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Bank Beat
by Christopher Menkin


U.S. Top Banks by Uninsured Deposits
Top Thirty Uninsured


Former Enloe Bank President Pleads Guilty
to Setting a Fire to Hide Theft from the Bank

First FDIC Bank to Fail this Year
Ericson State Bank, Ericson, Nebraska


Fourth FDIC Insured Bank to Fail this Year
City National Bank of New Jersey

Resolute Bank, Maumee, Ohio, Fails
3rd FDIC Insured Bank to Fail This Year

Louisa Community Bank, Louisa, Kentucky
Second FDIC Bank to Fail This Year

Fire and fraud: The mystery of a small Texas bank
  that became the nation's first failure in years


Bank Failure in Chicago
No Reason Stated re: Why it was Closed? Numbers good

Bank Sr. VP Indicted on 33 Counts of Loan Fraud

Small Bank in Kansas Fails

Former Bank Vice President Guilty Of Identity Theft & Fraud

Bank President & Vice-President Sentenced

Most Costly Bank Failure Since Financial Crisis
Cleanup by FED Estimated at $1 Billion

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 119 Branch Bank Failure
Only 12 Branches Will Re-Open

Failed Minority Chicago Bank Seaway Gets New Owner

Look Out! Time for Community Banks

South Side Chicago, Two Black Owned Banks Closed
Remaining One Bailed Out Last Year

First Bank to Fail in 2017
Harvest Community Bank, New Jersey


Banks Getting More Involved in Alternate Financing

Allied Bank, Mulberry, Arkansas Tier 1 Capital 1.8%

Long Time Tiny Community Bank Fails in Georgia

Big Banks Lose Near Half a Trillion Dollars

America's Biggest Bank Just Proved
the Economy Has Plenty of Fuel

The largest bank failure of the year

First FDIC Insured Bank to Fail in 2016

Second Bank Failure of the Year


With big-bank earnings, attention turns
to rates, credit and global pressures

Community Banks

FDIC-Insured Institutions Earn $40.4 Billion 3rdQ

Banks Closed More Branches Than They Have Opened
Since 2006, the Difference is 1,443 less

The Future of the Bank Branch Is in Trouble
Chart — here's why

Real Estate Loans Take Georgia Bank Down
Steered by Real Estate-Oriented Board of Directors

Small Washington Bank Fails
Even After 2012 Equity Infusion

Community Bank Earnings Rise 12 Percent
to $5.3 Billion, FDIC Reports

Credit unions adding branches to satisfy demand

Severe Bank Enforcement Down in 2015

Big-bank settlement tab climbs over $132 Billion

Largest 100 Banks in the World, March 31, 2015

Asian-American Bank Fails in Colorado
Cause: SBA Loans/International Business

Highest-Paid US Bank CEOs in 2014
Jamie Dimon $27.7 MM, John Stumpf $21.4 MM

SNL Survey Finds Soaring Compliance Costs
Weigh Heavily on Small Banks

Credit unions worse for wear after
5 years of Dodd-Frank

Forbes Global 2000 Bank List, 2014
All But One in First Five: China

FDIC Cases Against Failed Bank Directors & Officers
26 to Date, compared to High in 2012 of 369

Senior Vice President Sentenced to Federal Prison
Loss to Bank was $991,680

Top paid CFOs in the US banking industry, 2014

Top Banks by ATM Fee Income

NY Fed Paints Troubled Credit Picture in the South

Chart: It's Not Hard to See Why Big Banks
Are Going Crazy of New Technology

Hooray! U.S. "Problem Bank List" Down to 253

Big Bank Domination Due to
the Amazing Decline in the Number of Banks

Big 3 Banks Rake in Over $1 Billion
in Overdraft Fees during Quarter 1

Bad Mortgage/Construction Loans Take Bank Down
They Even Tried to File a Restraining Order to Halt the FDIC!

