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Friday, November 20, 2015

Today's Equipment Leasing Headlines

Archives - November 20, 2001
Richard Baccaro Leaves AmEx Biz Finance
All Leasing Brokers in California Should be Licensed
California: The Madness Continues
  By Barry Marks, Esq.
New Hires---Promotions in the Leasing Business
  and Related Industries
Leasing Industry Ads---Help Wanted
California Ascentium Capital/IMCA-Four Locations
Tech Stocks Continue to Do Well Despite Rumors
  Square Underprice at $9, Finished the Day at $14
Americans Plan to Celebrate Christmas Like 2007 Report
SEC’s Finalized Crowdfunding Rule Opens Doors
for Credit Union Members to Invest in Small Businesses
CashCall Pays Nearly $1 Million of Restitution
to California Borrowers
NACHA Launches a Web-Based ISO 20022 Resource Center
Available on their Website
Spotlight/The Peanuts Movie
Inside Out/Seymour: An Introduction/Tangerine
Film/Digital Reviews by Fernando Croce
Labrador Retriever Mix--Two
Huntsville, Alabama  Adopt-a-Dog
News Briefs---
Apple, Google Urged to Crack Encrypted Phones
   in Terror Probes
ISIS Killed More Americans in Beirut Than in Paris
   --but Only Their Hometown Papers Noticed
Economic Fallout of Paris Attacks
   Hits Hotels Hard
More Mexican Immigrants Leaving U.S.
  Than Entering, Report Finds
Uber delivers flu shots in 36 cities,
   in one-day experiment
2016 Most Prestigious Companies to Intern For 
    Vault's Top 50

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Archives - November 20, 2001
Richard Baccaro Leaves AmEx Biz Finance

“Long time National Sales Manager Richard Baccaro was reportedly laid off at American Express Business Finance.  He had just moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  He reportedly received a 90 day severance package.
“Is his brother Len Baccaro next?  Stay tuned.”


Richard Baccaro
Executive Vice President
Ascentium Capital

Len Baccaro
Senior Vice President Sales
Ascentium Capital




All Leasing Brokers in California Should be Licensed

The recent National Association of Equipment Leasing and Brokers Association held their West Coast meeting with a panel discussion which included two attorneys, Joseph Bonanno, CLFP, and Kenneth Greene. Regarding SB 197, both stated that brokers should get the California Finance Lender's License.

In reality, this is not news, as they have been making this recommendation for over 12 years, perhaps longer, as evidenced by an archive story in Leasing News (1).

Also, Leasing News has been making the same recommendation. Attorneys are licensed. Automobile Salesmen are licensed. Barbers are licensed.  Certified Public Accountants are licensed. Mortgage Brokers are licensed. Real Estate Agents are licensed. Why shouldn't Professional Leasing Brokers be licensed? And why should operating leases be exempted? These transactions definitely should be conducted by a licensed professional, be it an attorney or CPA or leasing broker.

At the very least, the firms should be licensed, if not the individuals.

The outrage seems to be about leasing firms who do all types of
transactions (operating leases exempt now) being required to have a license to do business in California. Foreign corporations need to be registered in most states. What do lessors or broker firms have to hide that they cannot be licensed as are other professionals?

And to answer Barry Marks’ column that follows, “get a license or stay out of California” - I certainly agree: Leave the good business here to those licensed.

 Christopher Menkin, Publisher

(1) “California Brokers Should Have California Lenders License.”
Joe Bonanno, Esq., CLFP, Legal Counsel for the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers

Previous Editorials:


California: The Madness Continues
By Barry Marks, Esq.

It began innocently enough. Several months ago, Dennis Brown, VP,
Government Relations, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, who is always on the job it seems, notified us that the California legislature was considering amending the law to allow funders to pay referral fees to unlicensed brokers under certain circumstances.

In case you missed it, the California Finance Lenders Law requires lenders AND brokers making or arranging loans to in-state residents to be licensed. Licensure insulates the lender's transactions from California's usury law, which many lenders found to be a reasonable tradeoff. What has never been clear is to what extent the broker version of the license applied to loans arranged by out of state brokers and how failure to ensure that the broker had a license affects the lender or the loan itself.

As we had to inform one client last month, the nice folks in California say, a corporation or llc formed outside their state cannot get a license unless it qualifies to do business as a foreign corporation - registered agent, franchise taxes, the works. One of our friends, a California lawyer, refers to his state as the Peoples' Republic of California. Just sayin'.

Some well-meaning legislator wanted to help non-profits make a little money by taking referral fees, or open lending channels to the non-profits or something, but the "California Department of Business Oversight" (we can't make this stuff up) jumped in and turned the law on its head just before it went up for a vote. What happened was that a friendly, benign plow horse we would probably be telling you to ignore turned overnight into a skittish thoroughbred, then an insane camel and came out a fire-breathing dragon.

As it reads, the law, which is slated to become effective January 1, requires that ANY loan to a California resident be arranged by a licensed broker or that the funder, before paying a commission or referral fee to the broker, ensure that a list of criteria are met. These criteria include:

   * Verification that the borrower is not a consumer
   * A limitation on interest (APR) of 36% (remember the no-usury provision mentioned above?); and this one we will just cite verbatim, that the lender:
   * Performs underwriting and obtains documentation to ensure that the prospective borrower will have sufficient monthly gross revenue with which to repay the loan pursuant to the loan terms, and does not make a loan if it determines through its underwriting that the prospective borrower's total monthly expenses, including debt service payments on the loan for which the prospective borrower is being considered, will exceed the prospective borrower's monthly gross revenue. Examples of acceptable forms of documentation for verifying current and projected gross monthly revenue and monthly expenses include, but are not limited to, tax returns, bank statements, merchant financial statements, business plans, business history, and industry-specific knowledge and experience. If the prospective borrower is a sole proprietor or a corporation and the loan will be secured by a personal guarantee provided by the owner of the corporation, a credit report from at least one consumer credit reporting agency that compiles and maintains files on consumers on a nationwide basis shall also be considered.

As we read the law (there is more to it*), unless something changes:

   * Brokers, wherever they are located, should either obtain licenses or stay out of California.
   * Funders, even if licensed, should only do business with brokers licensed in California, only do true leases to customers in California, or stay out of the Golden State.

The good news is that ELFA is on the job and we understand that National Equipment Finance Association and National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers have pledged support. We are working on a committee of California and out of state lawyers to obtain clarification of the law and limit its (absurd) reach.

We will each take a Valium before we meet with anyone from the Department of Business Oversight.

