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Archives for the "Current Month"

January 6, 2004 --- Correction: "Leasing industry is NOT 90% Thieves."
    Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
        Cartoon-New GE Capital Sales Campaign
            Tuesday---Odds and Ends
                December Growth Continues, But Slower, says NACM
    Cyence International, Senour Designs Form Alliance
        Pasanen Joins Blackwell Consulting Services
            Dusch New LJN Equipment Leasing Newsletter Director
                Bill Clark/Phyllis Schrader FirstLease Promotions
    News Briefs----
        Sports Briefs---
            California News Briefs---
                "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

January 9, 2004 --- Correction:
Dusch Appointed to LJN Equipment Leasing Newsletter Editorial Board
    Classified Ads---Notice
        Classified Ads---Senior Credit Officer/Senior Management
            Get Ready. Get Set. Go! SBA Suspends 7(a) Loan Guaranty Program
                Orix---Confirmation Gary Gusoff is Gone---Five More to Follow
            Matsco Financial-Greater Bay Bank Cuts Staff???
        New "Navigator Program" for Lease Brokers
    Sterling Finalizes Merger With Klamath First Bancorp
BofA Plans $68.1B, 23-Center Expansion So. Florida by 2005 
    The List is Up-Dated
        Larry D. Richman to Oversee LaSalle National Leasing
            Union Safe Deposit Bank Expands Portfolio of Leases
                Equilease to Present at Lessors Network Lease Funding Showcase
            Jay Bloom Joins Leasing Partners Capital
        Nassau Asset Says Repossessions are Down
    CapitalStream Strategic Acquisition of CapitalThinking
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
        "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

January 12, 2004 --- Matsco: Best Year Ever
Classified Ads----
                 Credit / Documentation / Finance / Legal
                    GE Healthcare Financial Services HPSC Conversion Today
                        Mediator, Attorney Joins The Alta Group
                                News Briefs---
                                 Sports Briefs---
                                       California Nuts Briefs---
                                          “Gimme that Wine”
                            This Day in American History

January 13, 2004 --- Louis Schneider Seriously Injured
    Classified Ads---Controllers/Contract Administrators
        Mission Statement-Reader's Survey
        by Christopher Menkin, Editor/Publisher
            Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint Report
        News Briefs---
    "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

January 14, 2004 --- Classified Ads----Testimonial---Credit
  Orix-Unconfirmed Report from Insider
    Treasury Says No to "Lease Deals"
      ELA Response
        Troy Lessor O/E Systems Folds
          AmSouth 4thQ $158M/2003 $626M 
        Fitch: U.S. College Rtgs To Be Stable
      News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
  California Nuts Brief---
"Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

January 15, 2004 --- Classified Ads---"Outsourcing"
    Beige Report---Economy Continuing to Improve
        Fleming Goes Full Court Press
            Mission Statement ---Reader's Survey  Part II
                New "Scan on Site" Solution
                    Federal Reserve Board Approves 1st Asian-Based Bank
                GE Commercial Finance/Transamerica Finance
            Commerce Bancshares Earnings Growth of 9% for 2003
        News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs----
"Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in American History

January 16, 2004 --- Alert---Scott Wright Employment Application
    Classified Ads--- Documentation / Finance / Legal
        “We Need Your Help!” Orix Employee Cries Out Loud
            U.S. SBA  Restart of Suspended 7(a) Loan Program
                Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites
            ELA Press Conference Transcripts Available Leasing Vehicle Online
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
    This Day in American History  

January 20, 2004 --- Classified Ads--Sales Manager
    Letters--We get eMail
        ----Won't Affect Traditional Muni/Gov't Leasing
        says AGLF
            Key's 2003 net income was $903 million
                LeaseNOW Acquires Motor Coach Financial
                    Fitch Upgrades Marlin Leasing Receivables
                Republic Subsidiary Expands Aircraft Portfolio
            Streamlined Sales Tax Project Report
            by Dennis Brown, ELA
        News Briefs---
    "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

January 21, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Sr. Credit Officer/Sr. Management
    Where is Michael Sheehan? Not Answering His Phone
        Cartoon---On His Way Up?
            Jay Fudemberg departs Pure Markets     
                Orix---Down Dates
                    Grand Old Doug Pierce Passes Away
                US Bancorp Lease Financing Down 8.4% 
            Fred St. Laurent Joins Z Resource Group
        Orion First Financial/Alliance Funding Group
    Mellon cut 1,600 employees in 2003 Automakers Incentive Swells 30%
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
    "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

January 23, 2004 ---Classified Ads---Sales
        Cartoon---Amex Rich Tambor's Office
            Where is Michael Sheehan?
                Shame on Orix---Another Cry for Help
                    Classified---Leasing Industry Help Wanted
                Housing---2004 and Recent Statistics
            Cal. First National New Leases Increase 50%
        Matsco Charges off over $1 Million in 2003
Greater Community Bancorp Write Off
    CIT a Winner!!! Dividends  $.13 per share
Marlin Leasing Opens Midwestern Office
    NetBank/NetBank Payment Systems
        UAEL Newsline Edition
            News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
    "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

January 26, 2004 --- Alert-Equipment Leasing Association
    Classified Ads---Credit-Documentation-Finance
        Economic Events This Week
            Lease Broker Showcase Scheduled
                Orix-Time to Heal
                    RW Leasing Problems Now an Industry Problem
                Form to Help the Leasing Industry
            1st Banks further leasing portfolio deterioration
        Dennis Houseman V-P - Leasing Of Global Imaging
    Advanta Reports 4th Q/Full Year 2003 Earnings
CIT Sale of Direct Private Equity Investments
    Michael Ash Promoted to Syndication Manager
        News Briefs---
            Sports Briefs---
        California News Brief-
    "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

January 29, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Asset Management
    Virus Hits Leasing Industry Hard
        Leasing Industry Help Wanted
            The Fed Statement on Rates
                Credit Acceptance 4th Q $9.7M
                    ELA Launches New Education Site
    Equipment Financing Group QIV
        e-ClassicSystems/Synovus ATM's
            Equilease Acquires Another Portfolio
                Z Resource Group with Financial Search Group
                    IBM Kicks Off 2004 with New Lower Financing Rate
    NetBank 4th Q/Year-end and CMC Financial
        Chamides Leasing Biz Bank of America/Fleet
            Cyence Major Capacity Upgrade to Datacenter
                News Briefs---
                    Sports Briefs---
    "Gimme that Wine"
        This Day in American History

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