Banking Industry Saw Earnings Growth in Q1,
Despite Record Low Net Interest Margin

Biggest Bank Stocks Have Fared the Worst in 2015

Big 5 banks own 44.61% of industry assets

Banks Are Failing to Meet Rising Customer Expectations

U.S. Commerce Banks Add $39.6B Loans/Leases in Feb.
SNL Financial Report

Why did you switch your bank in the last 12 months?
SNL Financial Feature

Major Bank Failure in Puerto Rico, Including Mainland
Deposit Insurance Fund Hit of $748.9 Million

Failed banks, class of 2015

Top 50 US banks and thrifts in Q4'14

Net Interest Margin Squeezes Bank Profits in 2014

Second Black Bank Closes this Year

The country’s last black-owned banks are in a fight for their survival

FDIC-Insured Institutions Down $2.9 Billion (7.3%) from 2013
Here is Fourth Quarter, 2014 Report

African-American Bank Closes in Chicago
From $11.8 Million Net Worth 2008 YE to $874,000 YE 2014

The Battle to Bank Millennials

RBC/City National ranks #1 of the Priciest Bank Deals

Failed Banks, Class of 2015
SNL Financial Report

2015 First Bank Failure
Zombie Bank in Florida

Failed banks, class of 2014


Mankato Zombie Bank Closes

DIC Insured Institutions Earned $38.7 Billion
in the Third Quarter of 2014-Largest Since 2009

Delaware Former Bank President Gets Two Years in
Fed Prison for Bank Fraud and Money Laundering

Largest U.S. bank holding companies improved capital levels
Quarter-over-Quarter Improvement All Three Applicable Capital Ratios

Five Banks Hold More than 44% of US Industry's Assets

Foreign Banks See US Deposit Growth

Western community banks lead US loan growth in Q3

Frontier Bank, FSB, Palm Desert, California Closes
Marks 17th bank failure in 2014

Largest Bank Failure in 2014
Fourth Indian-American Bank to Fail in Chicago

141-Year-Old Bank Fails in Maryland
Relatively High Non-Current Loans/Charges Off

Bank Credit Quality Improves

Banks Prepping Ahead of "Giant Sucking Sound" of Deposit Shift

Failed banks, class of 2014

Top credit card lenders among banks and thrifts, Second Quarter, 2014

August Commercial Bank Lending Data Shows Growth

GoBank’s Future Revealed: It’s Bank of Walmart

ICBA Statement on Wal-Mart Offering Checking Accounts

Top 50 US banks and thrifts in Q2 '14

Commercial & Industrial loans at US Banks & Thrifts

Status of Community Banks Report Highlights

Thirty companies missed August TARP dividend payment

US banks' loans leave deposits behind in Q2' 14

Settlement tab for biggest banks surpasses $128B

FDIC-Insured Institutions Earned $40.2 Billion 2nd Q, 2014
Up $2 Billion, Quarterly Loan Growth is Largest Since 2007

Banks with the highest Texas ratios in Q2'14

26 banks remain under TARP

Banks Turn Toward Leasing for More Profit

Credit Unions Buying Banks--SNL Financial Report
— not a flood but a 'mini-trend', but predicts 100 more

Loan Loss Reserves Increasing for Commercial Loans

Bank stock performance vs. analyst expectations

Loans and Leases Hit Highest Since SNL Financial
Started Tracking/Bank Earnings Hit 2nd-Highest Level

Alleged First Legal "Benefit" Corp. Bank Fails in Chicago

Small bank stocks leading the charge in 2014

CCAR looming, CIT Group makes its move
with OneWest deal

CIT's big buy in California could signal
more large bank deals to come

Dodd-Frank: Behind schedule and under scrutiny

H.8 data indicates banks had lending/leasing surge in Q2

Bank Failure in Georgia
Not All Banks Doing Well

Bank Branch Closures Hitting Suburbs Hardest

Failed Banks: Class of 2014

Largest 100 banks in the world

Prices improving in latest TARP auction

Auto Loans-Leases UP/Delinquencies Down
Wells Fargo Takes Checkered Flag Q1'14


Tiny 96 Year Old Bank in Oklahoma Closed Down
Tier 1 risk-based capital ratio of 12.18%

Mortgage rates seem immune from taper, even if increased

Regions Bank Fined $46 Million by Federal Reserve Board
Four Officers Prohibited from Working in Banking Industry

Zombie Bank* in Iowa, Not Illinois really; Florida again!