** The law is reproduced below. Like we said, we can't make this stuff up.

This article first appeared in the November, 2015 Marks & Associates, PC Newsletter. To subscribe, please contact or visit the website:

Barry Marks
Marks & Associates, P.C.
400 Century Park South
Suite 100
Birmingham, AL 35226
(205) 251-8301

** SB 197 


New Hires---Promotions in the Leasing Business
and Related Industries

Charlotte Dennery was promoted to Chief Executive Officer BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, Paris, France. She joined BNP Paribas Investment Partners as Chief Operating Officer (September, 2010 - June, 2015). She was CEO, FundQuest (July, 2009-December, 2013). She began as BNP Paribas as Responsable développement et Stratégie BFI (June, 2001 September, 2002); Responsable Développement et Strategie US (September, 2002-Spetember, 2004); CFO et esponsable de la gestion d'actifs, BNP Paribas Cardif (September, 2004 – July, 2008). Prior, Chef de bureau Politique Salariale dans la Fonction Publique, Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances (September, 1999 – June, 2001); Chef du Bureau du Financement des Collectivités Locales et de l'Intérieur, Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances (1996 – 1998); Chef de Bureau du financement de la sécurité sociale
Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances (1993 – 1996); Responsable de la Production et analyse des comptes trimestriels de la Nation INSEE (1991 – 1993). Languages: Francais, Anglais, Espagnol. Honors: Chevalier dand l'Ordre National du Mérite. Organizations: French American Foundation, Starting 2003. Société d'Economie Politique, Starting 2004. Institut Français des Administrateurs, Starting 2014. Cercle des Femmes Dirigeantes, Starting October, 2014: Education: Ensae ParisTech, Master of Sciences, Economie et Finances (1988 – 1990). Ecole polytechnique, Diplomée de l'Ecole Polytechnique, Economie et Finances (1985 – 1988). Lycée Saint Louis, Classes préparatoires (1984 – 1985). Lycée Henri IV, Classes préparatoires (1982 – 1984). Louis Le Grand, Bac C (1979 – 1982).

Gerard "Gerry" Kammerer was hired as Chief Risk Officer of 36th Street Capital, New York, New York. He will also serve as a member of 36th Street Capital's investment committee and join the firm's senior leadership team.  He joined CIT Communications Finance, Avaya Financial Services November, 1999, rose to Chief Credit Officer. November, 2012, he was named Director, Portfolio Management. Previously, he held credit officer positions of increasing responsibility with NCR Credit, AT&T Capital and MetLife Capital.

Jake Plata was hired as Assistant Vice President at Nations Equipment Finance, Akron, Ohio. Previously, he was Sales Manager, ShurTech Brands, LLC (April 2013–October 2015); Wealth Advisor, Strategic Wealth Partners (August 2011–April 2013); Volunteer: Networking, Board Member, The Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club (April, 2012). Education: The University of Akron, Political Science and Criminal Justice (2006–2011). Joe Thomas Award Winner (2x). Scholar Baller (GPA over 3.2). Volunteered at Akron Children's Hospital. Activities and Societies: Played Division 1 Baseball for the Akron Zips Team, Captain Senior Year. Padua Franciscan. High School Diploma, College Preparatory (2003–2006).

Steve Shaclumis was hired as Business Development Manager, Marlin Leasing, Mount Laurel, New Jersey; he is based out of the Greater Boston Area. Previously, he was Finance Manager, Direct Capital Corporation a CIT Company (October 2012-November 2015); Business Manager, Bournival, Inc (January 2001-October 2012); Sales Manager, Tims Truck Capital (January, 2010-2011); Sales Manager, Harley of Southampton ((January 2009-2010); Business Manager, Herb Chambers Ford (January, 2008-2009); General Manager, Belknap Hyundai (2008-2008).Organizations: NHADA, NADA. Education: R.W. Traip Academy, H.S. Diploma, Finance, General (1991-1995).

Tim Shockley was announced as Vice President, Sales at LeaseAccelerator, Great Falls, Virginia.  He is based in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area.   He joined the firm May, 2015. He had joined Cisco Systems as Director (1996-August 2010); promoted to Cisco Capital, GM, Europe (August 2008-August 2010); Global Enterprise Theatre Director, Cisco Systems Capital, August, 2010-May, 2015. Education: The Catholic University of America (1988–1993).

Ed Sperling was promoted to Executive Vice President, Corporate Controller for CIT Group Inc. and CIT Bank N.A, New York.  He joined CIT Group in 1986. “Prior to being named to this position, Sperling was a Senior Vice President and Deputy Controller. Sperling has held numerous leadership roles at CIT in Corporate Accounting, Internal Audit, Credit, Financial Planning & Analysis, Investor Relations, Technology and Treasury. Sperling holds a BS in Accounting from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance from Seton Hall University.




Leasing Industry Help Wanted

For information on placing a help wanted ad, please click here:

Please see our Job Wanted section for possible new employees.



Tech Stocks Continue to Do Well Despite Rumors
Square Underprice at $9, Finished the Day at $14

Square, the mobile payment company comes with more than 2 million
merchants, processing over $324 billion in total payments last year, raised $243 million (has a “tap and go” and “dip the check” reader) in their IPO today. Despite the doomsayers, shares of Square soared by 45% after public offering. Mobile Payment competition increases. These mobile payment companies surely will bite into Northern Leasing Systems and their affiliates’ debit machines leases and processing fees.  Look for more lawsuits as lessees try to get out of the lease contracts their salesmen said they could cancel (they will claim).

Match, which also went public today, claiming to be “the number one destination for online dating with more dates, more relationships and marriages than any other dating or personal site,” raised $400 million.

Shares for Match jumped from $2.74 to $14.74. Match is coming to the market already profitable at least. It reported a net profit of $133.1 million in the 12 months ended in September.

As the chart indicates, the big winner was Alibaba in 2014 at $25 billion.

As Business Insider reports regarding Square, "Although the company's valuation was slashed from the $6 billion that late-stage investors valued it at a year ago, those investors still made a killing."

Day One of Square's public debut reaped riches for company CEO Jack Dorsey ($277 million) and venture-capital firm Khosla Ventures ($201.1 million), among others.

About Square:




Americans Plan to Celebrate Christmas Like 2007 Report

Elena Holodny of Business Insider reports a Gallup poll finds US adults are planning to spend about $830 on Christmas gifts, a jump from last year of $720 average, close to November, 2007, $866 average.

"Regardless of whether Americans follow through with their higher spending intentions, the fact that they are in the mood to do so is a positive sign for the nation's retailers," notes the report.



##### Press Release ############################

SEC’s Finalized Crowdfunding Rule Opens Doors
for Credit Union Members to Invest in Small Businesses

Washington, DC - Callahan & Associates has partnered with GrowthFountain, a crowdfunding marketplace, to provide America’s 100 million credit union members a centralized way to invest in community-focused small businesses and a way for small businesses to get their message to their 100 million members.

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) ACT, signed into law in 2012, gave great promise to small businesses all across America by providing them a new channel for capital formation -- equity crowdfunding. Congress empowered the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to form the rules around the law, and unfortunately, they excluded credit unions in their initial proposal.

Callahan & Associates partner GrowthFountain alerted them to this oversight, and the SEC agreed. The SEC approved Title III of the JOBS Act (Regulation Crowdfunding) and we are pleased to report that the SEC amended the final rule to allow NCUSIF-insured credit unions to be a “qualified third party” for the maintenance and transmission of investor funds.

Ken Staut, CFA
CEO GrowthFountain
Portfolio Manager, USDR Investment
Partner, Tiburon Capital Management

“The original rule excluded credit unions, which made no sense,” said Ken Staut, CEO of GrowthFountain.” We’re grateful the SEC agreed with the comment letter we wrote. In fact, our letter was cited by the SEC in its final rule. We are now looking forward to helping the credit union movement play an integral role in small business capital formation.  Helping entrepreneurs connect with people who want to invest in their potential, and hopefully their success, epitomizes the very nature of what credit unions stand for. We’re thrilled we could help affect change to enable credit union participation in small business crowdfunding.”

The SEC rule will take effect 180 days after it’s posted in the Federal Register – which means crowdfunding will go live in the middle of May, 2016.

