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July 1, 2003 --- Need Barry Drayer Pix
   Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
      Economic Events This Week
         Pictures from the Past--1987--Joe Woodley CLP
         (includes: “Is WAEL Run by a Clique?” )
Capital Stream Ups Ante for Decision System
               Weekly Complaint Bulletin Report
            MAEL Invitational Weekend July 28th Highest Incentives Ever
      McCue Integrates Microbilt Credit Bureau Data
   Curtains for Windows NT 4.0 Support
Classified Ads---Help Wanted
   News Briefs---
      Sports Briefs---
Highlights This Day in American History

July 2, 2003 --- Alert---Hudson Choi, New Machinery, Inc.
    Correction: McCue/MicroBilt
        Decision System for Sale---Update?
            Classified Ads---Attorneys
                HCC Launches New Corporate Web Site
                    GST Inc. Partners with Balboa Capital
                Leasing News Victim HotMail "Spam Protector"
            July 21, Essex Country Club,NJ ELFF Golf Tournament
        Cartoon---Sales Decision
    Jeffrey Taylor---Innovative Sales Training
Lessors Network To Explore Strategic Alternatives
    American Honda to Suspend All Leasing in New York
        AeroCentury Corp. Revolving Credit Line Date Extended
            News Briefs----
        Sports Briefs---
Highlights This Day in American History

July 7, 2003 --- This Week's Economic Events
    Classified Ads---Sales Manager/Senior Management
        Broker/Funder-Attorney Not Paid/Bulletin Board Complaints
            Latest on the Sale of Decision System
                ELA Down 80 Members from June to June
                    Funding Source Showcase Adds CIT Technology Finance
                UAEL New England Region Presents July 24th
            ILC Names McBride National Accounts Manager/PFG Medical
        News Briefs---
    Sports Brief---
Highlights This Day in American History
Special---- “Take the Money and Run” Part I

July 8, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Contract Administrator/Credit
    UAEL Loses 93 Members from June to June
        Cartoon---BBQ Data Processing
            We Get Letters-eMail
                Classified Ads---Help Wanted
            ORIX Financial Announces Merkle/Wallace to Staff
      The Alta Group Adds Charles Taylor to European Unit
Brief Highlights on This Day in American History

July 9, 2003 ---
Pictures from the Past--2000-Menzel/Vinsonhaler/Reid
    Classified Ads---Attorneys Who Specialize in Leasing
        Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites
                NAELB Loses 23 Members from June to June
            Decision System Bidding-Summit is Back?
        Hal Hayden Has Left Thalman Financial
    EAEL Host Luncheon Tuesday, July 22nd
July 28 MAEL Gold Outing-Sign Up Now
    News Briefs---
        A Sport Brief---
Highlights This Day in American History
Part III---Conclusion of Three Part Series
“Take the Money and Run”
by Christopher Menkin

July 10, 2003 --- "Just Do It Again! " Placard
    RW Appears To Have "Done it Again"
- 3 Part "Expose" - Now in Top Stories
        AGLF Gains 28 Members from June to June
            Latest Edition David G. Mayer " Business Leasing News"
                BSB Leasing appoints Hollie Houghtaling Direct/Indirect
                    Gerald Ennella New Macroless Exec. V-P
                Sacramento, California Area Broker's Meeting July 24th
            Classified Ads---Leasing Industry Help Wanted
         Why did Kevin Riegelsberger turn into the Hulk?
        Industry Cool to Abandoning Stock Options
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
    Highlights This Day in American History
Special Report---

Venture-Backed IPO Market Activity Continues to Lag|
National Venture Capital Association

July 14, 2003 -- Classified Ads-Testimonial That They Help
    FBI Arrests the Drayers
        This Week's Economic Events
            Paul Menzel looks to Double Biz by End of Year ---
                Debole Named VP American Bank Leasing
            Nine Become Certified Leasing Professionals

    Twins Tumble Capital Stream
Two Versions: Free/$59.95 year
    EAEL Meet & Greet July 22nd
        Classified ads---Leasing Industry Help Wanted
            Monday---Odds and Ends
        News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
This Day in American History

July 16, 2003 --- Correction---Merrilees Twice & Interview with the "Tequila Duffer"
    Pictures from the Past--1992--Menzel and Merrilees
        Classified Ads---Outsourcing---Odds & Ends
            MAEL Golf Tournament July 28th
                Peek to Go to CIT?/ Succeed the "Haiku Poet"
                    Remiker Names John Settano Dir. of Merrill Syndication
Merrill Lynch Profits Increase 61%
            Matsco---Greater Bay Bank to Make Announcement July 23
            by Christopher Menkin
        BofA Claims Record Earnings in Second Quarter: $2.7 Billion
    Wells Fargo comes in a penny shy of expectations
How American Express Biz Finance Was Had! -Part II
    Streamlined Sales Tax Update-Digital Equivalent of TPP
        Classified Ads---Leasing Industry Help Wanted
            The Lessors Network Annual Conference August 25-26
        American Honda Leasing Op. in Connecticut/Rhode Island
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
    This Day in American History