40 companies missed May TARP dividend payment

Some banks still moving into undercapitalized territory

Credit Card Debt Increases,
 ---Second Quarter Positive Sign

Top Paid US Bank CEOs

1-4 Family Home Loans Take 154 Year Old Bank Down
Baltimore/Bel Air, Maryland

Top 50 US banks and thrifts in Q1'14

Bank Income Down 7.6%, but Loans and Leases Up
FDIC First Quarter 2014

Bank M&A 2014 Deal Tracker

Zombie Bank Closes in Cincinnati; 500th Bank Failure Since 2007

Failed Banks: Class of 2014

Hispanic Bank in Illinois Fails

Most Active Failed Bank Bidders

Big banks struggled to grow loans in Q1, but reasons for optimism

Earnings Scorecard for Top 25 US Bank/Thrifts

Expected Bank Branch Closures Detailed

Public US banks and thrifts still under TARP

Wells Fargo: Still the Most Profitable Bank

Banks Continue to Trim Branch Counts in Q1

6th Bank to Fail has Tier 1 risk-based 11% capital ratio

Best-Performing Regional Banks of 2013
SNL Financial Chart

Top 25 Publically Trade Regional Banks of 2013
SNL Financial Chart

Small Business Lending Dips in 2013
as Big Banks Continue to Grow

Top 100 Best Performing Community Banks

Banks with highest Texas ratios

Federal Reserve Report: Mobile Financial Services

Banks earned record net income in 2013
thanks to large institutions

Sick Banks No Longer an Epidemic

Failed banks: Class of 2014

Deposits continue outpacing loans
at banks, thrifts in Q4'13

4th and 5th Bank Failure this Year
Pennsylvania and Virginia

FDIC-Insured Institutions Earned $40.3B 2013 4th Q
Full-Year Net Income Rose to $154.7 Billion

Bank Credit Quality Remains a Positive
But Its Benefits Could Fade

Funding costs very low, but an eventual shift looms

Earnings Scorecard for Top 25 US Banks and Thrifts, Q4’13

VIDEO: Arvest Bank Uses a Branch
to Prove Branches Don’t Matter

Earnings Scorecard for Top 25 US Banks and Thrifts, Q4’13

Bank Failure in Boise, Idaho

Largest 100 Banks in the World

Did 2013 EF-5 Tornado Take Oklahoma Bank Down?

Non-Current Loans/Charges Offs Bring Bank Down

5 largest banks own 44% of the industry

Non-Current Loans/Charges Offs Bring Bank Down
First Bank to Fail in 2014


Rep-and-warranty reserves at banks decline in Q3

Bank TARP deferral tide subsides

Bank of America Added 3 Million Mobile Customers
Dropped 300 Branches This Year

Second Bank in Texas to Fail This Year
---Noncurrent Loans/Charge Off

FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund at $40.8 billion
Seems Like Plenty, They Say

Banks with Highest Texas Ratio Fall

Revenue Growth in Q3 Favors Smaller Banks

Deposits continue to outpace loans

Bank Reserve Continue to Fall Across Industry

Top 50 US banks, thrifts in Q3'13

Small US Commercial Banks Beat Big Boys
on Loan Growth Front, reports SNL Financial

Bank Branch networks continue to shrink

Community banks generate loan growth — barely

Non-Current Loans Take Another Bank Down
This Time 4th Florida Bank This Year

Banks Are NOT All the Same

Merger/Acquisitions--Online and Mobile Banking
Helping to Fuel Bank Branch Consolidation

Banner Year for Mortgage Refinancing
27% New, 67% Refinance, 6% Home Improvement

Failed Banks: Class of 2013

Private Sector and Credit Unions Move into Loan Business

Revenue and Regulatory Pressures Persist in Q3 for Big Banks, NIM

"Deposits Up, Branches Down," says SNL Financial

Bank Branch deals decline, leaving community banks behind

Smaller Branches and Less of Them, too

Texas Bank Takes FDIC for $637.5 million DIF
Why Did Connecticut’s Only Minority Owned Bank Fail?