Jon Jeffreys
Managing Partner, Callahan & Associates
Assistant Treasure, TURST Mutual Funds

“It’s nice to see federal regulators like the SEC respond favorably to a credit union industry request for equitable treatment,” says Jon Jeffreys, managing partner at Callahan & Associates.  “Until now, only accredited investors – typically individuals with a net worth of a million dollars or more – could get involved in this kind of investing. Now we all can,” Jeffreys says. “Doors have been opened for untold amounts of new investment conducted in the true credit union spirit of sound business practices that empower people to help people.”

Online crowdfunding is expected to grow to $34 billion annually by the end of next year, surpassing venture capital investing, according to 2015CF: The Crowdfunding Industry Report.

Credit unions interested in learning more about how they can provide small business crowdfunding opportunities to their communities should contact Jon Jeffreys at

# # #

Callahan & Associates is dedicated to helping the credit union industry thrive. Our team of experts provides leading research, analytics, networking and consulting solutions. More than 4,000 credit unions and industry suppliers rely on us for the latest data, actionable insights, and benchmarking tools to develop their unique competitive advantages and achieve their strategic goals. Our 30-year history has enabled us to build an unparalleled knowledge transfer consortium which connects the industry’s best minds. To learn how you can join Callahan’s network, please visit

GrowthFountain is a trusted crowdfunding marketplace where individuals can come together to support entrepreneurs and small businesses all across America .We provide wide-ranging support, tutorials and tools to help companies with their fundraising efforts.  Further, we provide forums to facilitate personal connections, so businesses can find talent, solicit advice and meet the right people necessary to advance their cause. To learn more about GrowthFountain, where capital flows, please visit




### Press Release ############################

CashCall Pays Nearly $1 Million of Restitution
to California Borrowers

Under DBO Settlement Firm Misled and Overcharged Consumers

The Department of Business Oversight (DBO) today announced CashCall, Inc. paid almost $1 million of restitution to more than 7,000 California consumers under the settlement of a DBO enforcement action that alleged the lender misled and overcharged borrowers.  CashCall also paid the DBO $1 million in penalties and cost reimbursement.

Jan Lynn Owen
Dept. Business Oversight Commissioner

“This case was about large-scale predatory lending,” said DBO Commissioner Jan Lynn Owen.  “We’re gratified we could help return money to victimized borrowers and hold CashCall accountable for its unlawful business practices.” 
Under the settlement reached Feb. 5, CashCall paid $125 each to 7,372 California customers, which comes out to $921,500.  The settlement established a process by which CashCall identified eligible California borrowers and then paid them the $125.  That process now has been completed.  DBO audited CashCall loan files to ensure all eligible borrowers received restitution before making today’s announcement.

State law caps interest rates on consumer and commercial loans made by non-bank lenders.  But the limits only apply to loans smaller than $2,500.

The law imposes no interest rate restrictions on loans of $2,500 or more. 
The DBO alleged CashCall used deceptive sales pitches and marketing practices to dupe consumers into taking out personal loans of $2,500 or more even though the customers didn’t need or want to borrow that much money. 

Here’s how the alleged scheme worked:

  • In ads, CashCall said it provided personal loans of “up to” $2,600, $5,000 or $10,000.  But when consumers called or visited CashCall’s website, they were told the firm did not make loans of less than $2,600. 
  • If consumers informed CashCall they wanted a loan of less than $2,600, CashCall told them they could just give back the amount they did not want in the form of a prepayment.  That way, CashCall told consumers, they could net substantial savings on interest payments.
  • However, CashCall failed to tell consumers that since the loan was for $2,600, the firm could charge unlimited interest rates.  On loans of less than $2,500, in contrast, state law generally caps interest rates at about 30 percent.  On the loans at issue, CashCall typically charged annual interest of 135 percent or more, and sometimes up to 179 percent. 
  • To make matters worse in these cases, the DBO alleged CashCall often failed to withdraw scheduled monthly payments from customers’ bank accounts.  That had the effect of lengthening the loan term and reducing any interest savings. 

To prevent similar violations in the future, the settlement required CashCall to reform the way it conducts business. 

In all ads that market non-mortgage and non-auto loans to Californians, CashCall now must disclose in a “clear and conspicuous manner” that the minimum loan amount is $2,600. Additionally, the lender no longer can promote its prepayment program to customers who want to borrow less than $2,600. Instead, CashCall now must tell such customers the firm does not make loans for less than $2,600, that state law caps interest rates on loans of less than $2,500 at about 30 percent, and that the capped rate is lower than the rate CashCall charges.  The settlement also required CashCall to implement other consumer protection reforms.

(Please click on ad to learn more)
(Leasing News provides this ad “gratis” as a means
to help support the growth of Lease Police)        



#### Press Release #############################

NACHA Launches a Web-Based ISO 20022 Resource Center
Available on their Website

Designed to Help Financial Institutions and Other ACH Network Users Understand the Standard’s Implications for the Payments Industry

HERNDON, Va.,– As a leader in the U.S. movement to standardize payments using ISO 20022, NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association® announced  that it has launched a comprehensive resource center featuring programs, ACH integration tools and educational resources to better inform the U.S. payments industry. The ISO 20022 Resource Center is available on the website.

ISO 20022 is the standard for financial service messaging used to describe business processes, such as payments, developed by the International Organization for Standardization, an international standard-setting body.

George Throckmorton
Managing Director, Network Development

“Because supporting ISO 20022-enabled corporations is important for financial institutions, it is equally critical for NACHA to provide education and clarity for all ACH Network users on the benefits and implications of integration and conversion efforts,” said George Throckmorton, Managing Director of Network Development for NACHA. “The Resource Center is an important component to understanding the ISO 20022 standard’s implications for the payments industry.”

NACHA will continue to work with the payments industry to develop new content for the Resource Center, which also features a space to submit an ISO 20022-related question to NACHA experts.  

“The U.S. ISO 20022 Stakeholder Group identified industry education as a critical step for the U.S. to move forward with ISO 20022 formats. NACHA’s Resource Center will be a valuable asset for the industry,” said Roy DeCicco, chair of the Accredited Standards Committee X9 Inc.’s Financial Standards Committee. The U.S. is a member and contributor to the International Organization for Standardization through the ASC X9.

Visit the ISO 20022 Resource Center at

NACHA — The Electronic Payments Association

Since 1974, NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association has served as trustee of the ACH Network, managing the development, administration and rules for the payment network that universally connects all 12,000 financial institutions in the U.S. The Network, which moves money and information directly from one bank account to another, supports more than 90 percent of the total value of all electronic payments in the U.S. Through its collaborative, self-governing model, education, and inclusive engagement of ACH Network participants, NACHA facilitates the expansion and diversification of electronic payments, supporting Direct Deposit and Direct Payment via ACH transactions, including ACH credit and debit payments, recurring and one-time payments; government, consumer and business transactions; international payments, and payments plus payment-related information. Through NACHA’s expertise and leadership, the ACH Network is now one of the largest, safest, and most reliable systems in the world, creating value and enabling innovation for all participants. Visit for more information.

Accredited Standards Committee X9 Inc.

X9 develops, maintains and promotes standards for the financial services industry to facilitate the delivery of financial products. It focuses on current and future standard needs of the financial services industry and participates in and grows the development of international standards. X9 is an independent non-profit corporation comprised of its Board, technical subcommittees and working groups. 

