors, this year held in Reno, Nevada, from September 16-19. The AAEL President, Sam Eichenfield, described 1979 as being the most significant in the history of the Association, because it was the year in which it became active rather than reactive.

“This year the AAEL moved its headquarters from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Washington, DC. For the long standing and respected secretary, Sidney R. Rose, this is retirement year and his last Convention. In 1966 he joined the young association of 23 members, and it has since then grown massively in membership. (ELA started in the year 1961.)

“With the move to Washington comes the appointment of the new Executive Secretary, Michael J. Fleming. Now in temporary offices in Washington, he will move to new offices at 1700 North Moores Street, Arlington, VA 22209, from November 1. A sign of the importance of the new location lies in the fact that a reception for US Congressmen is being planned for October 22 when the AAEL will be asserting itself as an effective voice in the political lobby.


Early Reaction from Readers
(Chronologically Received)

"Mike will be greatly missed by all who knew him.  He was a visionary as well as a great gentleman who helped immensely in advancing the equipment leasing industry during his long tenure as President of the ELFA."

- Bruce Kropschot, Senior Managing Director and
Merger & Acquisition Advisory Practice Leader
The Alta Group, LLC

"I have known Mike Fleming for his entire career with ELFA and our industry.  He always had a 'bigger than life' presence in every meeting and event he was associated with.  That charismatic presence will manifest itself in our career memories for many years to come.  He will be missed immensely."

- Paul J. Menzel, CLP
Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc.,
a subsidiary of Umpqua Bank

“Not only was Mike instrumental in helping elevate the industry in so many ways. He was a visionary, a leader, an educator, a sportsman, a great family man, true gentleman, and my mentor.  He will be missed by many.”

- Ralph Petta
Chief Operating Officer

"Through his vision and leadership, Mike Fleming provided the foundation which all current and future leasing professionals continue to build upon."

- Ed Castagna
InPlace Auction

Mike was a fervent leader in our industry for decades.  He was a change agent, always encouraging colleagues to peer around corners to anticipate and prepare for the future.  Mike was well respected, and liked by all who knew him.  Mike left an indelible, and positive, mark on many people.  He will be sorely missed.”

- Paul Frechette
Technology and Healthcare Business Unit Manager
Bank of the West Equipment Finance; 

 "I never got to meet Mr. Fleming, but I think I've read every article he ever wrote.  I know he worked tirelessly for our industry.  He was loved by everyone.  My prayers are with his family and closest friends right now."

- Rosanne Wilson, CLP, BPB
1st Independent Leasing, Inc.

“I personally never had the time to devote to the AAEL, or its successor the ELA, or its successor the ELFA that would have allowed me to hang out with Mike at length. But I was one of a great many people who admired the ease with which Mike Fleming managed the many diverse, complex and demanding constituencies the made up each leasing industry sub-group.

“It would seem to a casual observer that it couldn’t be too demanding, this apparently kind of cushy gig to manage a trade association and throw conferences. While Mike made it look easy, it was clear to anybody who was paying attention that he took the position very seriously, and wanted to be the best at it that a person could be. He had the air of a guy who came to think of himself as a Leasing Guy not a trade association utility man. Sometimes you would hear about these journeymen, one day directing the National Bubble Gum Manufacturers, next year at the Amateur Softball Players and Owners Association. Mike Fleming was in his mind, and ours, always about leasing (ok ok, leasing AND FINANCE). He spoke with great perspective and gravitas on issues facing the industry. What more could an industry ask for than a person of this quality to lead the way, a person acted like he really wanted the job and excelled at it?

“The image he leaves me with is one of dignity and grace.”

- Paul Weiss
Panthera Leasing



Archives---August 20, 2001
BancLease Announces On-Site Training Program for Bankers

"Today, more than 190 banks in 34 different states are using the BancLease program for leasing."

BancLease, a leasing consulting service for community banks, announced that it will now offer its two-day lease training seminar to its bank customers at their location.
In an effort to help its customers defer cost and train multiple members of the banks' lending staff, BancLease will send a leasing consultant to the customer site to teach new customers marketing techniques for leasing. The training will also detail how to complete the necessary leasing forms and submission regulations, as well as basic software introductions relating to beginning and maintaining successful leasing programs and the BancLease software suite.
"The BancLease program was designed by bankers," said Don Burnett, president of BancLease. "We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness when implementing new banking products. Although we have a first class training facility at our Charleston, Mo. headquarters, we can send one of our key consultants to our customers' institutions and have them train ten lenders for half the expense of the customer sending two lender officers to our offices for the same session."

(Abridged: )



Britt McConnell
Community Bank President
Director of BancLease
A Division of Focus Bank
(Formerly First Security)
Sikeston, Missouri




Classified Ads---Senior Management

(These ads are “free” to those seeking employment
or looking to improve their position)

Tampa, FL
Executive leader accomplished in leasing operations, finance, sales and marketing seeking new opportunity. Capitalizes on strategic, ideation, communication and analytical strengths to identify opportunities, formulate solutions and articulate strategies that drive increased sales productivity, incremental revenue, operating expense reductions and customer acquisition and retention.

Free Posting for those seeking employment in Leasing:

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Banks Turn Toward Leasing for More Profit
by Christopher Menkin

In today's "News Brief" there is an article by the Wall Street Journal titled "Small Business Lending Is Slow to Recover."  It is no secret banks are hesitating in granting small loans, under $100,000; especially under $25,000.  The article notes the FDIC reports in July that business loans under $1 million were down 14% since 2008, while loans to business increased 9%, in the over $1 million marketplace.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the end of the first quarter saw $585 billion in commercial loans to small business. Although it was heralded as a 1% increase from the same quarter a year ago, the fact remains that it is 18% below the $711 billion held by banks in 2008.
It may be recent progress, but nothing really to get excited about.

In the Journal’s article, PayNet is cited about their study that nearly one-third of all U.S. counties, small-business lending remains below 2005 levels.

Filling the gap today is the growth of financial and leasing companies, particularly in granting small business loans. Many small businesses have been using credit cards to pay vendors, but cash flow requires "cash" in the bank account to meet payroll and other payments that
don’t go on a credit card, thus the influx of Channel Partners, Lending Club, OnDeck, PayPal Loans, to name a few.

In a recent Leasing News report, it was noted an increase of approvals by banks, approving one out of five business loan applications, as an improvement.(1) The question was what was happening to the other four. Most likely they were going elsewhere to improve their business or better compete in an atmosphere where lowest price from Amazon or Walmart is the deciding factor, especially with the growing internet sales versus brick and mortar sales.

While many bankers claim it is “Fed Regulations” that are driving their choice of products, in reality it is the other investments and products that receive a better return than a business loan.  The rate of return for other services is more profitable and thus other services, including the underwriting and syndication is a more lucrative motivation.

Thus the growth of both companies making business loans and the growing number of bank subsidiary leasing companies and underwriting of leases for independent lessors.

(1) Who is Financing the Other Four?