Undercapitalized banks fall to lowest level since 2008

Umpqua Brings Commerce National, FinPac, Sterling Together
May Become Largest Broker Originated Operation

Good News for Lending- Banks with Highest Texas Ratios Decline

Arizona and Tennessee Bank Close

Failed Banks: Class of 2013

Bank of Wausau, Wausau, Wisconsin Lacks Capital

Construction/Land Development Loans
Take Florida Bank Down

Beneath the Merger of PacWest and CapitalSource

While bank branches close,
there are 1,000 more than 2006

Wells Promotes “SurePay”

Failed banks: Class of 2013
16 to date/51- 2012/157- 2010

2012 Bank failures to cost FDIC $241.6M more than expected

Big asset-sensitive banks stand to benefit from rising rates

Credit unions continue record strong membership growth

Auto lending still a favorite for US banks

Farm lending on long march upward --concerns emerge

Top auto lenders largely in neutral in Q1

Largest remaining banks & thrifts in TARP

Regulators take 4th chunk of Capitol Bancorp franchise

Community Banks in Western States Grow Stronger

Tennessee Bank Fails, Las Vegas Bank Can’t Find Buyer

SNL's Top 50 European Big Bank List

Top 50 US banks and thrifts by assets
By Aarti Kanjani, SNL Financial

Undercapitalized banks fall to lowest level in 17 quarters
By Nathan Stovall and Robert Clark, SNL Financial

Regional Banks Step in to Lend as Larger Banks Slide
By Robb Soukup and Robert Clark

Wisconsin Banks Raise Capital, but one not enough
---Bank of Kenosha Fails

FDIC-Insured Institutions Earned $40.3 Billion
in The First Quarter of 2013

Banks Net Interest Margin Pain Deepens
By Kevin Dobbs and Marshall Schraibman

Western Equipment Finance Parent
Takes over Central Arizona Bank

Community Banks grow C&I loans amid 'fierce' competition

Real Estate Takes Another Bank Down in Georgia
Fraud closes Second Bank in Asheville, North Carolina

Earnings scorecard for top 25 US banks and thrifts, Q1'13

Top bank branch acquisitions since 2012

Banking Industry Lags Behind Desire for Emerging Financial Services

Real Estate takes Bank Down in Georgia & North Carolina

Small business lending grows under SBLF, TARP banks lag

Real Estate Loans Take Three Banks Down

Arizona Real Estate Failures Take Bank Down

Failed banks: Class of 2013

Commercial Real Estate Growth Small Growth
Highest at Banks between $10B and $50B

Top 100 Community Banks: $500 Million to $5 billion
By Sam Carr and Tyler Hall, SNL Financial

Top 25 Community Banks: Less than $500 million
By Sam Carr and Tyler Hall, SNL Financial

Small business lending down in 2012, but big banks continue to lead the market

Independent Community Bankers of America Convention
By Neil Morstad, OneWorld Business Finance

Top 50 US banks and thrifts by assets

Criticized loans falling gradually for the big banks

Less In-Store Branch Banks, but More Deposits

It's Alabama, Not Georgia Bank Failure

Ag lending rises, while farmland values give regulators pause

Securities are outpacing loans at US Banks and thrifts

The Seven Safest Banks in America

African-American Religious Bank Fails in Chicago

More Bank Companies Payback TARP

2012 bank ratings downgrades far outnumbered upgrades

OCC Defines Small Banks

In branch growth, JPMorgan and California are still king

Mortgage Bubble Burst Takes Another Bank Down

Bank Dividend Growth Winners

Loss-Share Agreements in Bank Failures 2013

Bank in Washington State First to Fail in 2012

Problem Banks Below 700
--and No Bank Failures So Far This Year!

Credit card loans at US Commercial Banks Down


Highest Texas ratios at banks

FDIC Releases Report on Unbanked and Underbank

Undercapitalized banks fall to lowest level in 3.5 years

Top 50 US banks & thrifts by assets

Failed banks: Class of 2012

California leads the pack in Q3 bank branch growth

Muslim Bank? in Georgia Fails

49 Banks Failed to Date

Another Florida and Another Illinois Bank Fail

Earnings scorecard for top 25 US banks and thrifts, Q3'12

The Branch is Dead--- Long Live the Branch!

No One Wants Nova Bank!

Missouri, Two Banks Florida Closed---Why?

Small banks flee SEC following JOBS Act

Take Your Banker to Lunch

Bank Branch Growth Southeast, West

US banks see branches cut, deposit glut

Forty Year old bank closes in suburbs of Chicago

Are Bank IPOs heating up?

Poor Real Estate Loans Take St. Louis Bank Down

Deposit growth outpaces lending at US banks

Are we out of big bank failures? By Christopher Menkin

Former Viking TE was Chairman Bank that Failed in Minnesota

Mergers and Purchase of Bank/Thrift Branches Continues

Banks' deposit conundrum

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