### Press Release ##############################


Receivables Management LLC

John Kenny

• End of Lease Negotiations & Enforcement 
• Third-Party Commercial Collections | ph 315-866-1167|

(Leasing News provides this ad as a trade for investigative
reporting provided by John Kenny)



Fernando's View
By Fernando F. Croce

An inspiring true-life drama ("Spotlight") and an endearing animated feature ("The Peanuts Movie") come to theaters, while DVD releases include another Pixar hit ("Inside Out"), an insightful documentary ("Seymour: An Introduction"), and a dizzying indie comedy ("Tangerine").

In Theaters:

Spotlight (Open Road Films): Surely one of the films to turn up at next year's Academy Awards ceremony, this engrossing newspaper drama by director Tom McCarthy (“The Station Agent”) chronicles a shocking true-life story with straightforward polish and punchy clarity. Set in 2001, it follows a group of diligent Boston Globe investigative reporters, including Michael Rezendes (Mark Ruffalo), Walter V. Robinson (Michael Keaton) and Sacha Pfeiffer (Rachel McAdams), as they uncover offenses involving the local Catholic Church. As they track down interviews and piece together evidence in a style that's reminded more than one critic of "All the President's Men," a web of scandal emerges. Briskly paced and featuring a splendid cast that also includes Live Schreiber and Stanley Tucci, this is easily McCarthy's most acclaimed film yet.

The Peanuts Movie (Twentieth-Century Fox): Perennial TV presences in practically every holiday, the beloved Peanuts Gang make their first big-screen appearance in years in this charming and poignant animated feature. Good ol’ Charlie Brown (voiced by Noah Schnapp) continues his struggle with childhood, a struggle that grows even more serious when he develops a crush on the Little Red-Haired Girl who comes to live in his neighborhood. As he builds up courage to talk to her, such characters as Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty and of course Snoopy wander in and out of the story, adding their own distinctive notes. Though director Steve Martino last worked on one of the frantic “Ice Age” movies, he keeps things marvelously simple and low-key here, capturing the gentle spirit of Charles M. Schulz’s original comic-strip.

Netflix Tip: A politician turned character actor, Fred Dalton Thompson (1942-2015) brought welcome gruff and salt to his every screen appearance. So check out Netflix for some of his best roles, including "The Hunt for Red October" (1990), "Die Hard 2" (1990), "Cape Fear" (1991) and "In the Line of Fire" (1993).


Inside Out (Walt Disney Studios): Pixar animators once again prove their originality by staging their first film in two years inside the mind of a young girl. Riley (voiced by Kaitlyn Dias) is a teenager coping with new territory when her dad brings the family from Minnesota to San Francisco. The main action, however, unfolds within her psyche, where various emotions help her navigate the crisis. There's Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Anger (Louis Black), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith), all of them hilariously and poignantly bumping into each other in the private little cosmos that is the protagonist's headspace. Taking advantage of the unusual premise to create some of the studio's most visually enthralling creations, the movie (co-directed by "Up" veterans Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen) vibrantly explores our inner and outer worlds.

Seymour: An Introduction (MPI): Fresh off his Oscar-nominated performance in Richard Linkater’s "Boyhood," Ethan Hawke steps behind the camera to direct this acclaimed documentary about an exceptional man. Seymour Bernstein is a virtuoso pianist who has for decades dedicated himself to teaching younger people and enriching their lives with music. Now pushing 90, he reflects back on his various students, on his personal connections, and on the serenity and curiosity that continues to push him onward. Featuring insightful interviews, humorous anecdotes and inspiring musical recitals, Hawke's film is a celebration of a man's remarkable passion that sometimes plays like a gentle, real-life response to last year's harrowing drama "Whiplash."

Tangerine (Magnolia): A breath of fresh air and an unlikely feel-good holiday movie, this indie comedy-drama bursts at the seams with energy. Set in Hollywood on Christmas Eve, the frenetic story centers on Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez), a vivacious young working girl who becomes determined to track down her boyfriend/pimp Chester (James Ransone) after learning that he’s been unfaithful. With the help of her friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor), Sin-Dee rushes from one Los Angeles spot to another, coming in contact with garish characters ranging from tough cops to wacky cabbies. Though it caught attention at the Sundance Film Festival for having been shot entirely on iPhone, Sean S. Baker’s micro-budget jaunt shines most brightly as a funky slice of underground life, weaving an exhilarating portrait of human desire and sexual identity.


Labrador Retriever Mix --  Two
Huntsville, Alabama  Adopt-a-Dog

ID A452939
Young Puppy Female

Bull Winkle ID A453607
Neutered male, chocolate Labrador Receivers

Huntsville Animal Services
4950 Triana Blvd
Madison County Huntsville, AL 35805
256) 883-3782

Adopt a Pet


News Briefs---

Apple, Google Urged to Crack Encrypted Phones in Terror Probes

ISIS Killed More Americans in Beirut Than in Paris
   --but Only Their Hometown Papers Noticed

Economic Fallout of Paris Attacks Hits Hotels Hard

More Mexican Immigrants Leaving U.S. Than Entering, Report Finds

Uber delivers flu shots in 36 cities, in one-day experiment

2016 Most Prestigious Companies to Intern For Vault's Top 50




--You May Have Missed It

Gibbs Rule #51 (the collection)


SparkPeople--Live Healthier and Longer

You Asked: ''What Are the Benefits of Drinking More Water?''


Football Poem

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you think you'd like to win, but you think you can't,
it's almost certain you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you've lost.
For out in the world you'll find,
success begins with a fellow's will.
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you're outclassed, you are
You've got to think high to rise.
You've got to be sure of yourself,
before you can ever win a prize.

Life's battles don't always go,
to the stronger or faster man.
But sooner or later the man who wins,
is the man who thinks he can.






Sports Briefs----

Peyton Manning returning to the field in 2015 is highly unlikely

What Cowboys are doing to protect Tony Romo's collarbone in his return

Aaron Rodgers can't save Packers alone



California Nuts Briefs---

Analyst predicts strong economy, more California budget surpluses 

University of California advances plan to enroll
 10,000 more resident students

California woman erroneously cited 55 times
  for Bay Area toll violations


“Gimme that Wine”

Prince Charles Aston Martin DB5 Runs on Wine

Where Is America’s Cider Revival Headed?