Funders List "A"



MB Financial Bank Completes Its Merger
Leasing Subsidiaries Continue to Grow

MB Financial Bank, N.A., announced that it has completed its acquisition of Taylor Capital Group, Inc., and that Cole Taylor Bank has been merged into MB Financial Bank. This includes Cole Taylor Equipment Finance, Townsend, Maryland as well as Celtic Commercial Finance, Irvine, California, formerly Celtic Leasing, to its products.  When the bank purchased Taylor Capital Group, July, 2012, it brought in Cole Taylor Equipment Finance with a team lead by Edward A. Dahlka, Jr., former president and founder of LaSalle National Leasing (now part of Bank of America Leasing).

Ed Dahlka
Cole Taylor Equipment Finance

Dahlka has been building his  team, opening offices throughout the United States with new people, as evidenced in Leasing News "New Hires-Promotions" He is past chairman of Chairman of The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association and Chairman of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation.

Todd Meyer
Celtic Commercial Finance

Celtic was acquired December, 2012, which contributed $25.9 million in 2013. The bank noted that its 2013 net lease financing income of $61.2 million was up from $36.4 million or 68% compared to 2012. The bank said the increase resulted from leasing revenue attributable to the addition of Celtic Leasing.

Celtic also is involved in hiring staff to continue its growth.




Credit Unions Buying Banks--SNL Financial Report
— not a flood but a 'mini-trend', but predicts 100 more

By J. Daniel Young and Robert Downey III


With the sixth such transaction in the last several years, First Commerce Credit Union's recent agreement for the purchase and acquisition of First National Bank of Crestview came as no surprise to some industry experts, as one called it a "mini-trend."

"No one should be surprised about these transactions," Marvin Umholtz, a credit union consultant and president of Umholtz Strategic Planning & Consulting, told SNL. "A decade ago, this would have been unheard of. It seems like it's been happening often enough in the last couple of years that it seems routine to me."

While transactions in which a bank sells to a credit union may become routine, this agreement is the first such purchase in Florida.

Michael Bell, an attorney at Howard & Howard who was lead counsel on five of the last six deals, told SNL: "I call it a mini-trend, only because I don't think you are going to see a thousand of them, but I think you might see a hundred. This is a legitimate, viable strategy for growth for credit unions, no question about it. I think there are forces inside the credit union industry and outside the credit union industry that currently are aligned that make these transactions palatable."

Bell added, "I am currently working on 10-plus similar transactions that have yet to be announced and yet to be finalized." The deals are across the country and not limited to one specific area nor are they limited to size, according to Bell.

Dismissing the idea that credit union acquisition of banks are a concern only for smaller institutions, Bell said size is not a primary factor in these deals and that future transactions may be larger.

He did say, however, that there are areas of the country where there may be more of these transactions. "I think the Southeast is especially ripe for deals like these based strictly on the types of targets," he said. "There are a lot of banks in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. It's easy for me to say that you are going to hear about more in Florida because I am working on one in Florida."

Umholtz said the sheer volume of bank regulations has played a big part of the decisions by banks to sell to credit unions.

"We are talking about an $80 million bank," Donald Musso, president and founder of FinPro Inc., a consulting firm to financial institutions, told SNL. "If we layer on compliance costs and regulation costs, it's going to make it nearly impossible for these guys to make money. If you are a billion-dollar bank, you can afford to hire a compliance officer. You can handle the regulations being thrown at you, but when you are a little $80 million bank, you can't afford to put all those resources on."

When it comes to the targets in these transactions, Bell said that, historically, "we've kind of covered all the bases." He cited transactions with targets including a mutual, a privately stock-held and a publicly stock-held bank.

As these transaction types have become more prevalent, concerns with regulators approving the deals may be less problematic, according to industry observers.

The transaction has to be approved by a number of regulators, including the FDIC, OCC, NCUA and state regulators. The NCUA and the National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors declined to comment on the matter. Calls to First Commerce Credit Union and First National Bank of Crestview were not returned before publication. Additionally, an email sent to the Florida Office of Financial Regulation had not been answered at publication time.

Bell said the expected approval cycle for the deal is four to six months. "Now that there has been some of them done, I think it's getting easier as they go," he said. "People are getting more comfortable with how they want to review these and what they are going to look at. Definitely, the approval timelines, just in general, have improved and I think they will continue to improve."

Musso said the deal will have to be "fast-tracked by regulators" or "there's going to be nothing left to work with." He was speaking specifically to the challenges facing the Crestview, Fla.-based bank. Its assets in 2006 were $268 million and fell 40.02% in 2007. Assets have declined YTD in 2014 by 15.74%. The company reported net losses every year since 2009, with an efficiency ratio reaching 218.98% as of June 30, 2014. Its Texas ratio as of June 30 was 372.92%, as calculated by SNL.

"They are going to have to do it quickly. It's not for the faint of heart," said Musso. "The resolution of a problem bank is always a good thing from the regulatory perspective, so the regulators are going to welcome it because it resolves a problem bank." The concern, however, is in the remaining charter. If the deal involves 100% assumption of liabilities and it is not leaving behind any problem loans, then regulators can "get their arms around and endorse it," Musso said. "However, if there are any problem assets left behind, then the regulators are going to spend some extra time looking at it."

Bell noted that every deal has its impermissible assets of some sort. "That's just the nature of it," he said.

Still, this type of transaction may have opened the door for other new deal types. Bell foresees that other transactions will include what he refers to as "quasi-banks" — specialized lenders, mortgage companies, payday lenders and agricultural lenders.

"It can run the gambit," Bell said, "but I'm predicting you are going to see announcements where credit unions are buying those as well. I don't want to just limit it to banks. I think we are missing the picture there." 




Loan Loss Reserves Increasing for Commercial Loans
SNL Financial Special Report

By Tahir Ali and Zach Fox

Loan loss reserves shrank yet again, overall, during the second quarter, but reserves for commercial loans increased in what appears to be a trend.

With competition for commercial and investment loans heating up, the increase in reserves could represent a move deeper into the risk pool, though an increase in loan volume has accompanied the higher reserves. That means reserves for commercial loans as a portion of outstanding loans have been relatively flat.

Since the first quarter of 2013, reserves for commercial loans have increased each quarter, while overall reserves steadily declined for all commercial banks and savings banks. In the second quarter, reserves for commercial loans totaled $26.90 billion, up from $26.57 billion in the first quarter and $25.20 billion in the 2013 second quarter.

For the second quarter, reserve coverage for commercial loans represented 1.11% of all loans among commercial banks and savings banks with total assets of $1 billion or more. Even though aggregate reserves for commercial loans have been increasing, loan growth has more than matched that growth. The coverage ratio for commercial loans was actually down slightly relative to the year-ago quarter.

Reserves for real estate loans, which includes commercial and residential real estate as well as construction loans, have fallen dramatically over the past year, helping guide down aggregate reserves across loan types. For the second quarter, reserves for real estate loans totaled $51.34 billion, down from $54.29 billion in the first quarter and $68.60 billion in the year-ago quarter.

