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July 1, 2005 --- Classified Ads---Senior Management
    Full text of June 30 Fed statement
        “2nd Quarter Leasing Business Up!” says ELA MLI
Story Credits List---Up-Date
    Odds and Ends
        Tipping for Wine
Applied Financial New Prez J.L. Christensen
    Sterling Financial Board Names Walz Chairman
        News Briefs---
            Sports Brief---
"Gimme that Wine"
    Today Top Event in History
        This Day in American History
            Baseball Poem---Tim Peeler

July 5, 2005 --- Classified Ads----Asset Management
    NorVergence Up-Date
        Story Credit List---Up Date
            Leasing Association Conference—Up-date
Classified Ads—Help Want
    NAMCM Mfg. Latest Statistics
        Dash Sends me a July 4th Greeting
W. R. Johnnie Johnson, CLP in Kuwait
    Streamline Sales Tax Changes 10/01/06
        "Gimme that Wine"
Top Event Today's History
    This Day in American History
        Baseball Poem—Robert L. Harrison

July 7, 2005 --- Classified Ads--Collector/Controller/Contract Admin.
    CIT to cut 200 jobs in North America
        Last Call---Story Credit Lessors' List
            Lessors...Building Customer Loyalty
Leasing business rises from dark past
    Leasing Meetings Open to Non-Members
        Lessors Network Annual Showcase
Home equity sub spreads show signs of widening
    Classified—Help Wanted
        GE Com. Fin. Acquires $1 BB Aircraft Portfolio
CIT Announces Sale of Corporate Aircraft Portfolio
    Butler Capital ranked No. 90 in 2005 Monitor 100
        Latin America's Top 100 Leasing Companies Reports True Cost of Incentives
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
"Gimme that Wine"
    Today's Top Event in History
        This Day in American History
            Baseball Poem--- Nancy Pham

The List---2nd Quarter-Tomorrow

July 8, 2005 --- Classified Ads-----Credit
    Classified—Help Wanted
        The List 2nd Quarter, 2005
    Relational LLC/Styx Capital, Winners
        "Emerging Opportunities in a Changing World"
News Briefs---
    "Gimme that Wine"
        Top Event in Today's History
            This Day in American History
                Baseball Poem---Jim Lehrer

July 13, 2005 ---Classified Ads-----Doc .Manager/ Finance / Legal
        Our ”On Line” Anniversary
Classified Ads—Help Wanted
    Reader Finds CMC's Hanson and Fisher
        Placard—“Cookie Crumbles” in Latin
Unrelenting Mortgage Growth Seen Rest of Year
    Neptune to lead NorVergence Panel-Lessors Conf.
        Leasing Association Fall Conference--Up-Date
Commerce Bank Five-Year Growth Plan/Leasing
    E-Commerce/StrikeIron's Sales & Use Tax
        News Briefs---
Sports Briefs---
    California Nuts Briefs---
        "Gimme that Wine"
            This Day in American History
                Baseball Poem-- Paul B. Janeczko

July 14, 2005 --- Constant Contact Down
    Five Top Salesmen Leave HPSC/GE
        Classified Ads--Operations
New Jersey NorVergence Settlements
    Story Credit List--Up-Date
        Classified—Help Wanted
Meetings Open to Non-Members
    Semon Joins American Idol Panel
        Mayer Business Leaisng July Edition
"Gimme that Wine"
    Today's Top Event in History
        This Day in American History
            Baseball Poem---Tim Peeler

*tomorrow—Super Broker List

July 15, 2005 --- Confirmed: Unicyn Team Signs Major League Hitters
    Classified Ads---Sales
        Alexa Ranks Leasing Web Sites
NorVergence Lease Showdown Monday
    Foglesong New President OneWorld Leasing
        Cartoon—“The Fountain of Funding”
“Super Broker” List
    Fitch: Healthcare Realty Trust/Watch Negative
        News Briefs---
California Nuts Briefs--
    "Gimme that Wine"
        Today's Top Event in History
This Day in American History
    Baseball Poem--- Ed Markowski