Great Northwest Wine: Walla Walla excels with red wines

Free Mobile Wine Program

Wine Prices by vintage

US/International Wine Events

Leasing News Wine & Spirits Page


This Day in American History

     1620 - The first child born of English parents in New England was Peregrine White (d. 1704), born aboard the Mayflower anchored in Cape Cod harbor. He was the son of Susanna and William White.  White was the second baby born abroad the Mayflower.  He married twice and had one son.
   1711 - The first Sperm whale captured at sea was cap­tured by a whaling vessel out of Nan­tucket, MA. This was the beginning of an in­dustry that numbered over 700 vessels by 1846.
    1715 – The first whaling expedition on record set sail from Nantucket, MA. Six sloops, of 30 to 40 tons burden each, returned with cargoes amounting to 600 barrels of oil and 11,000 pounds of bone, the total value of which was £1,100 sterling. There were whaling trips by single boats prior to this expedition.
    1726 - Birthday of Oliver Wolcott (d. 1979) at Windsor, CT. Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Doctor, sheriff, judge, soldier. Continental Congress (1776-1777); Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut (1786-1796); Governor (1797).
    1775 - Forks of Tar River, North Carolina, changed its name to Washington in honor of General Washington.
    1776 - The Continental Congress authorized the building of the US
Navy first ship, America, which was to be commanded by John Paul Jones. On September 23, 1782, the America was presented to King Louis XVI of France in appreciation of his country’s assistance during the Revolutionary War.
    1776 – The Hessians captured Ft. Lee, NJ…no word on how quickly they gave it back!
    1789 - New Jersey became the first state to ratify 10 of the 12 amendments to the US Constitution proposed by Congress. These 10 amendments came to be known as the "Bill of Rights."
    1817 – The First Seminole War began in Florida. After the American Revolution, Spain regained control of Florida from Britain as part of the Treaty of Paris. When the British evacuated Florida, Spanish colonists as well as settlers from the newly formed United States came pouring in. Many of these new residents were lured by favorable Spanish terms for acquiring property, called land grants. Even Seminoles were encouraged to set up farms, because they provided a buffer between Spanish Florida and the United States. Escaped slaves also entered Florida, trying to reach a place where their U.S. masters had no authority over them. Instead of becoming more Spanish, Florida increasingly became more "American." The British often incited Seminoles against American settlers who were migrating south into Seminole territory. These old conflicts, combined with the safe-haven Seminoles provided black slaves, caused the U.S. army to attack the tribe in the First Seminole War (1817-1818), which took place in Florida and southern Georgia. Forces under Gen. Andrew Jackson quickly defeated the Seminoles.
    1819 - The first ship sunk by a whale was the whaler Essex, which sailed from Nantucket, MA, on August 12, 1819, headed for the whaling grounds off the coast of Chile. According to the account of first mate Owen Chase, on November 20, 1820, the Essex was hunting sperm whales at latitude 0 degrees 40 minutes 5, lon­gitude 119 degrees W, when an enraged bull whale rammed the ship twice and capsized it. The crew escaped in open boats, but only five of them survived the 4,500-mile journey to Peru, which took 83 days. The story of the Essex was one of the inspirations for Herman Melville’s novel “Moby Dick.”
    1861 - Representatives from several counties met, calling themselves the "Convention of the People of Kentucky" and passed the ordinance.  They established a Confederate government of Kentucky with its capital in Bowling Green.
    1862 - Confederate army of Tennessee, organized under Gen. Braxton Bragg, operating between the Appalachians and the Mississippi River until the end of the war, participating in most of the significant battles in the Western Theater.  Nearly two years later, Union forces captured Brown’s Ferry, which opened a supply route to Alabama.  A Confederate counterattack at Wauhatchie during the night of October 28–29 tried to recapture the ferry but failed.  Bragg, on November 5, sent Longstreet's corps and nearly all of his cavalry away to Knoxville, reducing his army's strength.  Bragg hoped that Grant would be forced to detach part of his own force to relieve the Union garrison at the city. The final Union attack on the Confederate army started November 24, when Hooker captured Lookout Mountain, threatening the Confederate left flank. The next day, William T. Sherman attacked the right flank on Missionary Ridge but was stalemated. To help Sherman and to draw Confederate units from the right, Grant ordered a demonstration against the Confederate center. This demonstration by Union Gen. Thomas turned into a full-fledged attack which broke though the Confederate line. Bragg retreated back into north Georgia, regrouping around Dalton. His request to be relieved was accepted on December 1.
    1864 - Nearly a week into the famous March to the Sea, the army of Union General William T. Sherman moves toward central Georgia, destroying property and routing small militia units in its path. Advanced units of the army skirmished with scattered Rebel forces at Clinton, Walnut Creek, East Macon, and Griswoldville, all in the vicinity of Macon. The march began on November 15 and ended on December 21, 1864. Sherman led 62,000 troops for 285 miles across Georgia and cut a path of destruction more than fifty miles wide. He divided his force into two columns and widened the swath of destruction. The Yankees cut away from their supply lines at Atlanta and generally lived off the land. What they did not consume, they destroyed. More than 13,000 cattle fell into Union hands, as well as 90,000 bales of cotton and numerous sawmills, foundries, cotton gins, and warehouses. The March to the Sea devastated Southern morale and earned Sherman the lasting hatred of many Southerners.
    1866 - Formation of Howard University.  Shortly after the end of the Civil War, members of The First Congregational Society of Washington considered establishing a theological seminary for the education of African-American clergymen. Within a few weeks, the project expanded to include a provision for establishing a university. Within two years, the University consisted of the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Medicine. The new institution was named for General Oliver Otis Howard, a Civil War hero, who was both the founder of the University and, at the time, Commissioner of the Freedman’s Bureau. Howard later served as President of the university from 1869–74.  Congress chartered Howard on March 2, 1867, and much of its early funding came from endowment, private benefaction, and tuition. An annual congressional appropriation administered by the Department of Education funds Howard University and Howard University Hospital.  Howard is ranked among the nation's top 150 universities and second among historically black institutions.  It is the only HBCU ranked in the top 75 on the 2015 Bloomberg college rankings.  The Princeton Review ranked the school of business #1 in opportunities for minority students and in the top 5 for competitive students. The National Law Journal ranked the law school among the top 25 in the country.
    1866 - The first bicycle with a rotary crank was patented by Pierre Lallemont. It was known as a “bone shaker.” He rode on it from Ansonia, CT, to New Haven, CT.  The fore wheel was axed to the jaws of a depending bar, which was pivoted in the frame, and turned by a horizontal level bar, which was revolved by a treadle crank.
    1866 – Kenesaw Mountain Landis (d. 1944), the first Commissioner of Major League Baseball, was born in Millville, OH.  A federal judge (1905-22), he received national attention in 1907 when he fined Standard Oil of Indiana more than $29 million for violating federal laws forbidding rebates on railroad freight tariffs. Though Landis was reversed on appeal, he was seen as a judge determined to rein in big business. In 1920, Judge Landis was a leading candidate when American and National League team owners, embarrassed by the Black Sox scandal and other instances of players throwing games, sought someone to rule over baseball. Landis was given full power to act in the sport's best interest, and used that power extensively over the next quarter-century. Landis was widely praised for cleaning up the game, although some of his decisions in the Black Sox matter remain controversial. Others blame Landis for, in their view, delaying the racial integration of the game. Landis was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame by a special vote shortly after he died in 1944.
    1884 – Norman Thomas (d. 1968) was born in Marion, OH.  He was a Presbyterian minister who achieved fame as a socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.