Overall, total reserves for commercial and savings banks came to $114.95 billion in the second quarter, down from $118.84 billion in the first quarter and $134.59 billion in the second quarter of 2013. Those figures include unallocated reserves, as opposed to the bar graph to the left, which shows only reserves that have been allocated for real estate, commercial, credit cards or other consumer loans. Unallocated reserves are typically much smaller than any single category; for the second quarter, unallocated reserves totaled $1.70 billion.

The decline in aggregate reserves across loan types while they rise for commercial loans fits a general theme of increased competition in the sector, said Steven Reider, president of Bancography, a banking consulting firm. Hot competition for loans has forced some banks to go a little riskier than they would have previously, he said.

"I can't tell you how many clients we've come across who have told us that the goal, in commercial lending, is really to do much more [commercial and industrial] and much more [commercial real estate]," Reider told SNL.

That narrative also seems to apply to First Republic Bank, which saw a massive increase in its second-quarter loan loss provisioning. The company's loan loss provision increased to $21.80 million in the second quarter from $7.10 million in the first quarter. That pushed up the bank's aggregate loan loss reserves to $181.31 million in the second quarter, compared to $159.64 million in the first quarter and $148.31 million in the prior-year period.

The jump in loan loss provisioning attracted several questions during the company's July 16 conference call discussing second-quarter results. Management had said in prepared remarks that the bank would target a reserve allocation of 55 basis points to 60 basis points. Ken Zerbe, an analyst with Morgan Stanley, asked whether the leap in provisioning was driven by more commercial and investment loans, which typically require higher reserve allocations.

"Ken, I think you're on the right direction," Michael Roffler, First Republic Bank deputy CFO, said in response, according to a transcript of the call. "Obviously, the business lending does come in to the process at higher than the 55 basis points to 60 basis points, compared to the home loan, which is much less than that. So given the increase in utilization that occurred in business lines, and it did help increase the outstanding during the quarter, that led to higher provision levels given that little bit of change in mix that occurred compared to what you may have seen in prior periods."


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Leasing Industry Help Wanted


Collector, Atlanta, GA

Experienced, calling 11-90 day delinquent customers, assisting Asset Re-marketer with delinquency reporting, weekly reporting to home office.

Sales, Chicago, Atlanta

Work out of main office and satellite. Heavy phone sales calling on both independent dealers and end users (cold/warm calling), marketing, weekly reporting to management. Outside territorial salespeople will also be considered.

Contact: Michael Testa 312-881-3133
Financing for Commercial Truck & Trailer, Exotic, High Line, Vintage & Classic Automobiles, Taxi, Livery & Paratransit


Leasing Operations Manager
San Antonio, Texas

Leadership role in building a team focused on credit, documentation and funding functions for a dynamic high growth business operating in both captive and non- captive lift truck markets.
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Contact: Monet Pitts, HR Manager
Quality Controlled Material Handling Equipment Rent, Finance, or Lease up to 84 months, Maintenace, too.

For information on placing a help wanted ad, please click here: 
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International Bottled Water Association Responds
The Facts about Bottled Water and California’s Drought

Leasing News reported a story from regarding
"Bottle Water Comes from the Most Draught-Ridden Places in
the Country." (1)

Chris Hogan of the International Bottled Water Association, Alexandria,
Virginia, wanted to get the facts "correct" that the bottle water industry is not a major contributor to California' ongoing drought:

Water Use and Bottled Water Production

  • The amount of water used for bottling water in the U.S. is very small -- less than 0.02% of the total groundwater withdrawn each year.  While that figure may vary slightly by location, the amount of water used for bottled water is only a small fraction of overall water use in California, or any other state.
  • To put it in context, the entire U.S. bottled water market was about 10 billion gallons in 2013. In contrast, the city of Los Angeles goes through that amount of tap water in less than three weeks. According to the UCLA Institute for Environment and Sustainability, at about 80%, agriculture is the largest user of water in the state, followed by urban residential use at 13%.
  • Most of the bottled water that comes from California water sources is sold in California. In fact, the vast majority of bottled water companies in the U.S. use local water sources and distribute their products to nearby towns and states.

Bottled Water Regulation

  • Bottled water is comprehensively regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and by federal law the FDA regulations governing the safety and quality of bottled water must be at least as stringent as the U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA) standards for tap water.  In fact, bottled water regulations are more stringent than tap water standards when it comes to lead levels, coliform bacteria, and E. coli.
  • All packaged foods and beverage products, including bottled water, have extensive federal labeling requirements. This includes listing the type of water in the container; the ingredients; the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor; the net weight; and, if required, nutrition labeling. In addition, almost all bottled water products have a phone number and/or website address on the label.

Supporting Public Water Systems

  • The bottled water industry supports a strong public water system, which is important for providing citizens with clean and safe drinking water.  In fact, many bottled water companies use public water sources for their purified bottled water products. This tap water then undergoes more quality processes to meet FDA’s standard for purified water.  These treatments may include one or more of the following: reverse osmosis, distillation, micro-filtration, carbon filtration, ozonation, and ultraviolet (UV) light.  The finished water is then sealed in a bottle under sanitary conditions to preserve its quality.
  • IBWA strongly endorses the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014. This important new law supports a strong American public water infrastructure and creates the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Authority (WIFIA). This program will provide low-interest federal loans to communities, which will reduce the cost of financing large water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

Water and a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Everyone needs to hydrate; that is a fact.  Hydrating with water is not only one of the healthiest practices, it is also the most efficient from a water use standpoint.  Drinking water, whether tap or bottled, uses the least amount of water to produce compared with any other beverage.
  • Americans need to drink more water for their health according to nutritionists.  Most people drink both tap and bottled water.  And 40% of water consumed today is bottled water, thanks to its presence on the shelf next to other beverages. Bottled water is an important source of water for hydration.
  • Drinking zero-calorie beverages, such as water, is regularly cited as a key component of a more healthful lifestyle. With one-third of American adults being overweight and another one-third obese, bottled water is an important and healthy choice. Bottled water has helped eliminate billions of calories from the diets of Americans who choose it over sugary beverages.

More information about bottled water at

John Kenny 
Receivables Management

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement
• Fraud Investigations
• Credit Investigations • Asset Searches 
• Skip-tracing • Third-party Commercial Collections | ph 315-866-1167|

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Labrador Retriever Puppy
Sikeston, Missouri Adopt-a-Dog

Animal ID: 364194
Breed: Retriever / Mix
Gender: Male
Color: Black / White
Spayed/Neutered: No
Size: Medium

Sikeston Area Humane Society
P.O. Box 1428 Sikeston, MO, 63801
(573) 471-4801

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News Briefs----

WSJ---Small-Business Lending Is Slow to Recover    

Credit Unions Claim 100 Million Members: Should Banks Worry?

As The Fed Works To Improve B2B Payments,
 Payments Industry In Position To Help
Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About the Millennial Buying Habits

US pay-TV continues subscriber losses in Q2

Leasing Operations Manager
San Antonio, Texas

Leadership role in building a team focused on credit, documentation and funding functions for a dynamic high growth business operating in both captive and non- captive lift truck markets.
Click here for full description.

Contact: Monet Pitts, HR Manager
Quality Controlled Material Handling Equipment Rent, Finance, or Lease up to 84 months, Maintenace, too.