July 17, 2003 --- eMail on Your Resume
    Classified Ads---Credit/Credit Manager Jobs Wanted
        "How Tom Depping Pulled it Off"
                Leasing Message Boards
                    Jeffrey Taylor Sales Training Schedule At A Glance
                End Seen to Prolonged Investor Frenzy
            John Deere PDA/Web-Based Inventory System/QuikTrak
        CVB Reports 2nd Quarter Operating Results
    Decision Systems for Sale-Up-Date
U.S. Auto ABS Issuance Volume Expected to Decline by 15%
    M & C Leasing/Gateway to Offer Lease Financing
        Letters---We get eMail---
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
    This Day in American History

July 21, 2003 --- This Week's Economic Events
    Classified Ads---61 "Job Wanted" Ads
        Abacus Leasing Does Not File Appeal vs. Leasing News
|             "Advance Rental" Broker Faces 20 Years in Prison
                Decision Systems Sale/Bidding---Up-Date
                    New EAEL Message Board
                MAEL Golf Tournament-Not to Late !!!
            New Leasing Association in "Formation" in Arizona
        Friday---Odds and Ends
    Oh, No!!! Mr. Bill! Iraqi eMail
UAEL Metro New York Region August 11 Lunch
    Pacific Capital 2nd Q Report/5% Dividend
        Parthenon Capital New Partnership with Sal Maglietta
            Streamlined Sales Tax Project Meetings
    News Briefs---
This Day in American History

July 22, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Sales Jobs Wanted
    EAEL Down Eleven Members June to June
        Two More Commercial Finance Service Execs Arrested
            Originator supply, convexity sell off cheapens mortgages
                Trustees Seek to Reinforce Loan Servicing
            Decision Systems Bidding---Up-Date
        June: U.S. Housing Starts Continue Strong -
Loan Delinquencies Continue to Rise thru 2nd Quarter
    Alliance Financial 64% Increase in 2nd Q Net Income
        GE: Two New Transaction Mgrs to Cover 25 States Brings Leasing to the Used Car Online Marketplace
This Day in American History

July 23, 2003 --- Nationwide Funding Seeks Leasing Processor
    MicroFinancial/Leasecomm $2.7 Million Loss 2nd Q
        The List---Up-Dated
            Greater Bay Bank/Matsco at 8am California time
                Eastern Association Equipment Leasing Luncheon
                    Fitch Formal Launch New Ratings for Banks
                        Sacramento, CA Area Broker's Meeting Tomorrow
                    Three NAELB Conferences, include April 29 in Las Vegas
                Van Etten Leasing---"Vel,vhat da you tink?"
            Siemens Names Veteran Gregg Simpson VP/Senior Officer
        Free Equipment Leasing Events From The Lessors Network?
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
    This Day in American History

July 24, 2003 --- Leasing Industry Attorneys
    It's Official, Gamper to Peek----
        Bay View Capital Liquidations
            "Winning Leases with Value 5"
                Greater Bay Bank Conference/Matsco Op. Change
                    Sacramento, California Area Meeting Tonight 6:30pm
                Key Equip. Finance Names Dulaney Division Counsel
            Charter One Integrates Advance Bancorp Franchise
        Wells Has Best Website? What about Keystone Fin.?
New Survey Report by CapitalStream
News Briefs--
    Sports Briefs--
This Day in American History

July 28, 2003 --- Leasing Associations----Looking for Opinions
    This Weeks Economic Events
        Classified Ads---Sales Managers/Senior Management
            Pictures from the Past---1997---Bob Baker, CLP
                Wildwood Financial---$34,950 To Get Into Leasing
                    IDS Releases Enhanced InfoLease Module, plus Up-date
                        2002 New Business Volume shows 4.6% Decrease
                ELA Starts Daily Newspaper Highlights
            Telemarketing "Number” Hits 28 Million Mark
        FTC Publishes Web Site on Fraud Cases
    Streamline Tax Doubleheader
News Briefs---
    This Day in American History

July 30, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Outsourcing-Back Office
    Leasing Membership Report
        Fed Beige Book Report Due Today--
            Bulletin Board Complaint Weekly Up-date
                Jerry Bishop Deals New Hand--Paul Witte the Winner!!!
                    Sacramento, California Broker Meeting
                        Venture Capital Investments Stabilize in Q2 2003
                    Tech Biz to Start the Second Half of this Year
                What Lessors Are Saying About…Office Machine Market
            GATX 2nd Q Report--Declares Dividend
        Bush Transportation Systems Selects NDSI's LeaseComplete© Software
IDS Upgraded Loans Module Consolidates All Lending Functions
    Close Encounter with Mars-August 27,2003
        News Briefs---
This Day in American History

July 31, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Help Wanted
    Merrill Lynch Capital To Be a Major Player
        Leasing Partners 4 New Territory Managers
            Call for Comments Leasing Assoc. Membership
                Federal Reserve "Beige Report"---Mixed at Best
                    Inter. Decision Systems Bidding--Twins 47.7%
                Thursday-Odds and Ends
            The Lessors Network Annual Conference August 25-26
        News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
This Day in American History

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