    1889 - Birthday of Edwin Powell Hubble (d. 1953) at Marshfield, MO.  American astronomer whose discovery and development of the concept of an expanding universe has been described as the “most spectacular astronomical discovery” of the 20th century. As a tribute, the Hubble Space Telescope, deployed April 25, 1990, from US Space Shuttle Discovery, was named for him. The Hubble Space Telescope, with a 240-centimeter mirror, was to allow astronomers to see farther into space than they had ever seen from telescopes on Earth.
    1900 - A major tornado outbreak in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee killed 77 people. Two F4 tornadoes accounted for most of the deaths.
    1900 – Chester Gould (d. 1985), the creator of the cartoon strip, “Dick Tracy”, was born in Pawnee, OK.
    1907 – Fran Allison (d. 1989) was born in LaPorte City, IA.  She is best known for her starring role on the weekday NBC-TV puppet show “Kukla, Fran, and Ollie”, which ran from 1947 to 1957, occasionally returning to the air until the mid-1980s. The trio also hosted “The CBS Children’s Film Festival”, introducing international children's films, from 1967 to 1977.
    1908 – Alistair Cooke (d. 2004) was born in Salford, England.  A British journalist, television personality and broadcaster, outside his journalistic output, which included “Letter from America” and “Alistair Cooke’s America”, he was well known in the United States as the host of PBS’ “Masterpiece Theatre” from 1971 to 1992. After holding the job for 22 years, and having worked in television for 42 years, Cooke retired in 1992, although he continued to present “Letter from America until shortly before his death.
    1910 - Birthday of trumpet player Franc Williams, McConnells Mills, MA.
    1914 - The high temperature of 28 degrees at Atlanta, GA, was their earliest daily high below the freezing mark.
    1917 - Robert Carlyle Byrd (d. 2010) was born Cornelius Calvin Sale, Jr. in N. Wilkesboro, NC.  He was the longest-serving US Senator and, at the time of his death, the longest-serving member in the history of the Congress.
    1919 - “Swede” Myerhofer landed his plane and christened the first airport owned by a city, Tucson Municipal Airport, located east of Tucson, Arizona.
    1920 - Birthday of trumpet player Joe Guy (d. 1982), Birmingham, AL.
    1921 – Jim Garrison (d. 1992) was born Earling Carothers Garrison in Denison, IA.  He was the District Attorney of Orleans Parish, LA, from 1962 to 1973. He is best known for his investigations into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
    1923 - African-American Garrett T Morgan patents the traffic signal.
Founder of the “Cleveland Call” newspaper, he became a wealthy man, and also holds many patents for many inventions.
    1925 - Birthday of Robert Kennedy (d. 1968), Brookline, MA.  He was the former Attorney General, US Senator and younger brother of President John F. Kennedy.  History shows him as the only US Senator to have had a brother who was President.   Robert Kennedy was killed in 1968 in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan moments following his primary victory in California. When I worked at ABC-TV West Coast News, I covered the afternoon Sirhan trial, seated only a few feet from him. I had interviewed both Kennedy brothers as a newsman.
    1925 - June Christy (d. 1990) was born Shirley Luster, Springfield, IL.  Known for her work in the cool jazz genre and for her silky smooth vocals, her success as a singer began with The Stan Kenton Orchestra.
    1931 - The American Telegraph and Telephone Company introduced the first teletype commercial service. Messages were typed on tape and transmitted automatically to a central office and retransmitted to their destinations. The charges were based on the time required to transmit each message rather than the number of words.
    1939 – Dick Smothers was born in NYC.  He is best known for being half of the musical comedy team the Smothers Brothers, with his older brother Tom.
    1942 – Vice President Joe Biden was born in Scranton, PA.
    1943 - The US Marines landed during the night, attacking the Gilbert Islands, particularly the islets of Betio and Makin. The American invasion force to the Gilberts was the largest yet assembled for a single operation in the Pacific.  The Japanese had heavily fortified the Tarawa chain of atolls, especially Tarawa, with pillboxes, blockhouses and ferroconcrete bombproof structures. In the eight days it took the 5th Amphibious Corps, 2nd Marine Division and the 27th Infantry Division to take the Tarawa and Makin Islands, 1,000 US soldiers were killed and 2,311 wounded. The Japanese loss was tallied at 4,700 men killed, 17 wounded captured and 129 Koreans surrendered. The US public, who through censorship previously had been kept in the dark about the human cost of the war, was appalled by casualty figures and photographs from the battle offensive against Japan in the Central Pacific (Operation Galvanic).
     1943 - BORDELON, WILLIAM JAMES, Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps. Born: 25 December 1920, San Antonio, Tex. Accredited to: Texas. Citation: For valorous and gallant conduct above and beyond the call of duty as a member of an assault engineer platoon of the 1st Battalion, 18th Marines, tactically attached to the 2d Marine Division, in action against the Japanese-held atoll of Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands on 20 November 1943. Landing in the assault waves under withering enemy fire which killed all but 4 of the men in his tractor, S/Sgt. Bordelon hurriedly made demolition charges and personally put 2 pillboxes out of action. Hit by enemy machinegun fire just as a charge exploded in his hand while assaulting a third position, he courageously remained in action and, although out of demolition, provided himself with a rifle and furnished fire coverage for a group of men scaling the seawall. Disregarding his own serious condition, he unhesitatingly went to the aid of one of his demolition men, wounded and calling for help in the water, rescuing this man and another who had been hit by enemy fire while attempting to make the rescue. Still refusing first aid for himself, he again made up demolition charges and single-handedly assaulted a fourth Japanese machinegun position but was instantly killed when caught in a final burst of fire from the enemy. S/Sgt. Bordelon's great personal valor during a critical phase of securing the limited beachhead was a contributing factor in the ultimate occupation of the island, and his heroic determination throughout 3 days of violent battle reflects the highest credit upon the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.
    1944 - Les Brown, with Doris Day, records “Sentimental Journey.”
    1944 - The first Japanese suicide submarine attack was at Ulithi Atoll, Carolines. A Japanese Kaiten attack sinks the US naval tanker Mississinewa. The kaiten was aptly described by Theodore Cook as "not so much a ship as an insertion of a human being into a very large torpedo." The gut of the beast was a standard Type-93 24" torpedo, with the mid-section elongated to create the pilot's space. He sat in a canvas chair practically on the deck of the kaiten, a crude periscope directly in front of him, and the necessary controls close to hand in the cockpit. Access to the kaiten was through hatches leading up from the sub and into the belly of the weapon. The nose assembly was packed with 3000+ pounds of high explosive; the tail section contained the propulsion unit.
    1945 - The International Military Tribunal begins trying German war criminals at Nuremberg. The trial, which lasted 78 days, attempted to hold Nazi and German military officials accountable for atrocities including the massacre of 30,000 Russians during the German invasion and the massacre of at least 50,000 people in the Warsaw Ghetto. Twenty-four defendants were tried, including Hermann Goering, the designated successor to Hitler, and Rudolf Hess, Hitler's personal secretary. All defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges. When one of the defendants demanded that an anti-Semitic lawyer represent him, an ex-Nazi was assigned to his defense. Because of the mountains of evidence and the many languages spoken by the defendants and prosecutors, the trial was beset with logistical problems. During the proceedings, Rudolf Hess feigned amnesia to escape responsibility. Though many expected the most excitement to arise from the cross-examination of Hermann Goering, his testimony was a letdown: he was even attacked by his fellow defendants for refusing to take responsibility for anything. Twenty-one defendants were convicted: 12 were sentenced to hang, and the rest were sent to prison. One man escaped the hanging by remaining at large while Goering escaped by committing suicide first. On October 16, 1946, 10 Nazi officials were hanged.
