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August 1, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Attorneys Specialize in Leasing
    Law Offices of Kenneth C. Greene
        Mortgage Rates Reach 8-Month High
            America Online Introduces AOL® 9.0 Optimized
                UAEL Annual Conference October 9-12
                    Economic Rebound Gains Speed
Leasing Association Champion Rosanne Wilson
            Rosanne Wilson ‘s Breakfast of Leasing Champions Cartoon
        IDS InfoLease Integration Mgr. Now SOAP Compliant
    EXCLUSIVE for Leasing News-- Why Financial Institutions|
    Must Face The New Realities of This New Name-Economy
Statistics From the Field----ELAonline
    French vintages less into American glasses
This Day in American History

August 4, 2003 --- Alert---The Funding Tree/Legacy
               Classified ads--68 ads Jobs Wanted---All Types
                    This Week's Economic Events
           "Slowdown" reports NACM Credit Manager Index for July,2003
             DVI Announces Failure to Make Interest Payment
               American Banks New Talent, New Commercial Banking Service
                    Computer Sales International Appoints New CFO's
                     "It's leadership"-Leasing Association Six Month Report
                        Leasing Association Comments from Readers
                          News Briefs---
                            Sports Briefs---
                    This Day in American History

August 5, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Senior Management
    Pictures from the Past--1994-Christopher "Kit" Menkin
        DVI to file Chapter 11?
            Twins Fat Lady to Sing
                It's Leadership---Part II
                    More Leasing Association Reactions
                New Leasing Association in Formation in Arizona
            Leasing Industry Help Wanted
        Margaret Gernert New VP- Marketing at De Lage Landen
    Pacific Capital Bancorp Records Sale of $15.8 Million Note
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
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August 6, 2003 --- Classified Ads---
    Virus Alert--
        VC Funds Raise $1.6B in Q2
            CapitalSource is IPO of the week
                UAEL Metro New York Region August 11 Lunch
            "It's Leadership"---Reaction
    GE to Acquire Transamerica's Commercial Finance Biz
Capital Stream to Let Offer for IDS Lapse
    IDS Inventory Tracking Solution Now More Robust
        Allegiant Partners selects McCue Systems' LeasePak
            John Allman Joins Central Leasing Corporation
                Industry Veterans Launch Unique Vehicle Leasing Enterprise
        Does Your Equipment Leasing Network Include...
    News Briefs---
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August 8, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Help wanted
    Capital Stream to Dismiss Lawsuit
        DVI to File Bankruptcy?---Up-date
            Scuttlebutt-GE Capital's Acquisition Transamerica
                Lessors Network To Rebate Annual Membership Dues
            More Leasing Association Reactions----
        Thank You, Jeffrey Taylor
    IDS/BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1
U.S. Bank Names Mike Michael New Portland Market President
    Fitch "B" Rating/Negative on AmeriCredit
        Willis 1st Q Profits Rise 29% to $2.0 Million
            Letters---We get Email
        Winning Leasing with TValue 5
    News Briefs---
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August 12, 2003 --- Monitor 50 Largest Banks
    GE Business Credit Services/Expands Leasing
        "Jeff Taylor Thank You" Comments on Leasing Associations
                Where is Larry Grant?
                    Where is Gordon Roberts?
                International Decision Systems to Mr. Schroder
            CapStream Press Release for IDS Customers
        Shaw Added to Leasing Software List
    Software robot completes application/Runs on Windows Server 2003
Venture-Backed M&A Activity Witnesses Slight Uptick in Q2
    Commerce Bank Adds Middle Market Group/Appoints Three
        Nicholas Whittemore joins De Lage Landen Financial Services
            Interchange Bank Appoints Andy Rimol President Interchange Capital
                Key Equipment Makes Two Promotions: Crowly and LaChiusa
            News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
    California Nuts Briefs---
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August 14, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Attorneys
    We Found Larry Grant!!!
        Reuters Agrees with Leasing News about DVI---
            Sovereign Will Do DVI Deals----
                Disable "Messenger" Microsoft Operating Software
                        Millennium Hires Former ABA President
           Annual Networking Conference Sold Out
                Indecision Systems Sales---
            Specialized Leasing To Acquire Sassoon Group
        Fitch Internal Ratings Validation Service
    Home-Equity Values Poised to Drop-ABSnet
Free Web hosting Software
    Leasing Industry Help Wanted
        News Briefs---
            Sports Briefs---
    California Nuts Briefs---
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August 15, 2003 --- Dedicated to Lawrence Faber, My Good Friend Who Died at 56
    No Press Release from Decision System International
        DVI Makes It Official-To File Chapter 11
            Sterling Will Fund DVI Leases-Lower Rates, Too
                ELA Reports 10.5% New Business Volume 2nd Quarter
            John Kruse, Jim Brady, Cliff Monlux Open New Company
        Two Version: Free and $59.95 yr with Free 30 Day Trial
    Home-Equity Values Poised to Drop
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
        California Nuts Briefs---
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August 19, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
                          Worm Still Here 
                            Decision Systems International Sale
                              Alexa Ranks Leasing Association Web Sites
                               Business Leasing News for August---
Patton Boggs Partner’s Lounge
                                 DVI  BK Reaction
                         Northern Consulting Joins Blackwell Consulting Services
                            MarCap Names Ken Seip New VP of Sales and Marketing
                              PDS Gaming Net Income $183,000 for the 2nd Q 2003
                                Personal Bankruptcy Hits 1.6M High, Biz BK Drops
                                  News Briefs---
                                   Sports Briefs---
                                      California Nuts Briefs---
                             This Day in American History