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SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

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Baseball Poem

Alone At The Plate

      (Inside the front cover of the book “You Can Teach Hitting,” by Dusty Baker, there appears this poem about a Little Leaguer...) 

He pulls on a helmet, picks up the bat, and walks to the plate, "gotta hit and that's that."

The crowd starts to yell, the game's on the line, last inning, two outs, the score's nine to nine.

Dad yells, "Go get it," Mom wrings her hands, coach hollers, "hit it," but alone there he stands.

Heros are made in seconds such as this, but he's just a little boy, what if he should miss?

Years after this game's ended and he's little no more, will he remember the outcome or even the score?

No he'll have forgotten if he was out, hit, or a run, he'll only look back on his friends and the fun.

So cheer this boy on, alone with his fate; help him remember with fondness this stand at the plate.

Spend your time wisely and help in his quest to be a hitter with confidence and always his best.

And when the game's over, this boy can stand tall, for you've helped him prepare to give it his all!



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Grant Cohn: 49ers’ backup plan stuck in reverse

Colin Kaepernick discusses 2013 foot injury that slowed him down



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San Diego ranks in top 5 convention cities


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This Day in History

     1494 - Columbus returned to Hispaniola. He had confirmed that Jamaica was an island and that he had failed to find a mainland.
    1619 - The first Black slaves brought by the Dutch to the colony of Jamestown. The colonists desperately needed workers for the tobacco crop. Europe was becoming “addicted to snuff and smoking tobacco in a pipe, inhaling. The Indians had introduced the colonies to tobacco, who were learning to grow and dry it. Europe was “mad” for the smoke and snuff for gentlemen. John Rolfe writes in his diary, “About the last of August came in a dutch man of warre that sold us twenty negars”.  By the time of the American Revolution, the English importers alone had brought some 3 million captive Africans to the Americas.  After the war, as slave labor was not a crucial element of the Northern economy, most Northern states passed legislation to abolish slavery.  However, in the South, the invention of the cotton gin in 1793 sharply increased the need for slave labor, and tension arose between the North and the South as the slave or free status of new states was debated. In 1807, with a self-sustaining population of over four million slaves in the South, some Southern congressmen joined with the North in voting to abolish the African slave trade effective 01 January 1808. Nevertheless, the widespread trade of slaves within the South was not prohibited, and illegal trade of African slaves to Brazil and Cuba continued until the 1860s. By 1865, over twelve million Africans had been shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas, and some one million of these individuals had died from mistreatment during the voyage. In addition, an estimated three million died in Africa in slave wars and forced marches directly resulting from the Western Hemisphere's demand for African slaves.
    1704 - The first underground sewer in Boston was constructed by Francis Thrasher, at his own expense. The move led to municipal regulations governing disposal of refuse and garbage. By 1710, the selectmen of Boston were giving licenses to private citizens for digging up streets for sewer construction. Now you may not think this is a big deal, but think how waste was removed in this time, most often it was just thrown raw into the streets.
    1741 - Danish navigator Vitus Jonas Bering, commissioned by Peter the Great of Russia to find land connecting Asia and North America, discovers Alaska as well as the Pacific Coast of America.
    1775 – Tucson, AZ is established by Spanish missionaries as Presidio San Augustin del Tucson   
    1785 - Oliver Hazard Perry, American naval hero, born at South Kingston, RI. Best remembered is his announcement of victory at the Battle of Lake Erie, September 10, 1824: “We have met the enemy, and they are ours.”