    1945 - BRILES, HERSCHEL F., Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, Co. C, 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion. Place and date: Near Scherpenseel, Germany, 20 November 1944. Entered service at: Fort Des Moines, lowa. Birth: Colfax, lowa. G.O. No.: 77, 10 September 1945. Citation: He was leading a platoon of destroyers across an exposed slope near Scherpenseel, Germany, on 20 November 1944, when they came under heavy enemy artillery fire. A direct hit was scored on 1 of the vehicles, killing 1 man, seriously wounding 2 others, and setting the destroyer afire. With a comrade, S/Sgt. Briles left the cover of his own armor and raced across ground raked by artillery and small-arms fire to the rescue of the men in the shattered destroyer. Without hesitation, he lowered himself into the burning turret, removed the wounded and then extinguished the fire. From a position he assumed the next morning, he observed hostile infantrymen advancing. With his machinegun, he poured such deadly fire into the enemy ranks that an entire pocket of 55 Germans surrendered, clearing the way for a junction between American units which had been held up for 2 days. Later that day, when another of his destroyers was hit by a concealed enemy tank, he again left protection to give assistance. With the help of another soldier, he evacuated two wounded under heavy fire and, returning to the burning vehicle, braved death from exploding ammunition to put out the flames. By his heroic initiative and complete disregard for personal safety, S/Sgt. Briles was largely responsible for causing heavy enemy casualties, forcing the surrender of 55 Germans, making possible the salvage of our vehicles, and saving the lives of wounded comrades.
    1945 – Rick Monday was born in Batesville, AR.  In the inaugural MLB First-Year Player Draft in 1965, Monday was selected with the first overall selection by the Kansas City A’s.  Over a 19-tyear Major League career he also played for the Chicago Cubs and the LA Dodgers.  On April 25, 1976, two protesters, William Thomas and his 11-year-old son, ran into left-center field and tried to set fire to an American flag after the start of the bottom of the 4th inning at Dodger Stadium.  After Steve Stone of the Cubs got Ted Sizemore to pop out, Monday dashed over and grabbed the flag to thunderous cheers. Monday ran through the infield with the flag and while walking towards the Dodgers dugout met and handed the flag over to Dodgers pitcher Doug Rau. The ballpark police officers arrested and escorted the two intruders off the field and afterwards the father of the boy was fined, charged with trespassing, and put on probation.
    1947 – Guitarist Joe Walsh, of The Eagles, was born in Wichita, KS.  
    1950 - U.S. troops push to the Yalu River, within five miles of Manchuria.
    1951 - Top Hits
“Because of You” - Tony Bennett
“Down Yonder” - Del Wood
“Slow Poke” - Pee Wee King
“Sin (It’s No)” - Eddy Howard
    1952 - A struggling Frank Sinatra agrees to a screen test for a role in “From Here to Eternity”, a film adaptation of the James Jones novel of the same name.  The movie won him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and revived his flagging career. Sinatra was born in New Jersey in 1915. He formed a singing quartet in his teens; the group won a popular radio talent show in 1935 and began touring small nightclubs. In 1940, Sinatra joined the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and began topping the charts. Sinatra soon became a popular screen actor, but after his vocal chords suffered damage in 1952 and his philandering became quite public, his career took a drastic downturn. His talent agency dropped him, and he had to plead with movie producers to cast him, agreeing to do screen tests despite the fact that he was already a well-known performer. He won the role in “From Here to Eternity” (1953) with help from girlfriend Ava Gardner, but was paid only $8,000. However, the role and the Academy Award helped bring him back into the limelight, which he never relinquished, even after his retirement in 1973, until his death in 1998.   
    1955 - The Maryland National Guard is ordered desegregated.
    1955 - After telling Ed Sullivan that he would perform a song called "Sixteen Tons", Bo Diddley sings "Bo Diddley" live on CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan Show. He would never be invited back.
    1955 - RCA Victor buys Elvis Presley's contract from Sun Records for $40,000. The deal was inked at New York's Warwick Hotel and gives Elvis $13,500 for signing.
    1956 – Mary Cathleen Collins was born in Long Beach, CA.  She is better known as actress Bo Derek, star of the film “10” (1979).  For grins and giggles, what was the name of her role in the film?
    1959 - Top Hits
“Mr. Blue” - The Fleetwoods
“Don’t You Know” - Della Reese
“Heartaches by the Number” - Guy Mitchell
“Country Girl” - Faron Young
    1961 - Billboard reports on the global Twist Craze: WOR-TV, New York, has shot a series of one and five minute "Twist Lessons" with Chubby Checker to be shown hourly every day. Checker had also been inked for a British-American film production; Joey Dee & the Starlighters, whose album, "Doin' the Twist at the Peppermint Lounge" was released this week, signed for the Paramount film, "Hey, Let's Twist"; Dion has signed to star in Columbia's "Twist Around the Clock"; and in France there are 45 different "Twist" records on the market.
    1962 - Lifting of the naval blockade of Cuba was announced by President Kennedy, following assurances by Premier Khrushchev that all Soviet jet bombers in Cuba would be removed within 30 days.
    1962 - An executive order prohibiting racial discrimination in housing built or purchased with federal funds was signed by President Kennedy.
    1962 - The Four Seasons' "Big Girls Don't Cry" is released on Vee Jay Records. It goes up to Number One, as does their first (and current) hit, "Sherry." Both songs feature lead singer Frankie Valli's falsetto.
    1965 - "I Hear A Symphony" becomes The Supremes' sixth US number one single. The trio had their streak of five chart toppers in a row interrupted by "Nothing But Heartaches", which stalled at number 11.
    1966 - "Cabaret" opened on Broadway for the first of 1,166 stellar performances. Joel Grey starred in the hugely successful musical that is an adaptation of both the play, "I Am a Camera", and the novel, "Goodbye to Berlin".
    1967 - U.S. census reports the population at 200 million.
    1967 - Top Hits
“To Sir with Love” - Lulu
“Soul Man” - Sam & Dave
“Incense and Peppermints” - Strawberry Alarm Clock
“It’s the Little Things” - Sonny James
    1967 - LOZADA, CARLOS JAMES,  Medal of Honor
Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company A, 2d Battalion, 503d Infantry, 173d Airborne Brigade. place and date: Dak To, Republic of Vietnam, 20 November 1967. Entered service at: New York, N.Y. Born: 6 September 1946, Caguas, Puerto Rico. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Pfc. Lozada, U.S. Army, distinguished himself at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty in the battle of Dak To. While serving as a machine gunner with 1st platoon, Company A, Pfc. Lozada was part of a 4-man early warning outpost, located 35 meters from his company's lines. At 1400 hours a North Vietnamese Army company rapidly approached the outpost along a well-defined trail. Pfc. Lozada alerted his comrades and commenced firing at the enemy who were within 10 meters of the outpost. His heavy and accurate machine gun fire killed at least 20 North Vietnamese soldiers and completely disrupted their initial attack. Pfc. Lozada remained in an exposed position and continued to pour deadly fire upon the enemy despite the urgent pleas of his comrades to withdraw. The enemy continued their assault, attempting to envelop the outpost. At the same time enemy forces launched a heavy attack on the forward west flank of Company A with the intent to cut them off from their battalion. Company A was given the order to withdraw. Pfc. Lozada apparently realized that if he abandoned his position there would be nothing to hold back the surging North Vietnamese soldiers and that the entire company withdrawal would be jeopardized. He called for his comrades to move back and that he would stay and provide cover for them. He made this decision realizing that the enemy was converging on 3 sides of his position and only meters away, and a delay in withdrawal meant almost certain death. Pfc. Lozada continued to deliver a heavy, accurate volume of suppressive fire against the enemy until he was mortally wounded and had to be carried during the withdrawal. His heroic deed served as an example and an inspiration to his comrades throughout the ensuing 4-day battle. Pfc. Lozada's actions are in the highest traditions of the U.S. Army and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the U.S. Army.
    1967 - 19 year old Arlo Guthrie released an album called "Alice's Restaurant". When the eighteen minute long title song premiered at the Newport Folk Festival, it helped foster a new commitment among the '60s generation to social consciousness and activism. Arlo went on to star in the 1969 Hollywood film version of “Alice's Restaurant”, directed by Arthur Penn.