August 20, 2003 --- Classified Ads---Senior Management/Sales Managers                                     It'sssssssssssssss:-)SilverMark Capital ! ! !
                               Where is Thomas J. Depping?
                Pictures from the Past--1995
                      Kruse-Brady-Monlux Go MainStreet Finance
                          Pictures from the Past---2002---Rick Wilbur/Jim Buckles
                              Housing Starts Highest Level 17 Years/ Economic Forecast
                                  Sunrise Int. Net Income Up 39 Percent Year-to-Date
                                       Sobig virus spreads quickly by e-mail, clogging inboxes
                                           Mark Lane New CEO at Synovus
                                              FleetBoston Financial Declares Regular Dividends
              Leasing Industry Help Wanted
                Amex Cheers a Strong First Half of Year
                  News Briefs---
                   California Nuts Briefs---
                      This Day in American History

August 22, 2003 ---  Classified Ads---Ex-Asset Manager Chris Legris
Asset Management Jobs Wanted
                           Pictures from the Past--Jeff Ottle-2002
                              "Sobig virus" is getting bigger
                                Top 100 Publicly Traded Mid-Tier Banks
                                         We get Letters---eMail
                       CONFERENCE COUNT-DOWN----
                         Lessors Network Annual Atlanta, GA August 25-26
                         Venture Capital Institute Chicago September 7-11
                         EAEL Expo XX Teaneck, NJ  September 15
                         NAELB Irvine, CA  September  19-20
                         UAEL Portland, Oregon  October 9-12
                         ELA San Diego  October  12-14
                         NAEB Atlanta Conference  November 7-8
                         AGLF Tucson, Arizona November 12-14
                              News Briefs---
                                 Sports Briefs----
                                      California Nuts Briefs---
                          This Day in American History

August 27, 2003 --- Leasing Industry Help Wanted
    Pictures from the Past--May, 1993-Golf Champions
        Closest to the Hole 1993---Phil Dushey 2003
            Faster Leasing News Web Site
                Boeing Lease $30 Million Profit Per Plane?
                    Hey, DVI, Where is the $50 Million?
                ELA to Promote SBA Despite Covenants
            Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint Report---Five
        Attorneys Who Specialize in Leasing
    TCF Prepays $804 Million Fixed-Rate Borrowings
Comdisco To Sell U.S. Info Lease Biz to Bay4 Cap
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
California Nuts Briefs----

August 28, 2003 --- Louis B. Funston (Funkenstein) Aug 21,1945-Aug 25,2003
    DVI Starts Cutting Employees--Actual Filings
        Congratulations Kevin Guetig & Don Hazen-New CLP's
            Arizona Leasing Association in Formation
                Lessors.Com August 25-26 Conference Report
                    Subject: OTTLE!!!!!
                Sept. 19th-Irvine,CA Leasing Meeting
            26 Paid Subscribers-Thank you, Kit
        Increase Your Security---For Free Reports Auto Incentives Up; Sales Slower
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
        California Nuts Briefs---
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