    1788 - A small but powerful hurricane inflicted great havoc upon forests along a narrow track from New Jersey to Maine. A similar storm track today would cause extreme disaster in the now populated area.
    1794 - Major General “Mad” Anthony Wayne routs Indians at Fallen Timbers, Ohio
    1813 - African-American Richard Allen chairs the first National Negro Convention in Philadelphia.
    1833 - Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president of the US, born at North Bend, Ohio.  He was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, 9th president of the US. His term of office 1889-1893, was preceded and followed by the presidential terms of Grover Cleveland (who became the 22nd and 24th president).
    1845 - Wilberforce University established in Ohio, 1856
    1866 – President Andrew Johnson officially declares the end to the Civil War.
    1866 - The newly organized National Labor Union called on Congress to mandate an eight-hour workday.
    1867 - Anson Mills, brevet lieutenant colonel in the Army, Fort Bridger, UT, was granted a patent for a new cartridge belt. Moisture had previously affected cartridge belts. Mills invented a woven cartridge belt, and the machinery for making it, which was adopted by both the Army and Navy.
    1886 - The town of Indianola, TX, was completely destroyed by a hurricane and never rebuilt.
    1888 - Longest US men's single tournament match:   Palmer Presbrey defeats T S Tailer, 19-21, 8-6, 6-1, 6-4, in an 80-game 1st-round contest.
    1896 – The rotary dial telephone was invented.
    1905 – Jazz trombonist/singer/composer/bandleader Jack Teagarden Birthday
    1908 – Birthday of Al Lopez, Major League catcher and manager who continually finished second to Stengel’s Yankees in the 1950’s.  He did win it in 1954 as manager of the Cleveland Indians with a then-record 111 wins, but was swept by the New York Giants in the World Series.  In 1959, he won the AL again as manager of the Chicago White Sox.  These were the only two years between 1949-64 that the Yankees did not go to the World Series.  He established a major league record for career games as a catcher. With a .584 career winning percentage, he ranks 4th in major league history among managers of at least 2000 games, behind Joe McCarthy (.615), Frank Selee (.598) and John McGraw (.586). Over the course of 18 full seasons as a baseball manager (15 in the major leagues and 3 in the minors), his teams never finished with a losing record.  “El Senor” was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1977.
    1910 - The big blow up of forest fires finally came to an end in Idaho. A record dry August fueled 1736 fires which burned three million acres, destroying six billion board feet of timber. The fires claimed the lives of 85 persons, 78 of which were fire fighters, and consumed the entire town of Wallace. The smoke spread a third of the way around the world producing some dark days in the U.S. and Canada. The forest fires prompted federal fire protection laws.
    1911 - “This message sent around the world,” sent at 7pm from the New York Times and received back at 7:16:30pm, traveling over 28,613 miles via 16 relay stations to become the first telegraph message sent around the world. It was the front page headline and quite an event for its era.
    1912 - After the Japanese beetle invaded the East Coast and other diseases were affecting agriculture, Congress passed a quarantine law for plants, directed against dangerous plant diseases and injurious insect pests, “new to or not theretofore widely prevalent or distributed within and through the United States.” Plants that could transmit white-pin, blister rust or potato wart, and plants that might harbor the Mediterranean fruit fly, were immediately affected. Other species before the turn of the century had been affected, such as the “mighty American chestnut oak” that dominated the Northeast, were basically extinct by this date.
    1915 – Chicago White Sox obtain Shoeless Joe Jackson from the Cleveland Indians in exchange for Robert Roth, Larry Chappell, Ed Klepfer, & $31,500.      
    1920 – The first radio station to be licensed was 8MK, owned by the Detroit News, which instituted daily service with the program, “Tonight’s Dinner.” The call letters were changed later to WWJ.
    1920 – The game between the Red Sox and Indians was postponed to allow Indian players to attend Ray Chapman's funeral in Cleveland.  Chapman is the only player in Major League history to die from being hit by a pitch.  Three days earlier, Chapman was beaned by Carl Mays of the Yankees, a fierce side-arming fireballer.  Chapman’s death led to the practice of umpires replacing dirty baseballs during the game and accelerated the pressure to have batters wear helmets.  The latter was not enacted until 1950.
    1920 – Professional football is born.  Seven men, including legendary Jim Thorpe and the owners of four Ohio League teams--the Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Indians and Dayton Triangles, meet to organize a professional football league at the Jordan and Hupmobile Auto Showroom in Canton, OH. The meeting led to the creation of the American Professional Football Conference (APFC), the forerunner to National Football League.  Jim Thorpe was nominated as president of the new league, as it was hoped Thorpe’s fame would help the league to be taken seriously. On September 17, the league met again, changing its short-lived name to the American Professional Football Association (APFA) and officially electing Jim Thorpe as the league’s first president.
The APFA began play on September 26, with the Rock Island Independents defeating a team from outside the league, the St. Paul Ideals, 48-0. A week later, Dayton beat Columbus 14-0 in the first game between two teams from the APFA.
    1921 - Birthday of Jacqueline Susann, U.S. novelist. Her novel “Valley of the Dolls” (1966 and the movie in 1967), became the world's most popular, best-selling novel to that time and remains so today. It sold more than 17 million copies. Her other novels were also made into movies and were best sellers. She died at the peak of her success at 53.
    1924 - Birthday of Jim Reeves, country music star, born at Galloway, Panola County, TX, and died at Nashville, TN, July 31,1964, when the single-engine plane in which he was traveling crashed in a dense fog. Reeves’ biggest hit was “He’ll Have to Go.” (1959) and he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1967.
    1926 - Birthday of trombonist Frank Rosolino, Detroit, MI.
    1927 - Birthday of guitarist Jimmy Raney, Louisville, KY.
    1930 - DuMont broadcast its first television program for homes in New York City.
    1931 - Birthday of drummer Frankie Capp, Worcester, MA.
    1933 – Birthday of former Senator George Mitchell in Waterville, ME.  After his distinguished senatorial career, Mitchell served on the boards of several major US corporations and continued practicing law.  He remains active in several global initiatives, including having headed the Northern Ireland Peace Initiative, for which he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Liberty Medal.  In 2006, Mitchell was tapped by Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to lead an investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs by MLB players.  Mitchell released a 409-page report, forever referred to as ‘The Mitchell Report’ of his findings on December 13, 2007. The report includes the names of 89 former and current players for whom it claims evidence of use of steroids or other prohibited substances exists. This list includes names of MVPs and All-Stars. On January 22, 2009, Pres. Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appointed Mitchell as the administration's Special Envoy to the Arab-Israeli peace process, formally known as the "Special Envoy for Middle East Peace", from which he resigned in 2011.  A true public servant if ever there was!  
    1938 – Lou Gehrig hits his last grand slam, his 23d, which was the Major League record until Alex Rodriguez broke it 75 years later.
    1940 - Radar is used for the first time, by the British during the Battle of Britain. Also on this day, in a radio broadcast, Winston Churchill makes his famous homage to the Royal Air Force: "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."
    1942 - University of Chicago scientist Glen Seaborg and his colleagues first weighed plutonium, the first man made element.
    1942 - Birthday of pianist/composer Isaac Hayes, Covington, TN.  Hayes was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005.  The hit song "Soul Man", written by Hayes and David Porter, has been recognized as one of the most influential songs of the past 50 years by the Grammy Hall of Fame. It was also honored by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, by Rolling Stone magazine, and by the RIAA as one of the Songs of the Century.  Hayes died August 10, 2008 in Memphis.
    1944 - Birthday of drummer Terry Clarke, Vancouver, British Columbia.
    1944 – Graig Nettles birthday in San Diego.  Nettles had an outstanding 22-year Major League career with several teams, mostly with the New York Yankees.  Nettles was one of the best defensive third basemen of all time and he was a dangerous hitter, setting an AL record for career HRs by a third baseman. As a part of four pennant-winning Yankee teams, Nettles enjoyed his best season in 1977 when he won the Gold Glove Award and had career-highs in home runs (37) and RBIs (107).  His outstanding fielding plays, particularly in the 1978 World Series are still highlight reels.  He is considered by many as the best 3B in Yankees’ history.
    1944 - HAWK, JOHN D.,  Medal of Honor.
Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company E, 359th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Chambois, France, 20 August 1944. Entered service at: Bremerton, Wash. Birth: San Francisco, Calif. G.O. No.: 55, 13 July 1945. Citation: He manned a light machinegun on 20 August 1944, near Chambois, France, a key point in the encirclement which created the False Pocket. During an enemy counterattack, his position was menaced by a strong force of tanks and infantry. His fire forced the infantry to withdraw, but an artillery shell knocked out his gun and wounded him in the right thigh. Securing a bazooka, he and another man stalked the tanks and forced them to retire to a wooded section. In the lull which followed, Sgt. Hawk reorganized 2 machinegun squads and, in the face of intense enemy fire, directed the assembly of 1 workable weapon from 2 damaged guns. When another enemy assault developed, he was forced to pull back from the pressure of spearheading armor. Two of our tank destroyers were brought up. Their shots were ineffective because of the terrain until Sgt. Hawk, despite his wound, boldly climbed to an exposed position on a knoll where, unmoved by fusillades from the enemy, he became a human aiming stake for the destroyers. Realizing that his shouted fire directions could not be heard above the noise of battle, he ran back to the destroyers through a concentration of bullets and shrapnel to correct the range. He returned to his exposed position, repeating this performance until 2 of the tanks were knocked out and a third driven off. Still at great risk, he continued to direct the destroyers' fire into the Germans' wooded position until the enemy came out and surrendered. Sgt. Hawk's fearless initiative and heroic conduct, even while suffering from a painful wound, was in large measure responsible for crushing 2 desperate attempts of the enemy to escape from the False Picket and for taking more than 500 prisoners.
    1945 - Woody Herman Band records “Bijou.”
    1945 - Dodger Tommy Brown becomes the youngest player (17 years, 8 months and 14 days) in major league history to hit a home run. 'Buckshot', who started his career as a 16 year-old high school student, connects off 30-year old Pirates' southpaw Preacher Roe.  The Phillies are rained out for an unprecedented tenth consecutive time.
    1946 - Prior to the start of the game against the Senators in Washington, using the U.S. Army's Sky Screen Chronograph, Bob Feller's fastball is clocked at 98.6 miles-per-hour, breaking Yankees' hurler Atlee Donald's 1939 speed record of 94.7 mph.  [check this-I think Alexander was dead by 1946] Grover Alexander is reached for nine straight hits and six runs as the Cubs defeat Phillies, 10-4.
    1948 - Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin is born in West Bromwich, England. Five of the group's albums reach No. 1 on Billboard's pop album chart. In the mid-80s, Plant organizes the Honeydrippers, featuring rock legends Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Nile Rodgers. The ensemble has a No. 3 hit in 1985 with “Sea of Love.''
    1948 - The largest crowd (78,382) ever to attend a night game sees Satchel Paige become the fourth consecutive Indian to throw a shutout. The ageless wonder joins Gene Bearden, Sam Zoldak and Bob Lemon in blanking the opposition.
    1949 - Birthday of American composer Leonard Lehrman, at Ft. Riley, KS.  160 works, including 10 operas, among them completions of 20 works by Marc Blitzstein, most notably his operas "Idiots First" and "Sacco and Vanzetti". Works published by Theodore Presser, Carl Fischer, and (Blitzstein completions) Boosey & Hawkes, recorded by Opus One, Premier, Capstone, and Original Cast Recordings. 
    1952 – Birthday of Rudy Gatlin of The Gatlin Brothers.
    1954 - Meteorologist/chef/author/TV personality/bon vivant Al Roker born Brooklyn, NY.
    1955 - Top Hits
“Rock Around the Clock” - Bill Haley & His Comets
“Hard to Get” - Gisele MacKenzie
“The Yellow Rose of Texas” - Mitch Miller
“I Don’t Care” - Webb Pierce
    1958 – The Cubs use left-handed 1B Dale Long behind the plate, the first left-handed catcher in the Majors since 1906.
    1960 - Birthday of American Composer Thomas Dempster, born Sandusky, MI.
    1960 - Connie Francis began work on her first movie, "Where the Boys Are." in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  This is considered the first college teen comedy to really explore the sex lives of its characters and it has served as the inspiration for countless "spring break" movies, as well as the homage/parody “Grease”.  
    1962 – NS Savannah, the world’s first nuclear-powered civilian ship, embarks on its maiden voyage.
    1963 - Top Hits
“Fingertips - Pt 2” - Little Stevie Wonder
“Blowin’ in the Wind” - Peter, Paul & Mary
“Judy’s Turn to Cry” - Lesley Gore
“Ring of Fire” - Johnny Cash
    1964 – Shirley Bassey records the theme from the James Bond flick, “Goldfinger”.
    1964 - US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the anti-poverty Economic Opportunity Act (totaling nearly $1 billion)
    1964 – The Harmonica Incident:  Yankees’ Phil Linz, after a loss, plays his harmonica on the bus to the airport.  Yankees manager Yogi Berra yells at him from the front to knock it off.  When Linz asked teammate Mickey Mantle what Yogi said, Mantle, ever the kibitzer, said, “He said to play it louder.”  When Linz did, Berra came back and smacked it out of his hands.  At the time, the Yankees were languishing in the standings but many cite this incident as a spark that got them to the AL Championship and into the World Series against the Cardinals.  Linz scored a contract promoting harmonicas and Berra was fired after the World Series.
    1965 – Rolling Stones’ “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” is released in the UK.  It was a #1 hit in the US.
    1966 - The thoroughbred Buckpasser, owned by Ogden Phipps, won the Travers Stakes at Saratoga to become the first 3-year-old to pass the $1 million mark in career earnings.
    1966 - The Temptations' "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" is released.
    1967 - Birthday of American Composer Amos Elkana, at Boston, MA.
    1967 - The New York Times reported on a new noise-reduction system for album and tape recording developed by R. and D.W. Dolby. First used by a subsidiary of Elektra Records, the Dolby noise reduction system became the industry standard.
    1968 - LAMBERS, PAUL RONALD, Medal of Honor. 
Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company A, 2d Battalion, 27th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division. place and date: Tay Ninh province, Republic of Vietnam, 20 August 1968. Entered service at: Holland, Mich. Born: 25 June 1942, Holland, Mich. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. S/Sgt. (then Sgt.) Lambers distinguished himself in action while serving with the 3d platoon, Company A. The unit had established a night defensive position astride a suspected enemy infiltration route, when it was attacked by an estimated Viet Cong battalion. During the initial enemy onslaught, the platoon leader fell seriously wounded and S/Sgt. Lambers assumed command of the platoon. Disregarding the intense enemy fire, S/Sgt. Lambers left his covered position, secured the platoon radio and moved to the command post to direct the defense. When his radio became inoperative due to enemy action, S/Sgt. Lambers crossed the fire swept position to secure the 90mm recoilless rifle crew's radio in order to re-establish communications. Upon discovering that the 90mm recoilless rifle was not functioning, S/Sgt. Lambers assisted in the repair of the weapon and directed canister fire at point-blank range against the attacking enemy who had breached the defensive wire of the position. When the weapon was knocked out by enemy fire, he single-handedly repulsed a penetration of the position by detonating claymore mines and throwing grenades into the midst of the attackers, killing 4 more of the Viet Cong with well-aimed hand grenades. S/Sgt. Lambers maintained command of the platoon elements by moving from position to position under the hail of enemy fire, providing assistance where the assault was the heaviest and by his outstanding example inspiring his men to the utmost efforts of courage. He displayed great skill and valor throughout the 5-hour battle by personally directing artillery and helicopter fire, placing them at times within 5 meters of the defensive position. He repeatedly exposed himself to hostile fire at great risk to his own life in order to redistribute ammunition and to care for seriously wounded comrades and to move them to sheltered positions. S/Sgt. Lambers' superb leadership, professional skill and magnificent courage saved the lives of his comrades, resulted in the virtual annihilation of a vastly superior enemy force and were largely instrumental in thwarting an enemy offensive against Tay Ninh City. His gallantry at the risk of his life is in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit, and the U.S. Army.
    1968 - Bobby Darin, still traumatized by the recent assassination of his good friend, Senator Robert Kennedy, sells off his music publishing and production company, TM Music, for one million dollars.
    1969 - The four members of the Beatles gather in the Abbey Road studios in London for the last time as they complete work on "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" and ostensibly finalize the track order and mastering of their last recorded album, “Abbey Road.” (Three of the Beatles would later be present in the studio to overdub salvaged tracks from the Let It Be sessions.)