    1968 - 78 miners were killed in an explosion at the Consolidated Coal Company’s No. 9 mine in Farmington, WV.  The cause of the explosion was never determined, but the accident served as the catalyst for several new laws that were passed to protect miners.
    1969 - Seymour Hersh, an independent investigative journalist, files a second My Lai story based on interviews with Michael Terry and Michael Bernhardt, who served under 1st Lt. William Calley during the action that was later dubbed the My Lai massacre. Also on this day, the Cleveland Plain Dealer published explicit photos of the dead at My Lai. The American public was stunned. Hersh broke the story earlier in the month, describing how soldiers from the American Division, conducting a sweep of My Lai, indiscriminately shot people as they ran from their huts, and then systematically rounded up the survivors, allegedly leading them to a ditch where they were executed per Calley's orders.
Despite the fact that an Army board of inquiry found that 30 persons either participated in the atrocity or knew of it and failed to do anything, only 14 were charged with crimes. All eventually had their charges dismissed or were acquitted, except Calley, who was found guilty of murdering 22 civilians and was sentenced to life imprisonment. His sentence was reduced twice and he was paroled in November, 1974.
    1969 - American Indians seized and occupied Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.  79 American Indians, including students, married couples and six children, landed on the island, despite an attempted Coast Guard blockade, and began their occupation which lasted for 19 months.
    1971 - Isaac Hayes hit number 1 in the US with the "Theme from Shaft", a mostly instrumental track used in the “Shaft” movie, starring Richard Roundtree. It was Hayes' only million-selling single, although he did place seven other songs in the US Top 40, only one of which cracked the top 20.
    1971 - "Inner City Blues" becomes the third R&B Number One single from Marvin Gaye's, "What's Goin' On" album. The others are the title track and "Mercy, Mercy Me." The LP represents the first time a major Motown artist has taken a public stand on controversial social issues.
    1974 - The Justice Department filed suit against AT&T that later leads to the breakup of AT&T and its Bell System in 1984.
    1975 - Top Hits
“Island Girl” - Elton John
“Who Loves You” - Four Seasons
“That’s the Way (I like It)” - KC & The Sunshine Band
“Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” - Waylon Jennings
    1976 - Woody Herman Band plus alumni play Carnegie Hall on their 40th anniversary (RCA BGL2-2203)
    1976 - Paul Simon hosts NBC's Saturday Night Live where he duets with George Harrison on "Here Comes The Sun" and "Homeward Bound". Paul McCartney and John Lennon are both in New York and watching the show on TV.
    1979 - The first transfusion of artificial blood took place at the University of Minnesota Hospital, Minneapolis, MN. The patient was a Jehovah’s Witness who, on religious grounds, refused a transfusion of real blood. Dr. Robert Anderson injected the patient with Fluosol, an artificial blood substitute developed in Japan.
    1982 - The University of California football team defeated Stanford University, 25-20, on a most unusual last play. Stanford was ahead, 20-19, and had to kick off with only a few seconds left. The Cal players knew that if any of them were tackled, the game would be over. They began an unscripted series of five laterals that landed them in the end zone after they dodged all the Stanford players and the Stanford band which had rushed onto the field prematurely. The Stanford band today is quite unique and iconoclast, it is said, having contributed to the lost game because they came on the field too early in celebration of the “victory”, and prevented the Stanford players from tackling the Bears running loose toward the end zone.
    1983 – The Washington Redskins’ John Riggins sets an NFL record by rushing for a touchdown in his 12th straight game. The score is his record-tying 19th rushing touchdown of the year. The streak ended at 13 consecutive games while Riggins went on to establish an NFL record with 24 touchdowns for the year.
    1983 - Top Hits
“All Night Long (All Night)” - Lionel Richie
“Say Say Say” - Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson
“Uptown Girl” - Billy Joel
“One of a Kind Pair of Fools” - Barbara Mandrell
    1984 - The largest crowd to see the unveiling of a Hollywood Walk-of-Fame star turned out as Michael Jackson got his piece of the sidewalk right in front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. ‘The Gloved One’ became star number 1,793 on the famed walk.
    1985 – Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released to the public.  Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, had worked with Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs to develop applications for Apple's January 1984 original Macintosh, the first mass-produced personal computer with a graphical user interface.  Windows 1.0 was released as the first version of the Windows line. It runs as a graphical, 16-bit, multi-tasking shell on top of an existing MS-DOS installation, providing an environment which can run graphical programs designed for Windows, as well as existing MS-DOS software. Gates was motivated after seeing a demo of a similar software suite known as Visi On at COMDEX.
    1988 - Thunderstorms developing ahead of a fast moving cold front produced severe weather in the Upper Ohio Valley and the Middle Atlantic Coast Region during the afternoon and early evening. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 69 mph at Kennedy Airport in New York City, and winds along the cold front itself gusted to 56 mph at Cincinnati, OH. The same storm produced snow in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois, with eight inches reported at Rolla, MO.
    1989 - An unusual out-of-season severe outbreak occurred across the northeast with 193 reports of damaging winds in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Winds gusted to 94 mph at Newburgh, NY, 86 at Harrisburg, PA and Hammonton, NJ. Tornadoes touched down at McAlveys, NY and Seaside Park, NJ
    1990 - Due to his unruly behavior toward the umpires in Game 4 of the ALCS, Roger 'the Rocket' Clemens is suspended for the first five games of the 1991 season and is fined $10,000.
    1991 - Top Hits
“Cream” - Prince & The N.P.G.
“Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” - Bryan Adams
“When a Man Loves a Woman” - Michael Bolton
“Shameless” - Garth Brooks
    1993 - The Senate Ethics committee issued a stern censure of California senator Alan Cranston for his "dealings" with savings-and-loan executive Charles Keating.
    1997 - A.C. Green of the Dallas Mavericks set an NBA record for consecutive games played, 907, when he took the floor for the Mavericks’ game against the Golden State Warriors. Green began his streak on November 19, 1986, when he played for the Los Angeles Lakers. It continued as he moved to the Phoenix Suns and then to the Mavericks.  His accomplishment was noted with an elaborate halftime ceremony that included appearances by Randy Smith, the man whose record Green broke, and baseball’s iron man, Cal Ripken.
    2000 - The landmark 1915 Albert S. Samuels clock at 856 Market Street, San Francisco, was restored following a 10-year respite.
    2001 - Ichiro Suzuki becomes only the second player in Major League history to win the Most Valuable Player Award and Rookie of the Year in the same year. The 28-year- old Mariner outfielder joins Red Sox freshman outfielder Fred Lynn, who accomplished the feat in 1975, as the only other rookie to win the MVP.
    2008 - The 35-year reign of George Steinbrenner as the Yankees boss officially ends when the MLB owners unanimously approve of his son taking control of the franchise. Hal Steinbrenner was appointed co-chairmen of the team along with his brother Hank at the start of last season when it became evident their 78-year old dad has was gradually reducing his role as the owner of the storied franchise.
    2008 - After critical failures in the US financial system began to build up after mid-September, the Dow reached its lowest level since 1997.  These were the first consequences of what would become the Great Recession, so-called only because The Great Depression already occurred in the 1930s.
    2010 - NATO nations reached an agreement to begin handing over Afghanistan's security to the Afghanistan military by 2014.
    2014 - North Korea threatened nuclear tests, and activity has been detected at one of the nation's nuclear facilities; the threat was made after the U.N. recommended trying North Korean officials in the International Criminal Court for human rights crimes.
    2014 - President Barack Obama announced plans to delay deportation of about 4 million undocumented immigrants who have lived in the country for at least 5 years and have children who are legal residents or U.S. citizens.  In October, 2015, a federal appeals judge ruled this to be unconstitutional.



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