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April 1, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Jobs Wanted
    Gates Buy GE
        Lester New Leasing News Editor
            Balboa Capital Sold
                Merrilees Leaves Leasing
GE Commercial Finance, Bannockburn, IL
    Streamlined Sales Tax Report
        GE Commercial Finance/IKON's US Leasing Op.
            Fitch: UAL Sale/Leaseback Bonds in BK
                Interchange Financial Services Growth
Cap Stream Small Business Survey Report
    Classified Ads--Help Wanted
        News Briefs---
            "Gimme that Wine"
                This Day in American History
Baseball Poem
    Opening Day Baseball Quiz

April 2, 2004 --- Classified Ads----Sr. Credit Officer/Sr.Management/Syndicator
    Yesterday's  April Fool's Edition
        Balboa Capital Cartoon
            ---Looking for April 8th Boston Red Sox Tickets
                UAEL So-Cal Region  May 11th Meeting
Preferred Biz Solutions Upgrade to System 1
    NACM Credit Manager's Index (CMI) for March 2004          
        SBA Administrator Barreto Praises House Passage of 7(a)   
            Greater Bay Bancorp Names New Chief Financial Officer
MicroFinancial Awarded $23 Million Judgment
    Venture-Backed IPO Continues to Show Strength in Q1
        News Briefs---
            Sports Briefs---
                "Gimme that Wine"
This Day in American History

April 5, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Back Office
    Economic Events This Week
        April Fool's Day-Balboa Capital Complaint
            Classified Ads---Help Wanted
Sigel now ECS Financial Services
    PDS Gaming $1.6M Net Loss/YE 2003 $.6M Profit
        Cartoon-- Broker Marriage Counselor
            News Briefs---
"Gimme that Wine"
    This Day in American History
        Baseball Poem

April 8, 2004 --- Classified Ads—Asset Mgmt/Collector/Controller
    Pictures from the Past---2000---Rob Day
        DVI wants loans repaid
            RW Professional Trial  Up-Date
Tommy Larsen Sentencing Postponed
    PBS Alleged Tax Abuse Influences Felt in D.C.
        From Our Archives: April 26, 2000
            Cartoon---Honor Student
Lakeland Bank/American Insurance
    Credit Counseling Scandal
        Cambridge Credit Counseling Responds to Allegations
            Republic Leasing to Become Division of NetBank
De Lage Landen appoints Thomas G. Forbes
    News Briefs---
        California Nuts Briefs---
            “Gimme that Wine”
This Day in American History
    Baseball Poem

April 9, 2004 --- Classified Ads-- Contract Administrator
    “Think Again!” says ELA Mike Fleming
        Cartoon---Bob Teichman School of Easter Business
            From our Archives—April 27,2000 Paul J. Menzel, CLP
April Mayer Business Leasing News
    Leasing Association Conferences
        GE earnings up 8%
            FirstLease Forms Municipal Leasing Division
Classified Ads—Help Wanted
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
            “Gimme that Wine”
This Day in American History
    Baseball Poem
        Good Friday

April 13, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Credit
    Economic Events This Week
        Financial Pacific files for IPO
            Cartoon---Tonto and the Long Ranger
                Report slams DVI's execs
New Low at Orix Financial?
Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint
        UAEL Conference---April 22-25
            NAELB Conference—April 29-May 1
                Fitch Downgrades Centerpoint Funding Company
Classified Ads—Help Wanted
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
            “Gimme that Wine”
                Baseball Poem

April 14, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Sales/News
    Kissler on His Own—---
        Orix Financial---Employees Will Not Forget
            Placard---So You Think You Have Stress?
Our Archives: April 28,2000/Hal Hayden Joins CapitalStream
    Lease Equipment Mob Allegations Threaten Ill. Casino Plan
        Bulletin Board Weekly Report Criticism
            Comdisco Announces Prepayment Remaining Amounts Due
AmSouth Reports Record 1st Q Earnings of $160.1 Million
    EL Camino Resources to Re-Enter US Leasing Market
        News Briefs---
            Sports Briefs---
“Gimme that Wine”
    This Day in American History
        Baseball Poem