    1969 - 'Never say die' Camille let loose a cloudburst in Virginia resulting in flash floods and landslides which killed 151 persons and cause 140 million dollars damage. Massies Hill VA received 27 inches of rain.
    1969 - Andy Williams received a gold record for the album "Happy Heart" on Columbia Records. 
    1969 – Comedian, actor Billy Gardell, “Mike and Molly”, born in Pittsburgh.
    1970 - Credence Clearwater Revival's LP “Cosmo's Factory” hits #1
    1971 - Top Hits
“How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” - The Bee Gees
“Mr. Big Stuff” - Jean Knight
“Take Me Home, Country Roads” - John Denver
“I’m Just Me” - Charley Pride
    1971 - Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas introduced the first electronic pocket calculator. It weighed about 2.5 pounds and cost $149. It could add, subtract, multiply, and divide, displaying the results in an LED (light-emitting diode) window.
    1973 – Birthday of Colorado Rockies’ 1B Todd Helton.
    1973 - The Rolling Stones release "Angie."
    1974 - House of Representatives votes 412-3 to recommend three articles of impeachment against President Richard M. Nixon. The first charges him with taking part in a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice in the Watergate cover-up; the second charges he "repeatedly" failed to carry out his constitutional oath in a series of alleged abuses of power; and the third accuses him of unconstitutional defiance of committee subpoenas.
    1974 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: “(You're) Having My Baby,'' Paul Anka with Odia Coates. Anka’s last No. 1 hit was “Lonely Boy'' in 1959, marking the longest gap between top singles.
    1974 – Actress Amy Adams’ birthday in Italy.  Her breakthrough role came with the 2005 independent film “Junebug” for which she received critical acclaim and her first of five Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress.  She has since had a string of successes such as “Enchanted”, “Charlie Wilson’s War”, “Doubt”, “Night at the Museum 2”, “Trouble with the Curve”, and “American Hustle”.
    1975 – NASA launched the Viking I probe of Mars.
    1976 - Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," about an ore carrier which sank on Lake Superior, was released as a single. The song, from the album "Summertime Dream," made it to number two on the Billboard Hot 100
    1977 - The song "Best of My Love", by the Emotions, topped the pop charts. It had a number one run of four weeks.
    1978 - After 37 consecutive years, the Stan Kenton Band folds. “Peanut Vendor.”
    1979 - Top Hits
“Good Times” - Chic
“My Sharona” - The Knack
“The Main Event/Fight” - Barbra Streisand
“Coca Cola Cowboy” - Mel Tillis
    1985 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: “Power of Love,'' Huey Lewis & the News. The million-selling single, which is featured in the hit film, “Back to the Future,'' is the band's first No. 1 song.
    1986 - U.S. Census Bureau officials reported that the U.S. population stood at 240,468,000 and the median age reached an all-time high of 31-1/2 years. 
    1986 - The temperature at San Antonio, TX, soared to an all-time record high of 108 degrees.
    1987 - Top Hits
“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” - U2
“Who’s That Girl” - Madonna
“Luka” - Suzanne Vega
“A Long Line of Love” - Michael Martin Murphey.
    1987 - Half a dozen cities in the Central Plains Region reported record high temperatures for the date, including Pueblo, CO with a reading of 102 degrees, and Goodland, KS with a high of 104 degrees. Hill City, KS reached 106 degrees.
    1987 - Lindsey Buckingham, who had helped turn Fleetwood Mac into one of the biggest-selling groups of the Seventies, leaves the group after refusing to tour behind its latest album, “Tango in the Night”.
    1987 - Alabama dedicates a section of its Interstate 65 highway as the Hank Williams Memorial Lost Highway, a reference to one of his best-known songs. The fifty-mile stretch begins near his hometown of Georgiana and runs north to Montgomery, where he is buried.
    1988 - Raleigh, NC reported a record hot temperature reading of 103 degrees. Afternoon thunderstorms in Oklahoma produced wind gusts to 75 mph in southern Pittsburgh County. Thunderstorms in Indiana produced 4.50 inches of rain at Morgantown.
    1989 - Early morning thunderstorms deluged southeastern Delaware with six to ten inches of rain in four to six hours, with local reports of 13 to 20 inches of rain. Twenty-six major roads were closed or damaged, and fourteen bridges were washed out. Flooding caused nearly four million dollars damage to local businesses.
    1989 - About 20,000 people ended a week-long 20th anniversary celebration of the Woodstock Festival at the festival's original site near Bethel, New York. They left behind a mountain of mud and empty beer cans. The unsanctioned gathering had only one serious incident - a stabbing. Folksinger Melanie [she was in my high school English class in Long Branch, NJ, 1960-61. Ralph Mango] was the only Woodstock veteran to show up. She performed from a makeshift stage. 
    1992 – Demi Lovato birthday.
    1993 - Top Hits
“Can’t Help Falling In Love” (From "Sliver")- UB40 
“Whoomp! (There It Is)”- Tag Team
“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”- The Proclaimers 
    1996 - Just ten days after Microsoft shipped its first Web browser, Netscape released a letter they had sent to the Justice Department earlier in the month alleging that Microsoft had sought to gain an unfair advantage by offering computer makers and Internet service providers improper payments and other incentives to use Internet Explorer instead of Netscape Navigator. Microsoft denied the allegations, but the question of Microsoft's tactics in promoting Internet Explorer came under heavy scrutiny in the Justice Department's 1998 antitrust suit against Microsoft. 
    1996 - Carlos Santana receives a star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame.
    1998 - At Shea Stadium, Cardinal first baseman Mark McGwire becomes the first player in major league history to hit 50 home runs in three consecutive seasons. Mac's seventh inning solo shot helps to defeat the Mets, 2-0.
    1998 - US launches cruise missile attacks against alleged al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan and a suspected chemical plant in Sudan in retaliation for the August 7 bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
     2000 - Tiger Woods won the 82nd PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. Woods birdied the last two holes in regulation and won the championship in a playoff over Bob May, becoming the first player since Ben Hogan in 1953 to win three majors (Masters, U.S. Open, British Open) in one year. He was the first player to win back-to-back PGA championships since Denny Shute in 1936 and 1937. 
    2000 - The winningest pitcher in franchise history is honored by the Yankees during Whitey Ford Day ceremonies at Yankee Stadium. At his retirement, the crafty lefty, known as “The Chairman of the Board”, held the team records for victories (236), innings pitched (3,170 1/3), strikeouts (1,956) and shutouts (45).  Among pitchers with at least 300 career decisions, Ford ranks first with a winning percentage of .690, the all-time highest percentage in modern baseball history.  His career ERA is among the five lowest in the era since 1920.  For his career, Ford had 10 World Series victories, more than any other pitcher, and he also leads all starters in World Series losses (8) and starts (22), as well as innings, hits, walks, and strikeouts. In 1961, the same year Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s home run record, Ford broke Ruth’s World Series record of 29⅔ consecutive scoreless innings, eventually reaching 33⅔, still the World Series record.  His number 16 was retired by the Yankees in 1974, shortly after his election to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
    2002 - A judge issues a temporary restraining order preventing the sale of Barry Bonds' 600th career home run ball hit into the Pacific Bell Park stands on August 9. Jay Arsenault, who allegedly promised friends after being given a game ticket to split any monetary gains if he caught the historic baseball, has been ordered to appear in court for hearing on September 5 along with the prized souvenir.  Doubt it is worth much today.
    2002 - Top Hits
“Dilemma”- Nelly Featuring Kelly Rowland
“Hot In Here”- Nelly
“Complicated”- Avril Lavigne
“Just A Friend” - Mario
    2005 - Using the equivalent of a 98-miles-per-hour major league fastball, 12-year old Kalen Pimentel ties a Little League World Series record for strikeouts in a six-inning game. The 12-year old from Rancho Buena Vista strikes out 18 Owensboro batters (all of the recorded outs) as his team coasts to 7-2 victory in the pool play of the tournament.
    2008 - Umpires sign an agreement which will allow major league baseball to start using instant replay to help determine boundary calls, such as determining fair or foul fly balls and difficult home run rulings. No exact date has been set for the start of using replays, but installation of the necessary equipment has been taking place in ballparks, with the hope of starting later this month.
   2012 - The official first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony for the Major League Baseball All-Stars Forever stamps takes place at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY. The very popular philatelic series based on historic photographs honors Yankee Joe DiMaggio; Larry Doby of the Indians; Willie Stargell of the Pirates and Red Sox legend Ted Williams. 