July 19, 2005 --- Classified Ads---Help Wanted
    Dell Financial Services Helps Grow Company
        Classified Ads—Outsourcing/Collections
Show Down: Judge Takes under Submission
    MicroFinancial Announces Cash Dividend
        Partners Equity Capital/Harleysville Nat.Bank
Unicyn Financial Announce Major Expansion
    White Clarke North America completes move
        Companies with Unused AMT Credits Database
Key to Expand Facility/Hire 145 More Employees
    Key Renews Showa Japanese Leasing
        Bill Hall Named GMAC European Finance Prez.
ORIX Adds Keith Henry/Steve Mantz Equip. Finance Group
    Equilease $100 Million Commercial Paper Conduit
        IDS Names Todd Davis as Chief Operating Officer
Fitch Raises Ryder's Sr Debt to 'A-'; Outlook Stable
    Mitsubishi Motors Credit Links to DealerTrack
        Styx Capital Appreciates ELA Award
News Briefs---
    Sports Briefs---
        California Nuts Brief---
"Gimme that Wine"
    Top Event in Today's History
        This Day in American History
            Baseball Poem-- Tim Peeler

July 20, 2005 --- Classified Ads----- Asset Management
    Story Credit Lessors' List
        Super Brokers' List
            Leasing Conferences--Fall
Leasing Schools/Franchise List
    U.S. Housing Starts – June 2005-Strong
        CIT Quarterly Dividend for 2nd Quarter 2005
CIT to Acquire Healthcare Business Credit Corporation
        Capital Crossing Bank (Dolphin Leasing) 2nd Q Results
First BanCorp Reports Earnings 2nd Quarter 2005
    Fitch: Latin America Quarterly for Q2 2005
        U.S. Bancorp Income 2nd Q 2005
News Briefs---
    "Gimme that Wine"
        Today's Top Event in History
This Day in American History
    Baseball Poem—Marianne Moore

July 25, 2005 --- Classified Ads---Collector/Controller/Contract Administrator
    FTC Wins $47 Million NorVergence Lease Judgment
        Former NorVergence chief's new venture falls
    Jim Lahti Follows His Heart
Leasing Meetings Open to Non-Members
    BSB Leasing, Inc. adds 2 Senior Account Managers
        Super Brokers' List
            Fred MacDonald, Jr. Joins Unicyn Finance
Leasing Partners Names Moore for new Oklahoma Office
    Leesport Bank Announces Equipment Leasing Program
        Private Business Inc. Acquires KVI Capital Inc.
Banks Slow in Progress toward Basel II Compliance
    U.S. Bancorp 2nd in the World by Fortune Magazine
        CIT Announces 2nd Quarter Results
KeyCorp Reports 2nd Quarter 2005 Earnings
    GATX Announces Quarterly Dividend
        Gordon Brothers Expands Industrial Division
            U.S. Bancorp Names Aviation Specialists
Farm Credit Leasing Goes Live with IDS Rapport
    News Briefs---
        Sports Briefs---
            California News Briefs---
“Gimme that Wine”
    Today's Top Event in History
        This Day in American History
            Baseball Poem--Mary K. Herbert

July 26, 2005 --- Correction: Lahti Follows His Heart
    Up-Date: Leasing Schools/Franchisors
        Classified Ads ----Credit
            Lease/Finance Calculators on Line
                Leasing Portals
    Classified Ads—Help Wanted
        FTC Official Press Release--$47 MM Judgment
            Dominion Leasing Releases Latest "LeaseComplete"
Mark D. Bugher to First Biz Financial Board
    Brian Raum/U.S. Bancorp Oliver-Allen Tech.
        News Briefs---
            Sports Briefs---
                California Nuts Brief---
                    "Gimme that Wine"
Top Event in History Today
This Day in American History
Baseball Poem

July 28, 2005 --- Vacation Editions Announcement
    Classified Ads---Doc. Manager/Finance/legal
        Names of 1600 NorVergence lessees in Judgment
IFC Credit Takes NorVergence Wallop
    Missouri Court Denies Popular Leasing appeal
        Sept. 19-21 ELA Lease Accountants Conference
Letters---We get eMail
    Federal Reserve Economic “Beige Report”
        MicroFinancial $200,000 Loss 2nd Quarter
Dash. then and Now-- riverine assault force
    News Briefs---
        "Gimme that Wine"
Today's Top Event in History
    This Day in American History
        Baseball Poem--Rolfe Humphries

July 29, 2005 --- Correction: Missouri Court Denies Popular Leasing appeal
    Controversy: IFC Credit and the word “Wallop”
        Classified Ads----Operations
Leasing Association Fall Conference
    Classified Ads – Help Wanted
        GATX Corporation Reports 2005 2nd Quarter Results
CLEARLINKT 1st Quarter Fiscal 2006 $3 Million
    Fred Marchini Joins Harborside Capital Group LLC
        Governor Signs Wolk Bill To Solve Problem
Siemens Financial Services to acquire Broadcastle
    This Day in American History
        Baseball Poem


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