April 16, 2004 --- Classified Ads—Sr. Credit/Sr. Management
    Financial Pacific Prospectus Available
Balboa Capital Alumni Association
            8 Simple Ways to Control Stress
From Our Archives---April 17,2000
Leigh Weimers—April 15th
        Advisor Armon Mills Accepts New Position
             Classified Ads---Help Wanted
Marlin  Payoff  Year 2000 Asset Backed Securitizations
       GATX Info Tech Asset Sale to CIT=Both Press Releases
Dods Retires as CEO from Bank of the West
Lakeland Bancorp Reports $3.6 Million in First Quarter Earnings
        U.S. Bancorp Equipment Finance Realigns Indirect Business
            News Briefs---
                Sports Briefs---
California Nuts Brief---
    “Gimme that Wine”
        Note from Editor
            This Day in American History
Baseball Poem

April 22, 2004 --- Classified ads---Asset  Management/Collectors
    North Carolina Sues Cambridge Credit Counseling
        Alexa Report on Leasing Industry Web Sites
            Examiner details demise of DVI
                ELA: New Tax Proposal a “Crisis” for Investors
The Leveraged Lease Accounting Issues
    Classified Ads---Help Wanted
        Cindy Fleck New Sales Dir. West Region  U.S. Bancorp Manifest
            CIT Quarterly Dividend for First Quarter 2004     
                Greater Community Bancorp Reports First Quarter 2004      Hansabank to Expand Leasing Operations in Russia
    National Commerce Bank Services Announces New Division
        Mediation Gains Ground as Cost-saving Option
            CFNB Reports 21% Increase in Third Quarter Earnings
                Greater Bay Bank 1st Quarter 2004 Results
Regions Leasing of Montgomery, Ala. Goes IDS Rapport
    News Briefs---
        Gimme that Wine
            “This Day in American History”
                Baseball Poem

April 26, 2004 --- Classified ads---Credit
    Economics This Week
        ORIX promotes Fite to Group President
            March 12,2003   Fite Press Release
                Cartoon----Cash Flow Problem Discovered
Archives-Mike Bennie,Marlin April 26,2000
    Marlin “Off to Great Start in 2004” Says Prez Dan Dyer
        Drop in Repos Continued in Q1 2004
            Pacific Capital  Reports 18% Increase in First Quarter
                Capital Data, Inc. has added five new employees
This Day in American History
    Baseball Poem

April 29, 2004 --- Classified Ads—Jobs Wanted
    Cartoon—All Work, No Play
        Equipment Leasing Organization of America? Huh?!
            Weekly Bulletin Board Complaint
Engagement Letters/Forms
        Leasing Coalition to Push Alternative SILO Proposal
    "Biz Loans: Demand Up, Standards Down"
Venture Capital Stays The Course W/ $4.6B Invested
    NetBank Announces Expanded ATM Network
        NetBank Reports Leasing Business (Republic ) Down 12%
            Mona Janes-Capriglione, CLP Promoted to EVP at Wildwood
        Wildwood Moves to a New, State-of-the-Art Digs St. Louis,Mo
    Norvergence Names Ex-HP R.C. Arnold  New CFO
ORIX Results for the Year Ended March 31, 2004
    UnioBanCal Vice Chairman, Philip B. Flynn
        MicroFinancial Continues Net Loss
                Sterling Financial 15.2% Increase in First Quarter Earnings
            OCÉ Selects Key Equipment Finance as Leasing Partner
        News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
“Gimme that Wine”
    This Day in American History
        Baseball Poem

April 30, 2004 --- Classified Ads---Sales
    Reader's Survey
        Archives...April 21,2000---LeaseNOW 2000                                
Cartoon---Hired !
        Classified ads---Help Wanted
    News Briefs---
Sports Briefs—
    This Day in American History
        Baseball Poem

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