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   No Longer Achievable
- Brooms Give Bonuses to Direct Capital Employees
   Today, Friday, First Day Ownership under CIT Bank
- Update on Vietnam Veteran Richard Wilson from his wife Rosanne
- Marlin Business Services reports 2nd Quarter
- Much Anxiety Over Having Enough Money for Retirement
- IASB completes reform of financial instruments accounting
- PayPal Could Soon Be eBay’s Biggest Source of Revenue
- Kmart offers $1 check cashing
    adds to financial service, such as “lease to own”
- This Day in American History
    Edited by Ralph Mango
- Dakota Financial saves $14,400 in document storage costs
   after deploying Office 365
- Programs to Protect Smartphones/Tablets/Laptops
- Who is Financing the Other Four?
    by Christopher Menkin
- Google & Facebook Utterly Dominate Mobile Advertising
- Microfinancial Reports $2.5 Million 2nd Quarter Profit
    Approves 410 New Dealers and Brokers
- Business Solar Panel Financing
     by Thomas L. Cadle, CLP
- Top Five Leasing Company Web Sites—
    in North America
- TimePayment New Web Site Almost Makes Top Five List
- Ascentium Capital Continues to Set Records
- Are More Online Loan Start-Ups On the Way?
- “Ends Banking for Cannabis Industry!” is the Claim
  Marijuana Vending Machine (Not a joke)
- 2014 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economy Outlook
- Myerson Opens Pacific Island Financial in Lihue, Kauai
Social Media Guidelines—Imperative
- Yozons First with “Digital Certificate-less” Electronic Signing
- 674 Dentists Win Judgment/Brican America
    (Includes Special Report from Attorney Ron Gossett)
- Canada's New Anti-Spam Law Active July 1, 2014
- Chart---Mobile Is Taking Over Digital Media Usage
   Company in Texas in Beta Stage with Mobile Leasing
- Dean Rubin Starts Ultimate Financing, Inc., No Longer at Axis Capital
- Increase Your Market Share By Linda Kester
- Element Financial $10 Billion in Assets After Raising $1.42 billion
- PayPal Extends "No Interest" Small Business Loan Program
- Cisco predicts 61% Internet Traffic Wireless by 2018; Video 79% 
- Leasing News Icon for Android Mobile Device
- Platinum Financial, Orange, California
   Bulletin Board Complaint: $3,982.80
- Healthcare Partners Group Leasing Head Sentenced
- Eight Tips to Rethinking Work-Life Success
   Crossing the Corner Office Chasm
- Balboa Capital Dismisses Suit Against Regents Capital;
Regents Capital Sues Balboa for $36,454 Attorney Fees
- Platinum Financial, Orange, California
   Bulletin Board Complaint: $6,236.18
- California Considers Taking Away Bank Subsidiary’s
   Exemption to the California Lenders Law - ELFA Position
- Four Salesmen Pay Survey Responses
- BBB Ratings --- Complaints Bulletin Board Companies
- BBB Leasing Company Ratings
- The Salary You Must Earn to Buy a Home in 27 Metros
- Lease Fleece Judge Verdict on Citibank Kingpin
- New CLP Designation---“Associate”
- Look for More Changes in Conducting Leasing
- 5 Ways to Give Your Brain a Break Right Now
- LEAF Financial Income Fund III Complaints
   10K Gives Numbers
- “A Great Time to be in the Equipment Leasing Industry”
- The Value of Leasing Beyond Accounting Changes
- Alert: Dallin Hawkins is Back Again
    After His Fourth DUI Arrest
- US Attorney Indicts EAR President Mark Anstett
   and Two Others for $100 Million Leasing Fraud
- The Controversy Today about Dun & Bradstreet
- Plastic Credit Card Processing Industry on the Way Out?
- Ex-PNC Equipment Finance VP/Regional Manager Arrested
- Why Leasing News is Different
- Loan/Lease Regulations
- Take Your Banker to Lunch
- Look Out!!! --Two Evergreen/PRR Clause Lessors Merge
   Onset Financial/Mazuma Capital
- Lease Police Tips on Judging Vendors
- Netiquette: Rules of Behavior For Email and the Internet
- Alert: Rudy Trebels Back Soliciting Broker Business
- Fugitive Banker Accused of Faking Own Death
 Found Alive, Now Arrested
- HL Leasing/John Otto--Update
- NorVergence- Year end, 2013
- The Future of Digital: 2013
- DLL Leaves Lessor to Hang
re: Evergreen Clause
- Advice for Broker or Lessor
   Dealing with a Company that Uses Evergreen Clauses
- Balboa Capital Settles Mass Fax Class Action Case
- How to be an “Expert Witness” and Make Extra Income
- Muncipalities and Their Budgets
- Twelve Lawyers Against Evergreen Clause Abuse
- Wants to Go After Lessors and Their Attorneys
   Re: Evergreen Clause Abuses
- Sample of Usury Laws in United States
- Balboa Capital Class Action Case Settled--$5 million?
- Old Cowboy On His Horse
- Leasing Brokers: When May You Collect a Commission?
- Is Long Term Leasing Dead?
- 5 Ways Women Are Better Bosses Than Men
- Balboa Capital, Irvine, California
   $20,543.22 Bulletin Board Complaint
   Alleged “Bait and Switch”
- Female Lease Finance Association Presidents
- Terry Winders, CLP, Custom Built Poker Tables
   ---Order One for Father’s Day
- Broker’s Responsibility to Obtain
    California Lender’s License
- The Day that Albert Einstein Feared May Have Finally Arrived
- Equipment Finance Agreements Explained/Barry S. Marks
- Royal Links "True Lease" Court Ruling
- "The Memory Shock" –New Book by Barry Reitman
- Mazuma and Republic Bank Get Snared on PRR Provision
   by Tom McCurnin, Esq.
- Jeff Taylor's Leasing Predictions, Spring, 2006
- Radiance Capital, Tacoma, Washington
   Bulletin Board Complaint 
   Purchase Option on EFA, Won’t Return $5,000 S.D.
- New Case against Mazuma Capital and Republic Bank
  ---Automatic Evergreen Payment---PPR
- Republic Bank out of leasing?
- Charles Schwartz and Allied Health
- Copier Wars---It's more than the lease payment
    by Christopher Menkin
- Leasing Gypsies
- Verifying Tax Returns
- Special Report: Part I
   Could Church Kiosks, Royal Link Carts, NorVergence results been avoided?

   The use of “Equipment Finance Agreements”
- Special Report: Part II
    Bank of the West

   Equipment Lease Agreement (EFA)
- California License Web Addresses
- Settlement Costs vs. Litigation Costs